April 25th, 2011

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What is the last thing to have caused you a nostalgic moment?
I just logged into my Neopets account from when I was 13... it's a total mindtrip, lol

What's the last spur-of-the-moment thing you did?
totes just went to the store and bought like $20 of Easter candy... it's already been marked down 50%, woo!

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Whats the last awkward thing that happened to you?
-Feel going up the stairs while my crush was walking behind me.

Last time you cried?
- Earlier today, when our cat hid her kittens and I was freaking out because I thought they were dead, in my room. I found them though. ;_;
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hey TQC, it's 4am. do i: stay up another hour and go to McDonald's for a delicious greasy breakfast before I pass out orrr do I just pack up my car for tomorrow and go to bed?

I'm indecisive and sleepy and hungry wahhh

What emoticon sums up how you're feeling right now?
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dear tqc,

my friend is angry at me because i kind of beat him up to keep him from beating up another person. they were both drunk, and started antagonizing each other, and it kind of escalated. since there wasn't really a person who deserved to be punched out, i tried to get between them and talk them down. but when my buddy shoved me out of the way, i had to immobilize him to keep things from getting out of hand any further.

the other guy got pulled away by his friends and they all left, but my friend was so angry that i'm sure he would have socked me if i was a dude and maybe a foot taller. he says that i should have minded my business or just watched his back so that nobody else snuck up on him, and that by taking him to the ground and holding him there, i'd violated our relationship.

does he have a point? or is he just being a sore loser?
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Do you know anyone that was diagnosed with cancer?

How old were they when they received their diagnosis?

If N/A:

What'd you do this weekend? Who'd you see? Where'd you go?

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If you saw a woman pushing her kid in a stroller across a very busy four lane street, only about 20-30 feet away from a crosswalk at about 5:00 PM, what would you think?

(It scared me for the kid since I had to slow way down in order not to hit them. Then she stood in the center lane almost getting hit by other cars trying to turn, and then barely made it the rest of the way across :/ . All with a nice safe crosswalk so near. I got mad and thought she was being so lazy/dumb... but am I being too judgmental? I don't have kids but I thought of my neice/nephew.)

Jerk or realistic?

My nephew is five years old and even knowing that this is the "norm" for his age group I still can't bring myself to the coddling.

He draws the same random scribble "I'm a good artist HUH?!"

Repeats that he knows what 1+1 is again "I'm smart HUH?!"

Picks up a light rock "I'm strong HUH?!"

Where I'm like in my mind...

No, you drew the same random scribble again.

No, your just repeating a memorized phrase at this point.

No, it's not even heavy for you!

It's like, show me some effort, some progress and then MAYBE I will give some praise, but only if I choose to and recognize such and if you request it your not getting it. To me it gives a false sense of what is growth/good and someone is not always gonna be hovering over showering you with compliments. I think it creates dependency and stunts growth.

I know affirming others is important but constant ego stroking? Eh. Am I putting to much on his five year old head?

EDIT: Ok people took my post into the more extreme spectrum. If my nephew brings me a drawing I don't scoff at him and rip it up. I can admit I can be a bit dismissive but not overtly rude. This was my main concern where I am painted as a monster for not gushing and praising. I said I QUESTION it in my MIND.

I will ALWAYS acknowledge him, a nod or "ok", but I just don't gush at something that didn't take effort nor growth and is just being used for attention. Positive reinforcement and encouragement, yes important. Yet why are people telling me to do it for someone doing something that didn’t even take effort or energy? Because he is five?

I am concerned because I encounter adults everyday that are expected to be validated and praised for doing next to nothing and it's obvious to me now it's because they, and yes myself, were conditioned from a young age to be like that, from like I dunno, five.

I encourage, I praise, when I see my nephew growing, when he takes that next step because he realizes it is right and finds something in himself, not because he is expected to be praised just because. In an ideal world yes, I am trying to be REAL to him so he can survive in this REAL world.

I knew I was putting myself out there but to be painted a monster for doing such, well I find it rude. I will take the advice to be less dismissive and it gives me clarity to know that it's more about attention. Yet still, no one really expanded from the OMG but he's five someone think of the children bit. In this world if you want attention and praise and validation do something attention worthy, praise worthy and validation worthy. Not because, oh I am here so I can request it.

I love my nephew and he loves me and that is why we will give one another attention and I know he is capable of more and won't put him in this box of "woe as him he is five" which I think is the problem.

Ultimate summed it up for me which was the point of the post from the start: "I think you are completely right that praise should be earned instead of received for the most mundane things. We already have a society that believes each one us should be an instant superstar despite any obvious talent. Just look at all the reality show auditions if you want proof, especially American Idol! Maybe if a little reality was instilled at a young age we would not be so deluded. I am not saying to withhold affection or general benevolence to a child, but they need to know these differences."

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How do you deal with "one uppers" ? You know, the type of person who has to "one up" every story or experience you share? 

They annoy the hell out of me and I was just wondering how other people deal with them.
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TQC plan my life.

What should I do to work out today? Should I:

a) run (indoor... I can't run outside until I'm sure I'm keeping my new running shoes)
b) swim
c) weights + elliptical
d) blow off working out completely and go shopping instead

DK/DC: What are you procrastinating right now? I know there's something...

zumba new feet

I just got back from my very first Zumba class.

Have you tried/done anything brand new lately? What was it?

When was the last time you had a spa pedicure? How much did you tip?

Do you like foot-rubs? How often does someone rub your feet?

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If you went to summer camp, sleepover or not (or any sort of equivalent type playgroup for older kids), what sort of songs did you sing?
If I Had a Hammer? This Land is Your Land? The one about smooshing up a baby bumblebee? Little Bunny Fufu? Leaving on a Jetplane? Leader of the Band? Greasy Grimy Gopher Guts? Taps?

Give me your favorite or not-so-favorite camp songs, please!

time for some objectivity

sooo.....if you were in a relationship for three years with a person that ended a few days ago where the following is true:

1.  you live together in their family's house at the moment.
2.  you share one car, which is in your name and which they have not had any financial ties to.
3.  you share a phone plan, which is in your name.  
4.  your ex-SO's employment is basically dependent on being able to use the one car.  

what the hell would you do?  i feel terrible pulling the rug out from her feet, but i'm not sure what to do.  staying in the situation is pretty much killing me...but i really don't have any idea what i should do.  

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I have a date on Friday, I should wear.....

Jeans with a red top.
Jeans with a blue top.
Jeans and no top.
IDC, ask another question!

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Haven't from my boyfriend since Saturday night, in which he was treated to some drunk IMing which he took in good stride-considering he's done it to me more than once.

And a drunk text [telling him that I wanted him here at the party] around midnight, an hour after he logged off without saying anything to me.

TQC how likely is it that he's mad at me?
Logically I know he's probably not but I can't stop worrying.
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What do you do when you're in the computer lab on campus and the fucker next to you has his headphones so loud you can't concentrate at all?
All I can hear right now is the shitty bass and thumping beats coming from his head and it's driving me insane.

What distracts you and keeps you from studying, or sleeping, etc?
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Worth watching?

So I just heard that My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is supposed to be awesome from my friend. Is it worth watching? I loved the old My Little Pony cartoons back in the day (80's) when I was a little kid.

If yes, what's a good place to start? I don't think I get the channel it's on, but I do have some leftover cash in my iTunes wallet and wouldn't be opposed to buying an ep or two.

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Women: How do you determine your one-piece bathing suit size? I've heard it should be your dress size, but that would be like a bag on everything except my chest (my dress size is 10, pants are 4). D:

dk/dc: What was the last thing you bought?
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Let's say I gave you a relatively generous amount of money to take a week-long vacation wherever you want (assume you were able to take off work and forgo other responsibilities). Where would you go?

Good Sick Food?

I've been really sick all weekend. Not running a temperature or anything, but my throat has been hurting and I've been very mucusy and fatigued. I'm taking it easy today, but I did make plans to view apartments with my future roommates. I ate some chicken noodle soup with crackers earlier. What should I eat before I leave in a couple hours??

Where do you keep your bread?
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What are some essential/helpful things that you should have at your desk at work? 

What are some fun things I should buy to make my desk/office fun and not boring looking? 


I just started a new job, so my office cube is super plain. Help me TQC! 

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My friend is getting married soon and she put me in charge of the music we'll be listening to when we are getting ready. What songs should I include? I'm thinking wedding songs and love songs, but anything goes really.

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Why am I such a hard to please reader? Half the books I check out of the library do not please me and I never finish them. Some books I've read recently and enjoyed are Island of the Blue Dolphins, and The Endless Steppe. Recommend me some books please? I'm going to the library in an hour and would like some teen/young adult books fiction is fine but I would really like some interesting non-fiction similar to The Endless Steppe.
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i haven't had an appetite in about a month.. and it's now quarter past 4 in the afternoon and i realized i haven't eaten yet today. i'm trying to think of something that sounds good, but THERE IS NOTHING.

will you suggest some totally delicious food options that don't involve cooking? maybe yours will be the key to my stomach! muahahahahha!
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Does anyone know of a few good websites that can help you learn a new language for free? I want to learn Italian but I can't afford $300 for the Rosetta Stone programs.
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I am using my Google-fu muscles, but also want suggestions from the locals, er, you.

My boyfriend and I are in the midst of a ldr, but after several months apart, I will be living with my boyfriend and his mom in a suburb of Denver for the next six weeks, and in an awesome (but bittersweet) turn of events, he recently started a full time M-F gig, and thus won't have the crazy amounts of time together we were originally planning on.

That leaves me with 40 hours a week to fill time. I can borrow his bike, he lives about an hour away from the city, and I don't drive.

So.. Denverites, Coloradoans, awesome people of the West, what do you suggest?

I'm a big outdoorsy person (I sail for a living), am big into history, have spent very little time West of the Mississippi other than visiting Albuquerque and California, and while money isn't tight, I don't want to spend all my savings, either. I last saw the boy (and Colorado for the first time) in February and tried skiing, but fell in love with the openness of the area (I'm from a Baltimore City, it's a leeetle different).

SO to sum up for the tl;dr folks - I have six weeks in a Denver suburb with plenty of free time and a bicycle, what should I do?

EDIT: I also have a week-long trip planned to San Diego to see old friends, so that'll break it up too. We did the opposite of this for a month last year, albeit I was only working 20hrs/wk then, but it worked.)
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What should I make for dinner?

It has to involved ground beef - since that is what I have on hand. I'm pretty well stocked on veggies, starches, etc, but am low on meat stuff.

It cannot involve tomatoes, mushrooms, or peppers, since I have a picky eater.

Please help me out!

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When you're writing a paper for a class, do you do it in drafts (if drafting is not required)? Because I definitely don't and I feel like a pretty bad student as more and more people mention all their drafts.

Odd thing to happen....

Oh, this is so weird....

What would/could cause the plastic on a squishy toilet seat to turn purple? Apparently the people we were staying with for a time still blames me and my SO for this strange occurrence that started while they were away for a few weeks and have been acting like it was done on purpose. All I can think is some chemical change or something caused by pressure and temperature over time as it started out slow and where the legs would rest and then spread out over the seat...?

I don't know, I'm just not happy getting blamed for something that had us even puzzled.

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I'm trying to figure out which apron to get my mom for Mother's Day. Will you click the cut and tell me which apron you like the most? I know she'd like any of those, but I can't narrow it down any further.

Collapse )

What's the last thing you've bought someone as a present?

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Can you suggest a base coat for nail polish that's really good for preventing stains?
The only advice I see online is "use a base coat to prevent staining!" I have this lime green polish that has stained my nails right through ORLY Bonder and CND Toughen Up so far, so clearly not just any base coat will do the trick... is it just always going to stain or is there something else I can try?

...or maybe can you suggest a community/forum I could go to for advice on this?
I know TQC isn't exactly a polish or makeup advice place... any good ones I could look into?
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Spring cleaning con't.

Have you ever kept a pen-and-paper journal? Do you still have finished ones lying around somewhere? Do you ever look through them?

I kept one pretty consistently between the ages of 8 and 17 and I'm considering tossing them all out. I hate to throw away something that past-me spent so much time and effort on (srsly, I really thought my every thought needed to be recorded) but keeping notebooks full of adolescent whining doesn't really appeal to me. However, I'm thinking they might be useful if I ever become a parent and need reminding how horrible it seems to be a teenager when you're in the midst of it.

EDIT: oh shit I'm also finding notebooks full of ~*prose*~ and poetry I wrote in high school holy balls these are getting shredded
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Shower Preferences

Do you prefer high/moderate/low water pressure?
Do you prefer hot/tepid/cold water temperature?
Do you face toward/away from the water?
In what order do you clean yourself?
Do you do anything in the shower other than clean yourself or do you have other strange shower habits?

I prefer high water pressure and extremely hot water. I usually face away from it unless I'm sitting down and then I face toward it.

I wash my hair first, then my body, then I shave, then I wash my face.

I read all the time in the shower. It's extremely comforting in a way that reading in the bath isn't. I sit down with my chest up sticking out of the shower curtain and prop my book against the edge so that it won't get wet. I frequently sing when I'm actually washing myself too.

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Will you help me find the proper "model"?

See, I need to find pictures of someone, anyone, that has the next characteristics, feel free to post all the photos you want.

-30ish something (in your opinion, he can look older or younger)
-More cute than handsome
-Between 5'8" or 5'7". Since it's a photo is hard to tell, but if he looks short, then I guess it works (I don't even know if this makes sense)


Just now I realize it may be a stalkerish question of sorts. I want this because I want to draw someone like that and I want to have a model for that. Give me an idea and all that.
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So I was eating some chicken with BBQ sauce for dinner tonight, when I suddenly realized with horror that the chicken I was eating wasn't pink from the sauce. It was pink because it was still raw.

What are the odds of me getting food poisoning?

My stomach is making funny blurbling sounds, and I stopped eating it fifteen minutes ago.

Is it already happening? Am I fucked? I'm fucked, aren't I?


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tqc, I'm pissed at myself. I forgot to get my new pack of bc pills and needed to start a new pack last night. I forgot again today to get them, so I'm going to miss yesterday AND today's pill. When I get a new pack, should I just start the pack at Tuesday? Or should I wait? Is my period going to be too fucked up?

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Someone stole the faceplate from my car stereo. How do I fix this? I don't know the model/serial number/brand, since it was a gift and I have no paperwork. Will I have to buy a whole new stereo?

I don't understand how any of this works. Apologies if this is a dumb question.
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If you saw someone you thought you knew from over ten years ago but weren't sure, would you say anything to them and find out or just wonder? Assume it was someone you actually liked.
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Gardeners of TQC, have you planted your garden yet? Or maybe started your seeds and are waiting to transplant? What do you have planned?

My boyfriend and I planted 6 different herbs, tomatoes, and zucchini this past weekend.

City dwellers, do you have a balcony or something like it to grow things on?

We have a big back deck but it doesn't get much sun because of all the other decks around it. We plant stuff out front instead, hanging off the railing that's in front of the patio door. It gets the perfect amount of sun. It bums me out that out of ~35 units we're the only ones to ever plant anything. :(
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I'm currently in Texas finishing up the semester but while I was in California I renewed my license and had it sent to my dad's address. I asked him to send it to me when he got it. Instead of putting it in an envelope he wrote FORWARD TO and the address where I'm staying here on the front and stuck it back in the mail. It has been two and a half weeks and I haven't received it. Am I fucked? Will DMV documents forward like that? Can it be confiscated? I'm so pissed about this.

How has your night been? What was the last straw to break your back, so to speak?
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What do you and your closest friend spend most of your time together doing?

Do you talk a lot? If so, what kind of things do you talk about?

Have you conversed so much with somebody that you've developed a private language with them?

What are your favorite topics of conversation?


I know questions about Tumblr have been posted a few times in the past, but I just started using my Tumblr again after a long time of neglecting it.

Things really have changed since I first started!

Can you suggest some Tumblrs that have interesting reads? I'm especially interested in anything linguistics based or anything funny and would appreciate any suggestions!

If you use Tumblr, post your link so we can all check out what you've been up to on there! ^^

... does the lack of a vowel between the l and r bother anyone else?
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Of the friends that you speak to/hang out with regularly, how long is the longest friendship?

dk/dc/forever alone: If you were given four hours to do whatever you wanted and get paid, what you do?
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Dear TQC,
Do you know any tricks to go to sleep that don't involve sleeping pills or things like Benadryl? (Those things make me crazy/stupid the next 24 hours.)
I've been getting horrible sleep for the past week or so, you know, sleeping all night long but having dreams about sleeping or running long distances and waking up even more exhausted than before. Or waking up every half hour or hour on the dot. Or just not sleeping at all.
So, any tips you have would be greatly appreciated. :)

ETA: Too young to drink.
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Do you have any comedians/comedy TV shows that you think are only funny in your area?

I'm Scottish, so we have a lot of humour that I don't think would translate well in the rest of the world, or even if it did, I'm not sure anyone would understand the accents!

Feel free to post youtube links :D I'll put mines in the comments!