April 16th, 2011


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 Dear TQC, 

Are we not feeding the trolls today? This makes me sad. 

Will you please use this post to talk about your favourite TQC posts of all time?

(Warning: There may be mention of BOYS LOVE  inside.)

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Tqc what would you do in the event of a zombie apocalypse?
Srs answers only.
Do you think it's really a possibility?

Related: do you own a gun?
If so, what kind(s)?
If not, do you want one? What kind?
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Why does it bother me so much when people post nothing but running commentary (on Facebook) about how fucked up~ or drunk they got? There's a longtime friend whose posts have been nothing but a shitshow for the last week and I think some of my respect for her died. I'm not jealous, what is it? Lack of drive, flagrant overindulgence, just ain't flattering?

Why are you up so early (NorthAm)?
What's your favorite color? Favorite shade of this color?

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I'm considering offering my services to proofread/edit papers for people and post it on craigslist. I don't have any professional experience doing so, but I did graduate from my undergrad with strong writing skills and am in law school now where I'm excelling in my legal writing course.

How much would you charge to do the service? I see professional services charging $15-$35 per page.

dk/dc: What was the last paper you wrote about?
Mine was a fake mediation brief for a fake client's lawsuit against a video game company for using his likeness.

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TQC, I just cut my foot outside on what I think was a big root/stick coming out of the ground. I was wearing flip flops and wasn't looking down when it happened so I can't be too sure, but I'm fairly sure.

Should I be worried about tetanus? My boyfriend mentioned it to me and now I am worrying. I cleaned the wound (which is not big at all, maybe a half-inch long cut) with soap and hot water and have a bandaid on it. It still hurts/burns badly.

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If you were going somewhere for three weeks, where you have access to a washer and dryer, how many pairs of pants, long sleeve, and short sleeve shirts would you pack?
Im going to be at my moms for three weeks between semesters, and I have no idea what I left there, at christmas, and if its wearable.
So far, I have 4 t shirt, 4 long sleeve shirts, 3 hoodies, two pairs of pajamas, and 5 pairs of pants. plus a weeks worth of undies and socks. does this sound about right, or am I over or under packing ?

2. not related at all, but why, half the time, when I try to type a question mark, does my computer do this É (that letter). am I hitting something on my keyboard without realizing it?
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have jehovah's witnesses (or other door-to-door proselytizers) undergone some sort of change in the way they promote themselves? i just had a couple of ladies at my door and "all they wanted to do was invite me to this talk". i'm not used to hearing that from these people. no jesus rambles, no nothing. what is the deal?

eta: i'm trying to watch doctor who, from the beginning of christopher eccleston's series. the only thing is that i'm a dumb american who is having trouble getting used to the "feel" of british television. does this show get better? i've only watched the pilot, and i was kind of ehhhh. should i stick it out?

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TQC, I need home advice in which home you would choose. Both homes are wth within the same two blocks, in a wonderfully quiet/family-friendly/safe neighborhood.

Both homes are 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and 2 car garage.

 Home #1Home #2
Price $12,000 less asking price than #1
Square Feet1600 sq ft1300 sq ft
BackyardBeautiful, flat, spacious backyard, but would be $$$ to fenceSloped, fenced, but with powerline running through the backyard
KitchenWhite, brand new appliances but no fridge, also has eat-in kitchen areaWhite, conveniently overlooks the living room
DiningBecause it has room in kitchen for a big dining table, you an use the dining room as an office/playroomSmaller dining room, the only eating space in the home
BedroomsBigger master with 2 giant closetsMaster bedroom not as big, but 2nd and 3rd bedrooms are similar size
BathroomSpacious master bathroom with double sinks, garden tub and separate shower, then a 2nd typical bathroomBoth bathrooms are typical shower/tub combo
Curb AppealLandscaped but with overpowering shrubbery so you can't fully appreciate the homeAdorable outside and easy maintenance landscaping
LocationCul-de-sac where front porch overlooks a pond/fountain behind the home across the streetOn the "T" of a street where right across the street is perpendicular street, but both streets of the T lead to cul-de-sacs

I can see home #2 being more of a "starter home" because it's only about 200 more square feet than our apartment, but I really would like to get settled in a house that we end up having our babies in and staying for a long time. Both homes are about $20,000 less than what we originally thought we were going to have to spend on a home in this area so I feel like both are good deals.

What would you pick?

Home 1:

Home 2:

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Does anybody else here have Celiacs or an intolerance to wheat or gluten?
Got any advice for eating gluten free cheaply? Im a student, and most of the gluten free cookies, breads, and cereals are expensive. (Im also vegetarian, and cant handle too much dairy)
Got any favorite gluten free recipes?

2. anyone else here vegan or vegetarian? (how long have you done it for? was it hard?) - ETA - I've been vegetarian my whole life, except for a brief encounter with chicken mcnuggets and hotdogs when I was 10 (I wanted to eat what my friends ate I've tried to go vegan multiple times, but I  like greek yogurt, and feta far too much. and dogmatic vegans annoy the shit out of me
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Hey peeps. I'm having the same issue I had recently where my sister gets upset when I don't want to go somewhere. We were doing good and I've been going out house hunting a lot with her recently. I even spent the night on Thursday. Now she wants to go shopping and I just feel like staying home and now she's throwing her passive aggressive crap at me.

So is she being the selfish one for getting mad that I don't want to go and even telling me to go (as in "I don't care if you don't want to go. We're going anyways." - her exact words) or am I being the selfish one for only going places when I'm feeling up to it (which most of the time I am)? I'm feeling like the asshole here and now I'm confused. Sorry for the redundancy.

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tqc, i missed record store day and my best friend is being a super jerk to me/we're in a huge fight over kinda-nothing.

what should i do to cheer myself up? I'm super bummed.

editwhy are my comments being screened?

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I hung out with this guy last night and we had fun. Then we came back to my place to hang out more, and he kept talking about himsef, endlessly. Like, he'd ask me questions, or then he'd realized he'd been talking about himself so much, and apologize. At the end of the night he said, "Sorry I talked about myself so much. I'm going to be beating myself up about this all weekend. I guess I was just nervous. I hope you want to hang out with me again."

What do you think, do I want to hang out with him again? it was kind of annoying.

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I'm going to practice driving in a little while with a friend, but I don't want to just drive around without a destination. TQC, where should we go?

Where should we go?

Empty lot to steam up the windows
Some relatively casual restaurant for a snack
Go play a few rounds of skee-ball at the local version of Chuck E. Cheese
Go driving aimlessly/go down Route 123 and see what we can find
Something else that's less boring than the suggestions listed here, which I will post in the comments
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Have you ever owned a Hedgehog? Are they difficult to take care of? What can you tell me about them?

Someone is rehoming one complete with cage and I all sorts of want him. He's adorable. Gotta make sure I can handle it though.

DK/DC: Have you ever met someone famous?

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For those of you in the U.S., are any of you working on your income taxes this weekend?

[FYI, our were filed last Saturday. We're getting a refund, so it would have been nice to get it done earlier. However, ours is not a simple return. PLUS it took a couple go-arounds for my wife's employer to get her W-2 correct. We ended up printing a blank form, and filling in the numbers.]

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Is your bank open on Saturdays?

Mine recently changed their hours (I guess, because I could have sworn they've been open on Saturdays before) and they are not open at all Saturday or Sunday. I don't get paid until Friday evening (after the bank closes for the day) so I have to wait until Monday to deposit my check. I'm getting direct deposit set up very soon but right now, this is frustrating. >:|

What's frustrating you today?

Unfelixble leather

So I received a pair of TUK/Gripfast boots in the mail today. They're the right size, but they're very tight on the middle of the foot and the boots are more stiff than any boots i've ever bought. So they're not exactly comfortable to walk around in yet(i believe they will be once their worn in). Any suggestions on how to wear them in while not walking around? Or to loosen the leather so its not so tight so I can walk around in them to wear them in?

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Have you ever known someone who's voice annoyed you?

On a scale of 1 to 10 how healthy is your diet?

1 = You drink your water, eat your fruits and veggies, and avoid unhealthy snacks.
10 = You live on soda, candy, and McDonalds.
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If you live in a place that has a ton of ants (even on your bed), a couple of big roaches (1 1/2 inches) and a baby scorpion in the bathroom (separate occasions) but you can't call an exterminator bc this is not your house, what would you do? I've tried asking about calling an exterminator but nothing. I'm in a relative's house BTW.

ETA: It's expensive to move and I don't have that kind of $$ right now.

DK/DC: what movie or tv show have you watched recently? Do you recommend it?

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Have you ever had a really sexual dream whilst sleeping in the same room as other people and in the morning your were paranoid that you sleep talked?

Come on tqc chat and halp me kill time?


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If you can't afford the tip

Is it still okay to get something delivered?

I just feel really bad and I always tip really well, but this time I just don't have the extra cash.

What if they're mad?


EDIT: I went to pick it up
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Tonight I am going to eat something unhealthy for dinner. What should I have?

- Chicken wings
- ~Oriental Style Dumplings~ (they're stuffed with chicken and some veggies)
- Fish sticks on hot dog buns with mayo (lol)
- Chicken fingers and fries (with dill mayo, yum!)

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YESTERDAY I got hit by a truck and decided I identified as female.
Today the swelling went down and the meds kicked in and I decided I am still a male.


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We have a Ball Python who is less than a year old. We got her about a month and a half ago. She's shed once.
My parents feed her 2 frozen fuzzies (baby mice) a weekend (one saturday and one sunday).
Between the last shed and this post, she has had 6 mice.

My parents are wondering if we should up it to two fuzzies on saturday and no fuzzies sunday.

What do you think?

(NOTE: This is the longest time I've had a post open for TQC and actually hitting post because my parents are so slow. I had to teach them about Mobile Coupons today.)


What's the best joke you've heard lately?

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Who are some younger actresses of Hispanic decent?

tl;dr I'd like to join an RP and have my character backstory all worked out. The thing is she's (mostly) of Mexican heritage and a teen/young adult, I barely know young actors nowadays, and I have to do a "face claim". I'm willing to fudge it when it comes to her exact ethnicity, but I'd like her to be and look like she's Hispanic. Who I'm looking for would be from 15~25 age range, and would ideally have a boyish look about her.

Oh yeah, I guess the few actresses I do know (could find) that fit the discription have already been "taken", like some people from Disney Channel shows and I think "Glee".

Also, if you do suggest someone I'd love for y'all to be honest and tell me if you think she's a "good" actress.
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Can you think of any plot or scene from a tv show or movie that wouldn't be plausible because of today's technology?

Ex: the Net. If Sandra Bullock's character was on Facebook and added her school friends, she might've been able to prove who she was. (that or have a yearbook handy, hah)

DK/DC: where are you and what time and day is it?
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totally hypothetical... yeah

So let's say you share a small house with two friends but you pretty much live with your SO. Your name is still on the lease with your friends, and you pay rent and utilities and do laundry there and stuff, but you're not around much at all. Now suppose one of your roommates decides to host a big party (50+ people) where there will likely be loud music, underage drinking and shenanigans. They do not tell you; instead, you find out from friends who find you and say "So, the party's at your place tonight, right?"

Do you have a legitimate right to be upset about this? If this happened to you, what would you do?
I don't know if it's worth the argument because I'm moving out in less than a month and I hate fighting with friends. I also don't know if I should go and try to make sure shit doesn't get broken/stolen/vomited on, but I'm also afraid that if I show up I'll just get really angry and be unhappy and bitchy to people. Also, I'm underage and don't want to get in trouble for it, so another question:

If minors get drunk at my place and then get caught/charged for it, can I get in trouble for it if I'm not there?

Edit - Other pertinent info: my bedroom door does not lock, the house only has one main room (not counting the kitchen), and it's in a quiet residential neighborhood.

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Where can I watch the UK version of Skins online? The two youtube channels recommended won't play season 3 or 4 due to copyright restrictions, and I'd rather not download off of surf the channel. Is there a website I can just stream it from?

DK/DC: What are you dreading? I have a ridiculous amount of homework/papers to complete before the end of the semester, and being the procrastinator that I am, I have done none of it! :X
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What kind of thing do you think about a lot?

Do you think more in abstracts, concepts, visuals, words, or something else? If I asked you to visualize something, what does that mean for you?

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are you good at trivia/quiz bowl type things?
i just participated in one and failed miserably because, even though i knew the right answer to like 90% of the questions, i wasn't fast enough to press the buzzer first or froze when i did because i second-guessed myself :(


Today was a boring and rainy day, so I watched two X Files movies on TV. Both movies had some or all of it shot in cold, snowy places, one being freaking Antarctica, and Mulder ran around with his jacket unzipped and no hat on the whole time. Does stuff like that in movies bug you? All I could think was 'ZIP UP YOUR COAT, IT'S COLD!'.

and...I haven't watched the X Files in forever, but the movie implied that Mulder and Scully had a kid at some point? What happened to it?
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i'm relatively intoxicated right now and i'm tempted to call up the video store in my fake British accent(which might be OK, i had a couple British people say it's *almost* believable) and ask if they have Peep Show.

should i do it? that'll be fun, right? i got bailed on tonight so i don't have much else to do. i mean, other than watch the first season of Peep Show for the 100th time or bike down if they do have more.

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What's your favourite documentary?

Mine (and one of my favourite films, overall,) is Dear Zachary.

I'm watching Pawel Lozinski's Chemo right now and finding it really fascinating--it's shot so unlike any documentary I've ever seen. All extremely tight close-ups of mostly the patients and sometimes their loved ones, but sometimes all that exists beyond the patient are the voices or hands of their helpers. No soundtrack, very plain colours--grey, brown, green, black, white. The patients are doing all the talking--it almost feels as if the filmmaker isn't even there.

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Heterosexual oriented question, sorry:

Is there always a level of attraction for you, or can you be nothing more than friends with the opposite gender?

Can you be just friends with a member of the opposite sex? What is your gender?

Yes -- I am female.
No -- I am female.
Yes -- I am male.
No -- I am male.

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Seeing that I'm going out of state for college soon and will likely be living off campus, thoughts of being an adult are invading my mind.

My questions:
How old were you when you moved out?
Best thing about moving out?
Worst thing about moving out?
What type of dwelling (such as house, apartment, etc..) did you move into?
Did you have roommates?
Where did you get your furniture?
Rocky Horror Batman Show

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 Poll #xxxx Movies!
Poll #1730915 Movies!

What should I watch?

Disney's Hercules
Happy Feet
I will suggest something


I've seen all of those movies, but I can't decide which one to watch.

What are you watching?