May 12th, 2011

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What is a more broadened, categorical term for food and drink? As in, the ____ of America. Finals week is totally drying me up. I need more vodka.

What are some of your favorite words?
Least favorite?

Could you share some opinions on Starbucks?

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Does anyone else's cat do this?

My cat is 12-14 years old, and as long as I've had her, which is over 11 years, she's drank water by dipping her paw in the bowl and licking the water off her paw. I've never seen her drink any other way.

I have no idea where she learned this was the normal way to drink water.

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how do i make vegetables have more flavor? i dont eat them often and when i do i have to force myself. i also cant cook, but i wanted to know if their where any sauces or easy meals veggie wise you could tell me how to make?

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Because I am a very plain girl and rarely add sauces to anything or order anything if it's overly spicy/sour, is teriyaki or sweet and sour sauce better tasting if I'm making a stirfry involving chicken, vegetables, and pineapple? I'm trying to achieve a sweeter tasting flavor rather than spicy, if that matters.


i've just started a "running" program yesterday. i did about 3 miles jogging most of the time and walking when i needed to. today, my calves are on fucking fire.

i bought a pair of these and apparently running pseudo barefoot is a completely different experience. i could definitely feel the difference but i now have blisters and am pretty sore.

how long should i wait before i attempt another run in those "five-finger" shoes? or should i just say pish posh and use regular running shoes?

also, how long can i expect to wait before i see results/am able to run at least a 5k without stopping? i know you can't answer specifically, because everyone is different, but if you could share your experience that'd be great.

(i ran cross country in high school and can't remember how long it took me to get conditioned enough to run without stopping for 10+ miles, but i think it was around a month, and i also trained very hard six days a week. this was like..8 years ago lol so i am no longer in that kind of shape.)


What do you think everyone should know how to cook?

Besides an oven and microwave,what should every kitchen have?

What kind of get together do you prefer?
a:Sit down dinner
b:Pot luck buffet

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I'm flying to Ohio tomorrow from California. The trip, including the layover is a 6 hour trip.

What kind of things do you bring with you to entertain you on an airplane?

dk/dc - Are you going on any trips soon? Where to? What's the occasion?

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If you called a phone number of a business and their answering machine just gave the time of operation and to have a good day but didn't say "leave a message after the beep," would you have enough common sense to know that you can leave a message after the beep?

Inspired by people who don't leave messages at my workplace because they didn't know they could leave a message. Oh and I'm guessing whoever worked here previously didn't include that "leave a message" bit because it should be known that that's what answering machines do. Plus it saves time.

ETA: I work for a doctor's office and this message has been the same for 10+ years if this makes any difference.

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Should I go to my last class, which I doubt I'll understand because I haven't read the book their talking about yet anyway, or go home and have a nap before work?

What have you been slacking off at lately?
Agents are Go!


What is your favorite movie score?

Know any good rock operas? Care to share them? I'm looking for more. I'm currently digging the Protomen (which is an epic rock opera about Megaman in a 1984-esque world).

Do you often listen to music with only one headphone in? How much does it annoy you when you miss a part of a song because it was in the other headphone?
Ginger Snaps



The dead are walking the land, devouring the living! The roads are too jam-packed to leave town, so the only alternative is to protect yourself with armor and weaponry. However, everybody else came to the same conclusion minutes before you did, and the choice of armor and weapons has been picked through. This is all that remains. What weapon will you wield in zombie melee?

Flag (on a 6' pole). It's a Confederate flag. There's a point on the end of the pole. Flag is difficult to remove
Bowie knife. Really sharp 10" blade
Baseball launcher (from a batting cage). Can fire baseballs up to 90mph. 100 baseballs
Shotgun. 5 shells
One tin of gasoline, matches
Croquet mallet
Bowling ball. Can be used as bludgeoned object, projectile, and can drop on zombie heads from a floor above
Box containing 10 cannisters of pepper spray and 3 tasers
12" hard rubber dildo
Rake, garden. It's attached to a 4' pole

What armor/skin covering will you select?

200lb suit of heavy plate armor. Very little mobility
Fat suit. Makes you look 100lbs heavier. Only good for stopping most bites to the body
Shield. It's a replica from the movie 300. Made of metal
Mickey Mouse costume (the kind they have at Disneyland). It's bite-proof. Visibility ain't the greatest
Football (American football, not soccer) helmet and shoulder pads

And your transportation? Most of the decent rides are gone by now

Stilts. Allows you to take much longer strides and reach higher floors
Roller blades
Tricycle made for a big kid. Most moderate-sized adults can operate it

And your food? Most of the good stuff's been taken by now

3 boxes of Hostess Twinkies
5 apples
1 lb. bag of beef jerky
Frozen turkey (15lbs). Semi thawed but still pretty solid
10lb. bucket of red licorice

Pick one package of supplies for yourself

10 road flares, 20 glowsticks, 10 boxes of matches, extra large canteen
1 heavy duty flashlight, 10 replacement batteries, radio
Compass, binoculars, butane stove, can opener
Grappling hook, 30' of rope, 5 fishing hooks and fishing wire
Pup tent (easy to set up), sleeping bag, camouflage netting
First-aid kit
3 rolls of toilet paper, box of tampons, soap, extra socks and underwear
Skeleton key/lockpick set. This will allow you to get into most buildings
Commas Save Lives


My step father brought home chocolate covered bacon truffle things. They're these little chocolate balls with bacon inside.

Does this sound completely disgusting to anybody else?

I'm gagging over here, but he says they're delicious.

ETA: Apparently I am the odd one. Oh well. I'll enjoy being odd. :)

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how long are red potatoes, yellow onions, and blood oranges good for?

the onions and oranges have been in the fridge for weeks and the potatoes have been in a cool, dark pantry since..tbh probably right before st patrick's day.

what are some interesting things i can do with them?

dk/dc/clean out your fridge more often: if you could wear one thing every day, regardless of appropriatness or how good it looks on you, what would it be?

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What was for lunch today, TQC?

/Based on me just devouring a sandwich with spinach artichoke hummus, turkey, swiss cheese, and a tomato along with some leftover edamame from my sushi excursion last night.

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My family has a FB event for a big family reunion..
Apparently all of my FB friends are getting invites... I didn't invite them so I'm not sure why.
Does anyone know how I can change it so they stop seeing the invite?

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What member of TQC asks the best questions?       Who usually has the best answers?     Why do I always end up asking this kind of question? 

dk/dc   How many siblings do you have?    

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why can't i eat more than a few bites of something before getting full? i have to wait like 5 minutes between one or two bites just to finish like a boca burger. they're little! i don't mind not eating a lot but i'd like to just sit down and eat the thing without feeling like i'm going to burst.

it's AIDS, isn't it?

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How would your life be different if you followed your own advice?


Please note that LJ is acting a fool today so if I don't respond in a timely manner it's probably because I am unable to do so per LJ.

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What was the last thought you had that you are glad you didn't speak aloud? Share it now so we can judge you harshly.

I was reading the news about a fatal earthquake that caused major structural damage in a medieval town and my first thought was 'OH GOD, ALL THE OLD BUILDINGS!!! THEY'LL PROBABLY NEVER BE ABLE TO RESTORE THEM ALL!!!' Really can't restore dead people either, herp derp.

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When you have recurring pain or injury, how do you handle exercise? Do you completely stop in order to heal? Or do you put yourself on some sort of modified/no impact regimen?

Anyone have experience with Plantar Fasciitis?
How did you get through it/over it?

I'm in severe pain almost every day but I don't want to give up working out/walking/jogging. Even when I do take a few days off, the pain never goes away completely.

It's taken me months to get into a good consistent workout groove and I dread giving it up, even temporarily. I'm super bummed. :( Is there anything I can do to help my stupid foot??

(Swimming will only be an option once our pool opens up.)

It's back! It's bad! And will amuse just me

Poll #1740828 The return of the stupid poll

For the ladies. In this scenario, your last name is Hugh. Your fiance's last name is Jass. What will your married name be?


In this scenario, your last name is Stew. Your fiance's last name is Pitt. What will your married name be?


In this scenario, your last name is Pedd. Your fiance's last name is O'Bare. What will your married name be?


In this scenario, your last name is Mike. Your fiance's last name is Hunt. What will your married name be?


In this scenario, your last name is Charles. Your fiance's last name is Manson. What will your married name be?

Pit Bull: Reindeer

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How honest should one be in a job interview about why you are leaving your current position?

I am currently looking to leave my job due to really poor management, and today I had the final straw when my manager called me unprofessional and disappointing in front of the entire staff during an all staff meeting. I will most likely be taking a pretty hefty pay cut.

What do I say during an interview if and when I am asked why I am leaving my current position? This was my first job and I've been there for 3 years. I've always heard it is bad to speak ill of previous employers during an interview, but I don't know a politically correct way to say "they suck."
Sandy Boobs (Hiram)


TQC I have lived in my house for 3 years and I have no idea what flower is grows in my yard every year.

Collapse )

Thank you all, it's a Rhododendron!

DK/DC: What's your favorite flower?
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If you were my debit card, where would you be?

The truly tragic part of all of this is that I haven't used it in over a week since I've been broke. I get paid today at 5pm and was going to celebrate by putting gas in my car, but now I can't find my card. Looks like I need to go to the drive up first and get out some cash. :(

If you have a dog, how good is his or her recall? I've been taking Kobe to fenced-in off-leash parks and while his recall is pretty good in the house, outside...well, it is an entirely different story. I want us to get to the level where I'd feel comfortable in an off leash situation without a fence but I don't see that happening anytime soon.

Do you have any pictures of your dog at a park or playing with other dogs? Want to share?

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dk/dc: Is it raining wherever you are? I am so tired of the rain. It wasn't this morning but here it is again, back with a vengeance.

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Can you use this post to rant about something that's really fucking bugging you?

So I went to the professor today to discuss my paper and he pretty much destroyed it. I don't have enough time to rewrite it so I won't bother. I feel like crying. I'm super overwhelmed with the huge amount of work I need to have done by Sunday and I'm too tired to do anything but freak out over it.

Waiting for my friend to pick me up

Which sentence segments or terms do you feel should not be heard on the first date? Like there's few segues where that should be brought up upon just meeting them. Anything you don't check can be assumed that you can foresee a context where it's acceptable

"You can get HIV from PIV? No way! I thought it was from anal only"
"Penicillin's usually gets the job done for me"
"I follow Rush Limbaugh on Twitter"
"Moustache ride"
"My furry friends"
"I don't do meth anymore"
"My tarantula collection"
"Have you read Dianetics?"
"My second restraining order"
"I'm not technically a 'birther' but..."
"I wouldn't even know how to turn one on. Computers are for dorks anyway"
"Michael Bay is a genius. I love how subtle he is"
"After watching Clerks, it made me curious if I could do that. I've been taking yoga for the past year to see if I can reach..."
"I'm pretty sure it's jock itch. Not crabs lol!"
"You know that rush you get after freebasing?"

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Yesterday the movie theatre I work at got three brand new digital projectors.  These are our first digital projectors, and I am the only one that works there who knows what they're doing with them, since I transferred from a theatre that already had them.  My GM told me to come in today (my day off) to help out and then rescinded that, saying it would kill payroll... which is nice because it looks like I'll only get twenty-nine hours this week.  If I get a panicked call from anyone tonight should I ignore it, or would that just be mean?  Half of me thinks I should take the call to prevent everything from being totally fucked up, but the other half of me says fuck it, it's my day off.

I'm super bored.  What are some good websites to visit?

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TQC I know this is asked often but I cannot find any of the old posts.
Where can I watch shows online? Specifically.. where can I watch Greys Anatomy (Season 3) without having to worry about the whole "you have watched 72 minutes of free tv! Wait 60 minutes to watch more"?

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Based on names alone, which colors should I paint my toenails and fingernails? I don't care about matching.

Suzi Loves Cowboys
San Tan-Tonio
Skull & Glossbones
Mermaid's Tears
I want to be A-Lone Star
Don't Mess with OPI

DK/DK: What fruit do you dislike? I can't think of any.
hate pimentos

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So, I have a giant tub of vanilla flavored whey protein.  It's fairly tasty.  I want to add-in fruit and make smoothies, though, because I don't eat enough fruit and it seems like it would be a reasonable way for me to eat more of it.

Anyway, I have oranges, bananas, pineapples and blackberries. What fruit/combination thereof should I put in?

macro - procrastination cat

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Let's say you get in a huge fight with a friend on LJ. Lines are crossed, and you defriend the person. If that person had a significant other who was also on your flist, would you filter certain things from that significant other for concern they might tell your ex-friend?

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I never realized how intense my fear of spiders is until today. A week or so ago, a large, black jumping spider appeared in our apartment building, which freaked me out...a lot. Well today, on my way to open my boyfriend's car door, a similar spider was near the handle, so I refused to get in on my side. We thought that on our way to our destination, the spider would fall off...nope. I opened the passenger door and there it was...and it crawled inside the car and disappeared. I then hyperventilated and started crying, refusing to get in the car in the middle of a parking lot. you think this was the same spider from last week and it is stalking us/me?

DK/DC: What are you afraid of? Have you ever had to face this fear? If so, what was your reaction?

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Does anyone know if swiffer sweeper wet thingies are harmful for pets? I just realized I should probably change what I use to clean my apartment since my cat licks EVERYTHING

What cleaners can I use that won't possibly poison my kitty?
BB What???

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The following made me feel like a right weirdo, so I ordered one online.

I feel like I am the only person who would ever do something this stupid. For this reason I come to you here at TQC as let's face it you lot REALLY are a bunch of odd bods ummm, I mean have much life experience, yeah that's what I mean.

The other day I was being chased by a bee. I ran inside and closed the door with it on the other side, all pretty normal, but then I locked the door!

Have you, or anyone you know, ever done this?
The Receptionist Classic

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TQC, I just got home from that super awesome OMG amazing playoff game and I think I left my voice in our box.

What do you do to coax your voice back to life?

I kind of need it in the morning. Quick fixes are a plus.
pokémon ⅲ × heck yes this happened

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What would you call someone who discriminated against people of lower intelligence (that weren't mentally disabled)?

What about discrimination against people of low emotional capacity?

(srs/non-srs welcomed)
anontang DA

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TQC, I have a makeup question. I've recently started wearing lipstick, and I need a lip primer to go with it. I've been looking at both Urban Decay (I have the eyeshadow primer and love it) and Too Faced, but I'm open to pretty much anything, especially if I can buy it online. Have you used either of these primers? What brand would you recommend?
bad water!

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this is a mac problem (apple mac book pro - not cosmetics).

my laptop is fairly new, i was using a different one last year. i do all of my assignments on word, and help my friends with their spelling/grammar on their assignments. i had no dramas downloading any word-document from uni or from friend's usb sticks onto my computer.

now whenever i put a different person's usb stick into my computer, the document is blank, all i can see are the red and green lines denoting poor spelling or vocabulary. i have to highlight the whole document to change the font and size of font before i can see it. this is the same for anything (templates, coversheets, marking criteria etc) that i try to download from uni. same thing when i look at an assignment from last year. this is particularly annoying because i have templates on my usb stick just the way i like them (coversheet already filled in, except for the details that change) a title page, and page numbers starting the 3rd page (where my actual response begins) as well as headers and footers on every page except the coversheet.

it would seem easy to just make new templates, but i can't do that because i can't access the coversheets and keep them in their original state (which is nesassary and such. i also like to be able to write something on a uni library save it my usb and know it will behave to the way i want to my personal compueter.

anything i could change? it's making it really rough!
Take a Look

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Is anyone else having issues with Netflix? Yesterday it was loading very slowly and now today, it keeps scrambling the image (but the audio seems fine), like when you're watching satellite on a windy day.
sailor kiss

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What would you do if someone in your life insisted on counting your calories every day? (For no apparent reason - you've been living life as a reasonably successful adult for a number of years.)

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What would you do if a more then acquaintance/not quite friend posted a really unflattering pic of you on facebook? She was tagging someone else but caught my ginormo ass and I find it embarrassing but asking her to take it down seems more embarrassing.

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would you consider this statement racist?
"Also I'm sick of hearing about "how hard it is" for illegals to get here. What the he'll is wrong with that? Means that the border pAtrol is at least TRYING to do their job. These people are CRIMINALS. Bottom line. They should be treated like criminals no matter if their intentions are good or bad. Stop taking our jobs please and go back to your country and get here legally."

some kid on facebook posted that so i called him a racist. so he said...

"positive hc focusing on racial unity. I am far from a racist. I just felt I needed to defend myself on that one."

also someone else said "
Following in the steps of Edward Norton?"

and he said
". Minus the curbstomping. Just getting tired of being told the we owe these people stuff when they've done nothing but break the law."