April 18th, 2011

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Hai TQC!

So i need (want) some flip flops. problem is i have back issues, so i need something with some arch support/comfort and not just the $2 ones from target or whatever. I also have small feet, i wear women's 5-6 or sometimes kids 3-4ish. I'm hoping to stay under $50. Can you suggest some flip flops for me TQC??
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Pen Friends

Have you ever had a pen friend? Are you still in touch?

I regularly exchanged letters with an internet friend about 6 years ago. We started writing again this year.
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do you open soda cans fully or do you just crack the tops just a little bit so you can drink out of it? i only crack it a little bit and just squeeze at the can and according to my co-workers this is odd.

edit: what are things you can't stand the feeling of? i hate the feeling of soft materials like cotton, velvet, silk, etc.

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I just got back from a 2 week trip to New Zealand, and I'm jet lagged as hell. I arrived back to NY (home) on Saturday at 7pm (Eastern time), couldn't fall asleep until 3am, woke up at 8:30am. Felt sleepy all day, and STILL feel really sleepy, but it's 4:30am here and I can't sleep.

When I have to leave for work at 8:30am, it'll be 12:30am in NZ, and since my body has gotten used to NZ's time zone, I'll probably feel extreeeemely sleepy to the point of constantly dozing off.

How am I going to make it through the workday until at least 5pm?!? I can't afford to ask for another day off.
Any tips on combating jet lag and reverting to your current time zone?

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What do you think of the Greg Mortenson controversy? - (he's the guy who wrote Three Cups of Tea and From Stones into Schools) - there was a segment on 60 minutes last night saying he'd made a bunch of stuff up and/of exaggerated what he actually did.
If he really did just make stuff up, thats disgusting, but I can see why he might have exaggerated some things - to make the book more *interesting* so that more people would read it.

Reading questions

Have you ever read a book that gave you nightmares?
If you like to read,has your taste in reading material changed as you've gotten older?
What classic novel have you read that everyone loves but you hate and think is terrible?

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Does mcdonald's really have new, better shakes or are we paying more for a fancy cup, whipped cream, and a cherry? And of course, they are a lot smaller.

I'm going home to Michigan in 9 days. They got snow last night and expect 2-4 inches today. Which gods do I plead to to ensure that the weather is nice when I go home? It doesn't have to be as nice or as warm as it is here in Texas, but it would be nice to have like 65°.

I need to hand carry my bridesmaid dress on the plane when I go home. Will it count as my carry-on?

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You so STANKY!

 How do you all deal with smelly people in general?

What about those smelly individuals you must deal with on a regular basis?

Would you tell me the story about the worst "smelly person" experience you've had?
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I won passes to Allegreen music festival this morning! It's this weekend, and I've never been to anything like this before. Will you share your experiences with music festivals? Good/bad, favorite parts or aspects of it, what the camping with a million other people was like, etc.

Copied and pasted from another forum

My fiance and I are Big Bro/Big Sis to an underpriveledged 8 yr old girl. She's really dealt a tough card so we spend usually 2-3 days a month with her....taking her to the movies, dog park, swimming, the zoo, and helping her with homework, school, etc.

It's a little awkward w/ her single mom. Her mom really doesn't give a sh1t about her kids, nor this mentor program...so she kinda has no involvement in it.

Our little sis informed us over the weekend that "her mom makes her wake up a few days a week at 2am (on school days) to work at the garden since it's extra money for her family"

The girl is 8 years old. She should not be working at all. Or working at 3am on a school day. And WTF is this "garden"?! I asked her what she gardens and she told me it's fruits and vegetables but it sounds very conspicuous that it's in the middle of the night....could be growing marijuana for all I know. Either way, this to me is completely unacceptable.

Should we:

1) Do nothing
2) Say something to her mom, who already hates us and this program
3) Say something to the program
4) Call CPS now.
5) Something else?
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I have an ankle tattoo. I'm graduating from college May 7th, and my ultra-conservative grandmother will be present. Do any of you lovely TQCers have any experience with a tattoo cover-up cream or something similar that would work well? It's a yellow star with black outlining, a little smaller than your fist all the way 'round.
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Hey guys,
I just accidentally broke a handheld mirror. I feel mortified that it even happened, it's usually in my drawer but for some reason it was under my doona cover and i fell on it. It's a two sided mirror but only one side was broken.

What's going to happen to me? Bad luck galore?  *unhappy wibble*

Are you superstitious? Any particular ones you believe in?
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I need a new bag that looks professional (that I can use for interviews to put my portfolio and resume in) but that I can also put my laptop in to bring around with me. Preferably waterproof, definitely non-leather, under $60.

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If you have any other suggestions of shops I should check out, let me know!


We are having an office cookout this evening after work. Hot dogs and hamburgers.

What do you like on your hot dog? I like mustard and relish.

What do you like on your hamburger. I like lettuce, tomato and mayo if tomatos are in season. Otherwise, I like mustard, pickles and onions.

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This question is based on an actual ad I saw a while ago. :I

You are looking for a place to live, and you come across an ad for a guy seeking an attractive female house-mate that will take care of all household cleaning, cooking and laundry in exchange for paying only $1 per month for rent.

If the house is nice and the guy is reasonably attractive and sane, would you do it?
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You are looking for an apartment...

$500 rent, with roommates?
$800 rent, without roommates?
Something else I will explain in comments...
TQC, I am looking for a new place, but I am torn. I hate having roommates, as I always feel really awkward living with other people that I don't know very well. None of my GOOD friends are looking for a place (or they are allergic to my cat). $800 for a one bedroom would be a stretch, but I think I could manage the payments. (assume heat and water are included, cooking gas and electricity are not.)


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Background: The disease known as shingles (herpes zoster) is transmitted similarly to other herpes viruses -- close, direct contact with open sores/blisters. Shingles usually comes about from a past infection with chicken pox.

Should a person working in food service be allowed to wash dishes if they're currently infected with shingles?

What about HSV I or II?

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 What should I make with some ground beef?  

Alternatively what kinds of things do you do on dates?  What kind of things do you talk about?  How do you tell if you are on a date vs just hanging out?
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 I have to travel to Springdale, AR from Fort Smith, AR some time next week (over an hour drive each way) for a mandatory meeting at the regional headquarters or something. The meeting is 5 hours and my boss said we'd be paid for it, but do you think that includes driving time?
I'm going to ask him next time I see him, but if he says no, is that legal?
Should they have to reimburse for gas, too?

What are you listening to right now? I've got Penny's Song from Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog on and the girls I babysit are in the next room playing Duck Hunt, so I keep hearing the shots and the dog snickering.
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My family likes to shorten names of things. Which should we use for turkey spaghetti?

Poll #1731456 Turkey Spaghetti

Best abbreviation?


If neither post a comment with what you think.

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What jobs do you know of that only required a certification (for example: massage therapist, bartender, and personal trainer)?
If you ever had a job like this, how did/do you like it?

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What are some places around the Internet where you spend a lot of time? Be specific!

My answers: World of Warcraft, League of Legends, ONTD, TQC (I lurk most of the time), WheezyWaiter's youtube channel.

I'm bored and want new interesting internet things!

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1. Is there an age at which you should stop shopping at Ikea and spend more money on furniture?

2. When you were applying/ interviewing for your current job, did they ask what your GPA was in high school or college?
(Mine didn't, wondering if this is a fluke or if people just care that you graduated.)
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Does anyone have a penpal? What is the experience? How did you meet your penpal? Did you give them your address or a P.O Box?
I'm thinking about getting a penpal but I'm not sure how I feel comfortable about the whole address thing.
Has anyone ever had a penpal for language learning purposes? How did that go? Where did you find your penpal?
Does anyone have any reliable non sketch sites where you can find penpals?
Thanks ya'll
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I just downloaded an app where I can make a computer font using my handwriting. I did a cursive one and a plain one so far. What other font(s) should I make?

Do you believe that trust and respect should be always earned, or that a certain amount should be given from the beginning (like a trial basis)?
Brought to you by me overhearing someone on the phone with their boss and saying something to the extent of "No. I'm new at this job, I don't trust you yet!"

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Do you garden?
Do you grow flowers? Herbs? Fruit/vegetables?
Do you have houseplants?
What kinds?
Do you enjoy visting gardens as a tourist activity for various famous gardens/shrubberies?
What would be in your dream-garden, if space, soil-type, climate and money were not issues?

Scream 4

  Can I watch Scream 4 and understand everything in the plot, if I don't remember much about the previous three? Of course, I have seen them, but it was a long time ago, so that the plots and characters are long erased from my memory. Or, should I first re-watch the first three to maximize the enjoyment from the 4-th?

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using the traditional food USDA food pyramid (under cut for ref):
what ONE food group could you never cut out of your diet?
what ONE food group would you be most willing to cut out of your diet (also compared to your current diet, e.g. if you're vegan what food group OTHER THAN meat and dairy)?

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Imagine your eyesight is really, really bad, and you have to choose only one of these:

You wear contacts the rest of your life
You wear glasses the rest of your life
You get Lasik. Imagine cost isn't an issue.

Glasses. I didn't like my contacts and Lasik scares me.
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I'm trying to buy some yoga pants at victoriassecret.com and it's asking me for my "inseam" 30, 32, 34, or 36, and also my size S, M, or L. I don't know what they mean by 'inseam"- has anyone bought yoga pants here and can tell me how to go about choosing my "inseam?" (P.S. My waist is a 27 and I usually wear size 3 or 5 in bottoms.)

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If you are in a happy relationship*, do you ever think about behaving romantically with others and/or develop feelings for people other than your SO?

*Assume the relationship in question is monogamous.
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Help meeee

I've fallen hard for this dress (for my casual courthouse wedding), but I can't justify spending that much on it. Does anyone want to help me find a similarly-styled dress? Features I love are the length, the fact that it's pretty plain, and the cap sleeves.

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EDIT: Oops, forgot pertinent info. Link is here, the dress costs $550.

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1. What fruit does your head sound most similar to when you knock on it?
2. Don't you kind of wish what's inside would taste that way, too? Maybe just in case?

3. Would you trade away your pinky fingers for an extra thumb on each hand? Let's assume social stigma won't exist, i.e. haters ain't gonna hate.
4. Or are you some sort of madman would you rather lose your thumb for a fifth regular finger?!

5. Would you participate in a mixed martial arts cage match against a kangaroo for charity? You can assume it would raise a substantial sum.
6. Which charity?
7. In case of greedypantsism, would you do it for your own profit?

7 AGAIN. Do you use the back pockets of your pants?
4 AGAIN. Or the little change pocket in the front right?

4 ONE MORE TIME. Crunchy tacos or soft? (There will be a grade on this one)
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If you could grow a beard on your face, would you? And what type of beard would you choose? 

If you can already grow a beard on your face, what is your favorite way to wear your facial hair? 

Extra points if you provide a picture of your favorite type of beard.
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So, In the past 24 hours, the following things have happened to me:

I developed a zit on my chin (I don't usually break out).

I developed a hugely painful gum infection and went to 3 dentists before someone stuck a needle in it to drain it.

I am hosting the Cold Sore That Ate Manhattan on my lip (seriously, it's as big as a dime).

I am getting weird twitchy/tingly feelings in y nose.

I am going to stroke out, y/y?

If not, what other disease do I have?

What happened the last time your body had a meltdown?
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This makes me sound like an ignorant fool. My glasses straight up snapped in half today so my eye doctor gave me some emenrgency contacts to try out until I can see her Thursday for the actual process of contact lens fitting. Anyway, the ones I have in now are monthlies. Should I take them out tonight? Halpz me.

What happened the last time Murphy's Law sprinked itself all over the shit cupcake that was to be your day?

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The Borgias?

Anyone else watching this kick-ass miniseries? I love it so far! Better than the Tudors.

I know it probably isn't historically accurate, but so what? It isn't airing on the History Channel, so who cares?

I want more lesbian kisses, some homosexual subplots, more of Holliday Grainger's tits, and another shot of Colm Feore's penis. I wouldn't complain if Jeremy Iron's penis was shown, either...
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Do you and your coworkers have ~secret nicknames~ for regular customers?

At my store, we have Bangle Lady (I've never seen her wearing bangles so I have no clue where this came from), Lizard Girl (she brings her pet iguana shopping with her), and Color Me Badd (he looks vaguely like that one guy).


Do you like to visit museums?
Which one(s) do you consider favorites?

Have you ever been recommended one and you got there and it sucked? Which?

Do you have any museums in your current city? Have you been to them all?

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Will you write my wedding ceremony introduction please?

non srs obvs

OMG I cannot write it, the wedding is in les then two weeks and I just cannot write this, Our rehearsal is next week on thurs, ARGH.

What is sending you guys crazy?