April 24th, 2011


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People who have sex with men: Do you let your boyfriend cum on your face? Or anywhere else?
Men who have sex: Does your partner let you do this?

My friends said their girlfriends don't let them; I let my boyfriend when he asks because he enjoys it and I don't mind. Gutterslut y/n?
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If you have your own bathroom, do you get dressed after a bath/shower in the bathroom or do you go back to your room to do it?

Did you play the original Portal?
Did you beat it?
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For people who have pets: do you ever get that really creepy feeling that your animal(s) can see something that you can't? My sister's kitten is always staring at the ceiling, and we're convinced that it's ghosts.

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Poll #1733620 This or that - Easter edition

Which would you rather eat?

100 Peeps
40 Cadbury Eggs

Which would you rather hit accidentally with your car?

The Easter Bunny. He was carrying a huge basket of eggs, and kids everywhere will be disappointed
Jesus. It IS a human being, but one that can rise from the dead

Which would you rather eat?

Chocolate bunny. Solid (not hollow)
Succulent rabbit strips, extremely tender, marinated in special sauce

Which would you rather do?

Paint your face in bright garish colors like an Easter egg. Go about your business for an entire week
Wear nothing but pastel-colored clothes for the next year

Which would you rather do?

Attend an Easter service at the Westboro Baptist Church
Flash your boobs at Mardi Gras to whoever has beads

Which would you rather do?

Tattoo your buttcheeks to look like 2 giant Easter eggs
Get a tattoo of the Easter Bunny on your neck, from your sternum to your earlobe

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I need some new awesome books to put on my kindle. Here's what I've read so far:

The hunger games trilogy
Across the universe
Mango-shaped space
Never let me go
Water for elephants

What have you read lately?
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For those of you who have or have had roommates, how do you react when your food has gone missing?
What if they admit they took it and ate it without your permission?
(your name was on it and everything)

How bent out of shape should someone get over food thieving? What if the food was really expensive?

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My google-fu is failing me, so I need help.

This summer I'm going overseas (first time ever) to Israel, Germany, and Poland.

I'm trying to figure out what vaccinations, if any, I need. Can anyone help me?

I'm also trying to figure out if any of the medication I'm on is prohibited in any of these countries so that I can get a doctor's note written if need be. Anyone able to help me with that?

Also, do you have any tips for someone going overseas for the first time?

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My mom knows I've been really careful about what I've been eating. She always makes Easter baskets for everyone and when she asked me what I wanted (since she knows I'm not eating a ton of crap), I said to pick one thing with chocolate and that's it.

I opened my Easter stuff today and no exaggeration, there is probably about three pounds of chocolate in there. My dad was really shocked and then my mom just apologized to me.

So, I ask you, diet sabotage or my mom's brain runneth over and she forgot completely?

Now I feel guilty for not wanting the chocolate because she bought it...crazy, yes?

Will you tell me about your unreasonable moments of feeling guilty for stuff?

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There is a tradition that on Easter Day the Pope, the very Pope himself, will venture out into the world and pick a stranger, a man or woman unknown to him. The Pope will invite this stranger into his own chambers within the Vatican, dress the stranger in his own clothes, bathe him (or her) in the Pope's own bath chamber, and put him (or her) to sleep in the Pope's own bed for the night.

If you were the selected stranger, and honored in this way by the Pope, would you (and this is the actual question I am asking), would you (I repeat myself for effect and form and emphasis), would you pee in the Pope's shower?


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Do you collect anything or decorate your home in any sort of theme?  How did that start?

I'm really into seahorses, and I can trace my obsession back to the first time I saw the Drinking Out of Cups video on YouTube several years ago.  But I only really started collecting seahorse things after I saw the seahorse exhibit at the Monterey Aquarium last January.

I already have a few different pieces of seahorse jewelry, a seahorse t-shirt, a seahorse purse, a seahorse wallet, and seahorse underpants.  What else should I get with seahorses on it?
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I'm taking a trip on Amtrak on Thursday. My train leaves at 9am and arrives at 3pm. I'll be eating breakfast before I go, but need snack ideas for the trip. Preferably healthy, but some can be junk food.

I'm already thinking I'll bring some fruit - probably an apple and banana. A granola bar or two. A can of pop and a bottle of water.

What would you bring?
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for those wondering about my last post, i was dehydrated due to nausea/a reaction to doxycycline, and am doing better now. :)

do you have any easter traditions you'd like to share? do you exchange gifts of any kind?

don't celebrate easter: what's the last tv show you watched?


So its now been a week and a half since I have worked and my boss wont answer me as to if I will be working tomorrow or not so Im busting out some resumes and going to apply to some hotels for housekeeping because as odd as it sounds its something thats in demand that I might like doing (Im a preschool teacher now)

How fancy does my resume need to be, up until now I have gotten jobs based on word of mouth so I never really needed a fancy one...should I go to staples and get a "proffesional" one printed up or can I just print it out on regular paper at home?

Anyone here do housekeeping at a hotel? Whats it like?
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Lotsa questions!

1. Where do you live? (Country, City, State/Province, whatev).

2. How long have you lived there?

3. Do you like it?  Why/why not?

4. Do you work or go to school? How long is your commute?

5. How close is the nearest :
a: Grocery store
b: Gas station
c: Hospital
d. Restaurant/deli (some place where you can grab something to eat if you don't feel like cooking)
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QUESTIONCLUB, do you know of any rap songs that are specifically about big tits?


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have you ever gone into a career all excitedly, thinking it was THE career for you and then realized it wasn't? What career and why? (If you are still a student, same question but college majors)

(I thought preschool teaching was the career for me. I am spending a year working in a day care / preschool that has an urban low income population and there are a lot of problems and I come home so stressed out. I realized that teaching is just not for me. I don't have the patience and I'm very introverted so a dozen 3-year-olds running around is overstimulating and exhausting for me. It's a good thing I realized this before I went to school for it.)

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Does it bother you when the US shuts down on only Christian/Catholic holidays? Do you feel cheated, like the country you live in only represents one portion of it's people? Am I the only one angered by this?
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If you live in the U.S. and have traveled a good distance away from your home (within the U.S.), will you tell me about your experiences with the differences between the culture/people/food etc. you found from your own state and/or region of the country?

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I know homework questions are a no-no but I'm having trouble phrasing a thesis for a short paper and need some assistance :( if you hate me for asking, skip to my next question :)
I'm trying to say how the theme of a journey to the underworld is integral to the development of main characters in certain works.
I have this so far: "Journey to the underworld as a plot device allows literary characters to progress spiritually and thus complete their journey of enlightenment" but it sounds so awkward!! HALP?

What are you doing for Easter, if you celebrate?

dk/dc/hate both questions: Wanna post a picture of your dream home?
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Which movie would you most like to see turned into a Broadway musical?

Requiem for a Dream
Blaire Witch Project
Inglorious Basterds
127 Hours
Fast and the Furious
King's Speech
The Crow
Night of the Living Dead
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

In a comment below, why don't you include a scene of how you envision this musical to be like

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Can you think of any words that unintentionally sound like two or more other words?

For example:

Horrible = whore able
Condiments = condom mints

What does your shampoo smell like?

Does your cat like fish or poultry or other more?

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In the United States, is there a card that you fill out to indicate whether or not you want to be an organ donor? Which option have you chosen?

Inspired by my psychology textbook saying that only 25% of Americans indicate that they will donate their organs.
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Inspired by the post about where you live:

When it comes to your commute, do you think in terms of miles or units of time? Like, are you more likely to say something is 15 miles away, or that it's a 20 minute drive?

EDIT: Holy crap everyone is saying units of time. I never realized how abnormal I was before this post.

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What are your thoughts on giving food personalities? For example: Gold Fish now have different characters for each flavor. The pretzel flavor's name is GIl. Does this make you angry? Sad? Indifferent? 
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Dealing with obsessed and intimidating people, space invaders

Hello fellow TQCers,

Since you've been so helpful in the past, I'd like to have your input on problems that people I care about deal with:
-What is the best way of dealing with people who are obsessed with you?

-How do you deal with someone who invades your space when they are in a position of great social power, or higher ranking at your workplace?

- When someone behaves in an intimidating manner (e.g. staring at you for long periods of time without breaking eye contact, yelling, towering over you) what is the best course of action?

Thank you so much if you choose to help out.
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1. People who use good-smelling scented lotions and deodorants--do you ever smell yourself and just for one second want to just eat yourself up because you smell amazing?

2. Did that just sound creepier than I realized it would?

3. What lotion/deodorant do you use?

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If you gave up anything for Lent, what was it, and did you make it?

Did you indulge in it today? Was it awesome?

DK/DC/I didn't celebrate Lent: What kind of crust do you like on your pizza?

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When you're done showering, do you usually leave your shower curtain open or completely closed?

Brought to you by my roommate asking to leave our's open, because late at night she worries that something is hiding in the tub.

ex photos

So over the long weekend, we did a bit of spring cleaning. All of the closets, yay. I found a large box of photos from the last like 19 years. There are a lot of pictures that are vacations, trips, experiences that I had with my ex-husband. I'm trying to decide what to do with them all.

What would you do?

(If it makes any difference, I've been remarried now going on 8 years. I had no children with my first husband. We were together for 7 years total, not quite 3 married.)

I was thinking that I would keep the photos that are just me and/or scenery.

I was also considering gathering the photos of just him and/or his family (ie no couple shots or my family) and giving them to him. (I might be seeing him when he comes into town at the end of May. Nothing definite though.)

Is this super weird?

I'm okay with just throwing them away, but we had some pretty cool experiences together (hot air balloon, cross country trip, Grand Canyon, Rolling Thunder, etc.) and I feel weird throwing away his part of it.

Would you want to remember the trips you had with your exes?

I actually want to remember all of the stuff we did, though now I just consider it the stuff I did really.

What do you do with all of the old photos of your exes,etc?

I don't know. It feels weird to keep it. But it feels weird to throw it away too. Ugh.

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My cat had a brief but memorable encounter with a house mouse today where she was outwitted by it running under my couch. A search has found nothing and she is still super depressed, moping around the house and looking sadly under each couch in the lounge-room.

What can I do to cheer up my kitty, TQC? I may put on Life of Birds for her on my TV later on, she sits there watching absolutely transfixed.

Will you post photos of your own cats and other pets so I can show her?

DKDC: after Easter, are you all sick of chocolate yet? I drew even in the family egg hunt with my boyfriend and he's not huge on chocolate so I stole all his, and now I am regretting it deeply.
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A few months ago I had to move back home with my parents for financial reasons. I'm going to school doing distance education, and up until I moved, I was doing really well at keeping myself on track.

Now that I'm living with 6 other people again, and with the weather getting nicer, there are an infinite number of things to distract me.

Any tips on how to stay focused now that I'm gearing up to head into summer semester (which consists of the two hardest courses in my program)?

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My friend who is a Canucks fan dumped her boyfriend today because he is a Black Hawks fan and was spamming her Facebook wall with sore winner posts. Otherwise she had no other problems with him.

Do you think she overreacted a little? I tried tell her maybe she did (because she asked me first if she was overreacting) but she says I don't understand because I don't know hockey.

edit: sorry lj keeps logging me out when i try and comment. they are both 22. had been together for about 7 months.

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TQC, my FWB is thinking of a song, but he can't remember the title or the lyrics. The name of it is a person's name, and the whole music video takes place on a pull down screen, and all the content is projected onto the screen except everyone's legs are below the screen and are synched up to the content on the screen. it's mostly this woman and then the four bandmates at some points. It's really awesome and has balloons and a broom and awesome wigs. Any idea what song this is, guys? I have no idea what he's talking about.

ETA it was Valentino, by Diane Birch. Good song!
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I'm buying a hookah as a birthday gift to myself. I've got one picked out and it comes with 2 50g boxes of shisha. How many uses should I expect that to last?

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How do you stop yourself from taking everything really personally?

How do you learn to tell the difference between your own insecurities and something that's actually a diss to you?

When's the last time you felt really alone?

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YAY! So, I know this is going to sound a little wacky, but I love Chipotle. A lot. I moved from a place where there are lots of Chipotles to a place where there wasn't one. I wrote the company numerous times to ask them to open one here. I think it would be profitable, this is a college town. NOW THEY ARE OPENING ONE! It's comfort food to me and I'm very excited.

What is the last ridiculous thing you got really excited about?!
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TQC! I got a Soda Stream for my birthday today!!!

Do you have one?
Do you love it??
What's your favorite flavor syrup?

Do you think it'd be possible to carbonate milk?
What non water type things should I try and carbonate? (My husband said wine!)

What was the best birthday present you've ever gotten?
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Do you buy yourself gifts for your birthday? What is the most recent gift you bought yourself?

I just got the hookah (see below) and I'll probably get 2 microdermals.

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If someone told you they felt uncomfortable/embarrassed at a get-together after having several people loudly make comments about how much weight they've lost (including someone asking them if they were sick), would you have much sympathy for them? Would you have as much sympathy as you would for someone who received a bunch of comments that they had clearly gained weight?

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So a post below just reminded me of a romantic comedy that I never saw and it's bothering me. It must have come out this year or the end of last year. I saw the trailer, and I know it was about a guy who might have been getting married but he had feelings for his ex. I know there were a lot of girls in the movie [bridesmaids, I think]. Maybe they were all wearing blue. And I know it had a few big names in it. Any ideas? I'll post this to whatwasthatone soon enough.

or maybe I should just walk

Pursuant to this post, as the price of fuel has gone up, are you driving less? How?

I'm trying to combine errands so I don't make repeated trips. Trying really hard to hit the gym before or on my way home from work, so I don't go back out just for that. Trying to plan the shopping so I don't ever double back. Now that the weather is warmer (not snowing), I can probably run limited errands on my bike. Unfortunately my husband insisted we buy this house that is outside the metro bus area and just far enough from stuff that we can't walk anywhere.

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Where are the clothes you're wearing from?

I'm wearing a maroon cardigan from a local store and a black and white stripe dress with a yellow tie around the waist from Ann Taylor and black nylons from Target. And earlier I had on maroon shoes from Nine West.
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wedding shower

I am invited to my sister's wedding shower. However... I am broke. Beyond broke, really. Is it tacky to show up with nothing? I wish I could get her something, but I can't, and while I know she knows I can't, I still wish I could.

Can I make something? She loves cows, and I have an unstuffed cow plush that I was thinking of stuffing, but it seems... really lacking in creativity and appropriateness.

PS: Yes, the sister that was acting like a bitch about her wedding. We kinda made up our differences, but I am still not comfortable with doing any reading for her. I'd rather just attend.

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I haven't posted in a while mostly because my work blocked livejournal (hah) but I feel like asking:

What is the most exciting thing you've done?   Something exciting you'd like to do?  Do you have a "bucket list"?

What was the busiest/crazyest time of your life like?

I am about to quit my job to go to school full time (intensive full time apparently) and plan my wedding and also be a bridesmaid..it will also be a very poor year haha.