May 4th, 2011

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I've ended up doing the entirety of the group project that is required as a "major grade" for my English course and my group members won't even e-mail me back with their meager portion of an essay that I absolutely have no power to fabricate on my own. Is it a dick move to inform my professor of this?

Do you enjoy logical proofs? How is your week before finals or approaching week before finals or finals week going?

For everyone else: how's life?

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i'm from michigan/ohio and in three weeks i'll be going on vacation to myrtle beach! i'm very pale and we'll be in the sun all day for a week. how do i best prepare myself/my skin for this? i think i'm supposed to go tanning a little bit before we go so that i won't get as burnt? for the record, i'm one of those people who BURN and if i'm lucky, it'll maybe turn into a tan. i always wear sunscreen.

if i am supposed to go tanning, will you give me some advice? i've only ever gone once before, like, 5 years ago and i don't remember anything that i'm supposed to do (outside of wearing those goggles and making sure to wipe all your sweat off the bed before you leave the room).

also, i bought a bathing suit top with the hopes that i'd find a perfect pair of bottoms to go with it. i'm not very fashionable, so i'm not sure what i should be looking for. the bathing suit top i have is a teal colored triangle top with big white flowers and i'm hoping to find a pair of boy short bottoms to match. should the bottoms be teal, or is this the kind of thing that doesn't really matter? i'd like this pair of bottoms to be: comfortable, inexpensive and looking like it's supposed to go with the top. am i worrying more about this than i should be?

don't know/don't care: do you put green peppers in your chili?
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I know there are apps and physical garmin/magellen/onstar systems avaliable, but I have a friend who does not know how to operate either (and is in no hurry to learn). I was told there was some sort of system that you could call and get turn-by-turn directions on your phone.

Am I crazy or is this real?
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On a scale of 1 - 10, 10 being ARGH MY ORGANS ARE MELTING, How difficult would it be for you to go two days and nights without meat and dairy? Your food would be provided and cooked by a good cook.

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Will you tell us about some dreams you've had that have made you lol?

I dreamt last night that Rebecca Black won a Grammy for "Friday." I should probably get off the itnernet internet forever, right?
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What was your last relationship like that validated your dealbreakers?

(also meaning you may not have been aware of your dealbreakers before but this relationship added them to/started your list)

My last [short lived 2.5 month] relationship made me see I can't date boys who cry more than I do, who weren't aware they had smegma problems, sweat just by sitting there and were borderline creepy with compliments and affection.

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I want to hear funny pet stories!

What is something funny that your pet has done or routinely does? 

Can you post a picture of your pet for visual? 

Scout loves to play hide and seek. He will peek around corners and just stare at us until we notice he wants to play.

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Sorry if this has already been asked or if you are just sick of the subject, but there has been a bit of debate going on and I want your opinions.

Should the US government release photos of OBL's corpse as proof that he is in fact dead or not?   Why? 

Keep in  mind that they do have DNA that they say is a perfect match.   Do you think that is acceptable as proof? 

DK/DC:  What food, if any are you allergic to?  

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If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?

I would pay off student loans, buy a house and give money to family that needs it.
(with lots of shopping to buy things I don't need in between, of course)
Celebrities: Adriana Lima (for Jeff)

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According to an article in the Wall Street Journal today, the average woman cries 5.3 times a month, while the average man cries 1.4 times a month.

Ladies, do you cry more or less than the average woman? How often do you cry a month, on average?

Gents, do you cry more or less than the average man? How often do you cry a month, on average?

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I love coffee and crave it every morning.

Problem: It's an expensive habit to buy it daily. Even if I did buy a coffee machine, I don't have time to brew in the morning before work.

What can be done here?!
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I want to immigrate to Europe, but right now just want to get a reason to be in Europe for a few years. What are some things I could do? Especially if immigration is my end goal (lofty but I may as well try)?

More details: I've considered teaching English, but I don't know too much about my options. I know about TEFL but I don't know exactly how it works. I've also considered going to grad school in Europe, but don't know exactly where, and I would like to save up some money (working for a few years) before doing that so I don't have to take out too many loans. I speak English and French and some Italian. In terms of actually expatriating, I don't know how to go about it since it's so difficult. Marriage has definitely crossed my mind, and while I wouldn't use it as a goal, I certainly wouldn't be opposed to meeting someone while studying/teaching abroad. I'm pretty smart and have a degree in architecture, but I wouldn't say my skills are good enough that I'd be able to get a visa that way. I've also considered getting a job with a large US-based firm with offices abroad and trying to get transferred.

Tips? Successful immigration stories? I don't really care where in Europe, I just want my EU citizenship. Prefer Finland, Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, The Netherlands, Switzerland or maybe the UK.

ETA: I'm American.
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Who was the last person that made you roll your eyes?

My co-worker and I went to Popeyes for lunch and there was this guy waiting in line who bitched and complained about someone else getting their fries before he got his chicken. Then he takes the chicken and sits down only to return like .5 seconds after demanding a refund. I was waiting for him to start making a scene so that I could tell him to stfu!

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Do you know any other languages? Which was it? Was it difficult? How long did it take? What was the most efficient way to learn it?

I am trying to learn Japanese but it is very difficult to do by myself.
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What is the best source to find articles on Asia's "cultural districts/centers"? And also they key characteristics that make them successful? Success of their new urban planning? JSTOR and google-scholar are failing me.

I know SOMEONE has written at least one article on the topic. And I am wracking my brain how to find it.

(Have also searched FT, WSJ, AT, and China Daily.)

Help think outside the box!
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 How would you react if your boyfriend was choking you in his sleep?

This has happened to a friend of mine a handful of times, sometimes 2-3 times in one night. She doesn't seem too bothered by it, but I feel like I'd be creeped out.

DK/DC/What the fuck are you talking about: Have you ever done anything weird in your sleep?

sexy sex.

Do you think there is a time limit for saying "I love you" in a relationship? Either for both people, or if one person says it but accepts the other isn't there yet, do you think there is a point where it would be a bit weird to have been together for ages and not to have said it? When?

Also, wanna tell me about when you lost your virginity? I know it's a pretty common question but I want to know.
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For those of you that are in charge of the Twitter/Facebook for your place of employment.

How often do you make posts?

What are your posts usually about?

Do you add/follow just about anyone?

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This is probably a dumb question, but I've lived at home all my life so I am not familiar with renting procedures or apartments or anything.

I am looking at an apartment this Friday at 3 pm. Assuming everything is to my liking, will I be offered the apartment right afterward? Will I more than likely be the only one looking at it? I don't want to like, have to compete with other people for it. :\ lol

To have the apartment in my name, I need to pay a double deposit, plus the first month's rent and the first month's pet deposit. That will be a total of $1040. Are there any other little fees I need to consider? Will they charge me a rental application fee even if I haven't filled out an app? Will I have to fill out an app? 

Any other details you would like to give me about apartments would be wonderful.
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Anyone have good "horrible realization" stories? Preferably comedic ones.

A few years ago I saw a youtube video about cordyceps fungi. They're the ones that infect insects and take over their brain, making them climb to a high point and die, after which the fungus can distribute spores. Recent articles about cordyceps fungi tend to say they turn the insects into "zombies". Kinda interesting, if a bit horrifying.

So when I first learned about cordyceps, I looked up different bugs that have been infected by it and found a picture and a wiki page that came with it:

I HAVE EATEN THESE THINGS. When I was a kid, my grandmother used to make me soups that were supposed to be really healthy, and these were a prime ingredient in one. I liked them. They were crunchy. She told me it was a fungus like a mushroom, even though it looked like a caterpillar. We called them "chong" anyway (a Chinese word meaning "bug" or "worm.")

I guess she was telling the truth. I'm not really grossed out by it really, but it weirded me out a lot to realize that I basically ate a ton of zombified larva when I was a kid.

DK/DC: What's your current favorite snack food? I've recently discovered a biltong shop in town and oh my god chili chutney biltong, stuff is delicious!
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Do any of you guys have memberships to gyms? What is important to you when looking for a gym membership? Proximity to work/home? Personal trainers? Certain facilities? Classes? 

Tell me more about your fitness! 
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(Inspired by this post)

For those who enjoy hiking or camping:
Are your standards for what you will eat radically different when you're in the field? Like, will you eat food that obviously has dirt on it, from dirty dishes, with dirty hands? Do you stay that way for a while when you come back to civilization?

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I'm bored at work with another half hour to go before I go home. What should I do to kill time until then?

Absolutely nothing. Boredom builds character
Make more Facebook statuses
Text people about random things
Make a stockpile of origami snowballs in the event someone with a paper allergy tries to attack
Write another post in my journal
Drink more coffee, so you'll be bored but hyper
Make a poll
Read something. Maybe something on
Get back to work, you unproductive little shit
Do some pushups
Eat something
Photocopy parts of my anatomy
Order some hookers and blow
Send an endearing text to the cute lawyer at work, who's out for the rest of the week

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How old were you when you had your first period(girls)/wet dream(boys)?

And if you're too private for that: Do you have a photo album for something besides family?

I was 12.
I have a photo album for the Romanovs, the former royal family of Russia. I've collected hundreds of photos from 1895-1918.
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Does anyone have a tattoo in a place on their body where they see it every day? How do you...perceive it? Do you ever get tired of it? Does it just blend in with the rest of your body, like a freckle or something?

I really want to get an octopus tattoo (I've been wanting to get one for years) and I really want it to me on the front of my shoulder. But I'm worried that...I dunno, I'll get sick of seeing it there or something.

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In the UK, when you want to apply to university, you go to to see all courses that different universities offer. I'm thinking, however, of crossing the pond and joining y'all in the good ol' u s of a. Is there a similar website for America? I've tried googling various combinations of keywords, to no joy.

Hooray, answer found! Keeping on the same topic, what did you major in? And where did you go?

If that question is really dumb and there is a really obvious answer that will be the first reply posted, then where are you, and what colour are your bedcroom walls?
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I picked up sushi for dinner but it was only 6 pieces and totes didn't fill me up. What should I eat now?

Or, should I not be a fatty and not eat more, since really I already had dinner?

How was your dinner?

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after four years, i quit my job today because i was seconds away from being fired. where do i go from here? unemployment wasn't an option either way and i have two children to take care of. i'm having a hard time putting together a game plan.

tell me about a really stupid decision you made that felt like a good idea at the time?

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TQC, I am really awful at beginning to write essays and my head feels like it is swarming with too much information and I don't know where to start D:

Do you have any tips/techniques you could give me that you use when you have to write one? Once I'm started I will be fine but at the moment just ughh. I have to do a presentation about my essay for tomorrow, the actual essay isn't due for another 2 weeks.

I'm trying to study art movements but they seem so obscure to me and dadaism/avant garde/everything else just melts into one big mindfuck. I have always had this problem since high school.


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After years of neglect, I've just rediscovered lj. I've also recently tidied up and rediscovered my knitting, my favourite mug and my copy of Story of O. Through facebook, I also rediscovered my first love, and met her again the other day and she said something was "groovetastic", which I had forgotten she did.

So my question is... what have you recently rediscovered/remembered?

If it's nothing, then I'm going to the pub. Care to join me? And what would you like?

what do we have in common, TQC? American Idol edition.

how are we alike? which of these things that make my eyes roll make your eyes roll too?

jacob lusk on american idol. screech moar.
everytime an idol judge compliments jacob lusk. jfc.
when james said twice "i always leave everything out on this stage every time." oh broooooother.
everytime steven tyler says, "that was beautiful." um, he says that every single time he speaks.
something else on AI that i will describe in excruciating detail in comments
oh suzer, i don't watch that show because i don't like it.
oh suzer, i don't watch that show because i am not in america.
i watch, but not closely enough to cause me to eye roll.

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Questions for those who are adopted:

Would you want to get in contact with your birth parents? Why/why not?
If you have, how did it go? Did it go the way you hoped?

Questions for those who gave up a child for adoption:

Would you want your child to contact you? Why/why not?
If they have, how did it go? Did it go the way you hoped?
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Did you have a super special stuffed animal/blanket/toy/whateverthefuck as a kid? How long did you have it for? Do you still have it?! Are you caressing it lovingly right now?!?!

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If you could have a 20 minute shopping spree* at any store of your choice which would you choose and what would you go after?

Right now Im thinking Hobby Lobby or Target...Hobby Lobby for scrapbooking and general crafting supplies or Target for baby stuff, specifically a car seat, breast pump and clothes.

*whatever you put in your cart within those 20 minutes is free.

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What do you miss from your childhood besides having no responsibilities?

I miss sleepovers. I like my husband and all but I loved sleepovers with movie marathons, lots of junk food and falling asleep laughing/talking.

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Tomorrow for dinner I'm making these (which are really yummy and really easy). Which of the salsas I have in my refrigerator should I use?

What type of salsa should I use?

Three-Bean and Pepper Salsa
Roasted Tomato Salsa

dk/dc - What was the yummiest thing you ate today?

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suppose you have a friend who likes to bring in food for you. but the food is not very good (it tastes like fart, even the banana bread. and the last time she did it gave you diarrhea. and you made the mistake of saying you don't have food allergies.

i have tried:
"i'm bringing my own lunch, but thanks"
"i'm not really much of a seafood/banana bread/whatever person, but thanks"
"you really don't have to do that but i appreciate it"
"i'm not hungry"

but then her feelings get hurt and then i eat it but i have to run to the bathroom later that day.

what would you do?

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How do you make sure you eat enough fruit and vegetables each day?

I'm having a fasting blood test on Friday morning. At what time should I stop eating/drinking? I'd like to go out for a few pints on thursday

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I think this is a really derpy question, but...

In academic writing, can I use a source in a foreign language? I'm writing a paper (in English) about the modernity of the Mexican Revolution and have a book in Spanish I'd like to cite. Can I use quotes from it translated by myself into English?
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Relationship questions

1. What's the biggest age difference that you're okay with in a partner?

2. Could you ever be in a long-distance relationship for an extended period of time*?

3. For those of you who don't live with your partners: how often do you see one another?

4. What is your "type"?

*the term "extended" was meant to be subjective, buuut let's say a couple years.
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People who know stuff about UK accents...

What is the accent in Act One of this episode of This American Life? It starts about four and a half minutes in. The speaker, Jon Ronson, grew up in Cardiff but I'm wondering if it's a Cardiff accent, a more general Welsh accent, or something else entirely.