May 1st, 2011


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TQC help me make my life choices. My friend wants me to move in with him and another dude in September. Both are transgender as am I. But I would be moving about an hour south of where I currently live. I would be closer to my friends down there and a girl I'm sort of seeing. I would have easier access to transgender resources. But I'm a huge mama's baby. Even though she is sometimes hateful to me about my decision I love her and being away from her for long periods of time upsets me. I also have an anxiety disorder and bigger cities (like the one I'm talking about) cause me stress. I also am nervous about leaving my job which I am comfortable with (I would just be transferring to a store in the city.) But a part of me feels like I need to make a change.

What would you do if you were me?
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This is more of a guess, I don't really expect an answer

So I need to get gas tomorrow, and if I don't have enough money in my account the card gets declined. Right now I don't have money in my account, but I get a direct deposit on the first of every month. According to my bank, deposits and withdrawals made over the weekend show up on Tuesday (with deposits being posted first).

Will my card go through tomorrow when I attempt to buy gas?

I need to sleep!

My current schedule is this: Stay up til 5:00 am and wake up at 11:00. My daughter is 3 months old and sleeps from 11:00 pm to 11:00 am. Yeah, I'm pretty lucky. :)

I start my new job tomorrow (the 2nd). I have to take my daughter to day care and be at work by 8:00 am. I just can't fall asleep, no matter how hard I try. What can I do?
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I got into a minor argument with a friend of mine the other day (I'm 38 weeks pregnant and he's also the father - moderately relevant) The argument took place online and it ended with him saying "Leave me alone or I'll block you" Unfortunately, ignoring me/avoiding me and blocking me aren't beneath him at all.

I tried to call him today to tell him something relevant about the pregnancy/his child and he wouldn't answer, all he could muster was a text saying to keep him updated.

Am I in the wrong to think he's being really immature? Would you respond this way to someone you had an argument with, in this context?

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Inspired by a post on AMA:

What decades do you think of when you think of "oldies" music?
What decades do you think of when you think of "classic rock"?

I was surprised (and a little saddened) to see people in that thread defining oldies music as music made in the 70's and 80's. To me no matter how much time goes by the oldies will forever be pre-Beatles, and classic rock starts at hippy and ends at grunge.
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Did you watch The Voice? Who are your favorite singers? Which coach do you think has the strongest team so far?

If you also watch American Idol, how do you think the two shows compare?
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So my cell phone completely stopped working last night. it's asking me to reload software. i don't have the connector cable and I was planning on replacing the phone anyway. i should just go get a new one, right?
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There is 20 minutes left in my lunch break. I am considering buying a delicious beverage from one of these fine vending machines here in the break room.

Pros- delicious beverage, something to keep me awake, I'll be able to reenact the "gatoraaaaaaade. Waaaaaaater sucks! It really really sucks!" scene from Waterboy while I water plants for the rest of my shift.

Cons- I am so exhausted I want to never move, my money is in my car and I'd have to walk all the way through the store which is crazy busy because it's nice out and a Sunday, it'll probably take up 8 of my minutes.


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tqc, I'm out of my shampoo/conditioner and would like to try a new kind, maybe something nicer than the Herbal Essences I've been using. I've got long, wavy, thick hair that's prone to frizzing. Got any suggestions for me?

DK/DC: Tell me funny pet stories?
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Going to San Diego

Mu 14-year-old son and I are going to San Diego, CA this summer. For the folks who know San Diego, what are some fun things to do and some good places to eat there? We'll be staying in the Gaslamp quarter and we won't have a car.

Also, for those who have been to the SD zoo, is it really that great? I always feel sorry for the animals at zoos, so I don't want to go if it's not really fun

DK/DC - Do you have cool local movie theater?

We have one here called the Alamo Drafthouse -- that's really fun. They serve food like a restaurant and they have really wonderful special events.

Tech Support

I've had a problem for a long time. Nobody around me seems to know what it is. It happens when I try to type either in my email text box or in the section of ebay where you are supposed to add a description of an item you are trying to sell. I'll start typing; every character typed will go BINGBINGBINGBINGBING... then make it so it starts auto-selecting all over the page. Sometimes it will take me to a different page so I have to start over. It has gotten so annoying that I type everything for ebay/my email in notepad first, then cut and paste. What is causing this? How can I stop it?
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Baby Mice

Hey TQC, this might be kind of a silly question, but I know there are a lot of animal lovers here.

My SO found 3 baby mice in a tool drawer of his basement yesterday. They were nesting in insulation. We removed them and are not really sure what to do with them. Their mom won't take them back since we've interfered. We left them near the bulkhead where their mom was hanging out in a box full of ripped up paper towels because we were at a loss of what to do. My mom said the best thing we could do was just flush them down the toilet because they were as good as dead, but we couldn't bring ourselves to do it. They were outside in that box over night, and I was surprised to discover that they're still alive.

What can we do?? What should we do?? I know that their chances of survival aren't exactly high but we are both sitting here crying :/ I am willing to try and take care of them but I just want to know if I should even bother. The most I could do would be keeping them warm and feeding them water through an eyedropper or something. Their eyes aren't even open yet. What should I do, TQC? :( If I should put them out of their misery, can you try to assure me I'm not being a horrible monster for doing so?
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In Memory Of... Car Art

What is the deal with all this "In memory of..." or, "R.I.P. ..." paintings/decals I've been seeing on more and more cars as of late?

Is this just a regional thing?  (I'm in the heart of the Midwest & haven't done much traveling in the last few years.)  Or, is it a nationwide thing?

If I were to lose a loved one, I just can't see myself telling the world that my son/daughter/husband/wife had died via way of something so permanent on my car. 

Also, think of the resale value on your car?  That pretty much destroys what little resale value you have when you do something like that. I wouldn't want to buy a used car that said, "RIP Billy Jo Jim Bob Jones..."  when I'm not related to the dude in anyway, have no idea who he is and why it was so important to "immortalize' him this way.  :-p

So, do you all find this a strange thing, or am I the only crazy person who thinks this is just strange

DK/DC:  Sunday breakfast?  Anything special?
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Dear TQC,

Sorry this is so tl;dr. D:

I need some relationship advice, sort of. My boyfriend and I recently split up, and since the break up, there have been two guys I've kind of talked to.

I've worked with Guy #1 for a year now, and we've always talked at work, but about a month ago, he started dropping hints that he was interested. He kept asking me to hang out, texted me all day, blahblahblah. He kept this up for two or so weeks until I finally got some free time and we were able to hang out. He kissed me, he told me he was really excited to hang out with me again and get to know me more, and then he stopped talking to me. I asked him what the deal was, and he was like, "I'm a nice guy, I'm not looking to fuck everything that walks, I think you got the wrong impression." And he hasn't talked to me since.

Guy #2 I've met a few times because we have some mutual friends, but I hadn't seen him in a few years. We started texting one night and he was like, "Hey, I'm going for a drive, want to come with?" and we ended up driving around and talking for nearly three hours. He said he wanted to hang out again as soon as possible, we made plans for next week, but then he started texting me asking for n00dz. I kind of just told him he can wait until we're in person and see what happens, and now he's basically ignoring me. He, too, claims to be a nice guy who "isn't like that" and isn't just trying to get some ass.

I'm not really sure what to do. In your opinion, oh wise TQC, what seems to have happened here? D: What should I do? Make life decisions for me, plz.

DK/DC: Tell me about your relationship problems? 

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Do you know any good songs about good artists? A friend and I are trying to come up with a playlist (like "Vincent" by don mcclean, or "renee and georgette magritte after the war" by paul simon and we've got like 5 others but I want/need moaarrr).

thanks bro.

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Alright TQC, I'm having a money crisis :\

I have been at my credit card's limit for many many many months now, paying the minimum or over as much as I could, and sometimes being late and thus being hit with charges.  I'm not a TERRIBLY financially irresponsible person, I'm just in a financially shitty situation right now and am depending on the bare minimum which lends me to use my credit card to get by if I have to, but without the resources to cover my ass at the end of the month. It's just one of those times in life where it's been a really shitty year :(

Anywho, people with experience maybe, do I have a chance in hell to get this card transferred to a no-interest-for-15-months-possibly-with-higher-limit in order to reduce finiancial woes for the time being?  I want it to be temporary and I would love to pay it off, I just CAN'T with the finance charges which cause me to have to wait to get more money which cause me to be a day late paying which causes late charges D: Am I just forever fucked in this financial cycle of dooooom??

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My neighbors are getting on my nerves.

Neighbor one has about 15-20 mexicans living in this house (seriously), and they always have cars in the yard that are blaring music that is super loud with obnoxious bass that shakes my whole house, even with the doors and windows closed, and at all times of the day and night. I don't speak spanish, how do I get the message across that they need to turn that shit down?

Neighbor two has a damn yippy dog that barks nonstop, and they tie him in the front yard so he barks at EVERY little thing that moves. How would you shut this dog up?

Srs and non srs answers.

And since I know someone is gonna tell me to move, I signed a year lease and I've only been here a month so I've got to figure out some kind of solution that doesn't involve me having the front door always closed, I live in California dammit, I want to enjoy the nice weather!

DK/DC: What kind of "exotic" animal would you like to have as a pet? As in, besides the normal cat/dog/fish sort of pets.

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At the moment our oven is broken and can only grill, not bake. Could I still pull off cooking potatoes (cut into chunky fries) using the grill? If I normally bake them at 200C for 35 minutes, how long should I grill them, and should I leave them in the middle of the oven as normal?

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Who are you mad at right now?

Im mad at my husband for thinking its OK to chase Achoo around with a broom for peeing in the laundry when he has neglected the litter boxes for 3 days and is now cleaning both of them so Achoo had nowhere to go.


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When was the last time you went home sick with a big toothless smile on your face?

Have you ever been nonchalantly shoulder bumped by someone who should've known full well what you were out for?

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Are you excited about anything right now?

After a long search, I finally found a place to watch Doctor Who "The Day of the Moon" online. :D I thought I was going to have to wait until I got home this weekend and could watch it on the DVR, and was going CRAZY hearing about everyone else's opinions.

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Best Zach?

Zachary Quinto
Zach Braff
Zac Efron

Best Wood?

Elijah Wood
Evan Rachel Wood
Tiger Woods

Which Palin would you prefere to see naked?

Michael Palin
Sarah Palin

Best Pitt?

Michael Pitt
Brad Pitt
Pittsburgh Steelers

Most significant gay?

Marvin Gaye
Enola Gay
Clay Aiken

Best Tyler?

Steve Tyler
Liv Tyler
Tyler Durden

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Poll #1736906 Playing God

There are 3 cars dangling over a cliff. You're in a tow truck and can only save one. The other two will fall to their peril. Which would you save? Below are the inhabitants of those 3 cars

Clown car filled with 6 clowns
Bus carrying 10 burn-victim children. All are wheelchair bound
Donald Trump, in a limousine made with real gold. He's waving a stack of money in your direction

Same scenario as above

Creepy guy in a white van with 'free candy' painted on the side
Empty pizza delivery car, filled with pizzas (driver must have escaped)
Dick Cheney in hunting garb. He has 2 deer strapped to his car, as well as 3 bald eagles hanging from the rear window

Same scenario as above

Bus filled with 50 members of the Westboro Baptist Church, ready to go to a soldier's funeral
Prison bus filled with 50 'hard case' prisoners, consisting of mostly murderers and rapists
Car containing a dogwalker, plus 3 dogs

Same scenario as above

SUV containing 5 gangsters/cholos
Cadillac containing 4 senior citizens
Compact containing 3 prostitutes

Same scenario as above

Bus of 50 members of the KKK
Gay couple, freshly married
Shuttle containing 6 morbidly obese individuals, being shuttled to a nearby weight loss center. We're talking like 500lbs each

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I just turned on my computer and the keys (6yhn) aren't working so I'm using my dusty usb keyboard right now...
I think it's the circuitry that's messed up
I have a mid 2009 macbook pro, 13 inch edition.
How much would it cost to repair these keys from apple?
Is there a cheaper alternative to fix these keys without using an external keyboard?
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Alright, my mother has a long history of sending me ridiculous conservatism-tinged emails (the last one was a long drawn out joke that ended in comparing immigrants to dogs). The last one was this dumbshit fake story about an uppity liberal daughter being put in her place by her conservative father after he gave her this fantastic list that boils down to "Why conservatives are better neener-neener"

Collapse )

I usually don't respond to her e-mails that are like this because they're just so stupid, but I've found every thing on this list extremely refutable and am writing out a long point-by-point e-mail to explain to her how dumb this is (and what a straw man argument is).

If someone sent you this crap, how would you respond?

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How would you consider a 'hardcore feminist' to act/think?
I realised that a few people think of me this way, but I am totally a lazy-arse feminist, really.

In what ways do you express your feminism?

If you do not identify as a feminst, why so?

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Do you have an iPad? If so, which one? What do you like and dislike about it?

I am thinking about buying one as a graduation present to myself. I've played with them before, done a bit of research, and asked questions at the Apple store, but I just want to be certain before I shell out money on one. FWIW, I have a MacBook that I've had for about 6 years, and the screen part has been acting like it's ready to snap off for a while. It'd be nice to have something to use as a computer, since I would only need it for email, web browsing, movies, etc. No more papers and projects and stuff.


1. Are you voting in the election tomorrow, or did you vote already?

2. Which party are you voting for?

3. Who do you want to win?

4. Who do you think will win?

5. If you are not Canadian- when did you last vote? If you are underage- do you plan to vote when you're of legal age?
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My friend, who is originally from Chattanooga but no longer lives there, just posted this FB status: "More than 80 people have been killed in the Chattanooga metro area alone in last week's tornadoes. Please pray for our city." 

From news reports, this is not true at all. But I don't want to totally brush it off as misinformation without checking. All sources online say 34 in the state of TN as a whole, and I can't find any that go over that. Has anyone else heard this number? Do you know where she might have gotten it? 

This is the same person who put up the "3/4 women in the military have been raped" status, and that turned out to have a base in truth, so it got me wondering about this one too.

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my friend's ex added me on faecbook last night. he works at my old work, which is where i met my friend. he's also in a band with one of my old supervisors who i'm friends with. so that's all well and good and adding me seems normal. EXCEPT FOR THE FACT that i've never met him. we've never been introduced, never spoken, never even said excuse me in the hall.

TQC, why did this dude add me? am i right to be weirded out?

credit cards and drums

1.what are your experiences with credit cards? I got a student visa one to help build credit, but I'm nervous I might over use it. Any tips on credit cards in general?

2.I would love to learn to play drums, but how hard is it to learn on your own or from books, the internet, etc? Any websites or book suggestions or even teachers in New Jersey that could help me out?

i say

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A friend of mine hosted a bake sale/raffle as a fundraiser for Japan relief efforts today, and I have to say, bake sale cookies are probably the most dangerous kind of cookies out there. I bought some killer chocolate chip cookies and had to give about half of them away so I didn't eat them all and then feel sick all night.

That said, what's your favourite kind of cookie?

Alternately, what's the one staple item you think every bake sale should sell?

DK/DC: Post a pic of the car you wish you drove but would be too impractical or that you realistically could never afford?

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Is it okay to crush multivitamins and swallow them that way?
I can't take the ones I bought without almost choking and dying everytime, so I have started to crush them. I thought I heard that crushing pills was bad before though, somewhere...??

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What kind of cookies should I make for my mom and my boyfriend's mom for Mother's Day? I could just make a basic chocolate chip, but maybe something more fun.

dk/dc - What's your favorite snack?

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Do you wear blazers? How many do you have? In what colors?
What do you think of a woman in a tie? Do you like the look?
Do you like high-waisted slacks? Think Lauren Bacall or Katharing Hepburn, not Jessica Simpson.

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What is your first name?

Tell us so that we can make "assumptions" about your personality based on your name alone. Then you can confirm or deny if you possess these traits.

My name is Jane. What kind of person does that make me?
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What are you watching right now? Is it any good? I need some new stuff to watch while I'm at work.

What's the weather like where you are? It's storming again. For like the third week in a row we have tornado and flash flood warnings.

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Im searching for a song... the song resembles the beginning of jennifer lopez's new song cause i always think its the song i've been searching for and then it isn't lol. The song has been out for atleast a year i think..any ideas? please help!
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this has been a pretty historical year so far - egypt and mubarak, japan's earthquake, big royal weddings and the killing of bin laden. what event do you predict will happen next?
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Very Important Questions

Is someone who dyes their hair red still considered a 'redhead'?
What if the hair is more pink than red?
What the hell do you call someone who has blue hair? 

(Edit:   I'm writing a story and trying to figure out whether  reffering to them as a  'dyed-redhead'  sounds stupid or not.)
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Would gold jewelry look completely awful with a black skirt and a white top?

How often do you do laundry?

Do you have any tips on moving? I am moving from my house to an apartment in a week and I am awful at packing.

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What experience(/s) has been "life changing" for you?

What experiences do people say should be "life changing" but you were comparatively meh about?

DK/DC/I am an android with no emotions: How often do you cook a proper meal yourself?

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Obama's making a big announcement live shortly! Nobody knows really what it is besides that it's regarding National Security.

What do you guys think it's about?

srs/non-srs answers :)

eta: Osama Bin Laden is dead, CNN is reporting.
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how offended are you by nipples?

i have a rash on the sides of my boobs that makes it painful to wear bras. i've found a lot of outfits that looked fine without but i'm running out of ideas. how do you feel about seeing a girl in a t-shirt with no bra? what if she's got like two layers but nips are still showing?

any other ideas for going braless without it being too obvious?

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Has anyone ever had any experience, personally or through a friend/relative, with working for Uline?

I have a second interview there this week and I was really pumped about it before because the pay/benefits/compensation looks really great. I could potentially DOUBLE my income as well as get all kinds of benefits, retirement savings, bonuses, etc. which is really hard not to get excited about. But I'm looking on some forums and finding a lot of red flags about the work environment (a lot of reviews can be summed up by saying "keep your head down and your mouth shut, do your work and you'll do fine"). I'm really torn here.