May 3rd, 2011

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Is there a book/piece of art/film/album that has changed your life?

Like...actually made you think differently about things?

Do you share any weird habits/traits with your parents? I got shakylegs from my mother.

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so how keen are you all on the use of ouija boards? will you share some of your stories?

mine: i recently purchased my own board (to be clear, i kindasorta don't necessarily believe in ghosts but i go on ghost hunts and silly things of the like for kicks and the thrill of being creeped out by my own subconscious and the power of suggestion and group hysteria and ok so maybe it'd be interesting if it turned out to be real) and tried it out with a friend. we "talked" to someone that went by the name of DR, and the only thing we got out of that session was that this doctor was not a time lord. 8(

i took it back to my place and tried it by myself. i talked to the doctor again, who said HELL and told me that HES VERY ANGRY. i asked who "he" was referring to and the board replied MOTO(P)QUE and to BE VARY AMANDA (which so happens to be my name). i am not sure how to be vary, but i haven't messed around with it lately anyway (due to finals). even though i'm skeptical that experience kind of weirded me out, haha! what do you think my subconscious/dr. ghost is trying to say?

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Do you know of any nearby buildings with confirmed creepy pasts?

Inspired by the Ouija board question!

-My cousins live on a very old farm, and in the 1800s a woman hung herself in the barn because her boyfriend and sister were having a relationship behind her back. The rafter she used is still there. We've even visited her grave site.

-Forty years or so ago a little girl choked to death on a hotdog in my elementary school. The little girl was actually the daughter of one of my grandpa's friends, so I know that part is true. There is still a myth going around that on days when hotdogs are served you can see her ghost walking down empty hallways.

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I am giving an oral presentation on M. Night Shyamalan in eight hours, and I just realized I don't know exactly how to pronounce "Shyamalan." I have been saying "Shah-mal-ahn". Does this sound correct, or am I doing it wrong? 

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For those of you who take baths, do you ever surf the Internet (via laptop or smartphone) while you're in the tub?

That's pretty much what I'm doing now. It's not as awesome as I thought it'd be. I'm constantly worried I'm gonna drop my iPhone in the water.

Dk/dc/I take showers: what have you bought recently?
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dear tqc,

do you and your friends have a nickname for a location that you sometimes hang out in? the more obscene, the better.

for example, there is a place called "the wiener's circle" near me, which we aggressively insist on calling "the circle-jerk".
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 What is your favourite way to eat sweet potatoes? I usually eat them mashed with a little brown sugar and butter, but I want to try something different.

What do you usually eat with sweet potatoes? I can't think of anything to make and we don't have any meat that I could cook, but we do have a box of instant rice and a couple cans of black beans.

What'cha doin?
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Have you recently googled for any of these items?

1. geronimo
2. sony online entertainment
3. cerebral palsy
4. mothers day gift
5. teacher appreciation week
6. soe
7. imac
8. dirk nowitzki
9. script
10. rick springfield
11. ernest hemingway
12. dallas mavericks
13. january jones
14. shopping
15. mya
16. fable 3
17. la lakers
18. toronto star
19. edible arrangements
20. stana katic

They are the top 20 hottest searches on Google as of today.

If you haven't googled for any of these items, what 3 items would your Google search list consist of?
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 Will you tell me about your latest or greatest cooking fail? I just tried to make sweet potato fries and though, "Oh, it'll be a good idea to put molasses on them and put them in a 450F oven!" Yeah. I'm just glad I put down aluminium foil for that shit.

What's your favourite Paranoid Parrot? 

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I want to make some mix CDs for my coworkers and I to listen to. What should I put on them?

I guess I should say make it "work safe," whatever that means. I'm not sure how easily they're offended by things. Other than that, suggest whatever you want.
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What song should I walk down the aisle to at my wedding?

The bridal party is walking down to Halo by The Cure. I'm not sure what we're going to play after the ceremony either so.. suggestions for that?

For those that have planned weddings: What was the hardest part?

For those that have attended weddings: What was the funnest part/most memorable?
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 My sis got a Iphone as her HS grad gift.
I want to get accessories for it. like cases and those charms but I don't know of a good website or store to buy them from.
Any suggestions?
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(In the US if this matters).

I just changed my major to English. I need to find a grad school. is obvs for bachelor degrees and I might be able to tweak it to grad school, but is there a better resource online?

DK/DC: what was your meal?  

Hot chocolate and Ukranian version of brioche.  

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I listen to Pandora at work (yes, my office is super chill).
What are some of your stations that play good music pretty consistently?

Since I'm at work, no metal, rap, or gospel please. Thanks!

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Where can I get cute skirts? I feel like skirts I see in stores nowadays are either too long (floor length? really?) or too stiff/limp (I like them to be the perfect mix of flow-y and having a shape).

Do you have any big plans for the summer? Big ideas? Little plans?
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dear tqc,

what was the worst accident you've ever had? this can include trips or crashes or spills of any sort. were you seriously injured? did you learn something novel from the experience?

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TQC, I am broke.  Dirt poor.  I have no money.  I also have a car insurance payment for $347 due and an ambulance bill for $248 to pay.  I need money fast, and I kind of need a decent amount of it.

The question is, how can I make money quickly?  I have a job but I don't make much money and I don't get many hours; I've been job hunting for a while now and haven't gotten any opportunities.  I don't really have any skills so selling goods isn't really an option.
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Why does iTunes hate me so?

I am trying to sync my old iPhone to my new iPhone and it won't let me download iTunes. I did everything I was suppose to do (including removing EVERYTHING iTunes from my computer) and I keep getting this message "Our apologies but there was an unexpected error with the application. This problem has been noted, and an email has been sent to the administrators. Please check back in a few hours to try the download again." I've been trying for several days.

I'm running Vista (it's not my computer) so is that the issue?
Is there anything I can do?
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spa gift cards

I have a fitness trainer who's birthday is coming up. I consider her a good friend. There's this spa she absolutely loves but is horrendously expensive. How much should I put on a gift card?

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How attractive is the general population in your area?

I met a beautiful guy in a bar last night, and drunkenly introduced myself. His friend has my email address (he wants to do an article on a sport I do) and walked home with me. Did I get bumped off onto the friend? My dreams of the friend passing my email address on are ridiculous y/y?

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what are some of your favorite murder mystery stories? books, movies, tv shows, anything. I'm planning a murder mystery dinner party and want some inspiration. also, if anybody here has either attended or thrown a themed dinner party, will you tell me about your experience?

i love the westing game, clue (the movie and the game) and a bunch of agatha christie's hercule poirot mysteries.

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It seems that calamity and revenge are what bring people together -- rather than love, purpose, or any of that happy stuff.  So I need to change my strategy for building our faith community here on the Jersey shore.

What sort of adverse scenario should I stage to bring people to my church and maybe get some decent PR while I'm at it?
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Mighty Thor!

I went to see Thor on Saturday. And frankly, I thought it was awful.
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Why, TQC, does everyone else seem to love it? Empire gave it 4/5, it's got 94% on rottentomatoes.

Was I watching a different film TQC? Why do people seem to love this film?

Have you seen it? What did you think of it?
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I just came home from class to find my room and cat covered in diarrhea. My cat was excessively drooling and meowing like he was miserable. I rushed him to the vet and they are keeping him overnight for suspected organophosphate poisoning. My boyfriend did spray ant spray in my room a few days ago, but other than that, the cat hasn't been exposed to anything else. The vet told me that since he's an older cat (almost 14), it's easier for him to absorb the poison through his skin/fur, and I do believe he had been lying in a place where I had sprayed before.

TQC, I feel horrible. I want my cat to live :( I've had him since I was 8 and I'm a miserable mess today. I called work and told them I wouldn't be there because my cat > work. I feel guilty, though, ugh. 
Has anyone had to deal with something similar with a pet?
Will my kitty be okay? :( :(
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I'm looking for some upbeat, but not too fast, songs that would be good to jump/skip rope to.  Any recommendations?  I'm getting tired of listening to the same few songs over and over every day.

Edit:  If it helps, by "jump rope", I mean like a boxer does when she's training, not like a little girl skipping rope on the playground.
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Email :(

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I usually use my laptop on my bed, which would be fine except it causes me to hunch over. Is there some device I can use on my bed to raise the computer up, or otherwise solve this problem?

Also, are there any nice firm pillows you can get that aren't down or latex?

Will you post your household problems so other tqcers can help you? Or just post handy dandy household things?
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CV HAlp!

Hallo, TQC!

My boss has requested I kindl hand him an updated CV. (therefore any and all general tips are welcome, duh= as he wnats to shoo me into a different position because I am too awesome for my current job.

But my real question is this: I am big on social justice, and I'd like to express that in the "look at me I have a life and hobbies that are suitable for someoe in my job" portion of the CV - and I am wondering, if I use the term "social justice" is the person reviewing the CV actually going to UNDERSTAND it? I mean, I did not encounter the term until LJ.. and have rarely seen it outside activist spaces. What other terms would you sugegst might work to convey "I dont like this -ism shit and I work towards making it go away"?

DK/DC: What should I make for dinner, chicken soup or mushroom soup?
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A rose

What do you think of the name 'Antony'?

If this ends up being a double post, my apologies in advance. The first one seems to have disappeared into an LJ void.

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What is the OBL thing I keep hearing references to? I'm Google-shy given that it seems to be a racist meme of some sort, and I don't want to have to plug offensive terms into a search engine and then sift through the awful results to figure out what it's all about.

ETA: Alright, "OBL" = Osama bin Laden in short-form, that clears up that, egg on my face, etc.. but I'm still wondering about this unnamed "thing" that seems to be currently passed around the internetz just out of my line of sight. Is it a video? A phrase? A "joke"? A conspiracy theory? Perhaps I should now clarify that by "OBL Thing" I don't mean knowledge of his demise.

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Have you ever worked in a photography darkroom before?

Was it B&W or color?

Did you like it?

Brought to you by my current obsession. I could work in there all day if it weren't for the chemical fumes.

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TQC, when was the last time you got really confused by the opposite sex? (I know, "all the time" is too easy of an answer.) I had this guy over on Friday, and prior to meeting, he was really into me, texted me constantly, even hinted at the L word a little. We hung out, it was fun, we fooled around and that was fun too. He was really distant all through the rest of the weekend, so finally I brought it up last night and he was like, "Oh, you're cool and all, but I don't want to date you." TQC, I ask you, what the hell?

DK/DC/Relationships are boring: Where was the last place you traveled to?
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Those with a Paypal: Do you have a seperate bank account set up for your online transactions? Or do you just have it connected to your main account?

Don't have a Paypal/don't care: What was the last text you recieved?
"Yeah. ): not all night though. I'll take a break eventually."
Geeky Girls

Work Luncheon

Should I make an awesome peanut butter pie with chocolate crust or Tres Leches cake for my work luncheon on Thursday? It's Cinco de Mayo so they are trying for a "Mexican theme". Tres Leches cake fits that bill but the women will probably complain about a soggy cake.

Would you guys worry about that?

DK/DC What's your favorite potluck dishes?

firetruck cartoons

My 3 y.o. son is a big fire trucks admirer. He has his own hierarchy of fire truck cartoons: Fireman Sam, some episodes from Mater’s Tales and Peppa Pig, Rojo the Firetruck from Dora the Explorer, Finley the Fire Engine. But he wants something new now.

What other firetruck series, cartoons, cartoon/film episodes do you remember?

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I've always wondered if this is a 'just on TV because the characters are actually actors on a set aka somewhere you want to be wearing shoes' thing, or if it actually occurs frequently in real life...

Do you wear your shoes around indoors (ie. in your home/someone else's home)?

DK/DC/What is the point of this question: What is your favourite pizza topping?

3 hella unrelated questions

1) Why do some people talk about "not trusting the banks"? Is there any reason not to trust them, or is it just like a holdover from when they all failed in the depression and nobody could get their money?

2) Have you ever read the book of Gone with the Wind? What was your opinion of it?

3) What can y'all tell me about Salt Lake City? I heard it's not so Mormon now because most of the really heavy stuff is shifting to Provo so it's becoming more like just a regular big city; is that true or is it really just Mormon central? Is it an okay/cool place to live, if anybody has lived or lives there?

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Would you have sex with someone while your roommate was in the room? Could you put up with your roommate doing that?

I was reading some stories from "My Very Worst Roommate" and it seems like every other story involves the roommate having sex while the other person is trying to sleep in the same room. I can't imagine doing that, nor can I imagine someone having sex four feet from my head when I'm trying to sleep. Is this a common college thing?

Various questions

1. If you could have a non-domestic animal as a pet (and it would be safe/easy to do so) what animal(s) would you have?

2. My husband is *insisting* that I meet his co-worker and her husband. I do not want to. How can I get out of it? (Serious and non-serious answers welcome.)

3. Do you like lemon with your water?
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happy post

I've been pretty depressed for a few years long time. I'm on anti-depressants and working through things, but it's a slow recovery. And I'm still at the point where I hang out at home staring at the wall like this O.O

Will you share your cheerful "how I cheered up" anecdotes?
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Pretend you're going out for a bachelorette party to see the Chippendales at a venue inside of a casino. You dress fairly conservatively normally, but want to sex it up a little bit for this night. What would you wear?
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What is the word that describes when people always chew on pencils/suck their thumb/like to have something in their mouth?
srs answers please!

thankyou, tqc.

Don't you hate when you just can't remember a word?

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i used to sew in college, but i stopped when i graduated and haven't touched a sewing machine in almost a year now. i just bought a new sewing machine because it was hella discounted. since i'm kinda rusty now and also was never really that good (completely self-taught), what project ideas should i start with? extra props if anyone knows good resources for menswear patterns.

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After you do your fafsa how do you look at how much money they are going to give you?

Also is it weird that I have a mirror set up next to my keyboard and now I look into it whenever I'm typing instead of the screen cause I'm mesmerized by my fingers moving.
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dear tqc,

will you tell us about the first secret you ever had? what about the best secret? what is your opinion on keeping secrets in general? what is the worst secret you ever found out? do you have a secret that you will keep until you die?