April 17th, 2011

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How do you go about reconciling listening to a particular type of music, against its questionable lyrical content? In extension, if you find the artist's background/behaviour to be abhorrent in some way? Could your enjoyment of the music override the lyrics, or is the message most important?

This most often comes up for me in hip-hop, where references to bitches and hoes are plentiful (I'm particularly curious about how female hip-hop fans handle it...).  I've also experienced such internal dissonance listening to metal bands with a racist bent. Other examples might include: popstars who are (arguably) overtly sexual; artists with political messages you disagree with.

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I'm sure I asked something similar a few years ago, but oh well:

Do you think Marilyn Monroe was full-figured/chubby/etc.? What do you think when someone says she was fat?
Emma Kemppainen

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Hey, TQC.

You know when you have a cold and your ear fills up with fluid and feels all blocked up?

Is there any way to relieve it or make it go away more quickly?

Also talk about how bad (in a medical sense) you presently are.
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 When was the last time you saw a movie and went "aww...that person's dead now. :/ "? I'm watching Happy Feet and Britney Murphy is dead :/

Will you post a quote so we can guess what movie or tv show it's from?

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What kind of damage can 10 tramadol and 4 800 mg ibuprofin do to you? My friend texted me that she took some last night after I'd gone to bed and I just woke up to this.

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TQC, are you the kind of person who takes a while to get going in the morning, or do you hop right out of bed and start doing things? What's your morning routine like? How are your weekend morning routines different from your weekday morning routines?

What's going on for you today? What do you have to get done, and what do you *want* to get done?

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I doubt that this community can reach 6000 comments on a single entry. I know it can't. 
Prove me wrong TQC. First person who reaches 6000 comments wins a lovely worded love letter that'll be posted on tqc_updates .
Can you do it?

Jobs suck

So if I correctly deciphered the text my boss just sent I will be off work until May 9th because we dont have enough kids to employ 3 people....

Im going to apply for partial unemployment for the time if thats the case but my hubby just said my employer(or ex employer) is responsible for paying out unemployment and that they might just go ahead and fire me for real if I did that.

Is this true!

Im so fucking sick of having my hours fucked with, I dont even find out when/where I work until the night before and Im sick of it!!!

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Sorry I didn't reply to anyone earlier in response to my previous question - my internet crapped out on me.

What was the best dinner you've had recently?

What decade did you grow up in and what popular cultural experience sticks out in your mind?
Mitty box

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Have you ever gone to a movie by yourself?

Have you ever gone out to eat by yourself?

Did people stare at you funny?

I really want to see a movie and get lunch but all my friends are busy and my husband doesn't want to go. :C

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GUYS. My dad just dropped an awesome bomb on me: apparently my parents have been putting money aside for me in a bank account for when I move out on my own. There's over seven thousand dollars in it, which puts my total savings at about eight and a half thousand dollars right now. I'm planning on moving down to Raleigh (from Connecticut) in the next few months. I know that half of the money is going to go to getting a car/paying it off (so about four thousand) and the rest is going to go to things like furniture, apartment setup, moving expenses, etc. Has anyone done a major move? How did you get all your stuff from one place to another? U-Haul? How much did it cost you in total? Did anyone help you with the driving/hauling?

Have you ever had a major windfall like this? What did you do with the money? Part of me is saying, "fuck the move, go out and see the world and travel for a few months." It's so hard not to listen to it! Would you move or travel if you were in my position, TQC?
Mitty box

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I decided to stay home. There's a lot of trees down from the storms and everyone is busy cleaning up. Instead I'll play Pokemon!

Do any of you have Pokemon Black/White?
I have White!

Do you use the Game Sync/Dreamyard thing? Does it make sense to you?
I have no idea what I'm doing!

Have you beaten the game yet? Which Pokemon did you use?
I used Zekrom, Victini, Samurott, Basculin, Cobalion, and Unfezant. Basculin was a total powerhouse.

How many Pokemon have you seen? How many have you caught?
Seen: 268. Caught: 143

Want to be friends??
4298-2555-7205 Aeryn

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Is it best on its own, or in other things (baked potatoes, soup, sandwiches etc.)?
How do you like yours, (if you do)? Crispy? Chewy? Salty? Sweet?

Poll #1731106 side-dish meat of choice

What's your favourite kind of breakfasty pork side-dish?

Sausage (link)
Sausage (patty)
Ham/Canadian Bacon
Non-Pork Other (specify)

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Are you going to/having a seder tomorrow night?
Didn't realize I should explain, but for those confused, a seder is a Passover dinner. Passover starts tomorrow night.

I'm torn between making chocolate caramel covered matzah or coconut macaroons. They both take about the same time to cook and use the same amount of ingredients, so which should I make?
I'm sure there will be a few boxes of store bought chocolate covered matzah and some macaroons for dessert anyway, it's not like if I make one we would have the other, I just want to make something from scratch.

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i have a couple new friends who are into MLS and are getting me into it. so i need a team to support. but i've always been torn between Colorado and Chicago. i was born in Ft.Collins, CO and when it comes to American football i go for the Broncos, and when i had my 5 minute affair with baseball as a little kid, it was the Rockies.

but i grew up in Madison, WI, much closer to Chicago, obviously. so i'm torn.

which MLS team should i support?

Colorado Rapids
The Chicago Fire
Rocky Horror Batman Show

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 I'm thinking about switching back to Windows from Linux. Is Windows 7 any good, or should I go back to XP?
I really miss being able to play the Sims and I can't update my iPod through iTunes on Linux.

Verizon or AT&T? I think we're going to switch to Verizon since they have unlimited data plans and they're about 15$ cheaper a month, but we've had good service with AT&T.

If you could learn any language, what would it be and why?

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Are you celebrating 4/20?  What are you doing?  I'm going to Boulder.

Have you ever tried that Betty Crocker chocolate chip cookie mix?  Did you like it?  I tried it last night and thought it was okay but I was high so IDK.

What do you do for a living?  Do you enjoy it?  I'm a manager at a movie theatre and most days I do, but when I hate it I really hate it.
Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

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I want to be a drummer. I just set up some private lessons. What else can I do to prepare? Any good websites that will give me reading material? Any books?

Anyone on here a drummer? How long did it take until you felt pretty good at the drums?

Are you/have you been in a drum band?

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Does anybody know where I can find a nose ring (like an actual ring, not a stud) that sits rather close to the nostril? All the ones I've seen are a pretty big loop and I feel like I'm a bull wearing it :(

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This is probably a really stupid question, but I know a bunch of you guys have babies here so I figured I'd ask considering you probably know better than I do.

Hypothetically, if I had a baby and only fed him healthy food and never introduced sweets or fast food or anything unhealthy, would he eat healthy foods? A few of my friends have kids and all they will eat is crap like pizza, cookies and mac and cheese. They refuse to eat anything else. I have a theory that if you never give your kid any of that stuff they won't know what they're missing so they won't refuse to eat healthy foods because it's all they know. Does that make sense or is it just idiotic?

EDIT: Okay, so the kid will eventually be introduced to processed/unhealthy foods by somebody else. Would it be a good idea to continue making healthy foods for his meals at home and refusing to buy junk even if he refuses to eat the healthy stuff? Does saying "eat what I make or starve" ever work or is that just bad parenting?

They're out there

Dear TQC - what's making you kill-that-asshole angry today?

Inspired by the fact that I just got home from a lovely peaceful bushwalk to find that my insane passive-aggressive fat c*** of a neighbour has pulled up and destroyed a garden bed on my property. I mean *destroyed* - she's torn up the sleepers, thrown the plants everywhere, christ. Took me six hours to make that on my day off.

Apparently it had to go because - to paraphrase her little note - rain affects her telephone, and cactus interferes with electricity). WTfuckingF?

DK/DC: care to share your favourite asshole neighbour story with the group?

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can you give me random information about anything that you find interesting that you think i dont know about? links?
my sister and i read about crystal skulls all day and now she wants too look up more amazing stuff.

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Guys, I'm feeling sickish and am not very hungry, but I feel like I should eat something. Should I have my leftover steak from last night or should I be super lazy and have a bowl of cereal (but the milk might irritate my already ouchy throat)? Or should I have oatmeal? How do you like your oatmeal? What do you like to eat when you're sick?

Things to do before you die...

 I really feel like writing my Bucket List at the moment and I was curious what is on your bucket list

(Be as weird and wonderful as you like). 

Some of mine: 
- visit India
- make up with my best friend properly
- learn to accept other people just the way they are 
- Get over my fear and literally get back on the horse ( I miss it so much)
- Get married



I was watching a piece on Autism from PBS, and I realized that all the children I know with autism, and the child in the piece, all had older mothers. I'm sure not all Autistic children are born to older mothers, just the one's that I know (all the women had their children in their late 30s and then early 40s). I googled it, and some say yes, some say no, some say the father's age may or may not have something to do with it. Is there any academic research that you might know of about this or have any personal experiences with it?

ETA- I also really wonder at the statistics of American v. the rest of the world when it comes to Autism.
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What does everyone think about stereotypes?

Does stereotyping or labeling people benefit anyone?

Use any definition of "stereotype" or "label" you wish.
Serious and non-serious are good.
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What was the last thing you saw or heard that made you go 'woah....'?

Inspired by a former colleague posting

"DO you think this will work???

Wanted - A full time Girlfriend, must be easy going, like talking general nonsense, and like Pizza Hut!!

if you or someone you know is suitable please let me know, if it works out and lasts more than 3months they'll be a £50 reward, go out and find me a Mrs!!"

as his facebook status. It might have been funny if he wasn't such an asshole.
bounce elephant

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Did I imagine there was a post asking for feedback on profile photo choice...?  And now it is gone?

Cuz I edited the damn picture but the thread has disappeared. So, girl who I imagined, here is the picture if you want it. http://oi52.tinypic.com/281rlt4.jpg

In the meantime, non-imaginary people, what are you doing right now?

If you had a talking parrot, what would you teach it to say?

Cake or death?
Lee Soo Hyuk

Fashionable with a conscience?

I have this dilemma. I'm obsessed with fashion and being fashionable but I've also become very aware of corporations and their ethics. A lot of clothes come from sweatshops. Clothes that come from ethical conditions are expensive and I'm not rich. I usually try to go to resale shops first before going to the mall and such but sometimes there's no good finds at the thrift store. Is it possible to be fashionable with a conscience? Am I being selfish and worrying about how good I look when there's more important things going on? I don't know what to do guiz :/

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I discovered salted caramel butter pecan ice cream last night, and it is nothing short of amazing.
What's your favorite ice cream flavor?
What's your latest discovery? (Food or therwise)

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What are your thoughts on guys buying girls drinks in clubs etc?

It seems like everyone wants me to feel bad for accepting drinks from guys I don't know when I have no intention of doing anything with them (except chatting).
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Hey guys,

I just bought a new pair of headphones today, the same brand/model as my old pair. I put them in my iPod and only one of them was working. I had to press down on the plug in order for the second speaker to work.

Do you think it's the earphone's fault, or my old iPod that's the problem? Should I try and return them to the shop tomorrow and bring my iPod with me?

DK/DC: Got any dramas going on at the moment? How's it going for you?


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I drank a lot today. More than I've possibly ever had before. I almost got sick on the train but I feel okay now, just sleepy and mildly queasy. However- I fear that tomorrow morning I will feel like death.

What do I do now to ensure that I feel less like death?
How do I withstand this intense craving for pizza?!

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A friend and I are lucky enough to be able to travel this summer. Are there any cities in Europe we just HAVE to visit? Which discount air carrier do you prefer to get around in Europe? Any thoughts about Budapest?
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I woke up with a sore throat and dry sinuses this morning. Is it too late to prevent it from becoming full-blown nasty illness?

How do you fend off colds? How often do you get sick?
Srsly, I was just sick twice in February! Argh!

How many job applications will I have to fill out before I find a summer job?

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I use my mother's address as my permanent address because its easier than changing it every year (I'm in school). So pretty much all my mail goes there (except for a phone bill)
Today I found out that sometime in January, she received a letter (or two) from a school I had applied to transfer to (because I'm miserable where I am). She never, ever told me about it. When I asked her today, if she got any mail for me she never told me about, she was like "oh yeah. these two letters, I forgot" (she doesn't usually forget stuff like that, and she was pissed when I applied to transfer)

Then I found out she opened my credit card bill. the bill also had her name on it, but when I talked to her, I told her I'd deal with it when I got back, and not to open it. she said OK. (and then opened it anyway)

I'm really pissed right now, and I don't feel like I can trust her at all. and she doesn't get how pissed I am.
Am I right to be angry? would you be pissed? how would you deal with it?

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I recently heard a song at a bar that I really loved. Unfortunately, I didn't have my iPhone with me, so I couldn't Shazam it. I also planned on asking the bartender, but I got so caught up with friends that I completely forgot to ask before leaving.

I only caught a small portion of the lyrics, and even the words I did catch is not accurate (the singer was singing something like, "it will get better." The singer sounded a bit like Ben Harper but I just spend time on Google, and I don't think it was his song.

Any advice on how to go about finding this song given the little information I have to work with?

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Hey TQC- My birthday is coming up and I'm not sure what I want.

What are your favorite things to receive for your birthday?

Also- where do you like to shop online? I've been enjoying black phoenix alchemy lab and aerie. I want more places to look at.

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how many toddlers do you think you could fend off before they finally overtook you?

they aren't like possessed or zombie babies or anything. just if an endless amount of normal, healthy, regular sized toddlers decided to take you down, how many do you think you could hold off until they finally had you?

ETA: SORRY ERRBODY. the page was stuck on load and i just left it 'cause i figured my internet died and it didn't post. but how comments got disabled, idek.