May 10th, 2011


so TQC

Is 'end up with' generally a phrase you use about having/making friends?

[context: I brought up my fears to the S/O about how everyone else I get really close to has a tendency to leave and I was worried that he was going to/waiting for him to as well.
And he said "Well I'm not going to :v
I don't know what kind of people you end up with, but I consider myself better than that"]

I'm not reading into it, I'm just curious because I've only seen that phrasing used with couples.

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All the drama in my life right now and some anxiety over someone is keeping me up, I am lying in bed and while I feel tired I just cannot go to sleep. I am thinking of popping a seraquel and letting that kick in although the lasttime I took a sleeping pill, omg it knocked me flat.

What should I do?

When was the last time you took a sleeping aid and it ended up really badly for you?

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What are the other 33 rules of the internet leading up to rule 34(if you can think of it, porn exists of it), and rule 35(if no porn exists, it shall be made)?

I'm pretty sure I know a few.

1) If you miss a comma a grammar Nazi will hound you to an early grave.
2) Memes never get old.
3) Every argument about social customs will eventually led to an argument about whose country is better, and who got who out of WWII.

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I'm supposed to accompany my significant to a social event tomorrow night but I really don't want to go because I have two enormous volcanoes on my forehead so I kind of just want to hide.

I really don't want to tell that exact reason as my reason for not wanting to go because I don't like to have conversations about my skin ever at all, and this is no exception. But if I just say I don't want to go without a respectful reason then he would be hurt and confused.

Is there any way I turn my reason into a truthful understandable answer without spotlighting the insecurities that I don't want to talk about? Or should I just go and get over myself?
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Just because now I'm curious.

I'm talking to a friend about the next presidential election, and I was wondering, who are you considering voting for?

For the first time ever, I'm considering voting Republican. It just depends on Fred Karger's views on abortion, women's rights, and Medicare/Medicaid funding and regulation.
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Do any of you know of a good couch to 5K podcast with music AND verbal cues to slow down/speed up?

I don't have an iphone or ipod touch, so it can't be an app, it HAS to be a podcast.
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Am about to call in sick for the second day in a row. I HATE doing this because my workplace always hassles people when they call. Considering I don't get paid if I don't come in and I do have a good track record, it really shits me that I'm made to feel so guilty for being sick. Would it be rude to call up and just quiskly say, "Hi xxx, it's Maria, I can't come in since I'm still sick but I'll def be in tomorrow, okay? Bye!"?

When was the last time you called in sick & why?

Do you have any food intolerances? (Making gluten-free muffins today! :D)

Best Android app?
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Do you think it's impractical/silly to carry a few electronic devices around (music player, ipod touch, etc.) when there are phones with those type of functions?

I carry an ipod and ipod touch plus my phone because I have about 60+gb of music/podcast on my ipod and my phone doesn't have that kind of storage. Also, I have my calendar, alarm settings, notes, angry birds (without ads), etc. on my ipod touch. My Android phone is also annoying to use and the battery drains quickly so I don't want to use it for anything other than online or phone-related things.

DC: What are some good psychological thriller movies or tv series out there? Ones with twist endings would be lovely.

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What did you do last night in the last hour before going to bed?

I emptied the dishwasher, cleaned up my room while talking to the boyfriend on the phone and then crawled into bed and lurked a bit on tqc before putting the iPhone down and turning off the light.

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based off the question last night:

the number you picked should be about what kind of student you are. 1-2's are the lower performing students, while 3-4's are the higher performing students. it's like reflective of your gpa. i think it has something to do with vygotsky some educational philosopher that i can't remember at the mo came up with. like if you are a 1-2, you should get "smarter" by just talking to a 3-4.

people who answered this, do you agree about what you chose?

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If you're in grad school, what do you study?
If you're not entering a profession that REQUIRES graduate study (like medicine, law, etc), why did you choose your path of study? Why did you decide to pursue it at the graduate level?

If you're not in grad school, but have future plans to, the same questions apply...

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How do you stop yourself from caring about someone?

EDIT: I still like this guy. Its not because he is being a douche, he is a great guy but is dealing with something huge but is not asking for help
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The Domino's Pizza by my house has had signs out that say, "$5.99 LARGE CHEESE PIZZA TODAY ONLY!" for the last two weeks.

This is clearly a sign of the impending apocalypse that is going to happen on May 21, yes?

What are you going to do during your final hours, TQC?

I think I'll stock up on pizza and beer.
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Growing up, how strict were your parents and in what ways? Did they have any rules that seemed completely unreasonable? If so, did you obey them? What were the kind of punishments they gave out- were they excessive?
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the double down burger from kfc (fried chicken patties, with cheese and bacon, no bun) just came out in new zealand today.

how should i work off the greasy goodness after i eat it?

whats your favourite fast food/your favourite thing to get? nom.
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I have a very important appointment this afternoon. For once I am going to let YOU guys decide how I should wear my hair. How should I wear it?


**I AM GOING WITH UP since as of right now that's the main option you guys have chosen. Wish me luck! :)

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What is it like to foster cats?
Does the Humane Society cover all expenses or just some of them?
Do you get to name your kitties?
I am so excited to go to this orientation meeting! I want to bring a kitty home today!!!

Edit: Will you post pictures of your cats/your favorite cat pictures?

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So, like, I have this futon and armchair that I'm babysitting for my friend until she moves (which could be years). The only place they fit are my bedroom but they're maroon and they totally don't match the rest of my shit. I know I can probably buy a futon-cover no problem but the armchair is more difficult. Could I have a cover sewn for it? How much would that cost and where could I go for such a thing?

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How do I make one of those informational posters with the little tabs on the bottom that you can rip off and take with you? Is there a program where I can enter in the info and it formats the page like that?
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dear tqc,

are you religious? will you describe your practice? why do you believe this?

if you are not religious, will you tell us why?

dk/dc: will you tell us about your favourite topic of study?

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Lets say that you have Monday and Wednesdays off at your job. When planning your schedule for the next semester at school (assuming you keep this job until the semester starts and throughout it), would you rather have both school AND work on Tuesday/Thursday and be completely off on Monday and Wednesday, or would you rather have school Mon & Weds and work on Tues and Thurs?
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TQC-ers who go to university,

What are you working on right now?

Will you share some choice quotations from material you've been reading?

TQC-ers who went to university once upon a time,

What did you study? How relevant has it been to your life since?

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Lastnight I dreamt my partner was a talking baby elephant who had been wandering the Australian bush. We sat and chatted and I fed him apples and parsnips.

What does this say about my relationship?

Share your dreams so tqc can interpret them.
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More job-hunting questions!

I have a professor on my list of references that has since moved to a different university. Do I just list her current position, or do I list her current position and say something like (former professor of blah at the U of Blah Blah Blah) so potential employers aren't thinking I was working at the new university? (Did this make any sense?)

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1. Americans, have you ever voted for a third party/independent candidate in the presidential election? Why/Why not? If you haven't, do you think it's pointless to do so?
2. How do you feel about the constant battle of Republicans vs Democrats? Will there ever be a chance for another party to come out?
As an outsider to American politics, it's all so baffling to me. Aren't there any better choices? Are the 'politics' of politics too strong for anything else to happen other than R vs D on and on and on, forever?

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What's the last thing that made you scream?

/based on the fact that I just got my summer grant money and the government took over $800 out in taxes on my measly $3600 grant. I'm all for taxes and whatnot, but I have no money. :( I hope I see some of it back next tax season.
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What kind of shampoo/conditioner do you use?

Do you condition every time you shampoo?

Do you actually condition from the ends to the roots? Or do you just use it like shampoo?

DK/DC: Do you have any ugly art in your house?
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TQC, I don't know how to make food, like, AT ALL. I would be happy to subsist on Pop Tarts, oatmeal and rice for the rest of my life, but I actually think it might be having an adverse effect on my well-being. Cookbooks are generally terrifying with their assumptions I know how wtf they are talking about, but can you suggest some sort of book or something that could teach me to stop being so hopeless and doesn't require me to go out and buy a bunch of random spices and shit I'll never use again? It could contain single person or family meals, as my parents can't cook either.

Do you like food? I don't. I think that's why I never learned to cook.
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How often do you empty your recycle bin? The one on the desktop, not your actual physical bin.

What's your least favourite type of school/uni assignment? (Essay, poster, craft project, lab report, roleplay, oral presentation, etc)

Does anyone have the Glee complete Season 1 DVD? Are the special features worth it?

Does anyone keep a private diary/journal? What kind of things do you write about?
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So I went to the clinic today, and after discussing some symptoms I had a month or two ago, she decided that I quite possibly had a heart attack.

TQC, how in the hell do I keep from freaking out about this?

Oh yeah, I forgot to add: they're taking me off the birth control.
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If you are in school, is there anything school-related that you would like to rant about?

All but two of my teachers this semester seem hell-bent on trying to screw me over. Which makes little sense as almost all of our communication was through email and I have proof that they are just being assholes. RAR.

DK/DC: Wanna write my final paper for me?

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I'm having an MRI tomorrow (brain) and I'm nervous about the results. How can I distract myself from working up into a panic in the next 24 hours? I Can Has Cheeseburger can only distract for so long.

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What's something I can do with my boyfriend that isn't "romantic" for our one year anniversary?

Rose petals, candlelit dinners, hot air balloons and all the rest of that sort of stuff is a bit gross to us but we still want to get up to something to commemorate the fact that we survived a whole year together, lol.

What's the best anniversary you have had and what did you do to make it so memorable?

If you're in Australia (or even if you're not I guess!), what's going on on June 10th 2011 in your area?

Mirror mirror on the wall...

In this scenario, you're living alone. Unbeknownst to you, your friend soaped a message on your bathroom mirror, which only becomes evident when the steam from your shower reveals it. Which of these messages would effect you the most as you climbed out of the shower?

"This is you from the future. I can only communicate through mirrors. The fate of the world depends on you dying your hair blue ASAP. I can't explain why. Just do it"
"Nice tits"
"Whatever you do, do not check under the bed"
"I really don't think you washed behind your ears enough. Go back and do it again, piggy"
"I put cum in your conditioner. Sorry" - signed, the Landlord
Not a message, but an intricate image of the Virgin Mary
"The end of the world is scheduled tomorrow"
"TQC party in your apartment. Can you find the other 7 naked people outside this door?"
"I saw what you did in there, you little pervert" - signed God
"Winning lottery numbers are 6 27 94 7 73 2 17" (they're just random numbers your friend thought up)
"Help me"
It's not a message at all, but a creepy face, staring
"Do you believe in ghosts?"
"I love you" - signed, your secret admirer

Anyone familiar with WV tenant law?

I have a friend who is renting a house in West Virginia. For the last week her refrigerator and freezer have been acting up, not keeping things cool enough. Her landlord is aware of the situation, but after sending a tech out after the first phone call, is no longer returning my friend's calls. The landlord has also told my friend that if a repairman is called by anyone other than her, she won't pay the bill.

Since the landlady is aware of the situation and isn't solving the problem, is it in my friend's tenant rights to call a repair tech to alleviate the situation, and have the bill sent to the landlady? I'm only familiar with Massachusetts law so I cannot offer her sound advice.

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If you were a celebrity, would you assume people would want to read an entire book about your life? (inspired by seeing Rob Lowe's autobiography at Borders)

Favorite section/aisle of your fave bookstore?
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Have we had a Eurovision post yet? Can this be one?

Who do you love and who do you hate?
Do you think the Netherlands will get to the final? I think the last time we got through was 2001 or something :(

I'm for Jedward, Blue, and Spain. I don't know what Spain's act is, but it's always hilarious.

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how bad are your allergies?
i fell apart in class today. a friend offered me a puffs tissue. take note that this was the first time ever i had a puffs tissue. my dry, scratched up nose was in a heaven for a split moment.


I feel really dumb for asking this, but I never ship anything out so I have no idea how this works. I'm returning books I rented for school. I don't know if I have to pay for shipping or if it's prepaid. I printed out a label and at the bottom it says "Billing: P/P". What does P/P mean? Do I have to pay the shipping costs or does the book place cover it?

Oh, and I took a picture of the label just in case lol
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And I am deeply sorry for deleting my last post

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I am on the phone to my crazy drunk sister. What phrases should I insert casually into conversation?

Edit: She didn't finish her crazy story, but it has a happy ending. Fill it in for me: What is the treatment for severe alcohol poisoning in cats?

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What have you eaten most of today? What do you usually eat the most of?

Today I have eaten a shit ton of carrots. I'm starting to worry that I'm going to turn orange (not srs). I usually eat a lot of bread and yogurt.

(no subject)

what's a movie/band/tv show/book/whatever that you like from a genre/series/subject you don't usually have an interest in, or even dislike otherwise?

'cause i'm really into this Star Trek movie from 2009 but i really don't like Star Trek and absolutely HATED it as a kid(it's since matured into a kind of indifference).
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Do you ever feel like you don't know what the fuck you're doing with your life? Will you tell me about the circumstances surrounding these feelings? Go into as much detail as you want. Seriously. Tl;dr my ass. I need to feel less alone. :(

When was the last time you felt really overwhelmed? trying to figure out what I'm doing with my life, it's one month until I have to leave a job I love to move back in with my parents, I'm applying to tons of other jobs and only getting rejection letters, my FWB's girlfriend (they're in an open relationship, but still) e-mailed me today asking if I wanted to meet with her, my best friend is living in another country right now so I can't talk to her, and I'm out of dark chocolate peanut butter.
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le fuds.

after a long day or a trying experience, sometimes i like to have a "don't give a fuck" food. you might refer to it as a "fuckit buckit" or something along those lines. you know, something you know is bad for you or fattening but it's too good and you do not care about the consequences for a brief moment. for me, today, it is taco flavored doritos with the fritos jalapeño cheese.

what are your "DGAF" food/drinks?

Do any of you have freakishly low metabolisms? 

I eat, what, 1.5 meals a day and I still get fat D: 

dk/dc/lol ur fat: how often do you eat in a day? typically
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What should I make tomorrow for lunch for me, and my companion? Feel free to toss recipes at me too.

Factors: He doesn't much like fruit except raspberries and citrus. It will be in my backpack for a few hours, in a warm environment. I am using segmented tupperware.

DK/DC: You are magically provided with a meal completely of your choice, no matter how rare or expensive. What foods appear in front of you?
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What's the best way to keep up a foreign language as a poor university student?
When I was at High School I did German. I wasn't fluent, but I could speak well enough that I did three weeks of work experience in Germany without too much trouble - now that I'm at University, I don't do it any more and I don't want to forget what I learnt, it seems like such a waste! 
Any tips for refreshing what I already knew / developing it?


Do you speak any languages other than your native one?
If you could magically become fluent in any language, what would it be, and why?


(no subject)

Who was the TQCer who was working on a group project and one of the members was plagiarizing her section? The TQCer was going to post in updates after the group met with their professor, but I haven't seen an update yet! What happened??
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It is almost 9:30, and I have some cinnamon bun dough rising on my counter. 
Should I bake off the buns tonight or tomorrow? n.b. my father is going to bed within the hour. 

Should I ice them with cream cheese icing or a flat icing? Something else? 

Do you like when there are nuts,  raisins, etc. in your cinnamon buns?
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Has anyone ever cooked a whole rabbit?

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dk/dc/OH MY GOD YOU'RE EATING SOMETHING CUTE: What are some of your favourite things to cook?

EDIT: I think I figured it out, thanks peepz. :3

So... do you like Andrew Zimmern?
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Whip ma hair back and forth....

Hey TQC,

I want to fade the permanent dye on my hair at the moment. I'm trying to get back to my natural colour (eventually!), I'm sick of my regrowth not matching haha. I've looked it up on the web and there's using things like lemon juice, bicarb soda in warm water, and even mixing bleach in with shampoo.

Any ideas? Hints? Tips? I kind of don't want to go back home to my hairdresser, she always seems to convince me to dye it dark again and hairdressers here charge a lot.


What would you do if you suddenly noticed that your foot was turning into a pineapple?
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I cannot study for one for minute. I am dried up. Nothing is working. What would you do?
I have a full essay and two exams to study for.

Will you describe your favorite piece of jewelry? Or share pictures?

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Do you watch "torture porn" movies?

You know the type.

"In the 2000s, there had been a resurgence of films influenced by the splatter genre that contained graphic depictions of extreme violence, nudity, torture, mutilation and sadism, labeled 'torture porn' by critics and detractors." -Wikipedia

Examples are Hostel, Wolf Creek, Saw, etc.

I don't mind them if there is a plot behind it. I liked the first Saw because there was a back story. We had no idea where these men came from and why they are there. But the sequels are just torture. Barely any writing. A very early TP film, Hellraiser, was okay because it was so creative.

But most of them bore me. I have no interest in sitting and watching someone be tortured for the hell of it.

Dental work

Has anyone here had experience with very young children getting crowns (while under general anesthesia)? For instance: you, your child, someone's child you know, stories you've heard of, etc.

My 3-year-old son has extensive cavities on his front four teeth and has an appointment to get slip-crowns while under general anesthesia. I am looking for first-hand (or second-, or third-hand) stories about such a procedure.

(no subject)

A bunch of artists and I are going to make artist trading cards for an upcoming event. It's the first time for most of us so we're just making whatever we want. I want mine to have a theme though.

Should my theme be eyes, mermaids/mythological creatures, or gothic & lolita fashion?

Or you can make up something else if you don't feel like being serious.
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dear tqc,

why do people complain about the fridge being too full of cherry pie and chocolate icecream, but then only decide to eat one of those deserts? haven't they ever heard of putting the icecream on top of the pie?

(no subject)

Is Old Navy anti-tattoo? Googling just gives me things about the actual Navy. I have an interview there next week. One of my tattoos sticks out a bit of my shirt, I'm just checking if I should make sure it's completely covered either by my hair or a different cut shit.

Is where you work accepting of tattoos?

(no subject)

How do you feel about the government torturing (ex: waterboarding) terrorists for information?

If you could change one thing (and one thing only) about the world, what would it be? srs and nonsrs welcome.