April 28th, 2011

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I should start out by saying is that I have only had wisdom teeth extractions so I don't know that much about surgery or insurance.

Has anyone had their gallbladder removed due to gallbladder diseases/gallstones? I was suggested two surgeons to call. Is it appropriate to ask, over the phone with a receptionist, how much it would technically cost for the surgical procedure to be done w/o seeing the doctor first?
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Do you think that serial killers should be legally permitted to benefit financially from their criminal behavior (due to interviews, TV specials, etc.)?
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What with all the crazy weather, I've gotten to wondering...do people still use candles during a power outage, or do they use touch-lights, crank lights, flashlights and the like as their stormy night go-to's?

Personally, I still prefer candles, but keep a flashlight handy in case I have to walk around.
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My ex boyfriend (who I am still really close friends with) has a Netflix account, that, while we were still together, I used to watch movies/TV shows on. Is it weird to watch a movie on his account now that we've split up? Why/why not?

What's the last ridiculous thing you had to think about?

Have you ever been photographed nude?

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Is there any store you hate, but have to shop there because there is no good alternative? What do you get there?

Where can I buy men's dress shirts online, big and tall sizes?
I can only seem to find shirts that are white, blue or ivory. Unless I go to Men's Wearhouse, but I hate them so much!
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For those of you with a SO, the last fight you had..

- what was it about?
- how long did it last?
- who was right?

If N/A:

I don't own any sunglasses. Can you think of something that everyone seems to have but you don't own?

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Do you pronounce it "in-te-rest-ing" or "inch-ruh-sting" or some other way?

I say inch ruh sting

edit: also, where are you from/what's your accent?

I'm from Arizona, I have a typical Arizonan accent
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TQC, why is it that when I get a credit check for a job/apartment, everybody is concerned by my student loans, which are in active repayment and I've never missed a payment?

Is the sheer fact of having to had take out loans for your education a mark against you in the housing market now?!

What's the last unfair thing that pissed you off?
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i bought a digital camera for a road trip i'm going on next week.
i have pretty low interest in taking pictures, so i'm not entirely sure why i bought it in the first place.

will tell me things to take pictures of to get motivated?

i already have some of my dog. they're all blurry because she never sits still.

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What's the most unpleasant thing on your to-do list right now?  Be honest.  Are you really going to get it done?

I have to write out a new resume.  It shouldn't take long but I so don't feel like doing it.  I will, though.

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I posted about this all sorts of anonly over in anon, but have realized I'm willing to out myself if it brings about more responses.

Last night I had a dream that caused me to look up my bff from elementary/middle school online. The only thing I ended up finding for her was a memorial page detailing her death in October of 2008. The memorial page doesn't list the city she died in, and there were no obituaries published in any of the local newspapers. Without knowing the city she died in, I can't look up a death certificate.

As someone is apt to be when a friend passes at such a young age (26), I'm curious as to the cause of her passing. I would also like to reconnect with her brother.

She moved towns when we were in highschool and we lost contact. I don't know anyone she knew post-2000.
I don't know her mother's last name so I can't look her up.
I only think I might know her brother's last name, and it's a common one. I found a local kid on facebook that's the same age and haircolor as this guy should be, but considering I haven't seen him since he was pre-pubescent I'm really unconfident it's him.
However, I have found 3 people who signed her memorial on facebook and am 90%+ confident the people on facebook are the folks who signed her memorial.

Is there any way I can contact one of those three people to try to find her brother and/or about her death that's not horribly tacky and creepy?

Do you ever have dreams about people from your past?
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Fellow Yahoo mail users (lol I knoooow it's my junk mail/lj account), is mail down for you?

dk/dc/god get a better mail service: will you please describe your last culinary disaster?
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What is frustrating you the most right now?

I am wearing a headband today and it won't stay still, it keeps sliding to the back of my head. lol I am throwing it away as soon as I get home!

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Inspired by the below dream question...

What are some common themes in your dreams? Like things or people or events that seem to feature a lot?

I've had tornado dreams my whole life, and since adolescence there have been a LOT of fish tanks in my dreams, usually floor-to ceiling stacks of tanks with ugly fish inside, sometimes starving fish :(
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Who wants a box of matzo?

I've got three unopened 1 lb boxes of matzo left over from Passover, and I'm willing to share. So the first three people to ask (and provide some sort of working mailing address) shall each receive one box from me.


EDIT: I've got my three requests already, and no more matzo to give away.

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What was the last stupid thing you did/said?

I'm doing a study guide that asked how police make suspects feel isolated and hopeless and actually wrote down, not thinking, "They isolate the suspect from others" as part of my answer.

Will you post funny safe for school links for me to look at as a break from my homework that I've been at for 3 hours and need a break?
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In general, how do you tell if you should actually be offended by something or if you are just being oversensitive? How 'HDU!!!1' do you have to feel before you actually say something? Does it have to be something personal?

This is either the best or worst place to ask this question, but I just need to know before I get all passive-aggressive with my friend over Facebook.

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I good portion of the tip of my tongue is slightly numb. Sorta tingly too. Its started yesrerday after having an panic attack when I went out shopping. But even after calming down and almost 24 hours its still there...

Had anyone else experienced this?
How long are the after affects of strong anxiety supposed to stay, is this normal of some anxiety symptoms?

I have never experienced this after any anxeity attack so I am little worried.
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Will you share some fun and interesting crafting projects? Sewing, knitting, scrapbooking, whatever.

I'm really into t-shirt reconstruction right now but I think in the near future I will be attempting a t-shirt quilt. I have a bunch of souvenir shirts but nothing to do with them!
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Random scenario

Someone goes into a small coffee shop before work. They order a coffee, they get the cup and start sipping it. They hand money over to the cashier and it's a $100 bill. The cashier states that they don't have enough change to break the bill. The person says that they have no other money on them at all. What should happen in this situation?

(There is no sign stating that they don't take certain bills and they don't have a credit card machine.)

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I'm going to Seattle in 2 weeks.

it won't be my first time there, but it will be my first time going on a very tight budget. what are some fun things I could do for free/extremely cheap?

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I've only recently found an Ikea in my area. I've heard mixed reviews on their stock. What's your experience with their furniture? How good/bad is the quality?

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Have you ever been Geocaching?

Do you know what it is?

I go on my own quite a bit and there is a big meeting this Saturday at the local wildlife area but I dont know if I should try to go, I have been trying to get out of the house more as I am extremely shy in these kinds of situations (I went to do a cache at a local golf course but could not get out of the car because there were too many people).

Should I go?


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Would you consider a pregnant woman a mom?

Do you think a pregnant woman (with her first kid) should get something on Mother's Day or should she have to wait until she has the baby?


What's the funniest thing you've heard recently?

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Do you ever hoarde clearance candy after a holiday? What are your favorite holiday candies?

(Brought to you by the two boxes of all cherry Tootsie Pops I have leftover from Valentine's Day, and the 50+ Cadbury Eggs I bought few days ago, even though I am completely Cadbury Egged out for the season.)
Nevermind, guys, I'm apparently a giant fatty. lolol

Alternatively, will you recommend a documentary to watch on Netflix Instant?
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My boyfriend and I are going garage sale hopping this weekend. What's the best thing you've ever gotten from a garage sale or thrift store? What's the most interesting thing you've seen at one of those places?

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TQC, have you ever bought a mattress from a "cheap" store (like a Sam's Club or Costco)? How's that working out for you? How much did you pay, and how comfy is the mattress?

Show me what your bedrooms look like? I'm going to move out on my own in a couple of months and need decorating ideas.
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Do you ever end up with multiple tabs of the same website open?

EDIT: I mean like the exact same page, not different pages of the same parent website, for clarification. It happens to me all the time with TQC.

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Does anyone know which show this was?

My brother and I were trying to figure this out the other day... There used to be this show (I'm assuming a kids' show) from the 90s that featured (I believe) a French Bulldog. I can't recall much else at all, just that the French Bulldog was black and white, and I'm THINKING her name was similar to something like "Daisy." Then again, I might be getting it confused with my best friend's dog from back when I was that young.

I'm sorry this is so vague. I'm not even sure how to google it!

Anyone have a clue? D:

If not: Which kid/cartoon shows do you still watch?

I've recently started watching Looney Tunes again (starting with S1 Ep1) and they're so much better NOW than they were back then. So many hilarious things that I missed due to age.

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My Husband was stumbling and AVG Virus protection popped up and said that there was a threat. He moved it to the virus vault and all seemed well. Then he resumed browsing as normal. All of a sudden a scanner popped up, which he knew was some sort of virus. So he looked up the scanner and the resolution for it (which was a'download malware bytes') Long story short, he did that and after restarting, our desktop is gone.

The odd thing is, after googling and researching this problem, there are many cases of the desktop being gone, but usually, the START button and Taskbar are gone as well. Our START button and task bar are fine, there is just a blank desktop. When he checks the properties of the 'C' and 'D' drive, everything seems to still be there but it shows blank.

He ran a full AVG scan/regisrty cleaner and all was well. We tried rolling back to an earlier date and also pressing F8, 'Last Known Configuration' at start up. It is the same blank screen in safe mode as well.

TQC, I know this isn't a tech site, but I really want some immediate tips from real people :):) Does anyone have any cluse as to how to fix it?


do you have a hard time finding bottoms that fit right?

i went to the store and tried to get some shorts. what always happens to me, and what happened today, is one size fits perfect but the waist is too small, and the next size is big and makes me look bigger, but the waist is fine. what the hell? did anyone else here have this problem and figured out what to do about it? am i looking at the wrong kind of cut or something? help?

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What was the worst physical pain you've been in and what caused it? Assuming you're feeling better now, how long did it last for? How did you get rid of it?

I'd have to say sports injuries were by far the worst for me. My latest one was during a lacrosse practice and my knee was badly hurt. I still have a pretty big scar from that day.
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Does anyone here use a reusable water bottle?

What kind? What did you look for?

Is there a brand you would recommend?

I like this one but it's made out of aluminium and I think that can leak toxins into the water :-/
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Publishing Woes...

For anyone out there who's been published before (though fiction novelists to be more pointed), do you have any tips for query letters?  How did you get the pressure off or find the guts to do it? 

This brought out by my nearly crippling fear while attempting this damn query letter. Seventy-two thousand words of novel (five times over now) was so much easier than the proposal...

And before anyone says it, I can in no way, shape, or form afford self publishing T_T I'm broke.
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There are all of these suggestions and solutions for people who are too angry, or need to learn to release their anger in a healthy way, but what about those individuals who never let out their aggression and always act like everything is okay or play it off? Do you think this is healthy? How do you think it affects an individual?

How shitty is your eyesight? I'm sitting about two feet away from my computer and I can't make out the letters I'm typing. Oh, wait, I just refocused and..yeah, no.

What is your favorite snack food?