April 14th, 2011


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Anyone else's cat do this move where they just sort of reach out

And touch you gently with their paw?

Panthro usually does it with his toy nearby like,

"Look... I have something to tell you. ...it's playtime."

He just gets this serious face anytime he does it.

Sometimes he'll do it if he's hungry like,

"...I just want you to know... I'm starving to death."
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Does anyone know of a place in Ontario, Canada, where I can get fold up ballet flats?

What's something stupid someone you know has done?

I had a friend who tried to cross the border from Canada into the US in a trunk. They caught her and thought her friends had drugged and kidnapped her... she was actually low on insulin. And I knew a guy who threw a flaming couch over a bridge, with his brother, in front of a speeding train.

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TQC, can we bitch about our love lives (or lack thereof) in this post?

I just found out that the who guy I liked/was maybe developing stronger feelings for and was having all that ~drama~ with recently is in love with some bitch who lives in a different province. And he hasn't bothered to tell me directly, I had to find out from another source. Ughhhh. This is yet another fail in a long string of fails where my romantic life has been concerned.

What are some of your favourite memes right now?

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When was the first time you felt like an adult? Was it because of something you did, or circumstances you found yourself in? Do you think this happened too early, or at about the right time?

Did you take your comfort item(s) from childhood with you when you moved out of the house?

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there's a small bug running amok in my bathroom and i really need to wash my face and pee so i can go to bed, but i'm too freaked out to leave this chair.
any household items i can use to bug-hunt? i don't have raid or anything handy and the stores are all closed.

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Guessing right now, what food do you think you'll eat today?

I'm about to have a bowl of Cheerios with chocolate soy milk.
For lunch I'm thinking tuna salad on an Asiago cheese bagel.
Dinner will be salmon and sweet carrots.
And.. maybe Starbucks? maybe alcohol?
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Should I go work out on my elliptical or clean my room? If I clean, my heart rate probably won't get real high, but I'll be doing a lot of bending and lifting. But I'd have to get dressed to go in the living room to work out and my brother has a friend over.

Finkle is Einhorn?

Girls and/or guys who wear makeup and also have sensitive skin: what type of concealer do you use? I've yet to find one that doesn't make my face breakout.
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What color should I paint my bedroom walls?

Most of my furniture is this color. I also have a couple pieces that are black. My room is pretty big, and I'd like to make it seem cozier, so ideally, I'd like my walls to be a dark color. I've considered painting them a darkish plum color, but I'm not sure. I also need to buy curtains, so that's another thing to take into consideration.
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Recurring Dreams

 Do any of you have recurring nightmares or dreams?

I have one where everyone has to drive their car off a waterfall in order to reach employee parking. We all park in a cavern. It's so bizarre. I can feel myself falling and everything, which is scary because I am afraid of heights.
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I have lost my headphones again. Where are they? They aren't in my car this time :/

How do you store your cords? I have a bunch of audio, video, and computer cords and they end up all tangled no matter what I do.

Should I spend money to use the laundromat to do all my clothes in the least amount of time, or save money and do them at home and take all day?
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hi tqc!

I'm on an epic job hunt, and I've come across a few jobs that require a writing sample. the requirements per job have ranged anywhere between 2 pages to 10.
Have you ever applied for a job that asked for a writing sample?
Are said samples supposed to pertain directly to the job you're applying for, or be something you've written already?

also, how is everyone today? big plans?
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What would you rather eat for lunch?

Mac and cheese
Grilled cheese
Chicken tenders
Bologna sandwich
Chicken and dumplings soup
Eggs and bacon

ETA: I feel better, I thought I was the only person who dipped their foods in tomato soup. Especially hot dogs.

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Who would you rather have as prime minister? Harper, Iggy, or Layton? (At the moment I'm just hoping for anyone but harper/ not a conservative majority)

DK/DC- Do you when your country/state/province has elections? why/why not? - A friend of mine said she wasn't planning on voting in this years federal election, because its not like it makes any difference, and voting is a total waste of time. This person also watches the news on a regular basis, and is well aware that in other parts of the world, people are (literally) dying for the right to be able to elect their leader.

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Have you ever had something happened that made you re-evaluate your current job/dream job? Did you end up changing your job because of it?

I'm only in college, but all I've ever wanted to do is write and so I became a journalism major. I recently wrote an article for my internship and messed up some of the names. Which is something I haven't done before, and even though it happens- I feel like a complete idiot. Then the girl I interviewed had her friend e-mail me and say that she felt like she had been misquoted. Which I know I didn't do, I think she just didn't like how it made her look in the article, and I had her exact quotes written down- but with my previous mistakes I didn't look too good to begin with.

But now I'm wondering if journalism is really for me. If I can't even get people's name's right how am I supposed to do. But I have no idea what else I'd do.

DK/DC I'm probs overreacting but I feel like a total screw up.

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I have to take a lot of pills every day, ever since the end of January. I only learned how to swallow pills when I was 14 by necessity, and I still hate taking them. However, it seems to be getting worse; the swallowing motion alone makes me feel sick (it kicks up my gag reflex), which sucks when I have to do it seven times a day.

Do you guys know of any way to make taking pills easier? I dread doing it now.

Also, one of the drugs I'm taking makes me feel super nauseous. I don't know if I'm going to stay on it, but for now - what's a good food to eat if I think I'm going to be throwing up?

DK/DC: What do you not like swallowing? >:)

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let's say you don't believe in god.

you're in a public place, and you sneeze. someone says "god bless you". does it offend you? do you respond with some phrase noting that you don't believe in god? or do you think it's just polite to say thanks and be on your way?
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What did you have for lunch? What would you liked to have had for lunch?

I had a slice of leftover (homemade) chicken pot pie. I think I'd have liked pot pie still, or to go out to eat, since we're too poor right now to do so. I haven't had red lobster in about a year I think.

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In your opinion what is the best food texture? I effing love cold chewy things like refridgerated brownies.
The grossest? Gritty things. If I get a bit of sand or dirt in my food it puts me off the rest of it.
Do you eat in front of other people?
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Syllogism time!

If the Samurai is a superior warrior than a Viking and a Spartan is a more superior warrior than a Ninja...

In a battle between a Samurai and a Spartan, who would win?
In a battle between a Viking and a Ninja, who would win?

Left over suggestions

So I made stuffed peppers for lunch and made enough stuffing for about 8 peppers only to realize we only had 2 left in the fridge.

So now I have half a pot of a mix of rice,tomatos,onions,corn and beef in a mix of tomato puree and spices.

What else can I use it for??

Im sure I could just sit here and eat it as is but hubby is making fun of me :(

Doctor Who: River Song (:

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Do you use powder or liquid laundry detergent?

Do you use fabric softener and/or dryer sheets?

If yes, do all your scents match?

When it comes to laundry detergent and such, do you measure everything according to the directions, eyeball it, or do you tend to use too much?

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For those of you who have been out of college for a bit... you know all those textbooks the bookstore wouldn't take back because new editions were released or whatever other reason? What did you end up doing with those?
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How long do you walk a day, on average?

My commute usually involves walking for about 2.5 miles...sometimes more if I feel motivated to wake up early and not take the bus to the metro in the morning. Not sure about my noncommuting mileage - I do a decent amount of walking up and down hallways and spend a lot of time standing and walking around the classroom at work :\

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guys i just found out my parents' house is being foreclosed and i grew up there and i just moved out less than two months ago and it's making me really depressed. is it normal for me to respond like this? i'm like bawling my eyes out :(

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Not letting people treat you badly. How do you stop this from happening if you still want to be on good terms with them?
I'm coming round to this mode of thinking, but I still have the 'but this means cutting contact/them not wanting to talk to me/not thinking im nice/fun' demon on my shoulder. I know it's stupid, because no one respects a doormat.

Movers and shakers

In 5 days time I'm moving interstate. I do NOT feel prepared. What have I forgotten????

I have already:
-got a new apartment and had myself taken off the lease at my current house
-transferred the household bills into the remaining flatmates' names
-re-directed my mail
-booked my flight
-arranged for my cat and scooter to be transported down (separately, of course)
-lined up new furniture (via ebay) for me to pick up/have delivered when I get to my new city
-planned a goodbye gathering with friends

I need to:
-sort through our junk/storage/gimp room to work out what comes with me, what goes in the bin (and decide if I should have a garage sale)
-book a removal company/guy with a van to transport those few items I'm taking down

How many cities and states have you lived in as an adult? What would it take in your life for you to move to a new city in the next 3 months and where would it be?

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Do you have a big/close-knit group of friends or only one or two close friends?

If you have a group of friends, how did you guys become friends?

I'm getting increasingly depressed I don't have a "group" of friends. I have random friends from different groups so to speak, which is awesome, but it gets lonely because I don't have my own "pack" to run with. I go to a big university, so I feel like I should have found my niche, and desperately wish I had a group of friends :(
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 TQC, I like demographics. Will you answer this survey!?


I am a


I identify as

Something else I'll explain in comments

I identify as

Black/African American
Asian/Pacific Islander
Native American/Inuit
Other/I identify with more than one race

I am

Under 16

Education Level (highest achieved)

Some highschool
Some college
4 year degree
postgraduate degree

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I'm writing a local scholarship essay about a male teacher I had when I was a sophomore who treated me like a good friend an inspired me, etc. etc.

How likely is it that the essay readers are going to think we were nailing?

(I WISH, lol, but I don't want that to affect my chances of gettin' money gettin' paid.)
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TQC Travel Agent

If I randomly go to Seattle for a 4 day weekend next month, what kind of cool and/or touristy things should I do while I'm there? I'm not into drinking/partying/clubs. Outdoor stuff is fine.

I will be renting a car. I have a passport. My boyfriend will be going with me. Money is probably not a big issue.

I just want to go someplace new and airfare seems to be relatively cheap. Or is there someplace else I should visit instead?
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For those of you currently in college, what are your summer plans?
I have a full-time unpaid internship & I'll be waitressing nights & weekends.

Who's the first person you call when you need advice?
I always call my mom, still. Unless it's boyfriend advice, because she doesn't like him :(

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This first question will probably only be good to Australians, sorry.

Ok, so I listen to Dr Karl every Thursday and he is constantly talking about how the uterus is his most favourite thing, but I've never heard him say why he loves the uterus.

Why does Dr Karl think the uterus so awesome? I've tried googling and all I got was a picture of his newborn daughter, haha.

For everyone else, what do you put on chicken wings before roasting? Tonight I sprinkled some chilli, smoky paprika and cracked pepper on them.

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Have you ever read the Divine Comedy? What did you think of it? (I just took a test on it today in my literature class. It was strangely easy and hard at the same time)

Do you believe in any kind of afterlife?

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Do you find this acceptable?

A few years ago I heard about this guy who was in the hospital because he was beating up his girlfriend and she stabbed him in the chest with a knife. The nurse who was cleaning the wound before the removal purposefully used too much pressure and caused the guy extreme pain.

I say no, this is no way acceptable. As a nurse, her job was to make him feel better. Every medical professional has to first "do no harm", not just doctors. She deserves to have her license taken away. It's up the judge/jury to punish him, not her.

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How annoying is that Choco Monster commercial? You know, the one about the chocolate jello or whatever the fuck.

How annoying are those polls on Facebook?

What is something that's annoying you atm?
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Do you frequently drink plain ("unfiltered") tap water? I do a lot, my boyfriend thinks it's bad for me but I don't buy that.

How do you pronounce "Z"? For me it depends on the context, but usually, I say "zee".

If you have a dog, how much exercise does he/she need? How much does he/she get? Do you do anything other than walks? Lucy and I LOVE the dog park, its just a short walk from our house and she has made lots of friends. :)