April 22nd, 2011


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If Good Friday is a stat holiday here in Canada I should be able to park with abandon for the entirity of my 8-hour shift tomorrow in the parking lot right beside my workplace that is normally patrolled and ticketed for cars parked over 2 or 3 hours on weekdays and Saturdays, as if it were a Sunday, right?


I feel like this is a no-brainer, "Sundays and Holidays"; but Google isn't giving me any straight answers and I'm paranoid about getting a ticket or a tow.

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I am n a really bad mood and not much is helping. I am out with friends at a karaoke bar but I just wanna talk but it's so loud and annoying. I don't want to pull anyone from having their own fun, I don't want to go home because I know I will feel shittier but I also don't want to stay here unless it gets better.

I am also confused about something else but there is nothing I can do about that but it's not helping my bad mood.

What do you do to get out of a stubborn bad mood?

Nb: you cannot afford alcohol

how to save trimmed branches

So they're doing pruning on my campus and long story short I've got about fifteen or twenty twigs and branches of various sizes hanging out in my apartment in bowls, pots, and empty bottles of water. They're all in water, they're all starting to bud or already blooming. How can I save them, and grow them into new plants?

If it helps, they were all pruned yesterday. There's five forsythia I got yesterday and they're all about four feet long, and then today I got a bunch of little twigs from various things. There's a bunch with tiny pink buds, a couple that look kind of like lilac, and a bunch that are from trees, so I don't know. (Aspen?) Those are all about one to three feet long.

The forsythia I put in water yesterday and one's already starting to have leaves. The others the buds are getting longer and greener. The rest, the ones I got today, I just now put in water. (A pot, since I didn't have anything else big enough.)

Any ideas, TQC?

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How would you respond to these moral dilemmas?

10) Treat the 6th patient.
9) Do nothing. The money is probably insured, and the orphans need it.
8) Tell her.
7) If she was really sick, wouldn't she be given days to make it up? Anyway, I think I'd have to put it on her record.
6) It depends on how bad the injuries were, and how healthy the child looked otherwise.
5) Don't drink it.
4) Refuse to do anything. We'll probably get shot, but that's a better death than most of the ways they killed people in death camps.
3) Save the daughter.
2) Whatever he chose to do.
1) He should have hired the most qualified person, friend or not.
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There's a minor trend in some horror movies that portray old-timey songs that are played repetitively by scary demonic creatures (Jeepers Creepers, Insidious). Seemingly innocent, hokey ditties like 'Jeepers creepers' and 'tiptoe though the tulips' are now linked to EVIL! If this trend is to continue, what tacky jingle would you like to see announce the terrifying monster in an upcoming horror movie?

Rhinestone Cowboy
Michael, Row the Boat Ashore
I Think I'm Alone Now
Edelweiss (the Sound of Music)
Yellow Submarine
My Heart Will Go On
I Just Called To Say I Love You
500 miles - Proclaimers
Fireflies - Owl City
You're the One That I Want
Puff the Magic Dragon
Human Nature - Michael Jackson
How Much Is That Doggie In the Window?
Oops, I Did It Again
Sussudio - Phil Collins

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English as a Second Language

For people who speak English as a second language, what do you find easier to understand, a British accent or a North American one?

DK/DC:  Do you speak a second language fluently?  If so, what?

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When you're driving and you see that the lane you're in is about to end, assuming there are no other cars in your vicinity do you change lanes immediately? Or do you wait until the last possible second, keeping as much of your car as you can in the rapidly narrowing lane until it's only a few inches wide and you're finally forced to abandon the lane or run off the road?

I see the latter all the time and it baffles me.

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How long do you have to date someone before you can let yourself go?

I've been seeing this guy since around the middle of March. How much longer until I can stop shaving and plucking my eyebrows before I see him?
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Owing to a series of uncharacteristically strenuous physical activities, I pretty much destroyed every muscle in my back, shoulders, and arms yesterday, and now I'm seriously paying for it. Even after a generous shoulder rub from my roommate, several rounds of careful stretching, and too many painkillers, I'm way too sore to sleep. So, my question is this: to anyone who's dealt with such an issue, how did you stop being excruciatingly achey for long enough to get to sleep?
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I need to post an essay to Flickr or PicasaWeb. The essay is in a word doc. 

Any tips how I can do this? The only requirement is that it is legible. I have never used either of these sites, nor have I ever had to upload an essay like this so I'm at a loss here.

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What's your favorite way to make or order a Bloody Mary? 

I'm going out to breakfast this morning with my mom and sister and we're getting Bloody Marys. I like mine with tobasco x) 

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What's the worst book you have ever read?
Who are your favourite painters?

DK/DC: will you post something/anything for me to read/look at/ponder over when I get home from work tonight?

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TQC, would you say the three day cold formula is accurate? (Three days to get it, three days to have it, three days to get back to normal) I'm in the third day of "having" it and it's always been pretty accurate for me.

Wedding Bells

Lately I've been hearing so much negativity surrounding the topic of marriage. I work with all guys (and am female) so I hear some pretty distressing things at times.

What is everyone's take on marriage? Are there any of you who are married and like it? Hate it? And why?

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We're considering a kitchen remodel on a small budget.

One option for the appliances is this stuff.

It's not the same as getting new appliances, but I've seen it used on tv home improvement shows.

This stuff is

Other - see comments
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 What is your Royal Wedding guest name? Start with either Lord or Lady. Your first name is one of your grandparents names. Your surname is the name of your first pet, double-barrelled with the name of the street you grew up on. If it's a number street, use Roman Numerals to be ~fancy~

Mine is Lady Peggy Connie Chung-Cherry
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Good Friday

1. Today's Good Friday. Jesus died on the cross for your sins. What have you done for him lately, huh?

Clearly you're not carrying your weight in this relationship. At least make him a sammich

2. Yesterday was Holy Thursday. Did you betray someone close to you? Did you get betrayed?

3. Tomorrow Jesus lay dead in the tomb. He didn't do anything, except stay dead. Will you honor his sacrifice at be equally unproductive tomorrow?

4. Sunday is Easter. Jesus rose from the dead. Will you take a shovel and liberate the recently dead from your local cemetery so to keep the theme of resurrection going?

5. Do your best to reconcile the parallel Easter storylines of a man being nailed to a cross with biting the heads off chocolate bunnies. How do they link together? Be creative

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I just got a text from a local number, but I don't recognize it and haven't given out my number recently. The text says "I still can't gwt"

what are they talking about, TQC? And/or who is it?

(yes I asked who it is and they haven't answered)

EDIT: LOL FOREVER GUYS, I just googled the number and found this:


EDIT 2: Just got a phone call from a number I didn't recognize. I answered and just heard generic office sounds - other phones ringing, people talking, etc. I googled that number and it's an accounting firm I've never had any association with. What. on. earth. is going on with my phone today?

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How do you feel about Peeps?

Ew. ew. ew. Just thinking about them makes me want to puke.
Eh, they're ok. I'll eat them if someone gives them to me.
I like them. They are a fun Easter treat.
LOVE SO MUCH I hoard them when Easter comes around. In fact, I have 340 packages in my closet right now.
WTF are peeps?
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Stock the bar housewarming party, clever or tacky? Why?

This is basically where you have a housewarming party (typically for a home that has a bar area) and you have a "Stock the bar" theme, where you ask everyone to bring a bottle of liquor or wine of their choice. One part of me thinks it's a cute idea, the other feels presumptuous asking for/expecting a gift.

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Why do people like Disneyland? I really could use a good explanation besides it's the original. That excuse doesn't explain anything. Why do people on Livejournal go insane when you mention Disneyland isn't all that great?

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Acceptable first dates?

Shooting range
Wedding. His/her friend
His/her apartment for an MST3000 double header
Beach volleyball/picnic with some friends. Bathing suits mandatory
Strip club
Night of drinking with his/her friends that will end up with cowtipping (it's a tradition)
Orchestral symphony featuring the vuvuzela
Location isn't that important, except that it's 2 hours away by car
Wrestlemania XXX
An abstinence support group meeting
Worlds of Warcraft/Torrent convention
Hot dog eating competition (you'll be in the audience, not competitors)
Steven Segal double feature
Hello Kitty convention (even if you're into HK, consider what it means that your date is into it)

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Does anyone have any post sex food craving cures?

I need cinnamon donuts so bad but no where is open today and I cannot get any!!!

We don't have any other sweets in the house either

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What have you done today? How do you feel about what you have/haven't done today?

It's 5 PM here. I have taken a shower and eaten a peanut butter sandwich.
That's really lazy but I start a 50+ hr job next week so I'm relaxing while I can.

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Why is my Jimmy Buffett station on Pandora playing so much Creedance Clearwater Revival? And why is my head bobbing and my feet tapping so much?? I wasn't even a dirty thought in my dad's pants when these guys were making music!

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If you work directly with customers: What are some rude things your customers do on a regular basis?

If you don't: What are some rude things your co-workers do on a regular basis?

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I bought some pineapple rum today to mix with the bottle of Simply Raspberry Lemonade in my fridge. Do you think this will be delicious or not so much?

Tell us about the last thing you improvised on? What was it and how'd it turn out?
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why is this the year of, like, every website having problems? the year of ddos attacks? who got 4chan riled up? (and before you say anything, yes i know about the russians vs. lj, i'm just saying for instance)

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let's say you live in Florida and you have a friend that lives in New Jersey. said friend wants to come visit you, but she can't fly, at all.

would you agree to drive to a state half-way between those two states to pick her up, drive back to Florida, then do it all over again in 2 weeks? why or why not? would it make a difference if you were compensated for gas money?

have you ever driven a long distance to pick up a friend?
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I just got my new ipad in the mail today and I want to download a browser to use on it other than Safari (I'm not a fan of Safari). To the TQCers who own an ipad: What ipad compatible browsers would you recommend I download?
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What are some good ways and bad ways to quit a job?

For instance, I've had this little retail job for about three weeks and I've only worked about 30 hrs total. This whole time.

And I got a better job today. With more money, a better location (closer to my house ding ding) and benefits.

I don't care that much to be like, "I'm sorry"

but I don't want to be a total ass...

Also, why does my cat have to personally seek me out everytime he wants to lick his ass? And if I'm sitting on the couch or bed, he'll approach slowly, sit down, extend a limb dramatically LOOK at me... then begin to slowly clean himself.

I didn't realize it was such a big deal.

Should I lure my cat into the bathroom and traumatize him with some DRAMA WASHING of my own, the next time I shower/bathe?
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the paaaain

Dear TQC:

About three days ago a mirror was hiding behind a door, and jumped out to attack me. I fended it off, but I have a nice skin abrasion on my shin that's about 4 inches long. It hurts! And today, after I changed the bandage and it was all nice and clean, and feeling ok, I accidentally bumped it with my other foot's heel. Ouch!

Can you cheer me up or help me forget the pain? Bunnies are always good. ETA: Or otters!

YAY for Earth day!

How is the weather where you are?

In honor of Earth day we are now under a tornado watch (one is on the ground about 4 miles away) for the second time in two days!

So excited...the siren is only a few blocks from my place and its driving me bonkers.

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Continuing boyfriend drama...
First post
Second post

Today I sent him this text
I know you don't want to talk and that's fine, I just would like to know whether or not I'll be seeing you in the morning.

He responded with
I don't think so

And I sent back
Ok, well I'll quit bugging you. Let me know when you're ready to talk or see me. I really hope I can see you before I go home. And remember that I love you and that I'm here for you no matter what.

I doubt I'll get a response to that. Of course I'm really sad right now that whatever is going on is obviously a big deal and he is reacting to it this way. My heart is kind of breaking for him. And of course now I wonder if this does have something to do with me, I didn't think so before.

What is your take on this situation? What do you think the odds are that this is the beginning of the end?

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How do you motivate yourself to lose weight?

I haven't got a huge amount to lose, I've just gone up a dress size and my mom told me I've got fat legs haha but I have no willpower and I have a pile of easter eggs in the corner that are tempting me!! HELP!!

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What countries have you been to?

How long were you there and what were you doing there?

What language did you speak when you were there? How good were you at that language at the beginning and by the end?

Any travel plans for the future?

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For those of you who are reptile experts ...
If there is one, what is the best site for finding reptile breeders in your area?

Do you ever find it interesting to watch other people play video games?

kid fears

What's something you were afraid of in your own house when you were a little kid? Not a normal scary thing like the basement, but something nobody else would be afraid of?

I was convinced that this old blue-painted freestanding cupboard we had was evil and was going to eat me. I named it the Jolly Joe and in my mind it was totally evil and could move on its own.
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I got a second interview at this full time job I really want! I is so excited!

I have a job now that, so far, has not been reliable at all in regards to hours. It is frustrating as hell, and while I really like my boss, I feel like she doesn't understand I gots billz to pay. It is a privately owned business, and if I leave, it is gonna be really hard for them to cover my hours. I am obviously going to give the necessary two weeks, but how do I get over feeling so guilty? It will come out of nowhere for my boss, so I am sure she is going to be really upset. But if I get this job, instead of struggling to pay my rent, my first paycheck of the month will cover ALL my bills, and my second will be spendin' money. I've never known that feeling.

Have you ever left a job and felt REALLY badly about it? Alternatively, have you ever felt so happy to get out of a job you wanted to throw a parade?

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If you've seen Love and Other Drugs, did you like it? Not as like, a cinematic masterpiece. Just as a good chick flick. I'm stuck at home and lonely and depressed and need one.

Should I risk it and watch it (it's $5 On Demand) or just watch Harry Potter?

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What is the coolest thing that you have ever done to a peep?

My answer: My chemistry teacher put a peep in a glass container and used a pump to create a vacuum, which made the peep explode spectacularly.

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Dear TQC. I am housesitting for my mother, and two days in I am kinda bored. I have TV and internet and books, but there's only so many hours I can occupy myself with these. I'm very low on money and I don't start my job for another two weeks. I truly have nothing to do.

Can you think of any fun things to occupy my time with? I am going to do mass baking next week, but I have 9 more days to fill! What do you do when you have nothing specific to do?
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Six months ago, my dad died from metastatic cancer and my cousins, who were aged six and four, were at the funeral. The six year old cried her eyes out. </background>

Tomorrow I'm seeing my cousins for the first time since then and I'm worried they might ask me something about my dad. What do I say to them? If they were Catholic like me, I would just say "My dad was sick and has gone to heaven", but my cousins aren't religious- I think they're atheist or agnostic- so I'm not sure the heaven explanation is appropriate.

Basically question club, how do I explain my dad's death to two little girls who aren't religious?
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Do you ever get this niggling feeling that you have forgotten something important?

I am convinced that I had plans for this weekend, but for the life of me I can't figure out what they were.  I started calling my friends and asking them if we had plans for something I had forgotten.  My best friend is an evil man, so he immediately said, "Yeah, you're driving me to Baltimore for my surgery."  Of course, I fell for it and started asking for details.  No, he had just made it up off the top of his head.  But I still feel like I have some sort of important plans and have no idea what they are.  (I don't do Easter, so that isn't it)

completely nonsrs question

TQC how come I didn't get a birthday kiss from the boyfriend after we went out for lunch?

other info:
  • there were friends of mine with us in the car but he's kissed me before-on the lips-in front of them before.
  • he did buy me a mount in world of warcraft after he got home.
  • he's let me kiss him in front of my parents
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     What's the grossest thing you've ever found while cleaning?
    Probably part of a McD's hamburger that I found under a pile of clothes. It wasn't moldy or anything. It was perfectly preserved and looked like it had just come out of a wrapper.

    What's the coolest thing you've ever found while cleaning?

    I just found my old homecoming pictures and my Psyduck Pokémon card. 

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    What are some non-appearance related things (so, not like 'fat thighs') that bug you about yourself?

    There are two lower-case ys in my first name, and none in my last name. The lack of symmetry has really started to irritate me.


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    Please tell me you agree with me when I say, helping to raise someone's kids and raising your own are two very different things?

    e.g., You 'helped' raise your nephews. By helped, I mean baby-sat.

    If you had a baby shower, did you plan it yourself?
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    how do you stop mulling over in your head something upsetting/infuriating that happened, besides giving it time? talking about it and writing about it are ineffective for me.

    edited to make the question more clear

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    On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being very) how interested are your friends in politics, and how often do you discuss them? What things usually get discussed?

    EDIT: Those who don't, is it because you aren't interested in politics, or because it's taboo to discuss it?

    Mine, pretty much 10. I just found out one of my best friends is actually standing in her local election haha.

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    If tomorrow were a clean slate and you could reset your life

    What would it have?

    Or are you at an age where you can look back and see the sum of your living and be satisfied with what you have? If you think you have anything?

    If there were one item of the past or a person or even a pet, that you could reach through time and bring with you here

    What would it be/who would it be and why?

    Does the pursuit of some kinds of happiness only lead to depression in the end?

    And finally



    I've tried and tried, I've flailed and whined and there's no man or mother to open it for me. I wonder if I can return it to the store, get another jar and open that one... but then won't someone be left with this demon jar of unopenable peaches? OH WOE



    carter arrested


    pls forgive the incoherency of this question. i have muscle weakness/leg shaking to the point where it is difficult to walk, been nauseous lightheaded and dizzy all day and violently throwing up what little i did eat today. what is going on? nurseline was an idiot and i don't know what's happening. i am on doxycycline.

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     What was the last major revelatory insight you gained into the human condition?

    Rather straightforward, but childhood development and experiences have a major impact on why people turn out the way they are. Check out Bruce Perry's 'The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog: And Other Stories From a Child Psychiatrist's Notebook' for rather extreme cases of this.

    If the book mentioned above didn't give enough context for my troll friendss, I'm more interested in personality disorders, mental disorders, personality traits, etc. 


    What is the weirdest leftovers have you ever mixed together that turned out delicious?

    Do you enjoy shopping at charity shops/thrift stores/boot sales/yard sales/flea markets?

    Are you willing to buy used electronics,dvds,video games,and computers or do they have to be new?
    Sam Colt

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    Have you heard of the site www.woome.com ? Anyone have an account/been on it/whatever?

    WTF is that shit?

    Cos I just found out my boyfriend has an account on there and has been active within the past year at least, judging from the background of his main picture (all I can see), when we've been together nearly 4 years. I am beyond pissed.

    And all I can think of by the name and the "about" section is its a skeezy webcamporn site and it makes me want to call him and start screaming.

    DKDC- What's pissing you off?

    Edit: Did the creepystalker thing and made a superfake profile. He started the account in September 2010 and has been "online recently". He only has 1 picture and no videos uploaded. I'm still pissed though.