April 15th, 2011

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For those of you who live alone with a pet, do you have some sort of plan set up for what would happen to your animal if something happened to you?

I feel like I should have some sort of plan, but my friends and family are 2000+ miles away. I wouldn't want her to go to a shelter or a bad family or get put down. The thought is really upsetting to me.
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I am quitting smoking (again) and this time I am taking Chantix. It's a really odd sensation. All the wonderful tastes and feelings that I used to get when I smoked Chantix has taken away. It's actually more frustrating then I thought it would be. My body gets a craving, I smoke and it doesn't satisfy my craving. So, what should I do to get past these cravings? Serious and non plz

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have you ever gotten a job and turned it down? what changed from the time you applied or interviewed to the time you got hired?

ETA: tomorrow i find out if i got a job that i'm not sure if i want. it's 50 hours a week for $10/hr plus overtime and benefits, in the field i'm trying to break into. in the interview they said that if i was the kind of person who cried when people yelled at me, i probably wouldn't want to work there. would i be stupid to turn it down?
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I'm taking my mom to New Orleans for her birthday. I have a few specific things in mind/purchased for us to do, but I have no idea how to present it to her. Like, here's some printed pages GUESS WHERE WE'RE GOING HURR DURR. What would you do to present things like hotel confirmations, printed tickets, and such? I'm not feeling very creative.

Who/what band have you been listening to a lot lately?

Anything to share?

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For non-American TV viewers, I guess: does your country have a Jersey Shore spinoff? I was just watching the Dutch version and it's beyond horrible.

Everyone, do you enjoy watching Jersey Shore?
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yo, does this sentence make sense? can i use the word "saw" there? derp

The 19th century saw immense industrial growth, as the labor force grew from some 200,000 workers in 1800 to 900,000 “on the eve of the ‘great reforms.'"

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I want to buy some kava kava pills (a natural stress reliever).  I found some on eBay and they come in a zip-lock bag instead of a bottle to save on money and the environment.

Would you buy natural herb pills that came in a baggie?  Off of the internet?

The seller has 98.9% positive feedback out of 1940 reviews.

EDIT : Okay guys thanks for the advice! I really don't know why I needed someone to tell me this was a bad idea :)

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i'm considering getting my younger sister a medical bracelet with tequila listed as an allergy (bad things happen when she gets tequila in her. bad things.).
would you consider this an amusing gift or just tacky?

if someone were to make you one, what should it say?

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 Hello TQC, it's 6:48 am where I live and the downstairs "neighbour"'s alarm clock has been ringing for over an hour. The same thing happened yesterday (it stopped at around 10:00 am) 
I went to knock on his door, heard him move around, cough, and turn on the the tv. 
What do I do now? I'm moving in July, so my mom tells me to grin and bear it, but in the meantime how do I get him to stop? 
I'm already wearing ear plugs, and we all know those don't work....
Please help ; _ ;
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my idiot cat decided to eat amoxicillin. 3 tablets were broken, with a 4th possibly damaged, with a lot of the powder on the table. i have no idea how much he actually ingested. do i need to be worried?

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Will you tell me you think/know about life in Idaho and/or Montana?

I'm especially interested to know what it's like living there, but if you have visited or know someone there and have some thoughts, that's cool too.

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Do you find that you date people similar to your parents? How do you feel you compare to your SO's parents?
I'm pretty much the exact opposite of his mom. He reminds me a lot of my step-dad. Reminds might not be the right word, though, I think they would for sure be friends.

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I was telling my mom i was going to ask the guy i like about our plans since their just floating around in space with no specific day or time attached to them. She went on a rant about how it's the guys job to do all that, and how she believes in doing things the old fashioned way.

Does it really matter who asks who?

What do you think about doing things the old fashioned way when it comes to dating?

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So I have another job question... I've posted before that I work at a thrift store and part of my job is figuring out what some of the donated items ARE and how much they're worth. Lots of internets... it's fun! :) Anyways, we got one of those Russian nesting dolls in and the faces on it are very unique... I think they must be Russian political leaders or something... So does anyone know who the people are in the following pictures? And if yes, from what years are they from??
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What's the best part of your job? What's the worst?
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Questions about resumes, goals and not really having any.

I'm applying for jobs right now and was advised to have an objectives/goals section on my resume. However goals are something I'm still working out, right now I just need a job to earn money while I'm studying. This will probably sound stupid but I don't actually have any life goals; none related to work anyway. Up until recently I was in stable but very dull office job and then managed to do something that I honestly didn't think I'd be able to do; I got into university. Now suddenly I have options and opportunities ahead of me and it's making my head spin a bit.

Something else that's making me feel off-kilter is that I didn't actually think I'd make it to this age or point in my life. When I was a teenager I was depressed, anxious and suicidal, on top of that I had abysmal self esteem and no confidence. Things are better now though I still have off days, but like I said I didn't think I'd get to where I am now. Suddenly there's a future ahead of me and I have no idea what to do with it.

So, my questions:

Do I really need an objective on my resume?
What can I say if I don't really have one?
Study has rekindled my love and fascination with folklore, mythology and how stories work and influence culture; what kind of career, if there is one, can be built from that?
Have you ever been in a similar situation? How did you handle it?
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I'm done all school-work, ever. I'm going to hand in my final paper and pay my fines on my overdue library book and then I'm shaking the dust of that campus from my feet (at least until convocation in June) and maybe I'll take some matches and a salt-shaker, I haven't decided yet.

I want to celebrate this, TQC--what should I do? (Bearing in mind that I've had about 2 hours of sleep so I'd prefer it to be something I can accomplish at home, because once I get back it's pajamas-o-clock.)

What's your favourite breed of dog?
What did you have for breakfast?
What's your favourite piece of jewelry?
Do you sleep with earplugs and/or a sleep-mask? Why or why not?

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For those of you who work, what's one of the biggest conflicts that you have had with a customer? Or one of the more recent ones you remembered. Did you resolve it, or did they just leave unhappy?

For those of you who don't work, or don't work with customers on a daily basis, when is the last time you experienced poor customer service, and what happened?

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Why does the skin on my face feel sort of numb when I wake up? I don't sleep on my face.

When you were younger (or perhaps now) did you ever wish you were adopted or somehow switched at birth and your real better family would come get you soon?

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I had an interview yesterday.

The Manager said that she'd called me first, then hung up without leaving a message because she said she saw something on the assessment questionaire that gave her "pause". She said she agreed to interview me because I called back and then popped up in person later. She told me all this when the interview began and although we talked for an hour, I have reservations about whether or not I was about to change her mind.

In anycase

the question is

Are there tricks to those assessments?

I remember at the last place I worked, we could only hire "green" candidates, not even the "yellows". I was never told exactly what that meant.

They say you should answer the assessments honestly and that if you attempt to "misrepresent yourself" they can tell.

O__o I'm not in there condemning humanity, I just say agree a lot as opposed to "strongly" agree. Do you think that's a problem?

In anycase, I've still got my one shitty job and I'm staring rent in the face as one of my biggest concerns.

I did have some cereal though.

Did anyone else here have cereal? What kind was it? I had cinnamon toast crunch. It was delightful.
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Dresses and weddings and shopping oh my!

I need a dress for a wedding that Im going to Memorial Day weekend.
I know someone asked in here about a dress recently and in the comments someone posted this online store with adorable dresses that were not expensive. Anyone remember?I think it started with an R.
Also I have fallen in love with this dress but cant afford it. Know where I can get a similar dress for under $80?
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DK/DC-- What was the last wedding you went to like? Who got married? Was it fun? What do you think about the "traditions" like the garter throwing and bouquet toss and the funky chicken dance? :)

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What is worse, a stupid person who know's they're stupid or a stupid person who tries to act smart?

What do you think of people in public changing rooms who walk around with their junk hanging around everywhere?
I get really awkward when I see people at the gym walking from their locker to the shower stark naked.. I know the body is beautiful etc but D:


So I'm a little late in doing this, but not too bad.

Can anyone make recommendations for mid-spring gardening plantings? This is my first garden so I'm not sure what to plant. Basil, tomatoes, oregano, rosemary, peas, beans and lettuce are guaranteed. Any other thoughts?

I'm in the southern New England climate, if that helps anyone.
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newb iphone help

i use a website called phonezoo for downloading ringtones (m4r). the tones show up in my itunes under the ringtone section but i can't seem to find them in my phone. when i go to the sound option, the only ringtones listed are the pre-loaded ones. any ideas? google is failing me, and i've synced the damn thing twice.

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If someone wanted to learn how to be not hideous, but the internet was expecting them to not be a total idiot about all things related to "beauty"...where would this anonymous fugmuffin go? How do most tween girls learn this crap?

It's not me. Clearly I am already exceptionally beautiful or something.

Dk/dc what made the 90s awesome, in your opinion?

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My natural high is gone and I am feeling down and lonely, Can we have an anything post to keep me company?

Extra points for funny pictures and gifs

(Also somebody is driving me crazy and I need a laugh)

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On Monday I have my first appointment with a shrink and I'm feeling a little nervous. Do any of you awesome TQC'ers have any advice to give or experiences to share? You can be as personal or broad as you like.

EDIT: Wow, did I pick a bad time for a srs bsns post or what? o.O

Drug related question

Is anyone else here on Vyvanse? (for ADD) - I had been put on 20 mg before Christmas, which had been making some difference, and when I went to the doctor yesterday, he decided that I wasn't getting the full benefit, and that I should try 30, and then 40 after a week.
So I was pretty productive today, but around 3 I had a kind of....brain slump. I didn't take it really early (I didn't get up until 8) -  has anybody else had this happen on Vyanse? (or anything similar, like dexedrine) - could it be because of the higher dose? or is it more likely from not eating enough? or from just being overtired in general?
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A coworker just said something to me that made me so angry I had to walk away. I am still shaking with unmitigated fury right now (I have a really, really bad temper), even after a cigarette. Can TQC tell me hilarious things to calm me down?

Alternatively, will you tell me the last time you lost your temper somewhere you couldn't let it show? At work, around children, etc.
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I go to the west coast of Ireland a lot (Galway/Clare area) but only on family visits. This may well be the wrong place to ask, but its worth a shot - are there any hidden gems I must go and see/do?

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Do you live in a region where it appears to be customary to kiss someone on the cheek when you greet them?

I never came across this outside of family when I was growing up but now that I live in New England I find a LOT of people do this.
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My Prof invited the entire class to his house for drinks and food to celebrate the end of term. I've never been to a teacher's house before and I don't know anyone there. But if I go, I get to find out my grade for the class (and he is a nice guy, so I don't want to hurt his feelings by not showing).

Should I go and be socially awkward or should I stay home in my pajamas and eat ice cream?

Dk/ dc? What are your plans for the weekend?

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When should I contact the school district to which I just applied?

I attended a job fair last Tuesday and the school was there. I met the lady who played a part in hiring my friend and introduced myself. I also left a resume with cover letter. A couple days after that, I followed up and thanked her for her time and asked her a question about the application. They have 48 positions for which I am qualified.

Guys, I really want this job but don't want to sound desperate (except I am). WHAT SHOULD I DO?!
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I'm tired of picture posts. Will y'all play a game with me? Would you post a blank comment (insert left carrot < in comment) so that fellow TQC members can tell you how they picture you? If you know what the person looks like already, then just don't comment.

Or, could you post your user name so that people can guess what it means/where it comes from?

I'm going to be super high in a few minutes, so I apologize in advance for any absurd comments I may post.

ETA: Godamn people, I don't want to be the only responding.

That said, anyone who writes a funny description/one that I like, I will make a photoshop for you. Joecool got herself as that Sherlock guy!

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what was the last thing that irritated you or pissed you off?

for me it was going to see Scream 4 in theaters today, going to the bathroom mid movie, and hearing the girl in the stall next to me telling THE ENTIRE FUCKING ENDING, SPOILERS AND ALL to someone on the phone.

I then had to return to the movie already knowing most of the end. why was that even necessary? could she not wait until after she was out of the bathroom at least?

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Will you share your exciting news? What you're happy about?

I just found out that I'm getting a ton of darkroom equipment for FREE from my old photo professor! My mom is letting me set up a darkroom in their basement bathroom, so I am 100% stoked.

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If you have outdoor cats that are not yours, but hang out around your house all the time to do feel at all responsible for them?

There are two kitties that hang out in my yard ALL the time. I think they belong to someone, I know one has a collar on, but they are always there fighting and fornicating and crying. It's always wet and cold out and they seem friendly so I feel bad for them.

What would you do?

Don't Care: What is one concert in history that you would have liked to attend?

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Can anyone come up with a compelling argument as to why I should NOT consume the entire half gallon of Blue Bunny Birthday Cake ice cream sitting in my freezer?

Arguments alluding to the fact that I will get fat are invalid as Im already fat and pregnant on top of that.



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On a scale of, "Hey, cute meow" to "WTF ARE YOU DYING?!"

How would you rate your kitty's

"OPEN THIS DOOR/WINDOW/ME NEED FOOD" wail...sound... thing

That they make if they make it?

Because apparently

Panthro is fucking dying because he is IN THE ROOM FOR THE NIGHT!

I warned him, he didn't listen.

Now his toy is off in the livingroom and he ain't got NOTHING

Are cat-people relationships more epic than dog-people relationships?
Was the internet made for cats or alternatively cat people?
...I burnt my mouth eating hot spaghetti, when will I learn to wait until it's cool?

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What do you (or have in the past) obsessively collect?

For a while, I could not get enough of those damn peek-a-poohs (I think they're called something else now). I have a whole pile of them and some floating around in random purses.

Right now, I feel that same obsessive need for Re-Ment miniatures. I've always liked miniatures, though. I'm working on the Hello Kitty bakery and food items. I'll never get sick of Sanrio.
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Eye Issue

What is the best way to treat a stye of the eye?

I have a very small one at the edge of my right eyelid (external) and it's driving me crazy. It's not exactly painful, but it's making my eye water and itch terribly. I've read about several treatments for styes, but I've never had one, so I want to make sure I'm using a smart and safe procedure.
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If you were RAGING right now, for some reason (mine is mostly PMS related but omg I hate everything and I can't make it stop), would this make you feel better or worse?

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What can I do to calm down and be happy again? :( Every little thing is making me mad.
When is the last time you got this way, if you do?

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For those who play the Final Fantasy video game franchise...which game is your favorite? Which character? Why?

If you don't care...any good music recommendations for studying/researching? I usually like studying to quiet/soft music.
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My microwave died before Christmas and a coworker has been letting me borrow the one her daughter used in college. My mom bought me a new microwave for my birthday and I got it today.

What should I bake for my coworker as a thank you for letting me borrow her spare microwave for way longer than was originally intended?

If you don't care about that, what's the weather like?
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Will you post your username so others can tell you what their LJ-note for you is?

If you don't think we'll have a note, will you tell us something interesting to note about you?

DK/DC: What is your ideal meal from Taco Bell?
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last question here i promise!

can i say "work yields" here? does it make sense?

gentry landowners responded to the expanding market by demanding higher payments and greater work yields from their serfs.