May 6th, 2011

Muh Life.
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Am I the only one who doesn't like this Adele person?

Is there someone famous that bothers you even though they probably shouldn't? (Snooki should bother you, FYI)

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TQC I got the sad news that my pet rabbit was attacked by a fox and sadly died. I'm coping okay after a good cry, but my mum isn't at all, since she let him out of the cage and I think she feels guilty.

How have you dealt with the death of pets? Do you have any good coping tips?
Also, share photos of pets past and present. Let's have some cute as well as sad?

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what's yr take on..

I've got movers coming to pick stuff up tomorrow for a cross-country move. Thereby, the people who pick up my stuff will not be the same people who drop it off.

How much would you tip in this situation? Also, would you tip both groups of people, or just at the end when you receive all your stuff?

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Is there a free PDF creator I can use? I've been directed to but it seems like they want a $9.99/month deal before I can make anything.

How do you like your (chicken) eggs?

What is the difference between Marmite and Vegemite?

You have a tortilla. How do you choose to incorporate it into your meal?
Rocky Horror Batman Show

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 I'm at work right now and a little while ago this drunk guy showed up and he was all nice and joking with me but after a while he started flirting and then asked for 'turn down service' NO THANK YOU

Have you ever been propositioned at work before?
mind prison
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Why does school want to suck every cent out of my pocket the same time that my job wants to give me no hours?

What, if anything, is screwing you financially right now?

DKDC - What time is it where you are?

It's almost 4am here and I have to be up by 8:30 or so, but I can't sleep. And by can't sleep I mean I'm stressing too much about being broke to sleep.
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What's another way to say "serve to explain" and "explain?"

Here is the sentence I'm trying to write: The history of prostitution in Thailand, its impact on the Thai economy, and the corruption of the government all serve to explain why Thailand’s sex industry underwent such rapid growth in the last few decades.

I feel like I worded that awkwardly.

Or do you think it's ok the way it is?
Patrick Wolf - The Magic Position

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Provided i'm not dead tired, i'm going to be stopping here for some ice cream today. Which sundae should i get? The options are The Franklin Mint, Homemade Hot Fudge, Peach Melba Parfait (leaning towards this one myself), Broken Hearts, and Coney Island.

Or should i just get peach and coconut ice creams (my two favorite flavors)?

dk/dc/don't like ice cream - Will you describe the most delicious desert you've had?
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dear the question club,

what do you do when you have a major philosophical disagreement with someone?

what about when that person is your friend?

what if that person is your boss?

what if it's your partner?

what if it's your kid?

what if it's your pet?
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Would you rather change your past or know your future?

ETA: I totally thought I had posted this question as well.

Are you having a dating dilemma at the moment? Tell Dr. TQC♥ all about it, let us help you figure it out.

Fairy Tale Questions

In the beginning of Disney's Cinderella they say her dad died of a untimely death,so do you think that means the step mom killed him?

if you could live in any fairy tale story,which one would you pick?

What is your favorite classic fairy tale?
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validate me, tqc

I have a bad case of strep and a 12-15 page term paper due at noon it's 10 now. I've been working on it for a few days (we had a week in between getting the OK to do it and the due date, so I haven't had the chance before) and I simply don't have enough political knowledge to do the paper.

What is the minimum number of pages that I can turn in and get a C? Give it your best guess if you genuinely don't know, I just want to feel better :P

Also, anyone have tips for getting over strep?
Old Fashioned
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Who would you address a cover letter to, if the job description doesn't specify a name but DOES specify that they don't want you calling about the job? 'To Whom it May Concern' sounds like 'I didn't even try and I don't care'. :S

Is anyone else in the midst of an unsuccessful (so far) job hunt right now? Misery loves company!

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TQC, one of my friends and I are thinking of introducing one of our mutual friends to the wonderful world of beer tonight. There's a complication here of the mutual friend having a pretty big social anxiety related to drinking, so we're planning on doing it in a quiet, private atmosphere (in his apartment, probably while watching something lighthearted). What beers should we get for him to try? We were throwing around ideas like Pete's Strawberry Blonde, Abita Purple Haze and Lagunitas' Little Sumpin'. Something flavored to not taste like beer, probably fruity, not too dark, and low alcohol content. What've you got?
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Do any of you fall asleep in inappropriate places if you're not physically doing something? If so, what do you do to stay awake when you should be sitting?

If I'm in class or a work meeting, I'll start dozing off after 20 minutes, then be asleep in an hour. It doesn't matter how insanely interesting the class is (and they generally are!). I need to physically do something, like pace or write, in order to stay awake. My fidgeting tends to bother nearby people and doesn't help much.

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Do you have any interesting, unique fund raiser ideas? We're building a park/playground for the local kids.

Road races, car washes, and bake sales are so played out, but might be attempted nonetheless.

I know some people who might help with a stand-up comedy show, and I really liked the Cow Plop Bingo my hometown did once but this is an urban area so it might be hard to implement (particularly BEFORE the park is built--we'll have the space after!).

Have you tried anything a bit ~different~ (but legal) that worked?

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I have friend who I care very deeply for that is going through something very horrible(I am experiencing the same issue) and he is going down or wants to go down a very self destructive path, or at least wants to tonight. I am seeing him earlier before he goes out and he is very possibly crashing at our place tonight. I cannot tell he cannot go out or anything like that and he is somewhat resistant to people looking after him but I am still worried about him...

What should I do?
How can I make myself not worried about him?

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So I took your unanimous advice (which I think was a first for TQC) and met Betty White last night!!!!

What was the last cool thing YOU did?

My friend loves Glee and Buffy. She lives outside of NYC, going to school for special ed and is not into reading or artsy stuff. Any suggestions for a bitchin' birthday gift for her? (I know we all hate these questions but we are SO different that my brain can't even figure anything aside from a gift card and candy out)
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Have you tried the Jack Daniels that's blended with honey liqueur?

Any idea what I can mix it with?  

I have no idea what will taste good with whiskey and honey. I normally drink Coke, but Coke and honey sounds nasty. 

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You're sitting at a bar, alone, when a really skinny guy (think Andy Dick's physique) sits down next to you. He's a smug, shades-indoors-wearing hipster. What would be the WORST thing he could say to you?

"Pardon me, but I have to tell you that you have gum in your hair"
*looks down* "Well, it's not going to blow itself now, is it?"
"You look really familiar...OMG, are you Pat from Season 5 of the Biggest Loser??"
Pulls out a small guitar and starts to serenade you loudly with the song "500 miles". It draws a LOT of attention. The whole bar's looking
"Hello. got the courage to talk to you. I'm Roberto a-a-and I've been in love with you for 4 years now. Loving you from afar...until now"

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TQC. I used a hair lightener (a low % bleach) to lift the brown out of my hair, intending to use two (+dye and toner) to get a dark blonde. However, after one, it has given me this amazing bright orange. My hair is in the same condition as before, the colour is even, except for some blonde tips where my hair was already lighter.

Should I keep this? Or should I proceed with blonding?

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Have you ever heard of a job requiring you not to use social networking sites (particularly Facebook)? I just read in an application that "use of social networking (Facebook, Twitter, etc) is highly discouraged and may be prohibited depending on position"
Jesus on a pogo stick

Is it the unicorn?

Hey guys,

I'm trying to make myself feel better (or make myself feel less sucky, at least), and this video never fails to make me laugh.

Why do you think this is?

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What videos always get a giggle out of you?

DK/DC/Laughter is overrated: What's bugging you right now?
L&O - Huang thinking
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When is the last time you used LJ's private message system?
Do you ever send people on your friendslist messages when they make posts and disable comments?

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I'm trying to figure out what movie this is.

my mother was telling me about it. Some details
  • it's black and white
  • old (30s/40s/50s somewhere in that time frame she's not sure)
  • a guy lives in a small house. he's a workin man. gets married, his father dies and something gets buried with his father. The man goes back to get it. he digs up the grave and opens the coffin and got what was left and went back home. When he sees his wife she starts screaming and runs away. Later you find out his face is stuck in this ghastly smile. he wears a mask that covers from the eyes down. He gets remarried. he somehow starts living in a mansion. eventually he gets a guy to fix his face. The guy is leaving when one of the main dude's servents comes running after him saying the main dude can't open his mouth. The guy who fixed him says "yeah he can it's in his mind just tell him this" so the servant goes back in the house but he tells the main dude he couldn't catch the fixer guy. and the movie ends.
any ideas?  I've also posted to whatwasthatone 

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When you started out on your own, in college, outof college, first apartment, whatever

How many cups plates bowls utensils etc did you have or gather within your first year?

I've got some plates, they're colorful and plastic and I really only use them when I've got pancakes or waffles. I've got one green dinner plate, that can be microwaved and I use that to heat up delicious leftovers, if there are any... but mostly I rock it with my tubberware. I eat out of it, heat things up in it. I've got two bowls, three forks and one knife and I buy plastic spoons seeing as I can locate my real ones.

D: I don't own any pots or pans but my roommate does

And I only have "plastic" glasses (tumblers?)

Kitchen things can be oddly expensive, even the cheap stuff can add up.

Did you buy your kitchen things all at once or collect over time?

Do your kitchen things match and does it matter to you?

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I went to see Thor today and sat through the credits to get to the easter egg at the end. In the credits, right there between all the key grips and the costume designers was a line labeled as 'mob bosses' with three names.

What the hell is a mob boss when in the context of movie credits?
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Your SO tells you he's decided, after changing his mind 10 times on a future career, that he wants to be a cop.

What's your reaction?

I'm....less than thrilled. I live in Baltimore, if that's any indication of my discontent with this situation. Technically he wants to be a homicide detective, but has to start out as a cop.

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TQC, will you tell me about a time or two that you've had a laugh at someone else's expense?

Inspired by this hilarious basketball game I'm watching. My bf is the referree and I'm sitting in the bleachers with the moms and cannot stop laughing at their teenage sons and their ridiculous attempt to play ball. Am I gonna get my ass kicked by bball moms? Haha
she blinded me with science!

Mothers' Day srs q

Are you adopted? Have you given up a child for adoption? What do you think of this?

Edit - TL;DR version: birth mothers should have more legal rights, and people should be more educated about modern adoption arrangements, and people who believe in reproductive rights should support this.

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My boyfriend is in Las Vegas celebrating an all-weekend bachelor party for his sister's fiance. What are the odds he's getting a lap dance right now? Should I spray him down with Lysol when he gets home or what?

Is a lap dance cheating?

Bug-eyed Earl

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Do you ever wake up earlier than intended, and stay in bed for a while even though you're not really sleeping and this makes you feel awful? I did that today and I had a migraine for hours and just generally felt crappy and this sometimes happens when I don't get out of bed when I first wake up.

I bought Diet Coke and it has a yellow cap with Hebrew on it. Any idea why? Something to do with Passover? Is Diet Coke kosher?

Long shot

My boyfriend tofay sported a t-shirt with a pig, witha bow on its tail, climbing up a metallic palm tree coming out of a manhole. With paint dripping off everything. It is from a Japanese shop. Is this some cultural reference I'm not getting, or are they just crazy? I would post a picture but, oddly enough, typing that description into google doesn't yield many results...

If you don't know, then do you liek sparkling wine? What is your favourite type of wine?