May 5th, 2011

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So apparently a guy I worked with briefly finally got indicted by a federal grand jury yesterday after he stole over $165,000 from our store. He was caught in February of 2010.

What took them so long?

How long until he goes to jail/how long will he spend in jail? I guess he might be in jail now; I don't know.

I don't get how he only took that much over three years. If you were going to steal from a giant company, wouldn't you steal enough to really get away and disappear forever?

I guess the only good thing is that they found the giant hole in our system and now it would be impossible to do this shit, but seriously.

Also, I am pretty sure this guy won Employee of the Month at some point.

Have you ever had any coworkers commit a crime?

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 Dear TQC, 

What was the last thing that made you mentally (or literally) face palm? 

The radio station I was listening to started discussing how 'sexist' Beyonce's latest song is because GIRL'S DON'T RUN THE WORLD, THE MEN DO. One of the male callers also enlightened me to the fact that, "Women can't run the world from the kitchen." 

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Have you ever been fired?

Since I've never held a job because of this terrible economy and I live far away from any cities, I'll have to share my mom's story.

She was 17 and working at KFC. She told her boss to "go fuck himself" for a reason she wouldn't tell me. Then a few days later her boss was arrested for threatening an employee with a gun.

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I asked off for 4 days from work next week so my family and I could take a trip to Olrando. My family has just decided to cancel the trip and I'm now I'm left with a bunch of time I don't need off next week (getting back the hours isn't an option). What should I do with my time off?
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One of my friends and her family moved to Germany in May of 2008. In July of 2009, my friend moved back here and lived with me and my mom until January of '10, when she moved back to Germany with her family. When she left here the second time, she left a *good bit* of her things here, without ever making any arrangements for them to be shipped to her or really telling me what she wanted me to do with them. Specifically she never mentioned she was going to be needing any of it back.

Fast-forward, my friend (who I've fallen all but out of touch with) and her family are moving back to the US. Friend sent me a facebook message with some details, and lets me know that her dad is "flipping out about his stereo," and could I please find it for her because he would "probably cry" if he didn't get it back.

I sold that stereo about a month ago for like $100. She won't take this well. Do you guys think I should tell her, or just let her think I lost it when my mom and I moved houses? I'm really bad at this kind of thing.

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Have you or anyone you know ever suffered from an somatoform disorder - illness with physical symptoms, but which was said to be caused by the mind?

Will you share? I am annoyed with tv shows that seem to think distracting someone temporarily will make the symptoms disappear, or making them logically acknowledge that the pain isn't there will make it go away, and I'm prettty sure it doesn't work like that.

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I kicked one of my dog's bones and jammed the crap out of my 2nd toe. It hurts like a mofo and of course the dogs are all over my feet today. Have you ever jammed a toe before? How long did it take to stop hurting so much?

ETA: a bone as in something she chews on. It's a beef shin.

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If someone got a hold of your cell phone right now, what embarrassing thing(s) would you be afraid this someone might see?*

What about in your bedroom?

*question based on a friend losing her cellphone that had some naked pictures of her.

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Does anyone remember/know the name of this video?

I BELIEVE it was an artist's final animation thesis for school. It had some sort of animal struggling to the top of a steep cliff, before jumping off to what the viewer presumes is his death. I don't think the animal was capable of flight, so the meaning was that he was willing to die just for the sensation of flying.

halp please. ive seen some amazing final animations the last few days, and want to find that one.

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What's a word or phrase you say a lot? Do you realize you do it or did someone point it out to you? Why do you think you say/use it so much?

I start most of my thoughts with "Can I just say that _______." My boss at work starts sentences like that, so I picked it up from her.

Also, once I was in a class with a guy who kept saying "affirmative" and "negative" to answer yes or no and it's because he worked as a customer service computer help phone guy and it's how he was instructed to answer yes or no questions so there'd be less confusion.

Edit: What about online? Any time I want to add a new thought I just put "also" and then say whatever I want to say. The above paragraph, for example.
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Inspired by this.

For those of you that have gotten married, did you write your own vows?

For those of you that are not married but wish to be married in the future, will you write your own vows?

Would you ever get a tattoo of your wedding vows? (maybe just a line?)
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If you're in a relationship right now (and you aren't engaged or married) and your SO was to ask you to marry them.. TODAY! what would you say? If you answered no, why not?

What shoes are you wearing today?

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When was the last time you noticed a food that was made/packaged by faulty machinery? (I can't find the proper wording for this question, like at all)

I just bit into a combination pizza roll and all that was in it was the seasoning they use, and a shitton of it D:

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Do you have too much pride to beg?

Would you think it wrong to ask for money from strangers for...

delicious fast food?

How many of you are currently hungry and plan on asking the rest of TQC what you should eat today?
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tech question

Is there any way to rotate a video? I took it using an old Sony Cyber-shot & I'm using a mac.


haha nevermind, I figured it out!

New question: do you like classical music?
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does anybody know where I can find a mockingjay necklace where there is a payment option other than paypal? I tried to use paypal, but my account never worked so the seller/website MUST accept credit/debit cards. Thanks in advance, I have googled for a few days but everything I've found so far is paypal only.

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What are some stupid company policies you've come across?

Based on me calling Comcast to cancel my $20 TV service, because I barely ever watch it to be told my internet will go up $20 if I don't have it bundled with the cable service.
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What should I make for dinner: chili ramen with stir-fry veggies and an egg, or microwave burritos with sriracha?

I am broke and looking for a summer job, though unsuccessfully. How can I make the moneys? Srs/non-srs/whatevs

I graduate from undergrad in exactly one year. Yup, I graduate on Cinco de Mayo. How should I celebrate this? I have a year to prepare, so think big!

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Are there any bands you've discovered because of TV shows or advertisements?

I discovered PSAPP (they did the theme song for Grey's Anatomy) and The Prototypes (they were in a Mitsubishi commercial).

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Do you feel like you "belong" where you live? Have you ever felt a place "call" to you?
If you could live anywhere (realistically) where would it be?

Random: anyone here from Florida? Do you like it?

Oh crap...

I went to a salon today to get my har dyed red, I had previously asked the hairdresser whether she could give me the color I wanted and whether it would come out patchy because of my regrowth. She said yes she could give me the color and that it shouldn't be two-tone.

I now have hair that looks almost exactly like when I went in, except for really red roots, it was quite expensive and I could have gotten the same result from a box-dye, but I had thought that a salon would be a better bet for a dramatic change. I don't know what to do about this, should I go to the hairdresser and tell her politely that I don't like my hair? What can I do about this?

Tl;dr: My hair got screwed up at the salon, what can I do??

DK/DC: have you ever had a bad salon experience?
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I'm having a mentally and emotionally rough day, TQC. How do you quit thinking the worst about things?

Quasi-related follow-up question: Should I have ice cream or a piece of cherry pie for dessert?

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1) What do you think of this news story?
2) How old were your parents when you were born?
3) I need ideas for entertaining a baby goat. Her mother rejected her, she's 5 days old, and is being bottlefed. She lives in the house, and screams all the freaking time. She's kept in a big dog carrier. Whenever I let her out she runs under peoples' feet so I keep her locked in unless I'm feeding her, and sometimes I let her run around in the grass while I sit on the deck. She's driving me crazy with her crying. She's only quiet when she eats. All baby goats who are rejected cry for their moms a little bit, but she won't stop.
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Can anyone give any suggestions on how to rebuild self-esteem/get rid of insecurities after a long abusive relationship?

Edit Nevermind, I guess, sorry if this wasn't appropriate for this community.
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Website Help

I am looking for a recommendation for the best way to set up a simple website.  I'm an SLP (speech therapist), and I have a full-time job.  However, I'd like to pick up a handful of private clients that meet a different profile than those folks I work with on a day-to-day basis.  I'm reasonably computer savvy, but I don't know how to code or to do HTML (beyond bold and italics in blogspot sort of thing), and I'm not interested in trying to find a way to host a website myself.

What I'm looking for is a simple way to create a clean, professional looking website that holds basic information: biography, services, fees, resources, etc.  It doesn't need to be interactive, and while I'd like to upload a couple of images, I don't need video or anything either.  Additionally, I own a domain name that I'd like to use ( 

Do any of you have recommendations?  I googled, but the results were overwhelming, and I was having difficulty sorting out which was the best way to go.  I know many of you are very tech-savvy, and I thought you might have good ideas.

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When was the last time you wanted to strangle a character in a book/movie/tv show/ect? What character?

I'm watching Life on Mars and the main character is such an idiot. He probably should have been fired so long ago for his random outbursts of "I'm from the future!!1!!", considering he's a cop.
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Can I re-send a letter if the stamp doesn't have the postmark on it?

I sent a birthday card to my friend, but she's such an airhead. She forgot to tell me the apartment number, so I got it back today. It says "not deliverable [something unreadable] but there's no mark on the stamp.

Could I just cross out the undeliverable part?

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My friend is trying to convince me that she can buy two weeks worth of food for ten dollars. She's having some finance job troubles, blah blah, anyway she's kind of broke right now.

I don't know if that's possible, I mean, even at the wal-mart over here a good thing of rice is three dollars (I think that's like a pound) and she could buy a bunch of the dollar pasta...

But what about sauce? D:

I don't know. If she can do it, more power to her.

TQC, can you buy two weeks worth of food (any food) for under ten dollars?

Beans and rice? Will it last for two weeks?

I feel like being, "YOU'RE ON!" to her, but I think I'll just save her the trouble and force her to come over for a meal until she gets her stuff together. D: I just don't think she can do it because I forsee her going to the store and just committing foolery.

Don't know? Don't care?

What is the most ~exotic~ flavor of Starburst you've ever had? What's your favorite Starburst flavor (if you like them)

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Could anyone explain to me what's so great about the movie known as The Hangover? I fail to see what's so funny about a group of guys drinking so much that they wake up the next morning with no memory of the night before only to realize they were being total idiots, and I fail to see what makes that good enough to have a fuckin' SEQUEL.

DK/DC: What's the most overrated movie you've ever seen?
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my dog has a cold and he has quite a bit of congestion. i'm taking him to the vet first thing tomorrow morning, but is there anything that i can give him in the meantime to reduce his hacking? :(