April 27th, 2011

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Will you share some silly, irrational worries?

I rarely use pens because I'm worried they'll burst and get ink everywhere and I won't be able to clean it up. I also keep a piece of paper taped over my webcam camera so that no one can secretly film me while I work, lol.
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Do any of you gnaw on the sides of your fingers, at the tip near the nail? I don't habitually bite my fingernails but I do pick apart my skin there and have for years.
How do you maintain sexy~ fingers?

Will you tell me a story?
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TQC, I can't sleep because I have a job interview tomorrow and omg omg so nervous/excited.

Will you tell me about how your job or job hunt is going?

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those of you who have experience with autistic kids, is it pretty typical for them to have a thing for numbers? my nephew is 28 months and finally started saying his first words - he looks at his fingers and goes "one, two". numbers seem to make more sense to him, when i draw with him and make letters he gets mad and forces me to start over.

what were your first words? or your children's?

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How often do you get a haircut?

How much do you usually pay?

Do you tip? How much?

I haven't gotten a haircut in like two years and I finally want to go do it and I don't know what to expect.

Have you ever shopped from yesstyle.com?
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how embarrassing and/or pathetic is it that i am considering getting my ears pierced just to be able to wear harry potter earrings?

how much does getting your ears pierced hurt?

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I'm on my mom's laptop and using Google Chrome. For some reason when I make posts or comments the text font is papyrus (I'm assuming here because this is what it looks like) Is there a way to change this? IDK why it's like this and its annoyingly small and hard to read. but when I push post it looks normal

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What's the weather like where you're at? Do you wish it was different?

It's raining here and I love it ^^ Perfect April weather. I love the rain because it makes all the browns and greens outside so rich with color.

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What hobbies have you taken up recently? I recently tried my hand at dying wool yarn using kool aid and it's so need. It came out awesome. I am going to be dying some more today. Just little batches because I only need a small amount for a current project.

Fixin' to

This isn't really homework, but I'm writing a paper on the use of "fixing to" and would like to find experiences different from my own to consider. So of course I bring this to TQC:

Do you use "fixing to" (as in, I'm fixing to go to the store)?
If you don't use it, do those around you use it?
If you use it, is it something that you frequently use?
If you overheard a parent telling their child to get out of bed one morning and the child responded "I'm fixing to," would your first assumption be that the kid will get out of bed in the near future or that they're procrastinating?
In your opinion and from your own experience of hearing/using the expression, what does "fixing to" mean?
And finally, where are you from?

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What's the sales tax in Atlanta?

I'm coming over from the UK where tax in included in the price you see on the shelf. When I went to Vegas, it confused the heck out of me to be told a higher price when I went to pay than I saw on the shelf. I've had a look on Google and found loads on how to file taxes in Georgia, what the income tax is and that sales tax varies by county. Just wondering how much I need to add to prices when I'm out shopping.
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How do you eat your Hot Pocket?

With a fork and knife
Using the paper sleeve
I do not/have never eaten a Hot Pocket
What is a Hot Pocket?

Does your Hot Pocket explode when you cook it?

It always explodes
It only sometimes explodes
It never explodes
I do not eat Hot Pockets
I still don't know what a Hot Pocket is

What is your favorite Hot Pocket flavor?

Inspired by the fact that there is no possible way to cleanly eat a Hot Pocket using that damn paper shield thing.
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When you're looking for a new job... wanting a higher salary is of course a WANT... but would you turn down a position that you were really interested in if it resulted in a small pay cut?
: )

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What vitamins/supplements do you take, if any? What do you take them for? Have you noticed any effects?

How much is too much?

I just started taking vitamin D, vitamin B12 and Omega-3 capsules today. I'm hoping they will have some positive effects. I also need to remember to take my damn iron pills but I've been forgetting for a long time.

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Who were you in high school?

I was the kid who sat off by herself and read/slept all the time. Barely talked. A sort of bully magnet because of my glasses.

I recently learned that there was a rumor going around that I was bulimic because I would go to the bathroom everyday after lunch and wash my hands.

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I know we have these all the time, but I'm in a pretty okay mood and would like to make it even okay-er. Can we have a post-your-kitty-pictures post?

Feel free to post other pets too!

Also, what do you conside a successful date?
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What is the task you hate doing the most at your job?

At my research job, it's a toss-up between working on reference sections and formatting papers in word. At the day care, cleaning the crib rooms. As a server, bringing the bus-pans down when we don't have busboys (which is 90% of the time).
Justin Verlander

Pre-dinner ice cream is always a good idea.

What is your favorite thing to order at Cold Stone? Brought to you by my Gotta Have It size Founder's Favorite, made with cheesecake ice cream instead of sweet cream ice cream

Dk/dc--What kind of shampoo and conditioner do you use?

ETA--I use Aussie Moist, and also Aussie 3-Minute Miracle a few times a week.
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My friend just talked about luxurious blowjobs from expensive imported hookers.

What would you say constitutes a luxurious blowjob?

Curiously unrelated, what does it take for you to not to give a fuck?
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Will you post your favourite cartoon/childhood show theme song?

Do you remember a cartoon from the 90s that have what I think was a French knight? He had curly blonde hair, a big nose and wore a blue outfit. The opening and the closing credits were on a blue background as well. I'm thinking he was incompetent. I can't remember anything past that but I used to watch it before I went to school.

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Can we have an interactive post?

Will you post a word and anyone who feels like it will reply with the word they think of when reading it?

Will you go to TVTropes and hit random and post that page here?

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I'm the drummer for a band now. What should we call ourselves? It's me and two dudes.

Mostly non-srs, but I'm all for suggestions!

Have you ever been in a band? What was your name?

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if you are involved in any sort of fandom, whether it's music, a series, or whatever else.. what is your opinion on 'stan' wars?

personally I think it's idiotic to have to down another artist or thing just to talk good about another one.

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Is this the worst grammar EVAR???

Gas Station's Has Camera's. She Sold Him Gas That Morning. When It Came On The New'S & They Showed His Face She Called Police At Once. Dect Has Already The Day She Called Police & Stated Questioning Her. You Will See This Is The Truth & I Hope The DA'S Put Her On The Stand

I hate to say it....North Carolina Public Schools
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If you had to choose between marrying the last non-related person of your preferred gender who you spoke to or be forever alone which would you choose?

Me? I would very honestly choose forever alone. I hate him so very much.

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today Puyol(captain of Barcelona) was talking to Jose Mourinho(Real Madrid coach) after a scuffle on the field. they looked like neighbors having a chat after running into each other checking the mail. then it was halftime.

so leave to pick up the girl i babysit from school and when i got back Mourinho was in timeout for the rest of the game.


non srs acceptable.

DK/DC: how was your day?
The Receptionist Classic

Free Hookers & Blow With Every Vote!

So there's this chili cook off next week at work. You have about a minute to present your entry to the judges when they come around to your table. People have done nothing for presentation (just the chili), some people have had a band play (no, seriously). Presentation points are given, but the judges are usually drunk by the time judging starts. This is serious business, too -- prizes are rolling in and are looking really sweet (electronics, cash, vacation time, sports tickets, gift cards, etc).

I'm entering my Holy Molé chicken chili. I am not attached to the name. I have NO idea what to do for my presentation. I was going to rent a nun's habit from the costume shop, but that costs too much.

What should I do for my presentation?
Should I keep the chili's name or change it to something else (and to what)?
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I'm going off to college next year and hope to visit my boyfriend (goes to college 45min away) from time to time, but I'm worried that it'll alienate me from my classmates.

1. Would visiting my boyfriend once every other week be excessive?

2. Will going away keep me from making good friends? Would you personally be bothered by someone like me?


[EDIT] It's not the long-distance thing I'm worried about; he's a year older so he's already been away for a year :P

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I give friends a lift once a week (one long trip that is - 2 shorter ones) and never ask for petrol money because I find it super awkward, but have in the past.
It's a 60 mile round trip, and is really quite expensive, i'm a student, so its builds up.
I'm doing it again tomorrow for the first time in a month - is sending a text to everyone coming saying, 'Hey everyone, see you at the bus stop at 5. I'm going to need to ask for help with petrol money as it's getting pricey!' reasonable? I'm worried it comes off as passive aggressive.

North Myrtle Beach

Anyone been or from the North Myrtle Beach area that can help me?
I want to go to the Myrtle Beach Safari so I'm looking for the hotel closest to it. (mid-range like Holiday Inn, not fancy)
I don't want to rent a car. I'm flying from either Worcester or Boston.
Any suggestions for hotels? Other things to do?
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I, of course, got stuck with organizing a fucking group project that is worth 50% of our grade in my composition course and I have to come up with a thesis that everyone can use to guide their portion of our paper. We'll all be talking about advertising in America and how it can promote false ideals. Does this work?
In America's consumer economy, we are inundated daily with symbols and images that encourage promotion of false ideals and from the science behind what we are sold every day to the illusions themselves, our current culture is domineered by the ideas that breed from advertisement.

What is something you really need to tackle?

How did your day go?

Do you enjoy how people drive in your area?

I hate birth control questions...

Have you ever found a link between your HBC pill and migraines?
If you've ever stopped taking the pill after being on it for a while, did you notice any differences in your health? (Emotionally/physically, whatever)

Does anyone get migraines when the weather is crappy?


What's bothering you right now?

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how do you define "ironic"? would you describe any of these things as "ironic"?

A traffic jam when you're already late
A no-smoking sign on your cigarette break
Ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife
Meeting the man of my dreams, and then meeting his beautiful wife

what about rain on your wedding day?
or a free ride, when you've already paid?
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We had a take home quiz in my English class, which had a bonus question about Bartleby the Scrivner. As it was a bonus question, I put "I hate this story, I haven't read it in six years, so here's what I remember of it." I turn it in to the teacher, then realise after glancing at the syllabus that it was required for the class. The professor and I have a very good rapport -- she requested me into this class and helped me jump some hoops to get in. Would it be a good idea to e-mail her and apologise if my answer seemed dismissive/flippant and that I misread the syllabus? Or should I hope that I've already charmed her enough to not worry?

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The weathers been crap all day, rain, wind, lightning and tornadoes . Right now it's raining softly but I can still hear some faint thunder.

Do you think it would be OK if I took a quick shower? or am I just asking to get myself electrofried!?

Do you ever bath/shower in stormy weather?
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The newspaper delivery boy has just posted the weekly free newspaper, at 10.30pm. What is the latest time that you have received anything?

I'm sure we've had the paper come after 12 midnight, too.

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I'm getting bored with my drinking habbits and need a change. I'm not a big beer fan so I usually drink mixed drinks. My go to drink is UV Blue and lemonade.

What are some of your favorite drinks?
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So, I read this:


...and it made me sad for humanity.

Besides the geniuses in the article above, what other groups of people in your life or society in general need a good punch in the throat? Or at least a good helping of stink eye for their wtf-ery?

(I mean seriously, who boos Bill Freakin' Nye?!)

My list would include people who buy those automatic soap dispensers that Lysol makes for use in the home
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If you worked for a company with a lot of employees and a huge parking lot, how much would you be willing to pay for a reserved parking spot right outside the front door for a month?

Assume the money goes to a charity as a fundraiser and not to the company, if that matters.