April 30th, 2011


Mac help

If I install this update, my data isn't going to delete, is it? I'm confused as to why it wants me to back this stuff up. I know I sound so dumb right now, but really, I'm not that good with computers and this is my first mac. :/

dk/dc/don't use a mac: what's your favorite game?

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You guys, it's almost 1:00 a.m. here and someone is using a chainsaw in my neighborhood. What are some ridiculous non-murder things they could be doing?  

Will you tell me about a time you were freaked out by something that actually turned out to be nothing? 

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How happy are you with your teeth? 10 being I wouldn't change a thing

Mean: 6.67 Median: 7 Std. Dev 1.97

If you ever left your kid at daycare, like, for a whole day, did you cry the first day?

Yes, it was really hard for me to leave.
No, it didn't really bother me.
No, but I was close to it.
I've never left my child at daycare.
I don't have any kids, therefore this question doesn't apply to me.

How much do you have in your checking account right now?

Over $1,000
Less than $50
I don't have a checking account.
I'm not telling you.

What do you like?

Chocolate chip cookies
Dum Dum lollipops
Cream cheese
Watching sports
Kidney beans
Diet Coke
Knitting/Sewing/Crocheting whatever
Trying on clothes

You move back in with mom & dad and they make you pick one chore to do every day. What do you choose?

Wash dishes by hand
Do everyone's laundry
Cook dinner every single night
Vacuum the entire house daily

If someone else packed your lunch for you, what is something you would want in it?


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I was driving home after dark tonight and by the side of the road, I saw a rabbit facing away from the road. I slowed down, because those jerks love to try get in front of my car. Then up in the distance, I saw another rabbit in the middle of the road. It ran over to where the first rabbit was, which apparently scared the crap out of the first rabbit because it jumped about 3 feet into the air.

When was the last time you surprised an animal?
Did hilarity ensue?
Have you ever intentionally surprised an animal?
Flaming Sikozu

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This has been bugging me all day, my google-fu is weak and this is a very obscure question.
A few years ago there appeared on a couple of reality tv shows, Australian Princess and Ladette to Lady, an English gentleman. He had black hair, fair skin, was a twin and came across as pretty full of himself. What is this guys name?!

It's been bugging me all day and I don't even know why! The only other detail I remember about him is that he and his twin brother ran some kind of clothing business together.

Alternatively, what's a tv show you're obsessed with that people who know you would be surprised you watch?
carter arrested

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tqc, since you're such a *valid* cross-section of humanity. restore my faith. this is the big news story in my neighborhood today. i can't wrap my head around a person being dumb enough to dump a body in rush hour traffic.

so the question is, is dumping a body on a busy freeway a valid option to you? where would you get rid of a body?
Geeky Girls

Pet Allergies

What would you do if you brought a baby home that you learned was allergic to your three cats? None of the cats are really used to being outside and two of them have never been outside. The oldest one (around 12 years old) has health issues. I think he has kidney problems.

What if you could not find a home for them?

For the nosy, this question is brought forth by someone I know. She's put all three cats outside after living for a year or two in her basement. They are not allowed inside at all.


What is your favorite breakfast food? I am rockin' the Hot Pockets covered in hot sauce this morning!
Muh Life.
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Why so early on a Saturday???

Should I stop being a loaf and go do a side job worth $60 (two hours) or go shopping for home decor? Both is not an option because I would have to come home and clean up between the two and I lose my will to do anything but nap after a shower/bath.

What are you doing today?
i am spock's frustration
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Speaking of root, a few years ago a group known as bantown hijacked a bunch of LiveJournal users' browser cookies using a JavaScript vulnerability then gained full access to their LiveJournals. Six Apart addressed the concern in such a way that it was still possible to hijack the cookie but the only authorization in the journal was the ability to read protected entries.

If users continued to use LiveJournal and get their cookies hijacked, was their active participation in having their privacy invaded like asking for it?

For the lols, do you think bantown possibly could've been like a creepy old man rolling up in your neighborhood in an unmarked van with free candy for little kids?


how is the sizing? is it only a good fit for boy-shaped adolescent girls? if i (a woman) am a size 4-6 usually and have somewhat broad shoulders, should i get a medium sized jacket?
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If you own or have owned cats, have you ever bathed them? How did you go about it and do you do this regularly and how do they tolerate it, etc? Have you ever had your cat professionally groomed? Have you ever brushed your cat's teeth? Or do you just leave them to their own hygienic devices?

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So I've decided I'm rewarding myself after comprehensive exams (3 days of straight tests in my major, yayyy). I've narrowed it down to three purses. They're all in the same price range.

Collapse )

ETA: Daaaamn, if you don't like them don't bother commenting.
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condo neighbors smoking

I have lived in a condo with my husband for three years. Our new neighbors smoke in their unit and have given my husband several asthma attacks because the tobacco travels to our unit. It seems the source is from our door. Their smoke goes into the common hallways, then enters our unit.

What are the best ways to block out traveling smoke? Are air filters worthwhile?

Is there anything we can do (we are in Ontario) since his health has been jeopardized by their behavior? Would it matter if they have very young children and their health has been put at risk as well?

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When's the last time your smoke alarms went off? What were you doing?

Mine went off about half an hour ago when I was making chicken. A piece went rogue and got caught underneath the burner and suddenly all hell broke loose. A mad dash to open all the windows and smack the smoke alarm until it stopped. Whoops!

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Which of these smells do you like?

Freshly baked cookies, right out of the oven
Clean laundry
Old Spice
Freshly cut grass
Cinnamon/nutmeg/spicy Christmas smell
Baby powder
I am going to tell you about I scent I like in the comments

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Do you have any good/bad prom memories?

My oldest niece is going to her final prom tonight. It made me reminisce over my prom experience's which were kind of a let down tbh. It wasn't bad, just nothing memorable.

Do you still have your dress?

A few years ago I donated my dresses to a program they have in my area for girls who can't afford them for prom.

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Our first Sonic just opened a few towns over (the nearest one is at least a few hours away).

People were sitting in their cars on a line that was at least a full mile long. Gas is $4.20 a gallon right now. My students said the wait was over FIVE HOURS!

Will you tell me about the ridiculous crap going on by you right now?
Is Sonic good? In three months from now when the line dies down, what should I try?

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I just found a waffle iron in my kitchen cabinet. I did not know we had a waffle maker and am assuming it came with my boyfriend when we moved in together in August.

1. Have you ever stumbled upon something in your house that you had no idea you had? What was it? Did you find out where it came from?

2. What should I put on my waffles?

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TQC, have you ever quit a job to move somewhere else and start your life in the new place? I'm planning on moving at the end of June/early July and haven't said anything about it to my boss yet, but I have no idea how to go about telling him since I've only been working there for about five months. Any tips/advice?

Do you shop at modcloth? What do you think of the clothes and accessories there? I always want to like their stuff, and sometimes I do really like certain things, but they're so expensive.

Simple costume suggestions

In my Spanish class we have to perform a skit. I will be playing a character that guards a door/bridge and has the other characters perform a few tasks (think Knights who say Ni). So, I need a very simple costume idea to make it clear that I am a guard - just headwear or something like that, must be able to make it easily and cheaply. Any suggestions?

Eta: pictures would be good if you can find them - a visual representation helps.

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TQC; Have you ever lived in an apartment with neighbours who had a bird that sung? Did you hear it often? Did it ever get on your nerves?

I'm thinking of getting a canary, but am also trying to be mindful of all my elderly neighbours that are in PJ's by 7pm. I also have paper thin walls and a balcony door that I leave open for the majority of the day. Finally, I leave the apartment at 7am so would be taking off the bird's blanket fairly early.

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Hey TQC, what sauce should I make for my ravioli? I've got vodka sauce ready to go, but I could also make a butter sauce with parmesan cheese (I'd add other spices as well).

What comedy should I watch on Netflix Instant while eating my dinner and drinking by myself? Or should I just watch Food Network/Bravo (whichever has better programming)?

Quick, what's your favorite cocktail recipe?

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did anyone else think Kate Middleton's dress was really boring and uninspired?

what kind of chick do you think Prince Harry is going to end up with(if he ever does)?

and why are the British so obsessed with hats?


Does really smooshed-together cleavage creep you out?

It bugs me. I just look at it and think "oh, sweaty, yuck." IDG why people think it's desirable.

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TQC, can you give me a reality check/a bit of a reassurance?

I had this guy over yesterday for dinner. We've known each other for a couple of weeks, we met online and we had a really great time. We made out and went a little farther (but not sex). I was firm on not doing actual sex because I've run into trouble with being too permissive with guys too quickly before. He left around noon today and I haven't really talked to him since; he's online but he doesn't seem to want conversation, and I'm trying to just be patient and not freak out, but it's so hard not to because I really like him. Have you been in this situation before, TQC? Did things work out all right?

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The worst way to die? Worst can be the actual death or the way you're found after

While touring a wasabi manufacturing company, you fall into a large vat of their hottest condiment and drown
You're on a roller coaster when the protective brace malfunctions and resets, letting you fly out at a really high point in the ride
Your heart stops while pushing out a really strenuous poop while you're at the county fair. You're found with the poop still lodged in your butt
While using the new vibrator, the Hummingbird 6000, it malfunctions and explodes in your naughty place. The line is later recalled
While at a petting zoo, something scares the animals and you end up getting trampled beneath the hooves of 2 goats, a sheep and an alpaca
You're involved in a really kinky orgy and you forget the 'safe word' and are beaten to death with a riding crop and a 10" dildo
You fall into a pond that's filled with koi/pirannha hybrids and get nommed
You're skydiving and no one noticed that you put your chute on backwards, with the ripcords now located on your back. You can't reach them
You get inspired from taking a fourcorners' poll and actually try and consume 200 Peeps in 2 hours and enter a diabetic coma
You're in a swimming pool when a 500lb guy cannonballs off the high plank. He didn't see you
While hiking through the desert, your foot falls into a large scorpion nest.
There's an all white van parked in front of your place with the words 'FREE CANDY' written on the side. You actually get close enough to ask what kind of candy. It's all you remember
You fall into the panda exhibit at the zoo. The male panda for some reason finds you sexually irresistable
You're a woman and go streaking in Saudi Arabia and get stoned to death
You at the salmon mousse. It had gone bad

Edit: last question is 'ate' the salmon mousse (Monty Python reference)
warhol zebra

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Ladies, where do you buy nice clothes for work? Anything from dresses to separates to suits.

What is your favorite candy?
Butterfinger Eggs. I hate that they're only available around Easter!

Students, what are your summer plans?

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How do you react when your SO says they want space? Not like, breaking up space, but just the night apart. We basically spend 24 hours a day together but I still get very emotional when he mentions it. 

Am I overreacting?
Muh Life.
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Inspiration & whatnot

What are some good (active?) home decorating/DIY decor/"help me find this very specific item from 1970s West Virginia artisan ____." communities?

Do you have a "nice" home? Will you share photos with the class?
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So I am thinking about selling my blue 2006 Toyota Corolla. Kelly Blue Book says it can sell for approximately $12,000 -- but that number seems way too high to me. I barely drove the car though, and I have a little more than 6,000 miles on it. My parents claim it won't sell for more than $5,000. What do you guys think? I don't understand anything about cars. I don't wanna overprice it but I don't wanna under price it either.