April 20th, 2011


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It's 5:30 in the morning and I can't sleep. Damn book...but it's sooo good I can't put it down. Has anyone else read "Water For Elephants"? Now that I'm reading it I'm debating on seeing the movie....the movies always disappoint me, books are always better...
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sick day?

TQC, I woke up feeling like crap for the second day running. I have a rotten head cold and cannot stop sneezing and blowing my nose. My sinuses hurt all the way down into my teeth. My eyes are watering. I didn't sleep much. I hardly ever take off a whole day from work, but I'm kind of gross to be around right now. Do I stay home from work today?

If I stay home, what should I do? I can't sleep and I feel too yucky to work on projects.
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ETA: Do you think the show glamorizes teen pregnancy or tries to dissuade other teens from making the same mistake?

Do you think the teens on 16 and Pregnant get pregnant on purpose to be on the show, or is it truly accidental?

On purpose
Truly accidental

Do you like 16 and Pregnant?

It's okay

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Those of you who use toothpaste to cure pimples: Is there a specific brand you use? Is there a brand you're supposed to use? Is there any brand you're NOT supposed to use? I want to make sure I do it right =(

Dk/dc: Who's your team?
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Let's pretend that you were a working professional who chose to stay home for around 1 year with your first-born child after he/she was born.  You have the savings and partner that allow you to do this.

An old acquaintance (NOT friend) strikes up a conversation on AIM and says "I know having a kid is a full time job but what are you doing to keep yourself busy these days.  Selling Avon from home?"

What is your response?

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Paging Dr. TQC.

It started with a sore throat on Sunday night. I've been steadily getting more congested as the week's gone on, with coughing and that whole "stuff in my chest" feeling. And I've been getting tired really easily and crashing after lunch at work. Yesterday I felt for sure that the cold was settling, but I rested up last night and slept relatively well. I called out of work today to get better, except it's not manifesting as a "proper" cold; now my sinuses hurt. So, TQC, is it allergies or a cold just taking its sweet time?

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I'm applying to customer service jobs (phone rep, stuff like that). My resume makes mention of the fact that I have a bachelor of education and that I'm a certified teacher, though it doesn't go into it in great length. Do you think that might throw people off?

EDIT - Anybody feel like critquing my resume!? I'll email it to you. I need some harsh criticism...so long as it's warranted of course ;)
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How's it going to end, TQC?

Poll #1732039 Apocalypse WOW!

What kind of End of Days are you hoping for?

Nuclear - kaboom, out go the lights!
Disease - those sniffles ain't hay fever
Zombie - braaaaains
Mayan - no Christmas shopping next year!
Political - Trump/Palin 2012, baby!
Astronomical - blaze of glory from the skies
Bibical - Jesus is coming, better look busy
Environmental - shit, the ozone is gone
Other - explained in great detail in the comments
Death by ticky boxes for everybody!

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Does anyone here know anything about butterflies moths? I have one that is on my porch and won't fly away. I want to help it, but I'm not sure what to do.

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ETA: Okay seems like I should just leave it be. Thanks guys, I feel better know it's not hurt or anything.

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ewww. One of my cats vomited all over a large rug last night. This rug has hundreds of long tassles on the border and now they're all stuck together and disgusting. How do I clean this? It's too heavy for me to hold over the sink to wash and too big to put in the washing machine. I could use a bowl but I don't have any bowls that aren't used for food/cooking so using one of them seems gross.

Another question:

Earth Day is coming up soon. Do you have anything special planned?
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When you start a new job, do you generally learn quickly or does it take you longer than average?

Have you worked with someone who constantly wanted to be patted on the back for everything they did right, even if it's something small or routine? How did you deal with them?

Will you tell me about your favorite person, pet or inanimate object that is part of your life?

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For those of you that have Netflix Instant, have you had problems with watching stuff lately?
I'm asking because in almost everything I watch, it'll stop and start. Or it'll just randomly stop playing, go back to the select the episode screen, and make me start it all over again as if I didn't watch any of it. I've already made sure it isn't my internet connection.

dk/dc: Will you post art you've created? Photographs, drawings, poems, jewelry, anything.

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Do you think this soda can would explode if I were to pop the tab to open it? It fell onto the tile from about 4 feet up and I'm scared to open it but I don't want to just throw it away as it is!...
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Alternatively, will you tell us about some small white lies you've told in the past?
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What are some comfy walking shoes that aren't too expensive? I'm going to Europe in May and my current walking shoes look ridiculous with shorts, lol.

What was the last vacation you went on?


I just finished The Hunger Games trilogy and now Im bored.

What are some good books along the same vein or just good books in general.

Im not a big mushy romance fan but if its not the focus of the book Im cool with it.

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I'm just watching Dirty Jobs, and they went to retrieve a skunk from underneath a house. There's some shaft on the bottom of the house, and they went in, so they were underneath the actual house. I've seen it many a time in American movies, but have never gotten it. Why are houses built with the little bit of space off the ground? You can't tell from the outside that there's any space. I'm sorry if It's a stupid question, but all houses here are built with brick and cement and stuff, and even when the house is raised a bit from the ground (there are steps to enter it), the foundation is completely solid.

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I'm going back home to Taiwan to work because I figured that I should use this opportunity to spend time with my parents before I head to grad school. Would my 1~2 years of job experience there help me with finding a job once I come back to the States?
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In an office setting, if you had to choose between the two, would you rather it be too warm or too cold?

At home, do you tend to keep it warm or cold?

Do you prefer cold or warm as a sleeping temperature?
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Guys, I'm sick of my pedotastic username, despite just renaming like...idk months ago. I've been thinking of just going back to the first LJ username I had. Should I drop another $15 to rename or just start using my old journal again? MAKE MY DECISIONS FOR ME.

Are you a fickle person? Be honest.

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Does this scene sound familiar to you? Someone is holding a gun to a woman's head and makes her sing Pop Goes the Weasel, and when she gets to the "Pop!" they pull the trigger. If you recognize it, what is it from?

DK/DC: Have you ever come up with what you thought was a brilliant idea only to realize you're not the first one to come up with it? What was the idea?

Edit: It's from the second season of Alias. It's not exactly what I remembered - the woman was strapped with C4 that's remotely detonated after she finishes the song.
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Does anyone have a macro of the cat with the pattern of another cat on its back and the (Pimp my ride?) guy is saying something like "Hey Dawg, I heard you like cats so I put a cat on your cat."? I really need it. ETA: Got it! Thanks!

DK/DC: Do you like canned chicken?

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will you tell me some funny things your pets do?

today my best friend picked me up and had her bfs young bull dog in her car who was crazy and tried to eat the stick shift, me, the stearing wheel, and she got white hair everywhere.
is your pet trained?

will you tell me a story about a crazy pet you have met?


How do you interpret your dreams?
----> 75% of mine are at the same places over an over with the same people, but it's always a different dream. whaaaat.

What was the last thing that surprised you?
---->I was really interested in taxidermy until I tried to skin a frozen mallard duck on Tuesday and got flush and wanted to vomit out of nowhere.

Anything you got going on you want to talk about?
----> I wish I could get my homework done but it's so boring and is only for a check grade. How am I supposed to get serious over a check grade? blah.

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Grad school question:
My friend has me convinced that in order to get into grad school I have to do an honours degree. Would not doing an honours degree prevent me from getting into grad school?
I'm not a 100% sure I'm going to grad school, but I don't want to regret not doing an honours degree when I had the chance. What's more impressive on a grad school application a double major and a minor or an honours degree with a minor?

DK/DC: What was the easiest course you took in university?
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Dear TQC,

I am applying to an aquarium biologist job in Singapore.

I'm supposed to send them my resume, my current salary, my expected salary, and a picture of myself.

Where on my resume should I put my salary information? At the beginning? At the end?

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How tall are you?
What is your preferred height for a SO?

I'm 5'9" and seem to always date people who are around my height, give or take a couples inches... Have always wondered what it would be like to be with someone who is significantly taller or shorter than I am.

Facebook Fail

I feel like an idiot for asking this, but how do you make it say you're currently attending a school? I can only manage to make it say 'studied at' instead of 'studying at'

Also, what was the highlight of your day?

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I'm getting ready to apply for college soon, so...

When interviews are conducted at a college, what do they typically ask about?

[Edit: Well, that's strange... I keep hearing from people about college interviews. Maybe it's just for certain ones?]
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Boring relationship question, sorry

So I'm dating this girl, and she just admitted to me that she has anxiety issues over intimacy, which is why she doesn't kiss me much. It's good to know, because I thought she's just wasn't into me, but I don't quite know how we're going to proceed. I also have anxiety, and I'm afraid we're just going to be too awkward to have any kind of a relationship.

How can we deal? How can I help her? How can we both relax? Will we just never touch each other ever?

Alcohol has already been ruled out, since we don't drink.

Gold Star

I watch my two nephews while their parents work, One is five and one is ten.

I was thinking of putting up a chart where I place gold stars next to their names,I would only put a star after they do something they should of done such as putting their shoes away, and when they get enough of them they get someone they would want like a video game are something.

Do you think this would be effective or even right? Sometimes I think it would be demeaning for some reason or the fact they should be doing what they should be doing just because it's right and should be doing it, what do you guys think?

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TQC, I need a sketch check.

I posted my resume on Craigslist looking for a job in another state; I got an email from a CEO (I've already googled him, he's legit and his company is legit) asking me to be his personal assistant. Well, I suppose that's what you could call it. The job duties in the email he sent me were, "watering plants, supervising contractors that may be coming and going, receiving deliveries, letting dogs outside, various home related projects, and running errands." I just emailed him and asked him if it would be part time or full time (he also said that the job would come with benefits) and he said it would be full time. How would doing those things take up forty hours a week, TQC? And no, before you ask, it would not be ~personal~ assistant stuff, since he's out of town a lot and is married. I'd be working at his home the majority of the time. Does this make any red flags go up for you? Have you done anything like this before? How'd that work out?

DK/DC: how amazing is honey? I'm sick and I'm in love with it. I'm eating and drinking things just to have an excuse to get more honey inside my body.
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if you have a solid A in a course, how likely is it that your prof will give you an extension on a minor assignment near the end of the semester in order to complete a bigger assignment on time?

ETA: for what it's worth, this minor assignment is a journal response for chapters in a book i haven't had a chance to finish reading yet. we hand in these journals once a week and she give us a plus sign or a minus sign...

have you ever had a professor give you a higher grade than you deserved because he/she was fond of you? and appreciated your effort? lol i'm pulling a C+/B- in my economics class cause i just don't fucking get it. my prof is asian and has a very thick accent which makes him hard to understand like.. all the time. for some reason he always calls on me during class and when i asked him why he said it's because he likes me.

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You agree to have your sister move in to your home while she divorces her spouse. In the last 7 months, her 80-pound lab chews up and destroys your furniture, shoes, bedding, carpeting, your nephew's toys and anything else he can get, rarely other than while your sister is home and "ignoring" the dog because "he is/was being bad" and she wants to "teach him a lesson." She thinks it's your fault because you shouldn't leave your stuff where he can get it. You think she's an asshole because she's too lazy to get off her ass and actually discipline her dog.

Who's at fault? How would you resolve this situation?

ETA: re: the carpeting & shit, all of the open space on the first floor is hardwood flooring, and only the downstairs office, tv room & gym have carpeting. She wants me to keep these doors shut at all times so he won't go in there and chew the carpet/steal things to eat. Like the ink toner he ate that made him sick, which was my fault for not shutting the door.

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TQC, I have a dilemma.

My grandma has Alzheimers and lives with us, in the apartment under ours. I usually put her to bed around eight or nine, but I'm sick today with a head cold. I don't want to get her sick, so I don't want to go down there, but she won't really know it's time for bed if I don't. My dad's out until ten thirty or so and I don't want him coming home and seeing that she's still up, because he'll pitch a fit about it. What to do?

DK/DC: Do you have a favorite tea? Ever notice how these DK/DC questions usually have to do with food? I think that's funny. Oh, and got reccs for any funny sitcoms I could watch on Netflix Instant?

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I was going over the Canadian immigration website and apparently my gf can come here for up to 6 months and in that time look for a job, get a work permit, then apply to become an immigrant under the Canadian Experience Class, after having the job for a bit. Am I correct? 

EDIT: She's from America.
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feel free to elaborate on any of this in comments

Poll #1732259 childhood memorieeesss

which of these things have you done?

gone to summer camp
been through an obstacle course
hula hooped
visited the grand canyon
went on a road trip
played hopscotch
played tetherball
hung upside down from the monkey bars
been in a talent show
been "married" on the playground
jumped on a trampoline
gone "mattress surfing" downstairs
played frisbee golf
gone canoeing/rafting
built a sand castle
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How do you take your Peeps?

Fresh, straight out of the package .
Stale, open the cellophane, but let them stand for a few days.
Warm, nuked for ten seconds in the microwave.
Flambe, roasted like a marshmallow until the colored sugar caramelizes.
Peeps are The American Dental Association's greatest abomination.

Bruce Lee vs. Muhammad Ali. There are no rules.

Bruce Lee
Muhammad Ali
plus actor.
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so i know that a lot of the kids these days just download individual songs they like. but i'm sure many kids these days also still listen to records/albums/cds all the way through.

if you do, would you tell us about your favorite album track?

you know, that song that maybe not everyone has heard, and it might not even be your favorite artist...but it's one of those songs that sticks to you, that you won't hear on the radio.

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back in the 90s there was a math computer game where you had to make your way up a snowy mountain by doing all types of math, and there was some elves and snowballs and scales?

also where can i find the emulator for it?

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Tuesday in forensics class, i was happily dissecting a mallard duck when I started to black out and faint. When I got up I ran to the bathroom and vomited, then got cold chills and started to sweat. I have the same reaction when I get an IV or my blood drawn.
Thursday we're taking down the rotting carcases we hung in a tree to retrieve insects off of them.

Considering my previous weak stomach reaction, I should stay home tomorrow, y/y?

DK/DC: How do you think girls like being approached by the opposite sex? What about guys?
Hyde & Jacky
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have you ever surprised someone at the airport?

my boyfriend is flying back from a trip w/ his family and i don't wanna miss them at the airport.

are there any tips to what i should do once i get there besides wait at the gate?

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Does anyone know where I can find the video of the actress making fun of the fact that people are searching online for a sex tape of her? I can't remember if it's Jessica Biel or Carmen Electra, but I can't find it anywhere!


Have you ever used a Migun massage bed? How was it?

My regular massage therapist keeps telling me I can go over to the Migun store and just try this thing out for as long as I want (in lieu of coming in for a regular $$ massage) and that the shop owners wlll be cool with it. I'd imagine they're going to try to sell me one, and I'd like to know if it's so great that I won't mind listening to their pitch while it works on me.
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Where, IRL, might I be able to find a pair of silver (not grey!) leggings??

I've looked at Charlotte Russe, Know Style, Forever 21, Old Navy, Ross, Marshall's, Wet Seal, Party City, Wal-Mart, and Target. Any ideas? I can't order them online, because I need them for a costume Friday night. They were EVERYWHERE a year or two ago, now I can't find any to save my life. :(
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Do you know what this is?

Yes, I do
Yes, vaguely
No, I've never seen it before

If you recognize it, will you please tell me when you learned about it?

Elementary school
Middle School
High School
Self taught

How do you feel about math?

I love it!
I like it
It's alright, not my favorite thing
I don't like it
I hate it

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I really need to clean my room. I've let it get all out of hand and now it's a sty. My mom told me she would help me clean it up but I feel that I need to clean it up some first so we won't have that big of a job to do. What should I do? Get all the trash(there's a lot of it) and throw it out? And what else? Should I hang my clothes up? IDK I hate cleaning.