April 23rd, 2011

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What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

Should I go out tonight? I don't really feel like it but I promised my friends I'd go to their hip-hop party tonight.
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what is your favorite tv show of all time (one where you watch the episodes in order, not like a sitcom)?

which tv show should i watch next? i've been through gilmore girls, lost, prison break and nip/tuck if that affects your answer.

these questions probably have the same answer but maybe not

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Two pretty unrelated questions.

1. Have you ever been to a protest rally/march/demonstration against your own government? If so, what was it about? If not, what would your government have to do to get you to peacefully demonstrate against them?

2. What book do you think you've read the most number of times? How many?

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Have you ever been under general anesthesia? Why? Did you experience any weird side effects?

I'm in the hospital right now and just had surgery this morning. It was my first time ever being put to sleep and it was so weird. I remember being completely wide awake and being strapped down to the table, then suddenly I opened my eyes and I was in another room with a guy. He told me "its all over" and I was so confused as to why my stomach and throat hurt so bad. Now, I'm having horrible pain in my shoulders (surgery was on my stomach), which they tell me is a reaction to the anesthesia. I can't lay down, otherwise the pain is excruciating.
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as i was driving home not too long ago around 1am, i drove past a middle aged man in a wheelchair sitting in the middle of some bushes on (his?) lawn.

what was he doing tqc? kinda creepy. it's pretty chilly too.
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do you wish you were sleeping in right now?
what are you doing today?

my sister's getting married today and i completely forgot about the dish i'm supposed to bring. i never decided on anything and i'm gonna run to the grocery store in a few hours. any ideas? if anything, i'll probably just make taco dip.

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Will you tell me what was the last thing that made you feel super-happy and content no matter how recent or long ago it was?

I just got off my night shift job so I've been drinking (Oh, it should not be normal to drink at 7 AM) since I sleep during the day, and it's warming up outside, and I'm listening to good music and reading hilarious fic, and I feel happy as a clam.

DK/DC/Shut up Beth nobody cares - Look to your left. The first thing you see is your weapon in the coming zombie apocalypse. Look to your right. That will be your mortal weakness besides zombies. What are these two items?

My weapon is apparently a doorknob, and my enemy is another door knob? Uh, I'll just go with the garbage can next to the second door knob.
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If you play video games, do you ever use walkthroughs?
What about cheats?

Is there a difference between using help just when you get stuck vs using one the whole way through so you don't make mistakes? Clarification: are they both the same level of 'cheating' or is it the same??

or if you've ever played Fable is it any good? I am not usually good with 1st person perspective in games.

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Do you think Lindsay Lohan will ever grow up/get her life together? Or will this be a neverending cycle of jail, rehab, and the same old "I've learned so much and now I'm focused on my career" speech? or something else entirely?

dk/dc: post a pic of a dress you find just beautiful? bonus points if it's a dress you've worn! mine will be in comments

Royal Wedding

What is your Royal Wedding guest name?

Start with either Lord or Lady. Your first name is the name of one of your grandparents. Your surname is the name of one of your first pets, hyphenated with the name of the street you grew up on.
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Have you ever had a panic attack? How do you deal with them? Any tips to help them to end earlier?
I usually end up calling someone because if someone is talking to me, I can calm down faster.

What are your plans for the day?
Laundry, some basic cleaning, starting my online history class work (it's ALL due in a week, ack!) and filling out job applications. Boo.


I just crammed a whole sandwich in my mouth at once and narrowly averted puking and/or suffocating. It was actually pretty gross1.

1. Has your Saturday been so far fraught with such adventure and/or death-defiance?

2. Does vacuuming the floor seem as futile to you as it does to me2?

3. I'll bake and deliver to you some warm muffins! What kind do you want?

4. Can you forgive a well-meaning soul for lying about the muffins? Because that's not happening. But I'm really sorry, and I'll totally hand out IOUs to everyone eventually maybe!

5. Pretend for a moment that you're the best stacker in your country, with all the pride and prestige that comes with the status. If you took all the books you own and stacked them to the ceiling, how many towers would you have to make? I think I could make about three.

1And by gross I mean AWESOME.
2It seems very futile to me.
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Online somebody's making this out to be Wolverine's daughter:

Goes by SilverWolf.

She looks familiar but I know she's not 'that'. Anybody have a clue who this is really supposed to be?
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This is probably a long shot, but do any of you live (or have lived) in Minneapolis, MN? I am trying to find an apartment but all the ones I found online turned out to have terrible reviews by former tenants. I need help! Who is good to rent from?

N/A: What process do you use for finding a place to live in a new city?

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Close your eye and touch your eyelid - do you feel your eye twitch?

I'm trying to diagnose my weirdly painful left eye and it does that twitch thing. I don't think the right one does but my perception is skewed because I think I have some horrible neurological disease. I do have an appointment with the eye doctor but not until Tuesday.

Thank you for participating!

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I'm looking for financial aid. Don't have a job (but I am looking), my grades don't seem to be good enough for any scholarship and thanks to my mom's bad credit and me having next to no credit, I can't even get a loan. D:

What should I do?

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TQC, my sister is going to prom next week! She needs shoes.

She has a beautiful navy blue floor length dress, and will definitely be needin' some heels. She wears a 9W though and we're not sure where to go for those sizes! Any ideas on good places to find pretty heels in wide sizes, TQC?

She's a very nervous shopper and I want to get some ideas of where we'll be successful before we head out into the retail world.

What colors should we look for? I know silver would go well, but what else? She's got pink hair, so she's not afraid to be a little adventurous. She's just incredibly nervous about going shopping.
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Would you take random nutritional and exercise advice from someone who is extremely less fit than you?

Random as in my roommate just asked me if I was eating enough fruits and vegetables and told me that you should have at least seven servings a day. Out of nowhere! I mean, thanks for the concern, but... the fuck?

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Does anyone take Acidophilus, or something like it as a supplement for constipation? I take not one, not two, but THREE prescription medications that list constipation as a side effect and I'm always constipated now. I used to have 1-2 smooth BMs a day and my diet hasn't changed (still drink tons of water, still eat tons of fiber, still exercise), but ever since I've been taking antidepressants and Adderall I've been to the hospital twice for obstructions. I've never abused laxatives; colace doesn't work, M.O.M. doesn't work, Fibercon doesn't work, Ducolax doesn't work, senna doesn't work, Miralax doesn't work, you name it and nothing fucking works except going to the ER to have a not-so-nice procedure done. Halp?

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Have you ever bought a dress from shabbyapple.com? Are they decent in terms of quality? They're all cute and affordable, but some of them look a little cheap in the pics.
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Which of these would you eat? Assume there's a gun to your head or something and you had no other option than to nom one of these rare meats

Wookie ribeye steak
Tribble kabobs
Jar jar binks strips with BBQ sauce
Kobe unicorn burger
Big Bird McNuggets
Beastloaf (from Beauty and the Beast)
Hobbit sliders
Mermaid melt (like a tuna melt)
Aslan roast (like pot roast)
Yoda bacon
Falcor the luck dragon sausages

Green Bean Casserole?!

So I'm getting ready to make my dishes for family dinner tomorrow night. My duties are mashed potatoes and a "casserole dish." In our house, that means green bean casserole, but since they left it wide open...

Any suggestions for another casserole dish? My only concerns are, there's already going to be mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, and broccoli. I feel like that takes out a lot of casserole options.

I do love green bean casserole, though. Do you?

A question for the ages

 Should I drive to the little corner store and pick up some frozen dumplings (delicious and easy), or should I drive 20 minutes to the fancy grocery store and buy tuna steak (delicious, but I'd have to make a marinade and then cook)? This is an awful dilemma.

DK/DC: Doing anything exciting tonight?
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Out of curiosity, which laptop brand is best?

At first Gateway was good, then I had problems with Gateway and went to Dell. Then Dell had problems, so I switched to HP.

My current laptop is fine btw.

Or if you prefer, who makes the best netbooks?

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TQC, have you ever played the Sims Medieval? I've never played the Sims at all, but I'm hugely into RPG-style games and the concept of the Sims really appeals to me. What's your favorite Sims edition? Any Sims you're particularly proud of?

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For reasons that have been lost in the mists of time, I'm compiling a list of famous people who would be useful to have around the house when you're doing DIY.

So far...
- Peter O'Toole (a good all-rounder)
- Karen Carpenter
- MC Hammer
- Jimmy Nail

Can you think of any more?

Validate me :(

TQC, I can't decide if I am just being a brat or if I actually have cause to be mad.

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This disappoints me. Do I have reason to be upset with these friends?

DK/DC what are some party foods I should make tonight for the impromtu party I am hosting?
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I have really long, blonde hair and black sheets. How do I get rid of all the hair that I've shed from these sheets, not to mention all my black clothes? I read somewhere about adding vinegar to the wash cycle for pet hair, but will it work on human hair, too?

ETA: I use a lint roller on stuff I'm actually wearing, but there's something about my washer or dryer that seems to weave my hair into the fabric, making it look dirtier than it was when I put it in.
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Can we have a post about useless electronics, technology-like things?

Ex: The most expensive iPad sells for 829, the least expensive Macbook sells for 999. Why would you buy half a computer?

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Do we have any hair dye experts in the house?

I want to put some colored streaks in my hair, preferably pale purple and pale pink (like, pastel). Unfortunately, all the colors I'm coming across are darker than I want. I've heard mixing a bit of conditioner in with the dye can achieve this paler color. Is this true?
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Sucker Punch

my friend (who has AWESOME taste) recommends I see "Sucker Punch" even though the trailer makes it look really lame. I'm into the whole loony-bin-esque dramas out there so that might help make it better for me than others?

Have you seen it? Like/dislike?

sick. with never-ending head cold. what to do on Saturday night.

TQC, I cannot get rid of this head cold. Last night I was up every 30-45 minutes, I was just so uncomfortable. I don't know how much I slept - I know I slept a little but it wasn't like normal. This is every night since Tuesday now. I'm dragging around the house unable to do anything. How should I spend my evening?

A. Go to bed now, with a book or something, and hope sleep eventually knocks me out for a while, and then wake up every hour until 4:00 and then give up and get out of bed.
B. Watch the Ten Commandments on network TV until I actually get sleepy. Then repeat (A) until 4:00.
C. Take some Benadryl, let my head dry out, try to deal with the resulting burning sore throat all night, do A or B.
D. Other (suggestions?)

Things that are not working: decongestants, hot drinks, iced drinks, avoiding dairy, neti pot.

Things that help, but only slightly: advil, benadryl (but that causes more irritation), anaesthetic throat spray (very temporary).

Things that make it even worse: yoga, lying down.
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1. If the internet were a university, what kind of subjects would be available?

2. Why do people seem to freak out when supermarkets close for one day? It's like they think they're going to go through 5 litres of milk in one day and still desperately need more, so they stock up.

3. Who is the most famous person you have met? Who would make you the most starstruck if you met them?

4. What is one food or drink combination that you want to recommend to everyone if they haven't tried it?

1. idk but none of the classes would start before 1pm.
3. Prince William. JK Rowling.
4. Coke + Raspberry.

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I was wandering through a clothing store aimlessly earlier (Primark fyi) when I came across full size RABBIT onesies with a tail and ears. For £10. So two have been purchased and I will wear one to wake my bf up and make him wear his to do an egg hunt.

Best accidental 'discovery' purchase you've ever made?

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Tqc, tomorrow we are having a big family gathering for easter. I always buy my little cousins some small presents. This year I got the girls skipping ropes, bunny ear headbands, and colouring books. I have one boy cousin who is 2 and I feel like I should get him something as well but I have no idea what. He doesn't do much obviously haha. Any ideas? Or should I just not get him anything?
I don't want to spend much. I usually just get dollar store stuff.

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For those of you that celebrate Easter..
What are you doing tomorrow and do you know what's for dinner?

We go to Church Easter morning and then stay lazy the rest of the day until dinner. For dinner we're having pistachio-Dijon crusted leg of lamb, potato au gratin, roasted asparagus, and for dessert we're having both lemon bars and strawberry-rhubarb bars.

I am excited!
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My MP3 player died. I bought it via gift card from Best Buy's website and have only had it since the beginning of January. I had an issue with it in February that smoothed itself out. Every time I've contacted Best Buy and Sandisk with questions regarding said MP3 player, they've been incredibly unhelpful and have left me wanting to beat my head against the wall.

What should I do now? (Buying a new one is not optional.)

DK/DC/Sucks To Be You: How's the weather been? Made any new friends?

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What is the time is it in London/uk?

I have googled but at the moment I am getting two different times

So far I have seen its around 12.20

But I cannot find out if thats AM or PM. One source says AM. Another says PM

because I am totes not trying to figure out when doctor who is on

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What, if any, are the ethical considerations of stealing one's child's easter candy?

There are about 85 candy stuffed easter eggs hidden in my mother's livingroom for tomorrow, and that's not even counting whatever she'll get at the community thing at the church.

ETA there are 2 other kids hunting at my mother's, so she won't get all of them. And I'm not going to let her eat it all in one sitting regardless. I'm not insane.

Does it matter that she's not quite 2?

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Poll #1733583 cluck cluck

What is the best way to eat chicken?

Nuggets, preferably in cute shapes
Strips with dippin' sauce
Grilled and marinated
Chicken noodle soup
Pulled BBQ chicken
Grilled or crispy sandwich
Wings, wings, wings! With ranch and blue cheese!
Orange chicken
Chicken enchiladas
Teriyaki chicken
Chicken is good in all forms, why would you make me choose?
I don't eat meat.
Chicken is disgusting.
Other (in comments)
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It's 9pm on a Saturday, I need quarters for laundry by tomorrow morning (at least $7 worth, preferably a $10 roll). Usually I go to the bank, other alternatives? I used to go to Hy-Vee (midwestern grocery chain), but they don't have those around here. Will any grocery chain give you quarters with no hassle? I have access to Safeway, Albertsons and Market of Choice. I know Target will give them you reluctantly but Target is far away :(

dk/dc: Do you need to do laundry???

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How would you accessorize it? I'm getting gold jewelry.

What about with a burgundy dress?

Where online do you shop for skirts? Besides ruche and anthro.

Where online can I order hosiery with like polka dots and junk?

Sorry, I am in wedding hell.

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Is there any way to tell if someone on Etsy has received an award or recognition from Etsy itself? My sister in law said that she got some sort of award from them, but I don't see anything about it on her Etsy and I want to know what it was.

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Last year on my birthday I ate an "In-the-Habit," which was a hamburger from In-n-Out inside a hamburger from Habit Burger. This year I had a "Double Double Double Down," which is a double down from KFC inside a double double from In-n-Out.

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What crazy/nasty food combination should I eat next year?*
What crazy/nasty food combination can you make up?

So far I've come up with Murder-in-the-Box (Redrum burger in a Jack-in-the-Box burger) and a Big Mac and Cheese (Mac and cheese in a Big Mac from McDonalds).

*Doesn't have to be burgers!


my roommate and her boyfriend are fighting and she's like.. crying pretty hard. he just said "I can't stay here." and left.

should i say something to her? like, ask if she wants to talk or if she's ok? send her a text? i don't want to like, get in her business but i also don't want to seem insensitive or something. idk. i don't wanna look like a jerk but i also feel like, she's my roommate, not my friend and that there may be different boundaries.
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Herp de derp

What is the last random thing you either did or didn't do out of stupidity or because you felt rushed. E.g. late for work/lack of coffee?
Um, yesterday I woke up 10 minutes before school started and for some reason I forgot to put on a bra....aand I wore a white shirt. :| My friend was nice though and lent me her hoodie. But...how does this happen? :facepalm:

DK;DC: Do you like fried pig skins? How about braunschweiger? Blood sausage? Haggis?
I love them all. But only in small doses. :)
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So I feel like I have a calling to work for HIV/STD prevention in other countries. I'd like to do a short trip abroad (but Im not opposed to working in the US)  to work on this in particular, but I'd really just like to volunteer in general outside of my general area.

Has anyone done a volunteer trip abroad or to somewhere in the US? Where was it? and with what company/ organization?

And as a broke college student, I'd like to do it moderately cheaply. I've tried to do it with my school but have been rejected twice -_-

In which I don't understand social cues

I went to an Easter barbecue today. There were a bunch of people there I didn't know. At the condiment table, as I was loading up my hamburger and hot dog with a delicious array of fixings, a guy came up to me and started a conversation by asking, "Hey, so what was your name again?" He also asked me where I grew up and how I knew the girl throwing the party. He was probably close to my age, within 5 years.

Was he hitting on me, or was he just being friendly?


Thanks for you input, oh socially wise population of TQC. I just wanted to be sure that this small encounter wasn't a totally obvious attempt at flirting. I can never tell. I think it probably wasn't, but it made me paranoid that he spoke to me.