April 29th, 2011

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I thought about buying some alcohol for when I got off work at midnight, but then I thought, naaaahhhh, I'll just want to go to bed. STUPID!

It's almost 1 AM. Should I walk to the mini-mart? What should I buy?

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TQC, what's something that's frustrating you right now?

My answer:
I basically told the boyfriend that there were some times where he pisses me off but that the good times outweigh those moments. And his only response?
"But I like you."
[It wasn't out of the blue, for the record.]
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dear tqc,

what is a hobby or interest that you are passionate about, that also makes your friends look at you funny. can you tell us why you find the topic fascinating? how do you deal with the panicked questions it illicits?

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Do you feel like your SO should be the person with whom you laugh the most?

What qualities does your SO possess that you most value? (If you're not currently in a relationship, you can talk about past ones or something)

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do you like the tattoo i got today? i got it for free and im getting my entire leg done of reptile and insect type things in the rain forest all for free.
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will you post a picture of your most recent tattoo and/or your favorite tattoo you have?

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I'm failing at google so hard tonight.

I get in these moods where if I don't learn something, I feel like I'm going to pop. Anyone know of sites that would allow me to listen to university lectures, preferably history/anthropology/astronomy related? I knew I had one before, but ugh I cant find it. :(

Oop, I suck :( found that old site I had been looking for - http://academicearth.org/
But any other suggestions are appreciated.

can we have a happy post?

Will you tell us about some things that are making you happy right now? Big things, trivial or small things, right this moment things or life in general things, let TQC share in your happiness!

I'm happy that today is going to be 75 degrees and sunny with no humidity, and that I gave myself a professional-looking manicure last night!
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Does your city/zoo/government have any webcams set up to watch local animals?

We have a Falcon Cam set up downtown for a regular nesting pair, and they had two babies hatch yesterday! They look like cotton balls with beaks! You can see them here.
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What are you doing for Mother's Day, TQC? I just ordered three of these for the house my mom'll be moving into in a few months, but I feel like I should get her something small too. Would you like these lanters? She's very into candles, so I'm hoping it'll turn out well.

DK/DC/Sorry if this was already asked: idk :(...what are you doing for Father's Day?
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I just got my computer fixed, yay! It was a two second fix and they didn't charge me anything. Should I have tipped though? If yes, how much do you think I should give them? Do you think it'd be okay if I just wrote them a thank you card with some cash in it instead of going back?

DK/DC/boring: Did you like Kate's wedding dress?

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Not long ago, I had a boyfriend who was very passionate and dedicated to me, a private practice that was running smoothly, a nice apartment and an adorable cat. We were planning on getting engaged, then married, having kids and buying a house.

Two Sundays ago, suddenly he decided he did not love me anymore. I had to leave the apartment and the cat. I closed the practice, because I couldn't do it anymore. I do not have a place to live, I am staying on friends couches when I can and all of my stuff is packed into my trunk, with a pillow and blanket in the backseat.

What would you do in this situation? I have some money, not a lot. What should I do?

So far I think maybe I will become a gypsie, or a carnie, or I will go to Hollywood and try to find a movie star and make them fall in love with me. Any answers please. Thank you TQC.

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if you have taken classes for a degree program while working full-time, 9-5, can you tell me about the experience? e.g. did you take classes full-time or part-time, was it undergrad or grad, how was the workload, did you have trouble scheduling classes, etc? any tips in general?

(i'm particularly interested in hearing experiences from people who took grad classes part-time. i also have relative flexibility in my work schedule, since they know i want to do a degree program, so they'll be more willing to accommodate some daytime classes. i also get tuition remission, so money isn't in the equation here.)

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My father is an overly critical judgmental arsehole.

I am having a lot of pierced and tattooed and ~alternatively~ dressed people coming to my wedding. I just know he is going to say something to me about the people I invited and their appearances.

How do I tell my father to stfu when he does this and do so politely as to not cause drama?

I just know I will stress out and have a spit.

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Would you call a company to ask for more details about a fairly unspecific job advertisement, or would you just submit a resume/cover letter and keep your fingers crossed? I feel like I should call them but I think I'm probably underqualified anyway, so... bleh.
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Here's the situation. My last job sucked. It was very unstable, the owner was apt to just fire people because they made him mad one day and you just never knew when you were going to get suspended, written up and things like that. My current job is not like that at all. I work for a good company that is loyal to their employees. The problem is that I seem to be stuck in the mentality I was in at my last job. If I make a mistake, I tend to get really panicked and think that I might lose my job. How do I get out of that mentality?

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When someone says they are still friends with someone they are now divorced from, what does that usually mean? How much of a friendship can they have if they were once married and are now divorced?

totally hypothetical btw

dk/dc: do you like chocolate covered pretzels? best kind?
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I'm looking for a car that is speedy and relatively good on gas.  Right now, I'm really liking Volkswagen Golfs/Jettas.  Any suggestions?

What car do you drive?
How long have you been driving it?

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have you ever watched The Point?
what did you think of it?

the only appeal it seems to be holding for me is that Ringo is narrating it. my roommate, her boyfriend and her friend who is staying with us are watching it. it's really not speaking to me and i'm not getting why they're enjoying it(if they are, which i'm questioning).
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I just adopted a red betta fish. WHAT SHOULD I NAME IT?

What was the soonest amount of time after getting out of a relationship that you started dating again?
I've got my first date with someone two weeks after breaking up with my ex. Part of me thinks it's too soon, the other part of me feels like, considering I realized I'm a great big fat lesbian, I should celebrate that and just let whatever happens happen.
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Post Break Up Help

My little 13-year-old sister just broke up with a guy she's been dating for a month.
I know, life goes on, but to her, this is a hard blow.

I've suggested going on a walk, playing games, watching a movie, but all she wants to do is mope.
I feel like this won't help her at all.

How would you suggest I help my little sister get out of this funk for the night?

My last resort was going for the frozen cookie dough and soda pop.

For the record I'm 18 and have a car.

Need to Transfer Money

One of my friends needs to drive home from out of state tomorrow. She doesn't have anywhere to go or any gas money. How can I get money to her ASAP? My online banking will not allow me to transfer funds to outside accounts. Western Union won't let me because my information wasn't verifiable (my info is right, I just have a patchy address history and I think that's why)

EDIT: Thanks for warning me guys, but this is legit. It's someone I've known for more than ten years and she's trying to get back to the town both of our mothers live in. She didn't ask for it, I offered,

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OKAY! So I got covered in latex body paint today, and while the last time I did it, it removed in big pieces, this time, the artist put a mesh fabric over my body and painted over it, so it basically left a fishnet pattern, and I can't just peel it like a sunburn or something. I've tried soap and water with little luck (it's very water-resistant), as well as baby oil, and nothing's really making it come off quickly. Do you have any other ideas, or am I doomed to spending an hour in the shower picking off little tiny pieces of latex?

What's the weirdest question you've asked on TQC? What about the weirdest question someone else has ever asked on TQC?

Amazon MP3 alternative wanted

This one really roasts my toast...bought an MP3 from Amazon and all of a sudden the procedure is new. You get your choice: download their MP3 downloader software (formerly required only if you bought an album), or store your purchase in the cloud and then download it. I don't want any more crap on my computer, nor do I want Amazon collecting my music for me and "helpfully" saving.

What's a better non-iTunes site for legally buying and downloading music?
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Dating a friend's ex, when the friend isn't over the ex: yea or nay?

Is there a timeline where it becomes more acceptable to date the ex, regardless of the friend's feelings?
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It's bad that I can drink half a handle of rum and still be pretty much coherent over the course of 5 hours, right?

What was the last bad thing you realized?

Are you self-centered? I think I am. All my questions are "Blah blah blah blah? I blah blah blah".

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If you were working a part-time job that paid minimum wage ($7.25 for me), how many hours would you want to work?
Would you quit if they dropped some of your hours and didn't show any interest in giving you more?

I am extremely thankful to have a job, but at $7.25 an hour after I just got my hours cut, I'm barely going to make enough to cover gas since it's a 20 minute drive. :(

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Should I have a bowl of Lucky Charms or Cinnamon Toast Crunch?

I want Lucky Charms, but it's the only cereal I've eaten for like, a month, so I feel like I should be diverse and have Cinnamon Toast Crunch.