May 2nd, 2011


final grade

I honestly forgot how to figure out final grades, so please bear with me.

I now have a 79% in my class. I don't know if I should take the final exam (it's optional. If I do take it, it replaces my lowest exam grade which was a 67%). My other exam grades were 75% and 78%. There were 3 exams total each worth 80 points out of 405 points total (in the class). My question is, what grade would I need on the optional final in order to get a B (80% or higher)? I haven't had to calculate this kind of stuff since high school and my math skills are seriously lacking.

I feel dumb.


Is there something you did as a child, that you occasionally find yourself doing now?
Is there something you did as a child, that you find yourself wondering WTF was I doing?

When I was a kid I used to sleep with my pillow on my face, and sometimes covers over my head. I can't sleep, found myself doing that tonight, and wondered why the hell am I sticking this pillow over my face?
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1. You don't know have to know anything about Star Wars to answer, but that's the source of all these:

Worst sci-fi name?

Qwi Xux (unpronounceable)
Jet Nebula (he's a star pilot!)
villain Cad Bane (he's a cad, and a bane!)
something else (but only Star Wars. Come one now)

that should say, "come on now," not, "come one now."

2. I am naming a hypothetical baby John, with the understanding that sometimes he'll go by John, sometimes by John Middlename, and sometimes only by the middle name. What's a good middle name for this situation?

3. If you had to be at work at 4 pm but had nothing to do until then, when would you have to go to sleep?
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dear tqc,

a former co-worker of mine just expressed their affection for me and a desire to date. despite being into girls, she's actually pretty conservative and expects a serious and mutually exclusive relationship. she's cute, she's hilarious, and she's pretty smart, but i just got out of a very bad relationship and i'm not sure if i'm ready to get into another one. i'd either have to be okay with never, ever opening up and trusting her while still allowing her to trust me (could be deceptive, might be considered a betrayal), or i have to get over my crippling fear of rejection. what the hell should i do?

have you been in a situation like this?

dk/dc: will you go on a quick walk and pretend that you're walking with me? i'm about 5'5" and i cuss a lot, and i'm also deaf in my left ear so you'll have to walk on my right side so i can hear you.

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if somebody asked you to give up cigarettes, marijuana, coffee and tea for a week, would it mean a significant change in your life? which one would be hardest to give up for you?

EDIT: i forgot to include alcohol in that list.



Does anyone know of a good hostel or cheap hotel in Amsterdam?  Everything I've found so far seems geared towards stoners and partying all night.  Anything that doesn't fit this bill seems to be Christian youth hostels that sex segregate and have curfews (we're going as a couple - no need to share a bed but would like to be together.)  

I just want a non-filthy/relatively safe place to sleep for two 24 year old non-smokers for two nights where sleep might actually be possible.  Halp!

Validate me, TQC!

You're walking through a crowded space: mall, airport, shopping center, etc. Lots and lots of people around. You see a young kid, under age 5, running and an adult maybe 15 or 20 feet behind the kid yelling at the kid to stop. Kid's about to run by you. Do you grab the kid for the parent/adult, or do you let the kid run by you?

Inspired by the lady who nearly assaulted me in the mall yesterday when I stopped her kid from running outside. Kid was laughing that he was "running away from mommy" and mommy was pissed that I'd touched her kid.

Was I out of line?


I'm making brown sugar cookies with my niece and nephew. The dough is supposed to be "shaped and refrigerated until firm" but the dough is so sticky. I don't understand what it means to shape it I guess?

Says to do it on a 10x13" piece of plastic wrap, then wrap and refrigerated. Can you decipher this for me? I know it seems kind of stupid to ask. :/

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When was the last time a stranger acted like a bitch to you? Did you confront their bitchiness in any way?

Yesterday, I go to a busy department store. It's so busy that there is a line to the fitting room. The sales associates hang the garments to be tried on on the door of the fitting room while you wait for the person before you to finish. I go in with a bunch of clothes, but later notice that one of the items I picked up is gone (since I probably dropped it on the way in). I open the door and see a dress that looks identical to the one I "lost." It didn't occur to me that it could belong to anyone else, and immediately think that it's the dress that I left behind, so I grab it and tell the girl waiting in line if I can try it on really quick.

She looks utterly confused, making her look like a rigid, constipated bitch. Gives me an evil eye, and says, "ummmm, that's mine." When I tell her, "sorry, I mistook it for something I wanted to try on but dropped on the way in here," she doesn't say anything in response, just continues to stare me down coldly.

UM, I know you're confused, but can't you at least be friendly about it? WTF is wrong with people?
I was thisclose to writing a note that read: "You need to shit out whatever's up your ass," and throw it over the door, but of course I refrained.

that's m-o-n-e-y, so sexy...

Can I use student loan money any old which way? Or is all of it going to get taken by school?

As it stands, financial aid should cover 90% of tuition for me. But I'd like to take out an additional $5k to finish my rehab house. Considering I have no other loans, how feasible is this?

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Can an international letter just be put in the mailbox to be sent, or do you actually have to take it to the post office?

What's the last thing you went to the post office for?
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invasion of the blood sucking parasites

Will you be my doctor, TQC? I pulled off (out?) 3 deer ticks in just as many days (I'm 95% certain I got the heads...god I don't want Lyme disease) & all the bites itch.

Is that normal? I haven't had a tick in 10+ years and I don't remember them itching before.

and if the head is stuck...what should I do? go to a doctor? This happened once when I was very, very small and my parents took me to the ER (I think, I was barely out of diapers and don't remember the details), but that seems a bit...excessive.

Birth Certificates.

I am attempting to order a government issued birth certificate from vitalcheck. I want to make sure I'm ordering an official certificate and not just a copy. I'm trying to get my passport and I know they don't accept copies. This popped up on the screen as I was in the middle of submitting my order. Is this a copy I'm about to order? And if so, where can I get an official government issued birth certificate?
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What is the name of the website that lets you read online newspaper articles without having to register? Got it!

Do you work with anyone who frustrates you on a daily basis? What do they do that frustrates you?

How the hell are ya?

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Have you ever been in a situation in which you had to take orders or direction from a person younger/less experienced/less educated/whatever than you? Did you feel any particular way about it?

I didn't think I would feel weird about it, but now that it's happening to me...I do. It's not that I resent this person above me or anything, I just feel like a kind of a loser.

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Hey TQC,

is this a homework question? I'm doing a powerpoint presentation on how amphetamines affect the nervous system and i found a great animation that i'd like to use. But I can't figure out how I would save it/put it into the powerpoint. Does anyone have any experience with this? If it helps, the animation is the one found on this site: It doesn't give me any options when I right click it. Is it something I would approach from the powerpoint, like putting in a link of some sort?

Thanks for any help!
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If i'm diagnosed with an illness that severely affects my energy and concentration levels, what's the likelihood my doctor will give me a medical note for it?
What's the likelihood my uni will pay attention to this note?
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Canadian Election

Poll #1737359 Canadian Elections

Did you vote today?


Who did you vote for?

Bloc Quebecios
Conservative Party of Canada
Green Part of Canada
Liberal Party of Canada
New Democratic Party of Canada
Other - Please specify
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If someone believes they went to hell and came back, what kind of personality/mental disorder would that be?
They also believe they had to kill their husband, his mistresses and his friend as a deal with the devil sort of thing.

(lol hypotheticals)
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So, I've spent the last 50 minutes on a stationary diesel train, stuck behind the electric train in front that's run up into a major problem with the overhead electrification. We have no idea when we might be able to proceed.

Will you a) give me entertaining places on the internet, and b) share stories of awful things happening on trips you've made?
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Over a year ago, I applied for a license to substitute teach in Colorado (where my dad lives and where I've been entertaining the idea of moving). I paid the $60 fee, as well as got a money order for the background investigation. My fingerprints were sent back to me a year ago because they were done improperly. Anyway, now I'm living in DC and have been for 8 years. I have a substitute teaching job in VA and am doing not great but okay, mostly settled here. I recently got a letter from the Colorado Department of Education saying that they'll toss my application if I don't get my prints into them in the next week. Should I send them in?

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High school acquaintance posts "It's cool people are celebrating the death of one man, when there are still so many social injustices in the world, gays being inequal and our constant struggle for rights being one of them." I respond: Your correlation is weak and people are capable of processing more than one thing at once.

One of his friends called me a homophobe saying that I don’t care about gay rights.

How should I respond?

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I have a 10mg adderall. If I take it now, about how long will it be until I crash?

What if I took 5mg now and then the other 5mg when I start to crash? What would that look like as far as how long it would last me?

oh ps, i'm 22, female, and 105 lbs.
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What are some myths/legends that involve abduction of humans by the divine (gods, demigods, whatever) or the supernatural (demons, spirits, etc.)? The first one that comes to mind for me is the Ramayana, but I'm looking for some others from any culture. Preferably older myths/legends, and hopefully from a wide range of cultures all over the world.

ETA: They can also be urban legends, old wives' tales, traditional scary stories, etc. Anything that involves this theme, really, as long as it's not modern or contemporary.

Thanks :)

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TQC, have you ever heard of someone giving someone else mono if they were asymptomatic? My FWB apparently has it, and I'm the only person he's had much physical contact with lately, so he assumed that I gave it to him, but I'm not showing symptoms and feel fine. How likely is it that I'm a carrier and gave it to him, and could give it to other people? I'm traveling in two days and just don't want to get the friends I'm seeing sick!

DK/DC: Have you ever broken up with someone just because you knew it was time to let them be for a while? How'd that go? Did you end up getting back together with them after they'd worked on themselves?
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This is the second time I've ordered a package, and had it stolen from my porch. Until I moved to this neighborhood, this has never happened.

Has this ever happened to you before? Did you ever get your money or merchandise back?

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‎"I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that" - Martin Luther King, Jr

There are countless things that could be said about how unsettling our race (human kind) can be, but what has recently given you hope in man kind? If this is a hard question for you, just gimme some nice quotes. Or just anything...nice. I'm in a nice type of mood today.
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Does anyone here find that Lactaid doesn't work for them? I figured out a few weeks ago that I'm at least a little bit lactose intolerant, but it seems that I feel more ill after using Lactaid and eating dairy than when I just eat dairy straight.

Anyone have any insight?

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Earlier today I couldn't bend my knee. Now I currently can't straighten it. It hurts. A lot. I don't have the energy to go to the ER but I have a doctord appointment next week.
Anyone know how I can fix it?
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This is a horrifically morbid question, but is there any way to find out if someone died in the tornadoes that hit Alabama?

Googling their name + obit + Alabama isn't exactly helping since they have a generic name.
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My mother suffers from reoccurring depression (specifically bipolar II). How can I help support her when she's depressed? Are there any ways I can help her out of this pit? She hasn't showered in a couple days. Today when I got home from school she promised me she'd shower after dinner, after dinner she said she'd shower tomorrow. I just really want to help, but I don't know what to do.
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Does anyone you know have any annoying/rude bad habits? Will you tell me about it?

My mom has this annoying thing she does when we're talking on the phone. She just hangs up when she thinks the conversation is over. Not even a 'bye'. Sometimes I'll even keep talking for a couple seconds before I realise she hung up. :(
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My dearly beloved, slightly off-kilter aunt packed me a foodbox full of delicious rice and pasta and two bottles of apple-jasmine kombucha.

TQC, how should I dispose of this horrible thing? I cannot give it back and none of the girls in my dorm touch the fizzy death liquid.

DK/DC/I like kombucha: I was also given a few small, juice box sized cartons of coconut water. Is it any good? Additionally: what's your favourite non-chocolate candy or sweet?

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 My husband, son and I have recently started fishing. It's just panfish, from the bank.

(Warning, you may want to stop reading here if gutting fish will gross you out) 

Every video I can find it about flleting panfish, but I do not want to filet them. The method I vaguely remember growing up was scaling them, cutting the head off, using my finger to scrap the guts out and then frying them with corn meal.

I am pretty sure the bones stayed in, and we pulled them out while eating, and we tore the fins off after they were cooked.

Am I remember this right, TQC fisherman?

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What would be simple to change my name on my paypal account? Delete it and make a new one or do the crap that you have to go through to get it changed which is make a copy of my name change form and get it notarized and send it to them.

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I am having a birthday dinner at a place that's fancy and a little pricey (like $20 for entrees). Most of my friends go to college and work, so I gave them around three months notice and a link to the menu so they would know how much to budget if need be.

Is this rude? Should I offer to pay for them? I was originally planning to pay for everyone if I could afford it but one of my friends suggested I just say they pay for dinner and not buy me a gift. (I'm not expecting gifts, I'm mainly just asking if I should pay for people or not.)
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Would you find it odd if you found out that someone you know was receiving bills in a spouse's name when that spouse had been dead for over 10 years? Assume the account had been opened while they were still alive.

If someone vomits in close proximity to you, what are the chances that you'll vomit as well?


The tech place isn't answering and their hotline answering machine is giving us a bad number. We would love to avoid a plumber...

We discovered our basement has a very wet floor, so we investigated and found that our water heater drain pan is completely full, and water is just pouring out of the T&P valve. What does this mean? Why is this happening? Is there anything we can do to make it stop? It's a Kenmore Natural Gas water heater.

We ran a LOT of hot water about an hour before we discovered the mess, then immediately turned on the dishwasher. Could that be the problem? We just noted that now that the dishwasher has stopped, the valve isn't pouring out as heavily.

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My roommate is telling me right now that when a woman's labor and delivery process is shaped by her own mother's. For instance, her theory is basically saying that if the labor and delivery was relatively "easy" when my mom had me, my own experience will more likely be easier than difficult.

What do you think?
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I snagged some passes to see a screening of Thor tomorrow night! I had no particular interest in Thor, but I'm sure it will be entertaining and hey, free movie. Plus I'm really excited to get to go to a screening; I have never experienced this before.

So TQC, have you ever been to an advance screening of a movie? What movie(s)?

And what should I expect - will this be different in any way from seeing a movie normally?