April 21st, 2011

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for those of you who sometimes have to work midnight shifts (ie not steady midnights, but maybe one midnight shift and a couple day shifts in a week) - how do you prevent the midnight shift from totally fucking with your sleeping patterns?

i think i'm going to try to nap before work, nap at work if possible (it's a call centre and we get like five calls total during midnights; no one minds if we nap) and nap for a couple hours when i come home and hope that is able to replicate a night of real sleep

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I am getting a haircut tomorrow an I want an undercut/really short back and sides and messy on top.
Can you post some pics of what I am talking about/cool/edgy haircuts?
Or communities where I could ask such a Q?


WHY DO I DECIDE TO READ CREEPY STORIES SO LATE AT NIGHT?? :( Will you distract me with entertaining gifs??

I should honestly be sleeping or doing hw but I don't think either will be happening in the next couple hours. What should you be doing?
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K, so. I stayed an extra two and a half hours at work today, and now I can't sleep even though I'm exhausted. I have class in six hours and have to be up in five. It's going to be a long day because it's my mom's birthday. How screwed am I?

What is your favorite way to consume caffeine?

What position do you sleep in/how do you sleep?
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Will you post some shirt designs you like from Skreened?

How much do you spend on everyday clothes, i.e. not counting clothes for work or special occasions? How often do you buy new everyday clothes?

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I haven't heard from my boyfriend since around 2pm Tuesday.  I'm starting to get concerned.  We don't normally talk on the phone and pretty much exclusively text.  If I haven't heard from him by 4:00 today (which I usually have), I will call him.  If I don't hear from him after that, what should I do???  I don't really know his family so have no phone numbers for them.  I'm starting to get really worried and am putting together a plan of action in my head.  Am I overreacting?  We've talked every single day for pretty much the last 5 months.  I'm quietly freaking out here....
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if you take any form of sleeping aids (herbal or otherwise), what has worked the best for you?

eta: if you've taken trazodone for sleep, did it work for you on any level? was it an immediate effect or did it take time to build up in your system?
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Ever had an ingrown tonail? How does one remedy this owie?

If you buy iTunes, what was your last purchase?

What's for breakfast?

Should I take a second summer course? I'm taking Anatomy (5 weeks,16 hours per).

When is your next vacation?

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Can you think of any relatively famous (University level or up) sports teams that involve cats in their name? Like New Hampshire Wildcats? Can be big cats or little cats.

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I have a Toshiba laptop and we use an hmdi cable to stream internet onto the TV. We wanted to do the same thing to watch a dvd through the laptop on the TV (our dvd player doesnt support HD so that's why) but the audio didn't come through the TV, it still came through the laptop. Is there a setting we need to adjust on the laptop or is this just how it goes?

I have the manual at home but I'm at work and curiosity seized me in its iron grip.

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inspired by this article (and also my dream career as a fashion curator), what are your thoughts on fashion collections in art museums? should they be an integral part of art history? or should they be separate from fine art collections?

have you seen fashion exhibits that you really enjoyed? or ones that you really hated? discuss!

Good Morning America

Can you view Good Morning America online?

Because I can't. They don't allow people outside of the U.S to watch it online. This may not be allowed, I'm not sure if it is against the rules or not. I was wondering if someone from the U.S could go onto the Episode for last Friday (with Sara Rue) and post a screen capture of the part where George and Robin are outside talking about The Royal Wedding. I ask this because a group of us went to NYC last week and we were in the background (my two friends and I) and no one seems to believe us back home because I guess nobody watches the show lol. Also, I live in Canada so I can't do it myself and proxys won't work :(

Mods: If this isn't allowed, I will delete the post no problem lol
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Strange question. Does anyone get added by Russian users a lot? The last 6 people that has added me to their fl has been Russian (as  in their journal consists of Russian characters so there would be no point of adding them back since I know no Russian) and I don't understand how they find me. Is it my username or WUT?

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Do you celebrate/participate in Easter?

Given that everything is closed here on Good Friday (we have a local Council full of Catholics so everything is shut) what can I get up to all day long?

What are you planning to do this weekend?

This year Easter has fallen back to back with ANZAC Day so we have a five-day weekend. Whoohoo!

My answer: This weekend I am going to go 'wake up' Sun Loong the Chinese Dragon with a heap of firecrackers with the rest of my friends before he dances down the main street in our town for the Easter Parade on Sunday, and then Sunday morning my mum puts on an Easter Egg Hunt. She makes the backyard look like a Cadbury factory. I've been doing this Egg Hunt for 24 years so far and I have NEVER come out with the most amount of eggs. Is it wrong for me to lock my baby cousins in a cupboard so I get a headstart? Those lil mofos get all my Eggs, man, and I have to resort to stealing them after they have their morning nap.
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When was the last time you did something spectacularly stupid?

I had a handful of stuff and I threw it in the trash. Then I couldn't find my phone. Then I got a text and I located my phone in the trashcan, covered in all the dust and nastiness that I had just emptied from the vacuum cannister.

Doritos: Yay or Nay?

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I live is san jose, ca.
My birthday is at the end of may.
What should i do?
Last year i went horse back riding along the beach in Half Moon Bay & got a hotel room at night.

Trying to figure what to do this year..
Whats the best thing youve done on your birthday?
Somthing in a buget?

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Are the pressures of life getting to you?

Has this week been as tiring and stressful for you as it has been for me?   Not that you know every detail of my week, but lets just say I was ready for this coming weekend to start on Monday afternoon. 

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0. For below, simply pick one! It doesn't matter at all why—not to me, anyway—and it can be different for each one. You may have to explain it to your parents later, though. Links are randomly added because I don't know who knows what what is in this crazy world. FINE JUST PICK WHAT YOU LIKE BEST

1. Cataphracts, cataquacks, Cadillacs, or hacky sack?

2. Consternation, constipation, conspiration, or conflagration?

π. Catcalls, Pall Malls, recalls, or gutter balls?

G. You can take a breather here. No difficult choices.

♫. Cornbread, bed spreads, Grateful Dead, or Bill and Ted?

. Snow plow, brown cow, know-how, or Pai Gow?

. Doesn't buttered toast and a warm bath sound just lovely? You needn't choose between them; I offer both in this package deal.
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I have a dusty-ass lampshade that needs to be less dusty ASAP. I've tried vacuuming it, Swiffering it and using a dampened cloth but it's still got fucking gross dustballs all over it. What is the secret to getting dusty-ass lampshades clean? It appears to be made of nylon or rayon, if that's any help.

How's your spring cleaning coming? So far I have attempted to clean a lampshade.

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So i'm sitting on the yard with a couple dormies. One girl opened a can of coke, took a couple of sips and decided that she wants to take a couple of laps. We all join her. By the time we get back, Bees started swarming around her can of coke but my diet pepsi remains untouched. Does aspartame hold different properties from sugar that keeps bees away? Although the taste is slightly different, why dont insects even consider aspartame as a sugar substitute?

Lol i'm like half-crazed rn
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Anyone have any suggestions for a good video editing program for a PC? I'm currently using Windows Movie Maker but it's so choppy and slow when I'm editing that it's almost pointless. I know it's not my video camera because when I actually publish the video and watch it, it's fine. 

Or does anyone have any idea why it's like this and how to fix it?

Do you have any upcoming projects? If so, what are they? Is it something you're excited about or just something you have to do?

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TQC - Would you find it offensive if a straight couple made out in a queer club? Why?

Edited to add a really interesting point by phenomenal
"Are bi individuals who are currently dating someone of the opposite gender not allowed to participate in the queer lifestyle by frequenting queer bars until they are dating someone of their same gender?"

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Will you share your cute pet stories?

Right now, my dog is standing next to me with his head on my knee. Whenever I stop petting him, he steps back, kicks me, and then rests his head back on the same spot.

lets talk about periods

Has anyone been on Loestrin 24 Fe before? If yes, how did taking pills late affect your period?
I've only been on it about 4.5 months and never taken any pills late--however, I forgot to take my pill Saturday night, so I took it Sunday morning, then took my Sunday night pill later than usually on Sunday night, then my Monday pill was still 2 hours late. I usually get my period on the last placebo, which is this Saturday. I was just in the bathroom and freaked out a bit when I wiped and there was some blood. I investigated though, and it seems I have started my period? I don't know why else I'd be bleeding..

Discuss periods here?

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So, my boyfriend is still mia. I have called, sent texts, and called the house phone (he lives with his uncle, never uses it, so I looked it up, called, and it's disconnected). His cell rang an appropriate number of times before voicemail picked up. We haven't had a fight or a disagreement of any sort, and I have no idea how to contact any of his family short of actually driving to them. What should be my next step aside from going to his house or his sister's house? He works nights so I would never catch him home until the weekend anyway. I'm genuinely freaked out right now and stuck at work for another 2 hours.

Eta: He's a pretty private guy and I haven't met most of his family. I also only know first names. And his mom remarried after he was born, so I really have no way to look them up. I know where his sister lives but do not know the address. I tried finding it via google maps but the landmark I go by is not on the map, it's pretty new I guess. I'm seriously considering driving there after work.

Eta2: just got this text message. Don't know if I should be relived or pissed off:
I am ok. No need to worry. I just don't feel real communicative lately. We can talk about it later.
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I was watching a show last night in which they talked about Sexsomnia (which is basically sleep-sexing. Like people walk in their sleep and have no recollection of it, people have sex in their sleep and have no recollection of it. ).

They spoke of a guy who had sex in his sleep with someone who was non-consenting, and then went on to say that because he was unaware of what he was doing, he shouldn't be charged with rape.

What say you, TQC?
Do you think that being unaware of raping someone precludes you from being a rapist/being charged for rape?
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Tumblr and Smart Phones

Do you use a decent (or AMAZING, even) tumblr app for blackberry? What is it?

If you don't have a blackberry, but you DO have an awesome tumblr app, what is it and what kind of phone do you have?
(I'm due for an upgrade in May, and I think I'm breaking up with blackberry.)

Lastly, I know we do this a lot, but I haven't touched my tumblr since creating a year ago so I've never paid attention before.
Will you share your tumblr so that myself and others can follow you? Or just tumblrs you really like?

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Did you grow up surrounded by a culture other than your own? I ask because my friend was totally shocked when I told her that my sister taught me how to dance with music such as Banda Machos and Banda Pachuco. I'm Caucasian living in the U.S. but grew up surrounded by the Mexican culture. Is this unusual or something? o.O

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FEMALES: On average, how long do your periods last? How bad are your cramps (if you get any)? Do you have any embarrassing period stories?

MALES: Do you get grossed out when girls talk about their periods? How did you found out about them? What age were you?

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Will you post the last lyrics you listened to? If possible, if you see in the comments lyrics that are semi-related (even if they're not from the same song), will you post a comment reply with your lyrics to those, and see if we can make up a new song made out of already written lyrics?

Did that make sense? x_x

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what do you do when you see some kind of altercation in public?
get involved directly (e.g. stepping in yourself)? get involved indirectly (e.g. calling the police)? watch from the sidelines but don't do anything? ignore it completely? something else?

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Somedays (like today...) I'm really feeling like I hate my job to be fully honest.. Nothing I can do about that though. Hopefully this craziness will pass in time and I will be fine again.


Do I want pizza or egg drop ramen?

1. Pizza, I have to wait for and pay or drive 10 miles for a free one...which I'd still have to wait for. But it'd be sooooooooooooooo tastey.

2. I have everything for the ramen here, now. And would still be pretty tastey, but not nearly as much.
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Can anyone recommend a website that has free mp3 files for sound effects? I'm making a video and was thinking I could add in sound effects based on the story, and in this case, the sounds of children laughing, bubbles popping, and a camera shutter. I know of "freeplay" that has free music, but is there a website that specializes in sound effects or filler?


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So, for the last two days up until about 5:00 tonight, my boyfriend was MIA.  After freaking out, sending texts declaring my concern, finally leaving him a voicemail, I get this text:

I am ok. No need to worry. I just don't feel real communicative lately. We can talk about it later.

After getting that, I'm so relieved I practically start crying.  Then I start to get a little mad, but try not to.

If this had happened to you, how mad would you be?

Does your answer change knowing that he was in some of the worst parts of the Iraq war and has made some mention (though not specific) that it did affect him and that he possibly has some PTSD issues?

We've also never had ANY issues or arguments whatsoever.  We've been together nearly 8 months.


What is a question you might ask if you're trying to get to know someone?

What is a question someone might ask someone they've been with forever that just never came up in conversation?

I'm writing two different stories and I need help. In the first scenario, it's two football coaches on a blind date. They worked for the same school but at a different time and they don't yet know that one replaced the other. The second one is a couple that's been together since they were sixteen and they're having trouble sleeping and just pillowtalking.

music player

what is a good hand-held music player to listen to music?

-- i have a gift certificate to best buy and want to buy something handheld so I can listen to music.
It doesn't have to have any other features, just want to have a portable way to listen to music.

thanks for all your help TQC!! :)
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You have a friend.
You want to add WB to the relationship.
1. She doesn't seem interested
2. You can't use alcohol

Patrick Wolf - The Magic Position

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Bike riders of TQC (or anyone that might know):

I'm about to start bicycle riding. However, i need a helmet. I was thinking of possibly getting one off the internet because i'd like a more stylish one, and i'm not sure if they have the styles i'd like in any stores around here. I know the circumference of my head so i know what size i am, but i haven't ridden a bike in years, or wore a helmet. Is it a good idea to buy a helmet online, or are there nuances in fit that are best figured out by trying it on before buying?

Anyone have any suggestions for stylish bicycle helmets? Or even helmets for other sports, but could work as bike helmets. I'm looking more for ones like the smoother ones on this page, so you have an idea.

Is getting a helmet like this even a good idea? I'm worried about my head breathing well, since i'm doing this to lose weight, so i will be sweating. Do you think a helmet with 5 or so holes in the top will be good enough, or should i just give up on style?

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You and your cousins are neighbors and your trash is picked up together. Your cousin calls you at 7:00 am and says, "Our dog knocked over your trash can and tore up all of the bags. It's a really big mess. You need to come clean it up." What would you do?

2. You get off work at midnight. When you get home it's nearing 1:00 am. It's dark and you're tired. You pull up to your mailbox and reach your hand inside to get your mail. To your horror, you find that someone has put a dead frog there! Do you call the cops? What do you do?

3. Do you consider yourself to be a good judge of character?

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If a friend of yours organised to have girls night catch up session with you and at the last minute decided to invite her new bf/fwb/fuckbuddy, how would you feel? What would you?

I am ticked and I want to do something horrible, I feel like when he turns up ditching her and hanging out with some other friends that I know will be more fun.

Does you answer change when she has organised to crash at your place that night.

I just dont want her to bitch about her ex of two weeks and go on about how awesome her new BF/FWB/Fuck buddy is.

sent from my Really Impressive Phone?

I don't have a smartphone, so I really do not know this. I am thinking maybe all of them come preloaded with that sig file sent from my [smartphone]. Like my boss's blackberry emails have sent from my BlackBerry handheld wireless appended, and I have always assumed that's a company IT default that he can't turn off (they lock down everything so you can't personalize it). But I also get emails from friends using their gmail or yahoo and they have sent from my Droid or whatever.

Can a user not turn that thing off? If it can be turned off, why do so many people leave it on? Am I still, many years after the BlackBerry entered the market, supposed to be all excited and envious when I get a message from someone's smartphone?

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Do you know any old people (or any people for that matter) who just fail at Internetting?

My grandma is on Facebook and every time she likes something she actually types "like" in the comment bar. :/
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Does anyone have any suggestions on where I can find solace/comfort for my soul and my spirit, other than churches? I lost all faith in organized religion many years ago.
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I need help about online harassment!

What to do about online bullying/harassment?

I went onto https://www.wiredsafety.org/forms/911.html and until I hear back from them, I don't think there's much else I can do.
The thing is I know this guy in real life, I met him a long time ago and he moved 6 years ago.

Collapse )
Am I going about this all wrong? Is there a better way to report him, or should I have done it a while ago, or does this not require a report?

I'm just scared :(

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I got a fake spyware program yet again. Except this time it fucked up all my exe files, and I can't run them except as administrator. When I go to actually associate the programs with .exe, it's nowhere to be found. As in, the .exe extension does not exist. I've tried system restore, I've tried several programs to fix it, and it's not working.

Any advice? I know it has something to do with the registry.

ETA: thank god, managed to fix it. NM.

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1. What are some TV shows that you watch?

2. What are some shitty ass TV shows I can watch? Like really shitty, like, "You're Cut Off" quality. I don't care if they're not being aired anymore or not.

3. What are some good documentary style TV shows that you've seen?

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I went out to lunch with my friend today. The first and last time we were at this restaurant was just about two years ago and our waitress remembered us. (She looked familiar to me, but I had no idea)

Do you think you would remember someone from that long ago?

What was the last surprising thing that happened to you?

Should I write the company and tell them how super great she was? Or would calling the store be better?

Facebook Users

 Are your parents on facebook? Are you friends with your parents on facebook? How about your other family members? Grandparents? 

If so, how do you feel about your family members on facebook?

My response in the comments.
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This sentence is in my anthropology textbook; does it irritate you/seem not quite correct, or is it just me?
"In America, we tend to marry within so-called racial groups, thus reproducing certain observable characteristics, like skin color."

Unrelated: do your partners (sexual, dating, whatever) tend to be more, equally, or less attractive than you are?

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When do you think you'll ditch livejournal?

I was at the library where i heard someone say "LiveJournal(Live as in Live your life to the fullest!)" . How do you pronounce the LIVE in LIVEjournal? (aside from LJ)

LIVE your life to the fullest
How many LIVES do you have?

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Have you ever had to do a sales presentation for a job interview?

Im on my second interview for meditech and i'm so nervous about this interview!

If not, what helps you do school presentations?

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good shows, movies, books, documentaries, etc about addiction?

Books I've liked- Beautiful Boy, A Piece of Cake, the Crank series (Ellen Hopkins), From Binge to Blackout, Smashed, A Million Little Pieces, Go Ask Alice

TV- Intervention (obviously)

movies/documentaries - Requiem For A Dream, Candy, When A Man Loves A Woman, Cocaine Cowboys, Killing Pablo

dk/dc: how hard is it for you to adjust to a new time zone? I just moved three hours forward and it's been pretty easy to adjust
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Dog owners:

Why are my dogs so stupid? We go through the same routine every day at feeding time. I tell them to 'go lay down' on their bed and they start going and then stop and look at me like "Really? All the way over there?" "GO. LAY. DOWN." and they go. They do this whenever I tell them to Go Lay Down.

Then I get the food out and they're all OMFG FOOD MY FAVORITE and get off their bed. GO. LAY. DOWN! and they go back.. I pour the food and they are supposed to wait but they keep forgetting to wait for me to say COME. I never ever let them eat until they have sat there for a few seconds on their bed and I say come. The dogs I have had in the past weren't this stupid. They'd do whatever I said for food.
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This is an odd question, but is stealing a fire extinguisher illegal?

I just watched a bunch of jerks play with/steal the fire extinguisher outside our apartment. I called maintenance, but should I report it to the police? I know what vehicle they are driving currently, but not the licence plate.