May 7th, 2011

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Do you ever wonder if failed contestants on 'love' reality shows like the Bachelor/Bachelorette/Love Games etc ever find each other on Facebook afterwards?

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Clowns are:

Terrifying, always
Scary if they're creepy but circus clowns are okay
Awesome, always
I don't give a damn about clowns
Or if you have other feelings on clowns, will you post them in the comments? 
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 A family member confided in me about bullying and emotional neglect they had to deal with from their parents, especially their father.
They've already taken steps to help themselves and they got a good group of friends to support them.  I'm the only family member they've tried to confide in that didn't turn against them.

I just want to know are there any good websites to help me support them?  

Like, just to help me not say the wrong things because I don't want to hurt them unintentionally.

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What was the last incredibly dumb thing you did? What were the consequences, if any?

I drank 48 ounces of iced coffee between 4:30pm and 5:45pm today because I got caught up in playing with our new Keurig coffee maker at work. I am now wide fucking awake and have to be up for work in 6 hours. :-(

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 does anyone know the name of the movie being advertised where they are going to Las Vegas for this girls bridal shower or something?  Her and a bunch of chicks and I know they like go to buy the dress and it's purple I think and like 600 bucks.  And they all get food poisoning at one point.

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While I was yard saleing today, I found something awesome. A rainbow brite dress from the 80s (actually several pieces from the 80s, but this one was especially awesome).

It clearly has been worn, but is immaculate as far as I can tell. Even has the dated tag on it.

How much do you think I could get for this?
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So I'm going to go study abroad for a year starting in August. Is it worth it? I mean, do you think it's a crazy idea to be gone for so long? I'm getting really nervous about it.

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For those of you who have kids: Have you ever wished you didn't have kids? In 11th grade my chemistry teacher told us every parents wishes they hadn't had kids sometimes, even though they love them and would never really give them up. Is this true?

I don't have kids: Do you think it's gross when someone talks on the phone while using the bathroom?

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is tumblr down for anyone else right now?

I'm concerned that I might have been hacked since I got followed by 5 of those mass hackers/spammers that are following everyone.

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When a job ad says the salary is "very competitive" without specifying an actual number, what range would you expect?

The job requires a college degree and 3-5 years of specific experience in the field, and is with a large-ish corporation in a large-ish city.

Identify This Movie?

Hey Tea Queue See,

I need help identifying a movie! 

1.  It was English, probably taking place in London.  I saw it on TV in the very early 1990s.

2.  There was a blonde hairdresser with a teenaged daughter.  The daughter was pregnant and unwed and had a rotten attitude.  She and her mother lived together.

3.  A dark-haired girl comes to the salon a lot to get her hair done.  She meets a gangly geek-type guy who wears glasses and he's like 7 feet tall and very skinny.  They start seeing each other, and in one scene they are having sex and she says her cervical cap has gotten turned upside down.  They're also using a condom (a "Durex") and she says something about the cervical cap is to prevent pregnancy and the Durex is to prevent AIDS (it's been years since I saw this movie, so my memory is vague now).

4.  They end up engaged and towards the end the blonde hairdresser is doing this girl's hair for her wedding, it looks like she's gotten a perm.  The gangly young man comes into the salon and the hairdresser says something like, Oh look at this lovely young man.  Come right in.  I want to take him home with me, I do.  (It's funny because this guy is so tall and gangly and such a geek).

5.  There's a scene where the hairdresser and her pregnant teenaged daughter are watching TV and talking about Marilyn Monroe being "quite overweight".

That's about all I remember about this movie, other than the hairdresser's daughter's being pregnant and having a very shitty attitude.  DOES ANYBODY KNOW WHAT MOVIE THIS IS?

I hope so, because it's driven me nuts for years, haha.
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Should I go home today or tomorrow for Mother's Day?
Going a day early would help me get more homework done. I'm less inclined to be a lazy bum in front of my parents because I don't want them to point out the fact that I'm a lazy bum. The homework is mostly busywork, so it's not important that I get it done this weekend.

If you're moved out, how often do you visit home? How far away is it?
A couple years ago I'd go home every 2-3 weeks, but now it's more like every 1-2 months. Home is only 45 minutes up the freeway.

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My mom has this beautiful picture of my grandma as her fb profile picture. My plan was to put this in a really pretty frame for her to keep in her room. I just went in our living room and we already have the picture (that version has my grandfather in it).

Would it be dumb to give her the framed picture of just her mom in a really pretty frame or is that pointless since she has it in the living room?


My cat puked IN my shoe last night. When was your last moment where you either couldn't believe your luck or just wanted to punch someone? hah
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Need cute?

What's a good site or store for cute day planners? All the cute ones I find are over $100 or not actually day planners (most are weekly planners). I like to schedule my day by writing what I'm doing per hour. It's the only way I get things done. But darnit, it must be cute!

Let's see some cute pictures of your pets doing weird/cute/goofy things.
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Will you post a picture/video of something that makes you smile or boosts your mood that someone else might think is silly or childish?
I think I re-tore an injury in my knee from November after a fall. What was the last thing you hurt on yourself?

DK/DC: It's about 80 today where I live. What should I wear just for hanging around the house?

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Does anyone know anything about hooking your computer up to your TV? I used the HDMI cable but the sound won't come through the TV, only through my laptop. I Googled it too. No luck.
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I've started reading The tomorrow series, by John Marsden, after watching the movie. Have you read them? What did you hate/love about them? (I don't mind spoilers so feel free to elaborate :D)

Dk/dc: what YA books would you recommend?

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I think it's weird that if you start a pandora station around a broadway musical, they assume you like Glee and Disney music.

Do you like musicals?

Do you like Glee?

Disney songs?

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I need halp, quick!

What kind of card do you get to give to the couple at a wedding shower (not just the bride - it's a couple's shower)? I'd assume that the cards that mention "weddings" would be reserved for ... the wedding, since apparently it's customary to give gifts at both the shower and the wedding.

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Oy, it's AP testing week(s). This past week was AP Spanish, Calc, Chem, English Literature, English Language, German....

did you take AP Tests when you were in high school? How did you do? Was it worth the $90?

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What would you wear to a bridal shower?
A wedding rehearsal dinner?

I'm seriously tired of buying dresses. Would it be bad iF I just wore jeans to some of these side events because I AM NOT MADE OF MONEY.

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Do you or anyone you know have a nickname that doesn't match up with the spelling of the name or doesn't match up with the name at all?

Catherine --> Kate
Catherine--> Tilly

My name is like this so I'm curious if anyone else's is, too!
Jimi Hendrix

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What was the name of the Bjork song in that video where she's naked and all these red vines are coming out of her nipples?

Question #2: Do you drive sometimes and think of a question to ask here and then don't remember what it was later when you had time to ask?

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Make a decision for me!
So the bf finally came online.
He says he's not particularly interested. And when I mentioned that having him at the party would be more enjoyable.
His response to that:
"Well, that was kind of the assumption, yes
As opposed to me showing up making things worse :p"

TQC, how should I respond to this?

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My mother in law just called, I did not answer.

What does she want?

Should I call back?

I have never talked to her on the phone and only once in person for like 5 minutes...Im awkward in these situations.


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My friend is getting married in a month and I bought a nice dress today that looks awesome, but the back is super low and if I wear a normal bra it will obviously show. I would go bra-less but I have D's and I'm not a bra-less sort of person. So ladies of TQC what would you recommend I do about it?

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What's the last funny thing to happen to you and your pet?

My dog was giving me kisses, but he was super pissed about it. So, in the middle of growling and baring his teeth, he's still voluntarily giving me kisses. LOL.

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Do any of you save your old wallets? Do you keep all of your receipts in them, too? I just found three wallets, dating back to 2004 with everything from ticket stubs to journal entries.

Do any of you scrapbook? What does your stuff look like? How do you get started?

I have boxes of all of my stuff that I've collected but I feel like scrapbooks are always so damn cool

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If you were ordering something on a Saturday night that had to be at your doorstep no later than Friday afternoon, would you:

Pick $19.00 shipping that will allow your package to arrive in 2-3 business days?
Or would you pick $24.00 shipping that will allow your package to arrive in 1-2 business days?
Or would you just pick standard shipping ($9.00) and hope like hell it makes it there by Friday?

Keep in mind there is processing time and usually nothing happens in that respect on Sunday.


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What should I watch on Netflix tonight?

Also, I want to start watching another TV series. I like shows like Firefly, Pushing Daisies, Dead Like Me, Reaper, Buffy, etc. Any suggestions?

*edit* Yes everyone, I do watch Doctor Who! :P
I love you

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My sister is getting married in October. She is the FURTHEST THING from a Bridezilla. She's almost TOO easygoing.
My other sister, on the other hand, is freaking out Bridezilla style. Yesterday I heard her and my mom arguing over how Em is changing too many things, won't decide on a theme, all kinds of mess.

If I tell my sister, it will hurt her feelings. If I don't, my other sister will continue to harbor resentment and eventually blow up at her and probably not talk to her for a year, like she did with out OTHER sister.

There is no diplomatic way to handle this. This is my baby sister, she's not a Bridezilla, I want her to have the wedding she wants. I want my other sister to chill the hell out, and leave her alone. I want everyone to still be on speaking terms.

What do I do, TQC? Do I tell my sister, even though it will hurt her feelings and probably make the other one angry?

I swear, my baby sister is the sweetest thing and I hate that they're acting like this.

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UPS question:
i had a delivery from amazon through UPS. i didn't realize they needed a signature for it so i didn't think twice about giving them my home address, instead of like my work address or something so i could sign for it. since no one was home when they delivered, they were supposed to leave one of those InfoNotice slips, right? it even said they did on the tracking. however, that slip is completely m.i.a. and none of my roommates mentioned anything. will they still let me reroute it without the slip?
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At what point after meeting someone do you find it acceptable to add someone on Facebook?

I slept with someone twice and kind of accidentally found their Facebook through a mutual event invitation - would adding them be creepy or okay?

If you seriously don't give a fuck, will you show me your pets?
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cars cars cars

2009 Nissan Versa SL Hatchback 30,000 km / 18,700 miles
-automatic (cvt)
-cruise control
-bluetooth handsfree/wheel mounted controls
-"upgraded audio package"
-all seasons and winter tires
-1 owner, purchased in my province
$13,000 [private sale]

2008 Nissan Versa SL Hatchback 19,000 km / 11,800 miles
-6speed (standard)
-cruise control
-opportunity to put in driver heated seat for $500 (i live in calgary, it's a ~necessary luxury)
-1 owner, leased in my province
-no issues from the carfax report
-already test-drove it; drives like a dream
$12,000 [dealership]

2007 Nissan Versa SL Hatchback 60,000 km / 37,200 miles
-6speed (standard)
$9,500 [dealership]

I am approved for a loan from my bank for any of these. Money is not really an issue but I am trying to save some money and/or get the best deal here. I am just graduating this month and do not yet have a job (but when I get a job I absolutely need a car since my shifts start at 7 am and live too far to take transit to any hospital in time). I don't have to start paying my $20k student burden back until next year around this time.

I also will negotiate so hopefully all of those prices will be lower, however, I've checked the Canadian version of the Kelley blue book and these asking prices are all within $1000 of the wholesale price except for the 2007 which is listed under the wholesale price.

tqc, which car would you buy? Which car do you think I should buy (if it's different than your preference).
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When you play video games, do you strive for 100% completion (sidequests, collectibles, other random fun things you can do) or are you content to just play the main story and finish that?

What's the last video game you started playing and didn't finish?
Oh hay thar


I have decided to go to university. Can anyone reassure me that graduating university at 32 won't be awkward as all hell?

How much debt did you graduate with? I will just finish paying off my previous school loans when I pick up more.

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I like letting my hair air dry because it has pretty natural waves, but it's a frizzy and poofy. What's a good product/technique to help reduce frizzyness and/or poofyness? Also (sorry if this is poorly worded), the bottom layers wave really nicely, but the top is straighter. Is there something I can do to help it wave better or should I just try using a curling iron or something? I'm dumb when it comes to anything but straightening my hair.

DK/DC: What are your parents' hobbies?
My dad has an epic model train room. He's building his own landscape and every time I visit home he's added something new. My mom like to paint and garden. She went paint crazy last year and painted the entire house, haha.

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If you were seriously dating someone and you hadn't said "I love you" yet, or you didn't really feel like you were in love yet, how long would you continue the relationship until you decided that you probably won't end up feeling that way?

This is horrible wording. Sorry.


 Did any ex-smokers find they got insane cravings like a good long time after quitting?

I quit 5 months ago and the last 2 weeks I have been craving cigarettes like CRAZY!. I just don't understand why the cravings have come back all of a sudden.

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Do you think that birth order matters over the long term?
Do you think that changing birth order via adoption (such as you have a 2yo and adopt a 5yo making the first born a younger child) will make a difference, will hurt a family?

Do you have any reason for thinking so? Anecdotal evidence, studies, did you live it?

Hubby and I are looking at adopting within the next year or two and keep hearing that we have to wait until our toddler monster is older or we'll damage her little psyche, and this doesn't make any sense to me. ETA I mean adopt a child in the 4-7 age range, rather than an infant, in case that isn't obvious...
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I found a bunch of German dubbed Golden Girls episodes on YouTube. I've watched the Golden Girls so much I have the dialogue memorized, and have long wanted to learn German.

Is this an effective way to learn a language?

Tell me about the languages you speak, or want to.
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Does this read ok?

In addition to drastically altering Thailand’s politics and economy, sex tourism has forever changed Thai society.

sorry for asking essay questions here all the time :/

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What do you consider a petty reason to break up with someone?

inspired by my friend who wants to break up with her boyfriend of over a year because of "his lack of intelligence and simpleness" and how she feels mentally unstimulated.
How would you advise her? (idk what to say)

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So, my daughter's father has a girlfriend. They've been dating for four months, which means I was 7 months pregnant when they got together, and she knew about me. The girlfriend hates me and doesn't like that we spend time together and is now trying to convince him to not babysit the nights I work because I won't allow my child to go to his girlfriend's house. (I work two nights a week to about 1 am. We cannot get a babysitter for these times without paying at least triple what I pay a week for childcare)

On a scale of one to ten, how angry would you be? Am I right to be angry? Why is this is so stressful?

If this doesn't make any sense, I apologize.

ETA- I really should have mentioned this sooner, but I'm taking finals online right now and am tired and stressed about a million other things so it slipped my mind. Today he mentioned having me talk to her about it. What would you say to her if you were me?

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Are there any body lotions out there that help to thin out body hair (especially on the legs)? I remember seeing a commercial for one once but I either forgot/made up the whole thing in my brain.