May 8th, 2011

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What's the worst/funniest/craziest/useless mother's day present you ever gave/got?

My brother gave my mom an old soccer cleat with the following written on it:

To the my awesome Mom
All I could find was this shoe
But your the best effing Mom
I could have as a jew.

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I've just read 'We Need To Talk About Kevin'. For those who don't know, it's about a kid who goes on a shoooting spree just before his 16th birthday. One of the great questions in the book is whether Kevin was born evil, or whether his distant mother and forgiving father turned him that way.

So my question is... nature or nurture?

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Which would you rather deal with?

Losing your hands and having them replaced with gorilla hands (incredibly large)
Losing your left leg in an accident and having it replaced with the hind leg of a deer (backbending, hoof)

Which would you rather deal with?

Having a shark's dorsal fin
Having a rat's tail (proportionate to your height)

Which would you rather deal with?

Having your legs make grasshopper sounds when you're horny (looking for a mate)
Shooting a stinky spray out of your ass when you get nervous/scared like a skunk

Which would you rather deal with?

Only being able to drink by lapping up the liquid like a cat
Sniffing the butt of every new person you meet

Bank questions!

So I'm subletting my apartment to my friend and she wrote a postdated cheque to me for May 1st and I deposited it into the bank on April 30.  The amount for the cheque is not showing up on my online banking account.  It says that I deposited the cheque but the amount is not available for withdrawal.  I know banks sometimes hold cheques but it's been more than a week since I deposited it.  What should I do?  Should I go to bank and talk to someone?

Also, I ordered cheques like a week and a half ago and I have yet to be charged for them.  Is that normal?  Shouldn't they charge me for them at the time I ordered them? How long does it take cheques to arrive in the mail?

DK/DC:  Are you saving up for anything cool?
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I keep hearing noises in my house, and I'm like 99% sure it's my cats and dog, but it's still creeping me out. Do your pets get really active after you've gone to bed? 

Do you let your animals sleep in the bedroom with you? 

DK/DC/Don't have animals: I have a tetris problem. I have played a total of 13 hours of tetris in the past 2 days. What should I do about this? 
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TQC, I'm thinking about calling out in about..three hours; it is the earliest I can because my store opens then, and the latest I can for my shift at 9:30. Since working this job, I have been late a handful of times and called out (I believe) twice already. The majority of these were school related, and one other time was because I didn't get back into town from California until about 3 a.m. I feel rather awfully about this and don't want to 1. jeopardize my job or 2. make my managers extremely upset with me. I don't think I'll be fired, but still. I'd be calling out because I have finals next week and I just cannot study for an 11am exam Monday morning in my hardest class if I work from 9:30-7 tomorrow.

What would you do? Should I approach my manager when I work next weekend and apologize, hoping to offer an explanation and that my attendance should greatly improve over the course of the summer? I have honestly never had an issue with attendance before.

What's gotcha down?
What's gotcha feeling splendid?

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so we had a big party last night and there's like 30 leftover jello shots in my fridge.

think i can legally freecycle jello shots? they don't last long, and i'm not gonna hit em all myself today.

what are your favorite/least favorite things to find leftover after a party?

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Is there anything your parents let you do that you would never let your own kids (imaginary or what have you) do?
Is there anything your parents wouldn't let you do that as an adult, you still think wasn't a big deal?

-My parents let me go on a vacation with my boyfriend at 17...I'm not sure what they were thinking.
-My parents wouldn't let me go see Rancid with my cousin and I still wish I would have seen 'em. hah
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Would you feel upset if your girlfriend's ex got her mom a gift for mother's day? And you hadn't?

ETA: I suppose this requires some details, so I'll try to be brief. I was in a relationship with one guy, A, for about two years. He lived with me and my mom, during which time they became close. They work together now, and see each other about once a week. A and I didn't end it on terrible circumstances, but some mild drama went down between him and my current boyfriend, S, at the beginning of my new relationship. It's been about four months since I broke up with A and began dating S. Last night when S and I were at home, A dropped by to leave my mom some flowers for Mother's Day. S got his panties into a massive twist about this, saying stuff like that A is obviously only doing this to get close to me, and that he feels (somehow) disrespected by my mother for being okay with my ex and letting him come into our house so nonchalantly.
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TQC, on the irrational side, what do you feel like brings you luck and/or positive change in your life that are not giant decisions? 

I know it sounds cheesy, but I feel like the old phrase "what goes around comes around" is so true.
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If you had a movie about your life, who would play you and the last person you kissed?
I would be Sara Rue and they would be Kimya Dawson.

Would you ever just pack up and travel somewhere with the hopes of it becing awesome enough to stay permanently, but not knowing a single person in this new place?
I kinda want to do this with San Fransisco. Save up a buttload of money so I can go visit, see how I like it, try to find a job, and either have enough money to get a new place there or fly back and keep paying rent.

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I have no idea why I'm so addicted to Tumblr. I can sit on it for hours and hours, and sometimes I do.

Are you addicted to Tumblr?

Can we share our Tumblr's so I can have even more stuff to look at today? (Mine will be in the comments.)

DK/DC - What are you doing this evening? My girlfriend is gone for a week so I'm looking for things I can do. What movies would you recommend I watch? I like horror/action/drama/comedy/love stories (in that order).
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I have a day's worth of doing assignments ahead of me. I know it's one o'clock in the arvo already, but I'm waiting for the last loud stragglers to leave for the music festival before I start.

Should I drive over to the stores and get some munchies to keep me going through the day? (I've only got hazelnut latte sachets left in my room, unless i develop the taste for sea monkeys)

If yes, what type of munchies? I know I want to buy some more apples and some other fruit, but what else? Chippies, cookies etc? Any specific things?

DK/DC: What are you listening to at the moment?
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Today is Sunday, it is 1:30 AM. Your friend says 'I don't want to go to work tomorrow.' What do you think she means by 'tomorrow'?

Today (Sunday)

You are entering a contest, one of the rules is 'Entries are due by midnight on Monday, May 9.' What do you think 'midnight' means?

12:00 AM on Monday morning
11:59 PM on Monday night
12:00 AM on Tuesday morning

Your dad says 'I am going to the store to get a couple of things', what do you think he means by a 'couple'?

2 things
Any amount
A few things (more than 2 things)

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I'm going here
for dinner, and I think I'm going to get the duck. What wine would go with it? Wine list here. I like sweeter wines, I can't really drink red because I get migraines, and I like sparkling wine. I never eat at fancy places like this so I have no clue how stuff is supposed to be paired.

Dk/dc: what's for dinner tonight?

Edit: Stupid links not working! Here:

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What sort of laundry detergent do you use?

What do you use to get stains out?

Do you use dryer sheets?

Non-laundering related question: You only are allowed to have food from ONE restaurant for the rest of your life. What do you choose and why?

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Anyone play monster rancher?

I've played a lot and yet I just cannot bring myself to raise or care about Golems.

What's your favorite monster type to raise, from any generation?

Piroros and Pixies are cut, but I need something that will reliably kill shit. Tigers and Hares and Falcos forever.

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So, the local Lion's Den is hiring. For those who don't know, it's a shop that sells sex toys, porn videos, books, etc.

I'm going for it because there are no jobs around here. I'm 22, and I've been searching for 3 years for a job. If I get it, it'll be my first.

But what about future employers? Will they see "Lions Den" on my resume, assume I'm gross, and pass over me?
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If you had evidence of a family member/significant other committing a violent felony or if you saw them do it, would you go to the police?

If you said no, and the police questioned you, would you lie?

If you said you would lie, would you be willing to go to prison rather than tell the truth?

and before anyone asks, this is hypothetical.

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We have two cats and recently (2 months ago) added a third. New Kitty has been sporadically taking swipes at the others and attacking them. He backs off almost immediately and I really think it's a result of the fact that he was rescued from an abusive environment. 90% of the time he is a total sweetheart. When he lashes out it is pretty harmless to humans, but I worry about the kitties.

How would you deal with this situation?

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How much should I charge for summer childcare for one child? how about two?
If you have children how much would you be willing to pay?

Here is some background info:

I recently lost my job blah blah, but it's not a huge deal as I am going back to school full time plus practicum in September so I wouldn't be able to work anyway.

Currently I am babysitting for a friend of mine, just watching her kids after school. A few other moms at the school have asked if I would be willing to watch their kids during the summer. I am fine with this, but I don't know how much money I should ask for.

My friend does not really pay me enough to be honest, as she lives quite far and is constantly asking me to drive them places. Plus gas prices have gone up AND because I am driving kids around I had to change my insurance blah blah. She kind of takes advantage of me because she knows I'm easy to walk all over and I don't have another job so I'm usually free.

So now, these other parents are asking me how much I want, and I am not sure what to say. One suggested $40 a day, because she only has one child.. but minimum wage here is $10 and TBH I could get a nanny job/work at the daycare I worked at last year and make $15 an hour or more; I just like these children and know them all because I am always at the school/fieldtrips with the kids I look after and I know their parents trust me and know that their kids like me.

I am required to drive the kids to swimming and bike lessons, and be there from 8-5. What is a reasonable amount to ask for?! I always get people walk all over me, and I'd probably do it for free and then complain after because thats just how I am so I need help :( hahaa

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Have you had personal experiences involving a romantic relationship with a foreign person?
What is your ethnic background? Theirs?
How did that work out?

If those don't relate to you...
Where would you live if you could live anywhere in the continental U.S.?
Where do you live now?

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My friend and I are recording a video tonight. We’ve done a few in the past that have gotten positive responses and we have a good time doing it. Basically we get drunk and talk nonsense.

So you guys, what do you suggest we talk about in our video tonight? Preferably non-serious because we want to keep it pretty funny, but whatever you want.

Please give us topics to drunkenly ramble about?

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My nephew is graduating high school. Should I get him a gift with instant gratification which I know he'd crap his pants over, 2 floor seats to see Britney and Nicki Minaj or something boring but could possibly be awesome in the long term...buying stocks/bonds or just give him the cash. What would you want? (If Britney/Nicki Minaj isn't your thing...insert your favorite performer)

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Do you have any stories about rude kids?

Today, my cousin's 9 year-old kid had her first communion and there was this huge party. She acted like she owned the place and ordered everyone around. Then she proceeded to count all the money she got from people, over and over again, in front of guests in the living room. She called my mum cheap for not giving her as much money as someone else.
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TQCers of Salt Lake City!

I'm taking my vacation in a couple of weeks, and part of it will involve stopping in SLC to visit a friend for 1.5/2 days. However, said friend will be busy teaching during some of the visit, and I have no idea what to do with myself in the meanwhile. I pretty much enjoy everything, and I'm definitely game for nature-related things. Any suggestions?

DK/DC: What was the best vacation you ever took? Ones that involve sitting at home, sleeping, and eating ice cream while marathon-ing Star Trek: TNG are very acceptable.

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TQC! I have a rather funny question. The other day, I was in one of my friends' cars, and we pulled up next to a van. It was a business's van and had various martial arts disciplines listed on the back, like tae kwon do, karate, and others. They also had listed "WTF Gynastics." What could this possibly mean? Is there really such a thing as "what the f*ck gymnastics"? I MUST KNOW.
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At the age of 22, is it wrong to be in a relationship with someone if you don't think that you two have any ~long term potential~ (i.e. you don't see yourself marrying/settling down with that individual), but you guys otherwise have great fun/sex/love towards one another?

What are your favorite color(s) to paint your nails?
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Have you ever been hit on or hit on someone at the gym?

While I was in the ghetto, at my gym, there was this girl on the treadmill that I glanced at and she told me to fuck off for some reason. So I followed her out of the gym and through a water bottle at her. That's how I hit on chicks.

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Couple 1 have been thinking about getting married for a while. It would probably be low key, nothing fancy, just a nice wedding. They haven't really made any set plans etc.
Then Couple 2 announce they are getting married in September (Couple 2 includes a sibling of someone in Couple 1). It will probably be quite a big affair etc.

If Couple 1 went ahead and got married/made plans - would people think they were trying to overshadow Couple 2?

DK/DC - If you could have any tail, what tail would you have?

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Will you tell me about a humorous mistake you have made in the past?

I just took a shower and coated my hair in conditioner from one of those tiny hotel bottles... or so I thought, until I looked at the bottle and saw that it said "Body Lotion" on it. Oops