May 14th, 2011


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My roommate moved out, and basically gave me her ipod. Although I'm planning to pretty much load all my own music onto it, she's got a few songs on here that I'd definitely like to hold on to.

Is there any way to transfer music (files) from an ipod to itunes, or does it only go in the itunes > ipod direction?

If, say, I have a brand new, no-music-in-it version of itunes, would it maybe work then?

Thanks in advance for helping an apple-challenged TQCer :D

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1. Favorite nail polish brand?
2. Favorite overall cosmetic brand?
3. Favorite cosmetic item (mascara, nail polish, tinted moisturizer, etc)?
4. Favorite female suffragist? How should I say that: woman suffragist, women's suffragist? Woman fighting for votes for women.

5. Also: Did you try to download Firefox 4.0.1 but find it to be UTTER DOGSHIT? Tell me about your problems.

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About two years ago I cut my legs up pretty badly. Not enough to need stitches but enough that there are still pink raised scars across the back of my calves. About six months ago I noticed what I thought was a skin tag that hasn't gone away right where the scars are. If I scratch it, I can scratch part of it off but it always comes back. I've gained about 50 pounds since I cut myself, and I'm just wondering if this is the result of gaining all that weight. I was about 235 then, about 285 now. It doesn't hurt but occasionally itches, and because I am a pathetic hypochondriac, I actually believe some days that it's my skin splitting apart from being so fat.

Someone quell my nerves and tell me why I have a small raised itchy lump on my leg that hasn't subsided after six months and 50 pounds after two years of weight gain and that it is just a skin tag or something?

DK/DC/Shut up fatty: What is the temperature in your house/apartment/whatnot right now? 74 degrees F here.

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I was looking at the 90's nostalgia post over on ontd and there are a bunch of television shows that I swear existed, but no one else mentioned.

Do any of you remember a show called nick freeno licensed teacher?

There was another one about this family who had a genie of a neighbor or something. Ring any bells?

Do you have vague recollections of any television shows that you would like to reminisce about?

What were your favorite shows as a kid?

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Why is my whole Macbook screen suddenly tinted blue? Have any of you heard of this before? It went to sleep mode, and when I woke it back up like a minute later, the colors were all weird. Everything that's supposed to be grey is blue. It's kind of worrying me.
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in regards to this post:

i have upgraded my soft wear and STILL can't see word docs sent to me by the uni or from friend's usb sticks. any other clues?

oh, and a new development, when i type in a new document i guess that the text is going on because the cursor is moving, but it seems that the text is white, even though i have selected automatic.

what's going on here guys? if it's s computer problem (does it sound likely?) then my dad can fix it when i see him in winter but feck i need it NAO.

also if i try to add a table it won't let me insert one any bigger than 10x8

am i missing something very simple and stupid here? i would be so appreciative if someone could help, i would show you my friend's boobs, they're great.

eda: alternatively, are there any places on the internet that give you free templates that you can type into and print off?

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What's your favorite "Get Shit Done" music?

I've been cleaning a lot last night and will be doing so even more today, and Reel Big Fish has been a major contributing factor in my accomplishing things. Also Five Iron Frenzy. I think I'm gonna put on some old school Less Than Jake next jk I went with The Hippos. Hurray ska!

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1. Do you watch/listen to the youtube videos when people post them as answers to questions about favorite funny stuff, music, etc?

2. Who's your favorite fuck-mook?

3. Ashton Kucher? Really?


Looking backward

Looking back, do you think you were too young when you lost your virginity? What difference would it have made if you waited longer?

I was 17 and thought I was in love. If I had waited longer I would have realized it wasn't love and I would have seen just how immature my then boyfriend was.

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If you're going on a date but you don't know where you're going:

What the hell is your go-to outfit?

My mom wants me to give my cat a pill. I'm scurrred. Can I just wait for her to get home to do it or am I being an idiot?

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firefox has suddenly decided it doesn't want to open new tabs anymore! it downloaded the new version and updated and now ti won't do tabs. i even restarted.

what should i do? reinstall? switch to Oprah Opera? burn it then switch?


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If I want to get a 2nd part time job to work at over summer, should I not tell them I currently have a job? My first job has set hours so it's not like it will ever get in the way of my 2nd job.

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Do you talk a lot when you watch movies? If so, what kinds of comments do you make? What about someone else?

I watched Kick Ass last night with some friends, and one of them kept talking and making comments the entire time. Finally, near the end of the movie I couldn't take it anymore and told him to stop talking (as calmly as I could). I don't mind the occasional, "That was cool!" or, "I don't get it" comment but GEEZ. Watch the freaking movie!
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I watched the pilot for "The Big Bang Theory" and almost felt my IQ go down a bit. I'm a huge geek/nerd and everyone raves about the show, so I figured it would be funny, but I didn't crack a smile. Does it get any better? Why do people love this show so much, and why is its laugh track so godawful?

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Say that inside of a package of stuff you ordered online, there was an item accidentally slipped in that you didn't pay for. Would you call the store/distributor/etc. and tell them about the mistake or would you just keep the item?

What if the item was worth $100+?

And there is no way they'd ever know that you had it?
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I woke up this morning and have pink eye! I already went to the doctor and have antibiotics.

I've already washed all of the doorknobs and toilet handles, etc, to try and make sure my husband doesn't get it. But how the heck do I clean the electronics - laptop, my cell phone, the TV remotes?

I did wash my makeup brushes, but I do need to replace my makeup completely?

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Do you think it's okay to wear a floral cocktail dress to a wedding if said cocktail dress has white flowers mixed in with a ton of other colored flowers (purple, blue, orange, fuchsia, etc.)? Should I just ask the bride?
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TQC help help help

I just managed to completely faceplant in the street. My legs are both completely cut up, as is my nose, and my lip is really swollen. I have an event tonight where there will be a lotttt of cameras. How can I make my lip unswell? I'm holding ice to it, but it's not working! My whole body hurts so much right now :( Also I look ridiculous and can't stop crying. FML.

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I currently live in New York, and my plan is to live here for another 9-10 months.

The lease for my current apartment is up on June 31st
The rent for my apartment is really high given how small it is, but I put up with it day to day because I really love my neighborhood.

I'm 25 now, and as days go by, and maybe I'm just at that age, but I'm just becoming more and more annoyed with having a roommate. She's my friend, but we all know that living with a friend can sometimes be more of a pain than living with a complete stranger. She's just not very considerate about sharing a living space. Example: she recently bought a shitload of groceries, and they've taken up ALL refrigerator space, leaving me with barely any room for when I come back with my own groceries tomorrow. It's not like I'm completely miserable. Overall, I'm fine. Little things are starting to annoy me, but it's something I can either put up with or ask my roommate to be more mindful of.

If I move out on my own, I would have to move to a less desirable area, but I know I'd be happier being in my own space. Although I'd be happier, is it worth to go through the hassle of moving if I'm going to be living in this city for only another 9-10 months? What would you do in this situation?

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TQC, I have a severe anxiety problem, and it is set off by the stupidest things. Like the whole 5/21/2011 thing. I'm going on a super fun family vacation this week, and my panic over Camping's bullshit is already ruining it for me. So I come to you with this request - can you help assure me of how stupid this whole thing is? Tell me why I'm not going to die next Saturday so I can get on with my life and stop freaking out.

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Will you tell us about the last time a stranger helped you/did something nice for you?

What about the last time you helped/did something nice for a stranger?

General Random Acts of Kindness count :)

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TQC, I just cleaned my oven and want to make dinner, which requires baking meatballs. The oven is still cooling and won't allow me to open the door. Is there any way I can get it to cool faster? Should I just cook the meatballs on the stovetop?
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Do you get frustrated when you have to assemble something and the instructions are shit? Do you have examples of what you bought and had to assemble and were frustrated?

Today my father and I built a garden shed. The instructions were misleading and it was not easy to put together. We even had to take it halfway apart once to remove a piece that we should not have put there.

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When you return a used item to a store what do they do with it? Do you feel bad when you return stuff? I feel kinda bad, since they can't resell it because I used it already.
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It's your birthday. You are opening gifts. You come across this gift.

Collapse )

Your friend smiles and asks, "Do you like it?" You can tell that she is serious, and it dawns on you that this is not a joke gift.

What is your immediate response?
Adam - idk my bff jil?

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Does anyone know how soon after airing new episodes of a TV show are available on iTunes?

I want the new Doctor Who and I don't have a TV here. It aired about an hour and a half ago but it's not on iTunes yet. D:

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Will you tell me about your worst/most recent cooking disaster? Or just a time when nothing went right?

I made chicken fettuccine alfredo for the first time tonight. I finally made a batch of chicken that wasn't dry and terrible, but everything else went wrong. I picked a pot too small for all the noodles, I cut my finger while grating cheese (AND IT'S STILL BLEEDING), I hit my head on the cutting board, got half-and-half in my hair, and the cheese didn't melt right in the sauce. Also, I forgot I lent my friend my wine bottle opener so I can't even relax with a glass of wine! I'm eating the finished product right now and it tastes fine but I'm all frazzled and bleeeeh.

Moms of TQC! Or if you understand pregnancy...

TQC, my best friend is currently 7 months pregnant, and I am super thrilled for her but she lives across the country. I will be visiting to see her and the baby in September but I was thinking of sending her a care package soon for her last few weeks of pregnancy and her first few weeks of being a mom.

But I don't want to send normal stuff! I don't want to send onesies or a spa certificate or anything. Is there anything you can think of that would've been great in the last month or two of pregnancy or in very early motherhood that's a little different? For example I know one of her worst pregnancy symptoms is that her skin is ridiculously dry so I was going to send a nice scrub and some high quality lotion. I have very little experience with pregnancy so I don't have any other great ideas. Thanks!
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If you were going to be hunted for sport, which scenario would you prefer?

A team of pith-helmeted English lords.
Villagers with torches and pitchforks.
A tribe of African Bushmen.
A gang of feral children.
A pack of lions.

ETA: Not so much for survivability, but for adventure.

What is something about you that shocks even you?
i say

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I need new music, and am FINALLY able to download some (as my bandwidth is pretty limited at home, and until 9am I have unlimited.)

Here's my list.

I started it at page five because everything more recent than that isn't really what I listen to *a lot*

And which might be a bit more relevant.

Anyway, TQC, can you suggest some songs/albums for me to acquire?

ETA: I'm up for anything, despite posting that for reference.

DK/DC: What do you do to help keep you awake for an all-nighter? I'm at work, and aside from a couple hours of cleaning, have about six hours to kill.

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Have you ever worked in retail or some sort of customer service?  What are the things you dislike customers doing?  What do you hate customers doing?  Any good stories about crazy or really nice customers?