May 11th, 2011


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What is your opinion on some people's theory of "I'm not getting made up/putting make-up on for work, what for? It's just WORK"?

Do you believe that you should look somewhat your best when you go to work? Or do you not care since it's just work?

It obviously all depends on the job, but still.

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i have this really weird fear of things from about the 1880s until the late 1900s/1920s. like film reels, drawn pictures(real pictures don't freak me out, i actually love old photography and find extremely old photographs fascinating, UNLESS THEY'RE REALLY FUCKING WEIRD), clothing and housing styles, just anything from that time. once it gets into the time of old films like Chaplin and Buster Keaton and what not, i'm pretty much OK. i mean, i love Chaplin films, though more from the 30s/40s... but like that film Voyage dans la Lune? OH GOD. I'M SO SCARED OF THAT FILM. IT KILLS ME old ads, news reels- the way they jump... so much fear.

my question is: IS THIS A THING?

have you ever heard of it? have you ever met anyone else who has a phobia of those things? i've never met anyone else with it and it's SO hard to describe and explain. it's taken years to find the right words to even get people to comprehend it.

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I applied for a job at McDonald's, and I got a call yesterday morning to set up an interview for tomorrow. After thinking on it for a day, it has dawned on me: I don't know if I want this job. TQC, will you help me decide my life?

-gives me a schedule so I don't become nocturnal this summer
-I've worked there before, so I know how it's done and what to expect

-will severely inhibit my ability to plan vacation-y things and visit my boyfriend
-I could theoretically build myself a schedule with volunteer shifts at the SPCA and yoga classes
-I don't necessarily NEED the money from this job to survive

Yea or Nay on the McJob?

If you vote "yea," how should I let them know beforehand that I'm gonna need some schedule flexibility?

If you vote "nay," should I call before the interview and cancel, show up and explain myself, or show up and troll and report back to TQC?

Also, can we please pretend that we don't all make fun of working at McDonald's, it really isn't that bad and the people there are usually very fun to talk to :(

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 I'm looking for some musical recommendations, that have amazing vocals, to watch. So what are your fave movie musical soundtracks?

Mine are:

Phantom Of The Opera
Rocky Horror Picture Show
Sweeney Todd
Repo The Genetic Opera
Moulin Rougue
Tenacious D And The Pick Of Destiny
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My uncle is probably dying of a horrible, degenerative disease. Once a month, my aunt organizes a ‘family night’ where we are all supposed to sit around and offer support but it’s really just a pity party for her. She complains about everything (which is nothing new) and generally treats my uncle like crap. My aunt loves playing different people in the family against each other and I despise her for this; family night has become another way for her to manipulate everyone, rather than the positive thing she plays it off as.

I’ve only gone to one of these get-togethers so far and found it to be a pretty depressing experience. I was never particularly close to either of them and probably wouldn’t think of hanging around if my uncle wasn’t sick. But he is sick, so I feel bad about skipping out on a request to spend time with him. I'm afraid I'll feel horrible once he dies that I didn't take the opportunity to comfort him and pay my respects when he was still alive.

tl;dr: I hate my aunt, but my uncle is dying. Should I attend the drama-ridden monthly shindigs?

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You know how with firefox, if you type something into the address bar it'll use a search engine and usually brings up the first result automatically? Mine isn't doing that anymore, it's changed to a different search engine (it used to be google) and now it won't bring up the I'm Feeling Lucky result. How do I change it back to google? :(
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You live with a housemate. You hear your housemate having loud sex in his/her room, and you don't think s/he is aware that you're home (maybe they would be fucking with more discretion if they knew they weren't alone in the house). Which is a more polite way for you to handle the situation: make your presence known by making a bunch of noise or turning on music or something, OR give them privacy/not interrupt by trying not to make a lot of noise in the house? Or would you not gaf and keep going about your business as usual.
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Have you ever had a hole form in the structure of your house by any means?

There are people drilling and banging outside and I can hear plaster crumbing and cords being ripped out of the walls and I'm worried that at any moment they're going to bash a hole in the wall. I am assuming they are of similar calibre to the people who fitted this place out, and it is so dodgy.

Also once our garage roof fell down after an earthquake.

Rocky Horror Batman Show

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 Poll #xxxx Food

What type of jam should I use with Roasted Cashew Butter?


Do you use salt on melon?

Depends on the type of melon
I usually use blackberry jam with my cashew butter, but some buttmunch ate it all and didn't get anymore. And I do use salt on melons unless it's an amazing tasting melon that doesn't need salt to enhance it.

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I really need to save money, so I'm thinking of cancelling my $80/month gym membership. I don't even go enough per month to make the $80 completely worth it.

How can I maintain a good workout regime without going to a gym? I rarely use big weight equipment anyway. Oh, and another thing is that I hate running, so I'm not going to go running outside. What are some alternatives? I love yoga and pilates. Should I try doing that at home?
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Anyone used a Eurail pass? Experiences/thoughts/suggestions?

I'm going to Munich in 2 weeks and plan on going to Paris and Amsterdam as well so I was going to get the Germany/France/Benelux 5 day pass. This is a good idea y/n?
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Do you own an umbrella? Do you know where it is right now?

What are you craving right now?

If you are able to check your bank balance online or on your phone, do you ever find yourself checking it multiple times a day, even though you haven't spent anything, as if the money might have reproduced somehow?

It never happens, does it?

Fuck you, world

When's the last time life threw you a curve ball or decided to really test your will?

Brought to you by the fact that my boyfriend and I almost broke up a few days ago (we're totally good now), but I've been feeling so fucking happy and amazing lately that I could dance...until today where I'm freaking out that I've contracted oral herpes from sharing a glass or something, my car needs $500 in serious repairs, and my classes for summer are all waitlisted.

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In what ways has nature affected you? What do you love about it?

Inspired by: "Science can describe the natural world, but doesn't really do justice to the way we can love it. Or the way it can affect us."
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When was the last time you did something unnecessarily? 
I put pants on today because I though the cable guy was coming, but it's actually tomorrow he's coming. 

What was the last thing that made you want some brain bleach? 

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Poll #1740448 summertime and the living in easy

What's your favorite thing about summer?

Seeing a lot of sexy half naked people
No school
My birthday!
A holiday that occurs during these months that I'll explain in the comments
Buying a summer wardrobe including new swimsuits
Free slurpee day (7/11)
Camping trips
All of these things suck
You forgot something that I will tell you in the comments

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Is it time for another anything post?   
If it is, then can this post be one?   

If not, then what kind of a post should it be?    It's not important to me, just post whatever you want as long as it's safe for work.
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I am at work right now. I have a coworker who I am constantly butting heads with, for various reasons. She has a tendency to pull really childish moves that she thinks are hilarious, such as knocking coins out of people's hands when they are counting drawers, hitting the escape button on a keyboard to close out of what someone is doing, and generally really stupid things. For the most part, I just ignore it, but today I have had an AWFUL day. I was in the middle of trying to update my work's Yelp page and every time I pulled up a dialogue box to enter something, she'd hit escape. I kept saying, 'Please stop' in a more and more aggravated tone until finally she brought her finger near the button, and I shoved her hand away and said 'Fucking stop.'

Now I have a meeting with my boss. I realise that putting my hands on her was going inappropriate, but she's really lucky I didn't fucking smack her. Was I wrong to get really frustrated? Do I need to "lighten up" as I have just been told?

dk/dc Should I get Panera or Chick-fil-A after work? What's your fave fast casual place?
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If your place of residence has a yard...
Do you personally maintain your yard? Like raking/mowing/gardening/etc. How much effort do you put into it?
Do you have a garden?
Do you compost?

Where do you go when you feel like being outdoors?
Spelling Contest

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Poll #1740461 Horror Movie Casting

Which horror movie stereotype best matches you?

Nice, wholesome, possibly virginous girl. You'll make it to the very end
Comedy relief. You're amusing, colorful, wacky. Your death may possibly be ironic
Fornicator. Little else is known about you except that you're having sex with your boyfriend/girlfriend. You may be the first to die
Best friend of the good girl. You make it pretty far, and your death is sad
Creepy old authority figure. You're mean and bossy. Your death usually happens offscreen
Tough guy. You'll do well against the bad guy, defending yourself well, but you'll end up getting knifed when your back is turned. Sorry
Boyfriend. Remember, the heroine is chaste. Boyfriends and their penises will have to be killed off, so, stabbystabby!
Token minority. You may mean well, but you don't make it past the first half of the movie
Jerk. You're just a dick and tend to treat nice people poorly. People will cheer when you get killed
Youngster. As long as you're under 16, you're pretty safe. The universe will protect you, even if you happen to be the fornicating minority comic relief
Weird, nerdy person. You don't fit in and no one wants to hang around you, and therefore no one will feel that bad when your body's found in scene 3
Girl with nice boobs. So nice that you'll die while in the shower
Copy/security guard. You're lucky to be alive onscreen for more than 2 minutes
Interloping bitch. Did you hit on the nice girl's boyfriend? Oops. stabby stabby
Horny individual. This is similar to the fornicator, except you're not getting any. Your lusty dialogue will only infuriate the universe into killing you

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TQC: How do you budget your money? What are your expenses? How much do you try and keep in savings?

Any tips or advice is greatly appreciated. Budgets + me = FAIL.

DK/DC: What would you do with a million bucks?

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Terraforming (literally, "Earth-shaping") of a planet, moon, or other body is the hypothetical process of deliberately modifying its atmosphere, temperature, surface topography or ecology to be similar to those of Earth to make it habitable by terrestrial organisms.

Do you think we have the right to start changing around other planets in the solar system?

What if we find fossils of microbes in the rock on these other planets?
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i just got a form letter in the mail about a settlement case involving one of my former employers (jamba juice). they're saying i'm either entitled to a 5.00 jambacard (uh what) or no less than 20% of 70,000. my question - how the hell do they decide who gets what? what if someone commits perjury and lies, do they ever find out or do said people get off scott free? or is this all a scam.......
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Is there anyone here willing to proofread a 12 page research paper? It's about sex tourism to Thailand. I would really appreciate it. I would mail it to you through LJ's message system.

If not, what was the last thing to really frustrate you?
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These clean-cut, young, well-dressed, suspicious-looking white people just knocked on my door and said they were "volunteers" and asking if I knew any deaf people in the area. I told them I didn't. They didn't offer their names or the name of any organization they were affiliated with.

Clearly they're casing the joint, yes? Or are they Mormons/Scientologists/Jehovah's Witnesses/process servers/government employees/FBI/CIA/QED?

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So, your significant other (SO) is sitting at your laptop and spills soda (that they had been drinking) all over it. It's no longer functional. Your SO does not have a lot of money and neither do you, laptop is out of warranty. Assume the laptop is a necessity for school or work. What do you do? (taken from a real life example that a friend is currently going through)

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I know we have pet posts all the time but...

My Achoo is at the vets with a urinary blockage and wont be home until at least Saturday, he is my snuggle buddy and I miss him so much already :(

What are some funny/strange habits of your pets?

Achoo LOVES to be spanked...its weird, he also fetches.

Edit: Achoo is my cat, also known as Choo choo pants or Chugga choo


Lot Lizards??

???I was telling somebody about how in high school I used to work at Hardees next to a hotel. It had a huge parking lot where truckers used to park their rigs. They were always getting visited by scroungy hookers. We were wondering how much they made. Either nobody I know has any idea or they don't want to admit it. ;-D Nobody could even throw a guess out there. That's why I was going to use the anonymity of the internet to see if anybody here knew. Anecdotes are welcome. One guy said that a coworker claimed he picked up a prostitute for a few bucks and an egg McMuffin, yet he's either lying or that's the AIDS crack-'ho model.????

This post be a question, sillies.

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I started talking to this guy on OKCupid six weeks ago. He seemed funny and interesting, and we also shared a lot of the same attitudes about sex.

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...I don't know what to say to that. Should I say anything at all? I kind of don't want to, but at the same time, we had been texting and chatting on OKC for like, six weeks before we finally met up. I feel kind of bitchy just ceasing contact, but at the same time...this guy is kind of a lying douche.

I dunno, guys, what would you say?

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Can I ask you some questions about sleep:
How many hours a day do you get on average?
Do you remember your dreams? More nightmares or pleasant dreams?
What do you wear to sleep?
When do you go to bed/wake up on most days?

How about some questions about hair:
Do you shave/depiliate ?
What part of you? How often? Does it change with seasons?
What do you use to do this? Why?

Can you give me good motivation to clean, cause I'm lacking today?
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One of my best friends lives in New York City. I've been wanting to visit him for a while now and now I've been presented the opportunity.

The only issue is, he'd be working most of the time, so I'd have to do a lot of cavorting around New York City all by my lonesome.

I've been to New York City twice before, so I'm not worried about being in an unfamiliar place. I just worry I...won't find anything to do and end up bored and lonely at his apartment.

Is that a silly thing to think?

What are some good things to do in New York City by yourself?
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a friend of mine wants to read this harry potter fanfic (i know) that I read a few months ago. this would normally not be a problem, except that I don't remember what it was called or who it was by. I've tried searching for it with google and also on by ship but it's not coming up, at least in any way I can recognise it.

does anyone know how I can get google to search for terms mentioned within the chapters of the fic rather than in the summary or author profile?
any help is appreciated. :D

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Good drama books with lots of murder and crime, but with little mystery?

dk/dc: What amount of money would it take for you to give up your most beloved pet?  Could you do it on the condition that you could get them back in a year?

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there appears to be a gap in between stormage, so i'm going to hop on my bike for a bit.

what should i eat before so i don't feel like i'm going to die? all i've had today was 1/4th of a bagel, one of those little Dove chocolate bars and ugh, 3 slices of frozen pizza.
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I met this guy when out for Cinco de Mayo last week. He is friends with my friend's fiance so he tagged along with us. (This was a group of about 7 that went out) We get along and stuff and two days later he texts me saying he got my number from my friend and asks me out. I say I would love to meet up, but I am booked solid these next couple of weeks with business trips and work. HOWEVER, I would be more than happy to meet up once I got back. He hasn't answered me since and my friend is annoyed I didn't drop everything for this guy. Is this right of them? I mean, they all the nature of the job I travel for (entertainment journalist) and with all the finales coming up I will be on the road. It's not like I told him no, I just said once I get back I'll meet for drinks or something. Was I wrong?

dk/dc: Which dress should I wear for the Celeb Apprentice finale? I'll be on the red carpet and taking pictures
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I have decided to take summer classes. Will you help me decide which ones? I will take one class during the first session and one during the second session.  And my interest level is fairly high for ALL choices as these are the top 5 during each session picked out of ~40 happening during each session.

Poll #1740516 Summer Schoool

Which class should I take during the FIRST summer session?

Prison Literature (I'm not sure what this class is because there was no course description, but it sounds interesting enough)
The Bible as Literature
Literature on Film (also available during the second session)
Banned Literature
Studies in Shakespeare

Which class should I take during the SECOND summer session?

Noir Fiction and Film
Science Fiction Studies (the title is misleading, it's actually the study of how science fiction became it's very own genre. More like a "history of" class than a "studies in" class)
Travel Writing
Food Writing
Literature on Film
Have you taken summer classes before?
 I have, but it was math classes or communications classes.  I'm a little worried that these are gonna be more intensive since they'll involve a lot of reading/writing.  Then again, who knows.  Some of the reviews on seem okay for the summer sessions.
SECOND MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION (even though it is listed third in this post): How do you feel about  Do you use it?
I feel like it's a nice tool and I do use it almost always, but it's pretty obvious that the majority of the people that post ratings there either really love the prof or really hate the prof/had specific problems with them, and neither of those ratings are fair.  Boo.


So. A guy that I've gone to school with my whole life and dated about 2 years ago started talking once again in the winter. We became friends again (after me telling him off 'cause he can be an ass sometimes) and were bonding by going shopping and going out to eat for a couple weeks. Last night at dinner, I found out he assumed that we were dating. I said no...and now hes not treating me the same. He's not acting mad, he's acting more like he doesn;t know me. I don;t feel like I led him on, I just thought he didnt want to go to dinner and drink alone :/

What constitutes leading someone on?

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What are your favorite vegetarian websites if you are vegetarian/vegan?

Are there any tasty alternatives for cheese because I've tried a couple that tasted AWFUL and I can't remember their names.
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Does this sentence look wrong to you? Which is the best version? lol sorry guys y brain is fried.

Anglo men intentionally pursued women whom they considered to be culturally and racially inferior to them.

Anglo men intentionally pursued women whom they considered to be of an inferior race and culture.

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Is LJ being dumb for anyone else? I have to refresh a bunch of times to get comments to post. :(

It was 90 degrees here today. The weather this am called for a high of 80. :( I don't like that it went from 40s to 90s in about a week.
Have you turned on your A/C yet? when do you usually do it? (if you have a/c)
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I downloaded some audio files yesterday and realised today that I can't play them because they're .flac
I'm trying to get them to .mp3s even though they are vastly inferior. I have them playing in winamp rn because that's what google told me to do. I'm an old person at computers. How can I turn them into .mp3s so I can play them in freaking itunes?

I'm like your grandma with computers, tqc. You're my only hope D:

eta: I hope you don't think I mean anything about your grandma tqc. If you're grandma is really good at computers, then I'm like your cat at computers, or something.

Also it's the new pornographers so tech-savy hipsters of tqc you know this shit is fucking urgent, or something.

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Will you give me your best budgeting tips?

If you're willing to answer: what is the least amount of monthly income you've been able to survive on, assuming you have an apartment/place of your own?

I'm stressing out because I'm 99% sure I'll be signing a lease tomorrow and I KNOW I can afford it monthly, but I'm still nervous for some reason, probably because it's my first apartment.
just a bill
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When's the last time you told somebody a ridiculous stupid lie that they believed?

I told my friend that I bought tampons and vaseline at CVS. He asked what the vaseline was for and I said to help put the tampons in. He bought it.

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How do you feel about the ~theory~ that people who make a big deal about hating cats tend to actually hate women? True or false? What about the theory that guys whose LJ userpics are their own faces tend to be creepy? Have you even heard of either of these?
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As a follow up to this question...

Part of the reason I'm going to New York City is because my mother offered to pay for the plane ticket home to San Francisco...

If the ticket is less than $200. Ideally $150.

...does my mom know something that I don't? Is it actually possible to find a flight from New York City to San Francisco (and out of JFK) for $150? Or even less than $200? If so, where is this magical and elusive website where I can purchase this ticket?

BTW, I want to fly home on June 20th.

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This may be completely subjective, but how long do blood test results usually take to come back? Does the time they take have anything to do with abnormalities? Total lack of medical experience here.

Being hit on

Hi everybody!

I have a problem. I get hit on by weird, creepy, odd, or drunken men. They are always older than me by 10-30 years.

1. Does this happen to you?

2. What would you do if you were hit on by a creepy old man?

3. Would advice would you recommend to someone who is being hit on frequently by creepy old men? Should I start martial arts again even though I have an irregular income?

Things that have not stopped them so far:

1. Being married (and having a wedding band I wear daily)
2. Being fat
3. Being unattractive
4. Wearing large sunglasses everywhere I go
5. Having a large jam stain on my white shirt from breakfast (maybe this is what attracted the one from today).

Don't know/Don't care: What is your top health tip?
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How many bags do you carry with you to school/work? What's in each one?

I carry my backpack full of school stuff and a stripey beach bag that holds my books, lunch, and giant water bottle. It's all so heavy :(