May 9th, 2011


My home baked newly made muffins

just got eaten and I am furious. There is no way somebody could have missed the signs on them, as they had been left out for cooling. 

I am considering tabasco/chili pepper muffins, and leaving them out with the same kind of signs, as this person obviously does not get the message. I assume it's the same person that has finished my milk multiple times. We are 16 sharing a kitchen, so I would like to just punish the one person who steals food.

Any other good ideas?

Edited to add: subtle ones would be best. Not doing the laxatives thing - they have access to my food so may just decide to take revenge.
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 Have you or has anyone you know applied to be on, interviewed to be on, or been on the Biggest Loser? I'm thinking about applying because all my efforts haven't resulted in anything and I'm at my wit's end.

Do you hate a part of yourself so much that you hate other people with it?
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what kind of physical pain are you in today? on a scale of:


what kind of emotional pain are you in today? on a scale of:

Evil Me

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If you are a Mac Cosmetics user, do you participate in the recycling program? If so, where do you store your empty containers while you're waiting to have enough to return to the store?
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what is the last really huge mistake you almost made but pulled back from at the last possible second?

did you eventually come to realize that avoiding what you thought was a mistake was the actual mistake?

could i have worded that any worse? how would you have worded it if you were in my position? what else would you do if you were in my position? (fyi, specifically, i am in a seated position)

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I applied for a job working at festivals. I met the guy who runs the stall, and he said he would probably have work for me, but only at 2-3 festivals. To secure it, he wants me to work and camp with them at a festival I am already working at. He wants me to go and do a few hours on their stall after I have done my other shift, which I think is unfair, as I have already earnt my ticket.

In the meantime, I found a job in a pub near my home. I have few local friends so it would be a good opportunity and steady money. There would also be the chance to go back in more university holidays.
Then the festival guy rang me and said he could take me on full time.

For various reasons, I think i'd be better off in the pub, am I mad to turn down the festival opportunity?
I don't want to feel like i've messed the festival guy around. He wants me to ring him today. How do I politely decline his offer?

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If you live in a populated area, how early is too early to start noisy construction?

Brought to you by the fact that my neighbor starts hammering and sawing every morning between 7 and 8am, and I work nights, so I'm not getting any sleep.
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How do I get my fiance to stop being such a slob?! Non-srs or srs

I've talked to him about it 1531 times and he's always said "Once we get a house, I'll change and clean up after myself." Well, we have a house and his dirty dishes, socks, garbage and etc are still just everywhere!

What's so hard about walking 3 feet to throw something out? Or rinsing dishes? Or putting smelly socks in the laundry?!

What's your biggest complaint about your SO or best friend? You love them anyway, right?

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 What is the best berry?

What is the worst berry?

(For the sake of the question, let use pretend berries include everything we normally think of as berries. None of this "~oh but strawberries aren't technically berries~" business.)

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What do you call those things inside the scrotum?

The 'boys'

What do you call those things on a girl's chest?


What do you call that thing you sit on?

Fart locker

What do you call anal sex?

Anal sex
Doing wheelies down the ol' dirt road
Visiting the Tootsie Roll factory

What do you call it when two people have sex without any emotional connection?

Genital sprint to the finish line

What do you call it when someone throws up?

Throws up
Rides the Technicolor Rainbow
Hyde & Jacky
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I signed up for internet service from Time Warner back in January. They bill at the beginning of each month. In February, I never received a statement and when I went to pay, I found that I had $90 credit, which meant that I wouldn't be receiving a statement. I knew that I hadn't paid the $90 and brought this to their attention on two separate occasions. At the end of April, they sent me an invoice for $90. When I brought this to their attention, they apologized for making the mistake but said I had to pay it because I used their services. I don't wanna pay this but I will.

What would you do?
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Have your actions ever changed or implemented policies?

I work at a bank and customers' accounts weren't being closed when they were supposed to. If anything was pending but the account was at zero it wouldn't be closed. They'd have to ask two or three times because a fee would be charged, we'd refund it and then submit a request for it to be closed.. but it wouldn't be closed because the refund was pending. I got fed up of taking these requests day after day and no one doing anything about it, so I kept track for a week of how many times I had to re-submit closure requests. I submitted it to corporate, they gave me a bonus and it doesn't usually happen anymore.

I used to do laundry late at night sometimes at the laundromat at my apartment.. now there's a sign saying that you can't do laundry after 9. It was put up right after I did some laundry in the middle of the night. Others could have been responsible too of course.

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Poll #1739695 Possibly unanimous poll?

Which would you rather experience?

Papercut on your pinky finger
Being locked in a cage with 5 starvation-maddened babboons
I really can't decide. Is it on my primary hand or my off-hand?

Which would you rather experience?

Finding $100 in an old pair of pants
Finding a poisonous spider in an old pair of pants
I really can't decide. Is it a crisp, new $100 or one that's been in circulation a bit?

Which would you rather experience?

Front row seats to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and a backstage pass and invitation to attend the after-concert party with the band and a multitude of music celebrities
A 5 year prison sentence
I really can't decide. Do I have to pay for my own parking?

Which would you rather experience?

Sex with the celebrity of your choice
Sex with the homeless crack addict of your choice
I can't really decide. Do the crack addicts actually have any crack on them?

Which would you rather experience?

A 7 day South American cruise where the highlight is Carnival in Brazil
A 7 day cruise through pirate-infested waters where the highlight is a photo op. of the last cruise ship (same company) to come through the area
I really can't decide. Did I remember to pack suntan lotion?

Edit: the last cruise ship is half-submerged due to torpedo damage
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What is your "friending" preference? Do you just randomly add people or do you comment first? Do you expect people to comment before they add you? Will you add just anyone or are you picky about who you add?


ETA: This has turned into an friending post, ask away folks.. maybe the person you want to add will add you back. :)

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If you ring up people at your job,do you judge if they pay with a ton of loose change?

How often to you pay for purchases with change you have gather up?

What is your best tip to stretch money between pay periods?

Are you a spender or a saver?
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I'm suddenly and randomly curious about the Rob Lowe sex tape. Who here has seen it? Is it worth seeking out? Most importantly, DOES SOMEONE HAVE A LINK?

DK/DC: If you had a free pass for one ~night of passion~ with any person in the entire world who has ever existed (and at any age), who would you choose and why? Pictures encouraged.
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What was the last change you made to your appearance? (new wardrobe, hair, jewelry, tattoo, nose job, etc). How does it make you feel?

I accidentally straightened my hair on Sunday, but I kinda like it. I can do the white boy styling now.

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Have you ever written to your representative or senator in Congress (or equivalent in your government)? What about?

If you live in DC or some other place where you are not represented in your government, have you ever joined a protest/been active in a movement to get representation?

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When was the last time you spoke to a cop? What was the situation?

A cop came in this morning to interview my manager so I had to make small talk with him for about five minutes.
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Say you are renting an apartment in a building. A few days after you move in, a neighbor tells you that 6 weeks ago a guy died in your apartment and his body was there for a week before being discovered. The landlord never told you, and it's the law in your state that renters be notified of a death in the unit for 3 years.

What would you do if you found out there was a body in your bathroom for a week and no one told you?
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So I am going to be donating some money to a Japan relief organization next time I get paid, as well as to an organization working with people in the South, here in the U.S. Not a lot of money, but I want to make sure it goes where its needed most.

So, I was wondering if you guys could tell me which organizations actually use donations towards relief work? I heard that the red cross uses more money for overhead expenses. I don't know...
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Who is your favorite Disney princess?
Who is your least favorite Disney princess?

Who is your favorite Disney prince?
Who is your least favorite Disney prince?

Who is your favorite Disney villan?
Who is your least favorite Disney villan?

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Just started watching one of my fav actors web series and I was shocked how old he was looking, (And dismayed that he may never play his signiture character again because of that fact and the fact that his character doesnt age)

Which out of your fav actors are you surprised that they are looking a bit mature? not that is changes how awesome they are.

M.j. Fox is one and Brent Spiner is the other for me.

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so, i need to do a history presentation... but i don't know what i should do it on...
it can about pretty much anything from the twentieth century... but i want to pick something super cool and interesting...

last year i did dadaism.

any ideas on what i should do for my history presentation?
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Just out of curiosity and for fun (yes, this is fun to me), how long do you think it would take to make a hand-written copy of a book? Assume that the book is a paperback with fairly small print and is close to 1,000 pages in the printed version.

I'm going to just time myself writing out one page (taking my time, since I realize each page will not be written at "optimum speed") and multiply it by the number of pages for a general idea, but I'm interested in your estimates.

Would you like to own a hand-written, hand-bound version of your favorite book with metal hinges and metal closures? I would think this would be particularly interesting to people that read historical fiction or fantasy, since it would be like an artifact from those time periods/realities.

ETA: The whole "would you like to own a hand-written blah blah blah..." was not in any way me sounding out a market for these books. I was just wondering if I was the only person that would cherish/enjoy a replica artifact from their favorite book/series/whatever. I am not planning on doing this for sale. The amount of time a project like this would take could not be realistically sold for an amount that would actually recoup my time and effort. I would only put in what would obviously be months, if not years, worth of work on something like this as a personal hobby and something I would keep.

ETA 2: Assume this was something you were just doing for yourself...A hobby that would take you years and that you were just doing as a hobby and to have something to keep.
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Are there any foods that you/your family ate when you were a kid that you thought were totally normal, but when you grew up it turned out everyone else in the world thought you were insane?

I think mine were either cheese and jam sandwiches (like Kraft singles cheese and jam) or peanut butter and lettuce sandwiches. They still don't seem all that weird to me, though I very rarely eat them anymore.

DK/DC: White or whole wheat?
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If you have siblings, do you say, "I love you" to them? What are your ages?

Are you a person who enjoys giving hugs? Do you ask before you hug someone, or do you just embrace when you feel compelled? How would you feel if you asked someone you knew well for a hug and they told you no?
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I've heard a lot of recommendations for ModCloth for cute dresses, but are their clothes well-made? Some of the prices make me balk, but I don't really know what a fair price for a dress is.

Do you like Junior Mints?
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Will you tell me about the last happy surprise you experienced? Big or little!

Brought to you by me going to the fridge to get some water a few mins ago and instead finding the gigantic piece of diner Red Velvet cake I brought home from dinner last night and had totally forgotten about. OM NOM NOM :)

frandz post!

Have we had a friending post lately? If so, please point me in its general direction so I can make my contributions there. If not, friend people up in hurr!!! :D

(This was more of a "I want to add certain people and keep forgetting/don't have the cajones to tell them/just wanted to let them know" friending post, but I guess it can be a general friending post, but I think people are doing that in ___ria's post lol)

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Can you complete this sentence? I'm hung _______

Like a moose
Like I was caught rustling cattle
. William Hung. And you are?
Over. Please stop shouting
Like mistletoe. Simply standing beneath me makes you want to kiss something

Can you complete this sentence? You eat me _____

Out and damn you're good
Out of house and home and it pisses me off. Why don't you buy the groceries sometime?
Lucky Charms and ye can't bother to close the box when yer done?
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What would you think of a tattoo that said "Made in _____" where the blank was filled in with that person's mom's first name.

Ex: Person's mom is Jane so it says "Made in Jane"

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 I looked at my FAFSA stuff.  My mom is swearing up and down that whenever she does my sister's FAFSA it shows her how much money my sister is eligible to receive.  There's nothing like that on mine and I'm not worried about that but this it was it's showing and my mom is teeling me this is estimated family contribution "EFC: 01437" idk what does this mean?  

roomie trouble

This last December I moved in with a friend. He was still 17 at the time so my name is the only one on the lease. Fast forward a couple months and I realize this isn't working out for me, because I am not there often (I stayed with the boyfriend, and now I am with my cousin until he comes back and we can get something) and when I am I can't sleep because they party all night. I invite my other friends, a couple, to take over my room and the lease. They actually moved in a couple months ago because they told me they were desperate to leave their current situation so I said alright. Fast forward another few months and they have taken over my room making me have to sleep in my roommates room when i am there and they have made next to no effort to apply for the lease. I send a message to each today saying if no one has turned in an application by this Friday the lease will be terminated. They are now upset of course because two of them don't have a job and just one will not qualify. One of the two without jobs is getting very close to getting one. I'm frustrated and stressed out because I am pretty much run out of my own home and left responsible for others and this is just should not my responsibility anymore. I dont even live there. I'm not trying to take care of other people.

So. The question is I need to go terminate it Friday right, no matter what excuses they come up with, and even if it does screw them over? OR should I try and wait for the one to get a job but then Id still have to wait a months so he can get two paychecks.

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Does anyone have the Samsung Captivate? Do you recommend it? 

Completely unrelated, I'm fairly certain I have decided against medical school and instead getting a Bachelor's in Biology and will probably go to grad school as well for a Masters. What sort of jobs am I able to get with a Masters in Biology besides a teaching job? 
If you work in a science-y field, how is it?
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 I have this image posted in my profile on a message board.

The other day someone commented on my profile with this, "The comic in your signature forgot to add the Hispanics that then climbed on both the Black and White people's backs, then jumped on a trampoline and reached an even higher plateau, leaving the Blacks and Whites dumbfounded."

What's a good response to that? 
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 When you watch a movie on Netflix instant watch, how many times do you pause your program?  
I'm watching Aliens right now and I've paused it about 20 times.  It's scary!

DK;DC: What are you craving right now?
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Completely personal, validate me question.

The volunteer coordinator that works for the shelter I volunteer with sent out a group-wide email requesting our most recent info/availability, standard fare.

I heard through the grape vine that there's a position that might be open as volunteer trainer. I'm interested in the position and think I'd be a good candidate. (well of course I do)

Should I ask about it in the email or just leave it alone, since I haven't officially heard anything/don't actually know any of the shelter people? What should I say?

Thanks, TQC!
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How did you meet your SO? If you don't currently have an SO, how did you meet your last one? If you've never had an SO, what kind of characteristics are you looking for in one? 

dc/dk: what's the last thing that made you feel good about yourself?
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Why did one of my supervisors have my coworker crank call me from work? (We work in market research) The guy and I are really close friends, but it was odd.

What was the oddest excuse you ever heard for missing work? Someone told my boss this week he was too drunk to call in. Can anyone top that?
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Assuming you got paid the same amount for the same type of job, would you rather work

a) out of the 40 hours a week only busy about 10 the rest is pretty slow
b) busy for 35 out of 40 hours with rare bits of downtime?

(no subject)

Whats got you down in the dumps today?

Im (selfishly I guess) a bit sad about the fact that I wont get a baby shower....Im not so much sad about it because Im not going to get gift, Im sad because it makes me realize how lonely I am...I have zero friends and only one grandma I associate with but shes in Florida.

dk/not sad: Do you like Hot n Spicy Cheezits?