April 19th, 2011

Mitty box

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It's 1am and I need to shower because I am covered in paint. Except my husband is in the bathroom pooping.

Should I shower in shit fumes when he's done or just say fuckit and go to bed?

I didn't get a chance to shower earlier because of household chores and GAME OF THRONES. Which was amazing, btw. Have any of you seen it? Did you like it? Had you read the book before? Did it live up to your expectations?

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iphone users: have you jailbroken your phone? what are the pros and cons of doing it?

dk/dc/everyone else:
what IM client do you use? i feel like everyone i know has abandoned AIM and the like in favor of facebook chat.

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To the divorced folks out there: did you change your name back? If so, how much of a pain in the ass was it to deal with? Why did or didn't change it?

DK/DC - If money/your dog's behavior was not an issue, would you take your dog to daycare? How often? What do you think about people who take their dogs every day?

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Best Self Tanner?

I'm graduating from college at the end of May and have extremely pale legs. I bought a super cute dress and heels, but want to get a little bit of color on my legs. I don't think I'll have time to lay out between now and then thanks to gloomy weather and lack of time. I also don't do tanning beds. I've been looking at reviews online for self tanners, but they're just leaving me more confused.

So TQC, does anyone have a good recommendation for a self tanner/lotion that's not going to leave me looking like an oompa-loompa or drain my bank account?

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I work at a fancy pet resort running dog daycare. I regularly take pictures and videos to post on our facebook and website. The parents are usually delighted to see their dogs on the internet. However, we have one client who is adamant that we never take a picture of her dog. We had to fight her on taking a photo for our records. Why won't this lady let me photograph her dog? Non-srs preferred. All of us at the resort look forward to your theories.

ETA: This client also blocks caller ID. Hmmmmm.....

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Goodie!, Oh


I'm going to go blonde for a few weeks! It will mess with people, and make my purple stand out more. However, I've never done a box blonde, and I feel overwhelmed with the options.

I'd prefer a golden blonde, but I'm not even sure if that's an option. I would also prefer less damaging than, you know, bleach. My hair is sort of a dark brown right now, if that helps.

So... what do you suggest? Brands, titles, whatever. Super tricks and such.

dk/dc: If you're taking any classes right now, what are they?

What do you think of Coke Zero?
Muh Life.

Stupid academia!

Has anyone taken the TEAS Test for entrance to a Nursing program? My school decided today that they're no longer using the exam they have been using for the last five years and TADAAA we have to take this one among other things. Except I just bought everything for the other one. Grrr.

What's pissing you off today?

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Westburo Baptist Church likes to protest things. One of those things is military funerals. WBC recently planned a protest of the funeral of Staff Sgt. Jason Rogers in Mississippi.

Folks in Mississippi got wind of this and decided since they weren't very happy with WBC's plans to protest, they'd try to stop them. By "folks" I mean private citizens and public officials alike. People parked cars behind any car with a Kansas license plate in the hotel parking lot where WBC was staying. WBC called to get these cars towed. "Sorry broski, but we're running slow today" is basically what they were told. When the funeral ended, the cars "mysteriously" vanished and all went back to normal.

What do you think about the situation?

Article: http://thehayride.com/2011/04/westboro-baptist-church-goes-to-mississippi-and-loses/
Self cleaning

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How do you deal with wrong number calls?

Have you gotten calls on your cell phone where someone immediately asks who you are? How do you respond to those?

What is the funniest, strangest, creepiest, etc., wrong number type call you have gotten? (Not long after I got a new cell number, a woman called pissed off at me because my number was in her husband's wallet. It was really an odd conversation convincing her that I wasn't that woman.)

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How do I deal with a co-worker who, based on one or two comments that I made in conversation with her, assumes that I don't cook and don't help my mother with meal planning and cooking at all?   She is wrong but she actually argued with me over it even though she doesn't live with me and my mother nor has she ever been to my house to see me "not helping" out!

She seems to "know" so much about me and my personal life at home and has all sorts of opinions and critiques to give me based on a comment I may have made a month ago!   She's drawing some pretty big and frankly insulting assumptions based on one conversation.

How would you feel about this TQC?   I mean WTF?!   



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Yay I can post again!

A friend has an issue that has come up involving a recorded witness statement and I thought someone here may be able to shed some light on it. Here is the scenario:

They have a CD received directly from the source that took a witness statement. The recording on this disc appears to be completely unadulterated.

They have a second CD of the same recording which they received from someone who intends to use it as evidence. An important section of the recording is missing - the recording jumps over about a 10 second span starting at the end of one sentence and starts back at the beginning of another so that it all seems to flow together. If you didn't know that there was additional material that should have been there, you wouldn't know that anything was missing.

The question: is it possible for such a thing to happen accidently when copying a digital recording (a .wav file I believe) or would it have to have occurred intentionally?
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I have not been paying attention to the royal wedding what with not being a Brit and it not affecting me at all.

Recently I realized that apparently people are up in arms about it?  What's the deal? 

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I have about 4 people listed in my phone book as DNA (Do Not Answer), do you have any people like this in your phone?

Who is the last person listed in your phone book?
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 I want to get into crime or mystery novels.  Like, Law&Order: Criminal Intent made into a book.
Know any good books like this?

dk/dc : Would you wear a tshirt that says "DOIN' IT AND DOIN' IT AND DOIN' IT WELL" to visit your grandmother and give her a bday gift?  


A nearby neighborhood's weekly outdoor movie schedule was released today:

June 6 — Air Force One
June 13 — Four Weddings and a Funeral
June 20 — The Sixth Sense
June 27 — District 9
July 11 — 10 Things I Hate About You
July 18 — Oceans 11
July 25 — Apollo 13
August 1 — 16 Candles
August 8 — The 40-Year-Old Virgin
August 15 — 50 First Dates
August 22 — (500) Days of Summer
August 29 — 2001: A Space Odyssey

Which, if any, of these films would you care to see?

Can you guess this year's theme?

Does your city do this? Do you partake?

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Hay guiz, guess what? You have to choose between *deleting your Facebook or Livejournal, WHICH DO YOU DELETE?

*You'll be forever banned from that website as well, no creating a new FB or LJ. You will not be able to save ANY of your LJ entries, no getting around it.

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do you get that 'afternoon crash' feeling, tqc? how do you deal with it?

from about 1-4 pm every day, i feel completely unfocused and unmotivated. i don't think it's a food thing, because this happens regardless of when i eat lunch. even caffeine doesn't seem to help. WHAT SHOULD I DO, I AM DESPERATE.

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How do you ask someone out so that it doesn't sound corny or fake or too over the top? Like what words do you use? There's this girl that I like and we hung out all Saturday and I couldn't even tell if it was a date or not. Like we took turns paying for each other but didn't flirt ooutright. So I want it to be clear this time. But I'm shy and not sure what to say. :(

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Another round of what the hell is this?

Another random thing coming into my thrift store... we've gotten waffle makers before but this is obviously not a waffle maker. Maybe... omelet maker? Anyone know what it is?

Everyone's saying it's a sandwich maker but.... but look at the size of it compared to my hand! a piece of bread wouldn't fit in there!!

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What's the last restaurant you've eaten at?
What did you order?

The last place I ate was a local Mexican restaurant. On Tuesdays they have this great deal: 1 appetizer, 2 entrees, and 1 dessert for $20. I ordered the beef tacos for my entree and shared chicken flauta appetizer and a molten lava chocolate cake for dessert.

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Does it bother you when people use vagina to refer to the vulva? Why? Do you correct them or not?

Edit: For those wondering, I was specifically referring to online interactions. But I'd still like to know your answers for irl too. :P

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My friend recently took up rollerblading and as totally super cool as it sounds, I don't want to spend $60 on rollerblades.

Should I buy hot pink rollerSKATES instead?

Is there any way to go about this without looking like a total idiot?

Do you ever see people rollerblade by you?

I have a kid in my class who rollerblades to school and the kids never stop asking him questions about it because they've never heard of such a thing

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Do you usually spell well?
Are there any words that you constantly have to look up, no matter how many times you write or type them?

I'm generally decent at spelling, but the words "unnecessary" and "queue" constantly trip me up... there are others, but those immediately come to mind.

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Guy I'm eating some motherfucking jellybeans right now.

What is your favorite flavor of jellybeans? Which are always left in the bottom of the bag because you won't eat them ever? Do you eat them one at a time or by the handful? I WANT DETAILS.

dn/dc/i don't eat jellybeans you fatass: fuck off.

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The rollerblading friend is going to school to be a personal trainer and she has offered to work with me at no charge.

I still would like to give her something for helping me and putting up with me (tomorrow is our first day and I will probably vomit or cry)

What should I give her?
Should I wait until it's been a few sessions or should I just buy her a beer next time we go out?

Do you have a personal trainer? How much do they charge?

My friend goes to one who charges $35 an hour but she used to be $60 for 45 minutes.


We are currently having a thundersleet storm. Who is responsible for this unfortunate turn of events?

A. Me, because I had my snow tires taken off yesterday.
B. The city schools, because they picked this week to have spring break.
C. Donald Trump
D. Other
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Ugh, I used to have this room mate who was a total annoying bitch. She did things like eat my food with asking, leaving a ton of dirty dishes in the sink, etc. She gave me a lot of grief and for some reason, after she's moved out and we no longer speak - SHE THINKS WE CAN STILL BE FRIENDS.
I have tried and tried to ignore her but she will not take the hint. She keeps trying to email me and add me on facebook now. I don't even go under my real name on FB so I'm kind of worried as to how she found me. I've blocked her on there and I've deleted quite a few emails from her trying to say "hello" to me.

My question is, I've held back for a while now. Should I bitch her out? Is there any other way I can handle this? I'm tired of her trying to dig me up on the internet to have whatever confrontation she wants.
I really don't want to have to bitch someone out but it's like she's giving me no other option. Is there some other option?

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My dog got her teeth cleaned today, and is still a little dopey from her meds. What can I do to make her more comfortable?

Where are some places (online or otherwise) I can sell some clothing? I tried eBay but didn't get as much money as I had hoped.

What was the last thing you mailed?

Two unrelated questions

1. Why is it that when you listen to a song, you frequently can't tell the person has an accent (yes, I know everyone has an accent but you can't always hear it when they're singing)? Celine Dion has a pretty think French Canadian accent, but I can't really hear it when she's singing. Why is that?

2. I remember seeing a way to go into a community or type in a specific URL to find the posts you'd made in that community. How do I do that?

Need help choosing a word

I feel like Posty McPostsalot lately, but here I am again.

I'm scrapbooking and I want to use the quote "Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad." However, for some reason I don't like the word "special" there. Can you suggest another word for me to use instead?

(If it matters, the context of the page is that my fiancé is an awesome stepdad to my son even though he's not biologically "his." Yup - helps me with my kiddo AND buys me expensive dresses, I basically hit the jackpot. ;D)

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What's the stupidest thing you've ever done while driving?

I once studied for a test (IE, read my notes) while on the interstate. I feel incredibly guilty about that now, but it makes me giggle a bit too.

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Will you play around on foodily.com and create a menu for an occasion of your choice?

If you don't want to:
What's your favorite thing to eat, of all time?
Do you have a favorite dish your mom/dad/whomever makes?

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What's the most awkward/uncomfortable moment you've had recently?

Brought to you by my grandad calling me on skype while he had my father on the phone. He then tried to get us to talk on skype via his phone. What I don't think he knew was the last I heard from my father, he was telling my mother all about how "[I'm] ruined." Urgh.

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Dear TQC,

I just arrived in Kentucky today and will be here for 4 months. I am from Arizona and this is my first time spending a significant period of time anywhere else. What should I do while I'm in this part of the US? So far I want to

- go to Steak n Shake (passed sooo many on the drive here, I gotta see what it's about)
- go to Nashville
- try the BBQ!! BBQ is my favorite genre of food and I bet it'll be different here than it is back home
- visit my uncle in Georgia

what else should I experience while I'm here? I'm pretty open-minded so lay it on me :)
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I'm in the market for a decently priced but powerful blender. I'm craving a smoothie and mine just went up in a blaze of glory, sparks, and smoke.

Any recommendations? What brand (if any) do you own?

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Is there a common believe people have about you that you don't necessarily try to perpetuate?

I have strangers tell me all the time that I either look like a school teacher or should be a school teacher. Even just walking past someone at work, I'll have a customer tell me that I look like a teacher. For the record, I do not wear sweaters with plastic pencil buttons.

Birthday at work woes

We have a co-worker's birthday coming up and it has been the norm to all chip in $5.00 each to buy them a gift card somewhere for their birthday. However one of the co-workers refuses to participate, which is his choice, but feels that he should be able to sign the birthday card. The group is divided on this: some feel like it doesn't matter and some feel if he isn't going to contribute, he shouldn't be able to sign the group card with the gift card inside of it.

What is everyone's opinion about this?
i ain't into that!

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 Do you find that different types of alcohol make you different "types" of drunk? For example, gin makes you belligerent, tequila makes you promiscuous, beer makes you happy and chatty, etc.

I've never noticed this myself but I've heard others say this happens to them. I think it may be psychological, but I dunno. If your answer is yes, provide examples! 

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TQC, I need parent-relationship help.

So I'm planning on making a pretty major move in the next two months (we're talking moving from the NYC-Metro area to North Carolina, where I went to school). And my dad (whom I live with) was all for it until I actually started making plans to *do* the moving. Now he's like "Find a job in NYC!" and "you shouldn't take a job that offers less than twenty dollars an hour!" and I'm like, "Dad. It's loads more expensive to live around NYC, and I can't name a single person in my circle of similarly-aged friends and contacts who makes better than fifteen an hour." Is my dad being ridiculous? What's his deal (besides the obvious letting-go factor)? How much do you make, and what're your average expenses per month? I think I *could* conceivably make it on two grand a month (which is about what I'm making at my current job). What do you think?

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I know I'm going to be hated and called fatphobic and all that jazz, buuuuut this was a question I was thinking about so why not let you guys enjoy/hate on it.

So I know different body types are perceived different ways regarding dress, but in particular I have noticed that plus size women can "get away" with wearing lower cut tops than a thinner person can.

I've noticed this in my office and in other professional settings. There is almost something "less offensive" about it.

Some examples of types of dressCollapse )

Do you think she would be perceived differently than the larger woman?

I think she would. Even though their chest size is the same, the thinner woman would look more inappropriate in the office than the larger woman.

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Have you ever been in a relationship where you wanted to end things becuase of significant hurdles in your partner's life? Example: You need to go out and party but your SO has a major social anxiety. ( Or vice versa)

How did you handle the situation?
Like you want to be with the person and care for them but you know in the long run things won't change or ever work.

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I went to Vegas last year, and although I don't really gamble, it was awesome! Sightseeing, drinking, food, shows, etc. The whole town had a magical quality (for lack of a better term) and everyone was so friendly & polite. As in, no one bumped into you in the street (though it was super crowded), people volunteered to take each other pictures, etc.

Have you ever been on a vacation that just seemed magical and exciting? Where did you go?

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Do you know of any good scholarship websites where I can find scholarships that don't require more than a GPA and an essay? I already know about FastWeb.

I don't feel like paying this much for school.

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I just got a manicure yesterday and four of my nails are already chipped and I didn't do a damn thing today...

I usually don't get manicures so I'm not trying to be a bitch about this but...would you go back and say something? Have you ever done that?

I probably won't, but I'm sort of sad I spent the money.

I've gone to this place a few times before and the manicure lasted almost two weeks (which I know is another extreme)

and/or because I'm ridiculously hungry tonight:

What's your favorite thing to get for breakfast from a restaurant?

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Lets say you are a manager at a store. You are calculating the hours/payroll stuff and realize that you have everyone scheduled for more hours than you need, so you cut most everyone's hours back, anywhere from an hour to 3 hours. Would you call or text (if it's not too professional of a setting) all your employees to let them know? 

Today, I got to work 45 minutes early and I was a little peeved. We all have the same schedule every week, same hours/shifts/days. Nothing changes. However, apparently yesterday the manager did exactly what I typed above and didn't bother to let me know. I didn't work yesterday, and the store is a 25 minute drive from me (not to mention, we all know our schedules so there's no reason to come in and look?) so I was not informed of this schedule change. Do I have a right to be a little frustrated? I know it wasn't that big of a change, but I figured it's only professional to let people know when you change their work hours..

Will you justify me, TQC? Or tell me I'm being dumb, whichever.

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How often do you have alcoholic drinks, and how many at once?

I've recently started enjoying beer a lot more than I used to, and I'm starting to feel guilty when I have more than one a night. But usually I just have the one. That's okay, right?

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 I need some help. My gf lives in the USA and I live in Canada. She would have a better life if she moved here and wants to. We don't know anything about how shes going to achieve this or if she can. Any ideas?

Jacket during spring

I come from a tropical country and I'm going on a holiday to Paris in a few days. The weather forecast is 24°C / 11°C.

I have a jacket like the one below, and my partner and I can't agree it's too much. Should I bring it? Any thoughts?

Collapse )

Edit: That's 77F / 52F