April 13th, 2011


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If you planned to go into law school after your 4 years of undergrad, what would you major in to help work towards that?
I already have my major set (math/statistics) but when my friend asked me this earlier (for declaring her major), I told her political science, which I think sounds about right.

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are there any spanish speakers here right now?

i came across the phrase "con pinzas y algodones" but i can't figure out (even with the aid of google) what it means. literally it's "with tweezers and cotton" ... is this some sort of spanish idiom? gracias.

DK/DC: do you speak any languages besides english? which ones?

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Say they started using Starbucks' cup sizes to describe penis sizes, where small wieners were called 'tall, medium/average ones were called 'grande' and big ones were called 'venti'

How will this affect your love life?

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Being on TQC late at night makes it feel kinda like a sleepover. Let's talk sleepover talk, TQC.

Who was your first love? What was it like? If you could go back and change something, would you?
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I recently discovered that there is an "eco house" being opened very near to where I live. It has solar panels and everything!

What is something you recently discovered about your local area?
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Do you ever get words stuck in your head and you just keep repeating them throughout the day? Usually it's just odd or funny sounding words. The other day I kept saying poodilywoots (Happy birthday bb!) and today I'm saying Zanzibar. I don't even know what Zanzibar is.   Apparently it's a city in Tanzania.

Is there anything better than a hot, gooey chocolate chip cookie fresh from the oven with a glass of ice cold milk?
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What is the last realization that you came to?

Mine: the person who I've been seeing recently -- and admittedly falling for -- is an awesome human being with great hobbies/interests, but they're not right for me. What's pathetic is that I've known this all along.

ETA: will you post funny GIFs/pictures? I'm kinda bummed out right now.... :(

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Can you give me any good tumblr/general blogs for accepting your body as it is? I'm having a good day with my eating disorder/body issues and would like some blogs to read to try and keep it that way.

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Are there any movies or TV shows (excluding the obvious like reality TV or improv) where the script is written so that people talk realistically? That is, with the usual hesitations, filled pauses, revisions, restarting sentences, etc in their speech instead of the smooth delivery you normally get?

Fashion Question

I am so out of the fashion loop, and I was wondering, are these:

Still in fashion?
Second question - if you know the meaning of it, but you're not from that culture, is it still OK to wear, or is it cultural appropriation? I ask, because I have  ( a really old) one, that I got from my mom (that she got from her father) and I've kind of avoided wearing it while it was in fashion.
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1. Are you a lady, or do you know a lady, who is hypersensitive to smells at certain points in the menstrual cycle? What's up with that? Anecdotes?

2. Will you tell me about the last time you went to Disney World / Disneyland?
Muh Life.
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So I have to pick a poet, analyze five of the works and give a 20 minute presentation as part on my final project in English Lit II.

1. Dude (or lady) must be dead.
2. Tupac & Jim Morrison don't count.
3. I really don't want to do Milton.

....suggestions, plz?

ETA: okay, post an excerpt to give me an idea of their style?
ETA #2: I love you all.

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I work a boring desk job doing data entry, its pretty monotonous but it pays the bills and although it's boring I'm usually able to complete my shift without any major issues. I come in, put on my headphones and zone out for 8 hours but I'm finidng that now, no matter how many hours of sleep I get the night before, I am exhausted at work.

I literally find it hard to keep my eyes open and have found myself wanting to go to the bathroom just so I could sit in a stall and try and take a cat nap. I've tried energy drinks, Redbull, Amp and 5 hour energy. If they work (they sometimes don't) its a very temporary fix and by 3pm I'm dozing off again.

This is starting to interfere with my job because I truthfully can't concentrate and am afraid I'm going to get caught nodding off at my desk one day.

Some important facts: Since March 10th, I gave up coffee cold turkey. I wasn't a huge coffee drinker, only drank one cup a day and when I did it wasn't that strong. I am on medication, Wellbutrin and Prozac for depression/anxiety and Yaz for birth control. I've been on these medications for about 5 months now and am only now having the problem with sleepiness.
Most nights I get between 7 and 8 hours of sleep, if not more. Never really had trouble staying awake at work before so I don't know what this is about. My eating habits are admittedly not that great but they haven't changed drastically recently. I exercise (not as often as I should) but I guess right now I'm averaging about once a week at the gym. (Definitely planning to step that up and eat better, etc)

Any idea what I should do to try to keep myself awake? I suppose I should see a doctor, but until then, does anyone have any advice or ideas as to what could be causing this??
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I can't remember the name of this poem to save my life, anybody know what I'm talking about?

It's about a couple and everyone is only allotted a certain amount of words a day and he uses the rest of his words over the phone to tell her he loves her.

Ring any bells?

DK/DC what are your plans for the weekend? I WISH IT WERE FRIDAY ALREADY, HOW ABOUT YOU??
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For those of you that work with others, do you tend to eat lunch with someone else or by yourself?

What's the closest highway/freeway to your location at this moment?

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idk how to make this question not sound pretentious but if you put your GPA on your resume, how many digits do you go out? does it matter if it makes it seem higher or lower? i have a 4.04, should i put 4.0 or what?

do you put your GPA on your resume? i only do because it's pretty good and academics are my only accomplishment :/

idk how to adapt these questions for people who don't use the 4 point grading system so answer as you will.

eta: i should add that i'm graduating this year from college and looking for a job in my field of study, so my academics seem relevant atm but idk.

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You "meet" a person on the internet.
After several weeks you agree to meet IRL.
Its a trip, requires air travel.
After you buy the non-refundable tickets, 'net pal dissapears.
How pissed off would you feel??

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Is it normal to try and convince yourself that "such and such" doesn't actually like you because your afraid of getting hurt, or getting your hopes up?

If you've ever done this was the other person able to convince you otherwise?

Brought on by the other poetry post below

There's a poem I've been looking for. I can't find it and that's annoying. I was hoping some of you lovely tqcers might know what I'm talking about. It's a poem about WWII and it talks about how the poet would not be willing to die for an ideal or for their country but how they'd be willing to die for what makes up their country (a hillside the poet used to play on as a child, the brook where the poet goes fishing, etc). I think the poet was English. Does this ring a bell with anyone? I realize that it's falling under the "I'm looking for a book. It is blue" category but I'm hoping someone might know it.

Those of you who don't know: What book are you currently reading?

I'm reading "The Girls Who Went Away" by Ann Fessler.

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I just ate food and I'm trying to not think about it so I don't freak out and mess up learning to love my body as it is. Will someone talk to me? ETA2: Thank you guys so much, you really helped calm me down. <3

ETA: Ugh that is such a stupid question, so let's make a new one. What is your favorite scent?
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I have to do a stupid presentation in a few hours. (It's not for a grade or anything, don't worry.)

Could you help me come up with approximately 5 minutes worth of things to say about careers in wine/cooking/dining/etc.? Or culinary school?

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someone has been eating my food in the office - i had four sandwiches in two containers last night, and today there was a single sandwich left. the container that the last sandwich was in was marked but it kinda washed off, but the completely empty one is still very clearly marked with my name, and they just put the empty container back with the other one as if i wouldn't notice it. this was supposed to last me the rest of the week, but now i only have lunch for today.

everyone i talked to is pretty certain it's a group of students who come in to work in the evenings, because they're very rude jackasses in general (they're the same people i mentioned in this post from way back). my coworker suggested setting up a booby trap to catch them in the act. tqc, will you help me plan this and how to get my revenge?

edit: i started eating the one sandwich left, and i'm pretty sure there's DIRT in it. did they drop it on the floor and put it back???

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When is the last time you got a hair cut TQC?
I haven't had one since July and my hair is so long now and I love it but I have bad split ends and I reaallyyy need a trim. I hate going to get it cut though because everywhere I've ever been cuts off more than I want :(
Do you ever get your hair ~styled or do you just get trims?

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Were you even anything odd for halloween as a kid and when you look back on it probably wasn't entirely your idea?

I just had a conversation with my father about how I dressed up as eddie vedder when I was 7.

I know this is worded strangely.

Is this weird?

Is it weird for a boy to say he loves you after a month and a half, when you've only seen each other like, 5 times?

Awkard question has been removed because I can't figure out how to word it better.
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What do you think of this?

summary: a J. Crew ad features president and creative director Jenna Lyons painting her young son's nails hot pink. Cue Fox News & other right wingers freaking out
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Argh, TQC, Why are girly things so difficult for me? I tried 3 times to paint my nails today - solid colour, nothing fancy' and they just kept ending up in an uneven sloppy mess :(. I can never get makeup to work, either.

What easy things are you really bad at?

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There is someone in my apartment building flushing things they shouldn't and blocking the main sewage line and long story short, whenever this happens, I end up with all the sewage from my building blocked up into my toilet. (And beyond, if the plumber doesn't get out here soon enough.)

I took pictures of the mess this time and I want to print them out and tape them to the door of everyone who lives above me (One of them is the culprit, but I don't know exactly who) with a...strongly-worded letter. Is there any rule that says I'm not allowed to do this? (Besides whatever my apartment building might have on their own.) Or any other action anyone knows of that I might take against this mysterious flusher?
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I want to paint my nails Collapse ) Which one should I pick? Do you think the first and last would look okay on short nails? My nails are quite short.

dgaf/think all of these are terrible: what is the tastiest thing you've consumed today?

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What do you look for in a hand lotion/balm? Texture? Scent? Absorption?

Can you recommend something that might be long-lasting? My hands are really dry and my nails tend to chip once they grow to a certain length, so I've got some Burt's Bees almond milk balm and hand salve and lemon cuticle balm but I keep having to apply them several times a day. I also got a tube of Vaseline's Healthy Hand & Nail conditioning lotion, but it's the same problem.

I drink mostly water and a reasonable amount of it; and the air's generally pretty moist where I live. I'd've thought this would stop being a problem outside the winter months, but spring is definitely here and my hands feel more chapped than ever. :(

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Do you like goulash?
What do you like in it, if so?

I want to make some tonight; I have all the ingredients for a recipe I found but I'm still looking around.

Also, if I want to use potatoes in it (cubed), do I just throw the raw potato cubes in there while I let it simmer for the ~20 or so minutes that the recipe calls for? My recipe doesn't include potatoes but I know I want them in there.

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Do you like film noir? Any such movies in particular?

Do you ever engage in retail therapy?


If you ever published a romance novel (like the addictive paperback drivel), do you think you'd be secretly embarassed of what you'd written?

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procrastination time!
If you could learn any language (or languages?) what would it (they) be?
I have like three on my list....(Arabic, Spanish French)

DK/DC - since its the end of the semester and I have spent the last three weeks reading about nothing except for NAFTA/The Republican Party/Palestinian and Israeli Nationalism&Gender (This is what happens when you take three political science courses in a semester....wooo paperwriting..) - I now need something easy, not depressing and (this part is *really* important) fiction to read. Book suggestions?

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It's about a month away, so maybe you guys are thinking about it?
Do you get your mom anything for Mothers' Day? Do you do anything special?

What did you get her or do with her last year?
Do you have plans for this year?

When I was little my brother and I used to make her breakfast in bed and shower her with little gifts and handmade cards. I still try to go home on Mothers' Day but unfortunately this year it's in the midst of studying for finals so I can't.

Last year me and my brother purchased an Aerogarden and gave it to her.
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i'm ~stressed~ and want to watch a dumb as shit but not offensively bad comedy (unless it's bad in a lol way). any suggestions? i'm really considering white chicks but i'm worried it might really bad in a bad way. something with a dumb premise like that though.
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A friend of mine made plans with me last Thursday to do something today after she got out of school at 3.
I didn't hear from her until a few hours later asking if i still wanted to do something, by then it was too late. Do i have the right to feel mad at her or am i just being silly?

What are things your friends do that make you mad?

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What are some of your favorite/least favorite textures?

Which is your favorite of the 5 senses?

I think the sense of touch is severely underrated in this day and age. we spend all our time looking and listening to computers and tv and music etc etc, that we don't really pay attention to physical textures of things. I spent about 2 full minutes today feeling a wall.

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What's your homework for tonight and why haven't you done it yet?

I have to read 17 pages for one class and 12 pages for another. I am distracted by TQC and Judge Judy.

dk/dc: What minor thing is really annoying you?

Something is wrong with my computer mouse and it keeps double clicking things I only intend to single click. I thought maybe it needed new batteries, but alas.. I need a new mouse.

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So, can someone help me understand the geography in Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas world?

Jack and Lock, Shock, & Barrel are able to access Christmas Town (and Easter Town) simply by walking into the woods of Halloween Town and finding that circle of trees with holiday doors. So, the Halloween Town door wouldn't be on one of those trees, correct? Does each holiday world have one of these circle of trees/portals in a wood somewhere minus the door of the world they're in? Are the holiday worlds connected to the real world somehow? Because Jack just jumps in the sleigh and flies to the real world to deliver presents. And why didn't Santa Claus just rub his nose and escape through the tunnel in Oogie's place in the first place? Or rub his nose while he was in Lock, Shock, & Barrel's sack for that matter?

Which holiday world would you want to live in?

Christmas Town
Halloween Town
Easter Town
Thanksgiving Town
St. Patrick's Day Town
Fourth of July Town
Valentine's Day Town

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I have a stupid question.

If I order a pizza for delivery where the total cost comes out to $17, can I pay with a $20 bill and tell the driver to keep the change as his tip? Or will the change like...I don't know, go to the pizza place instead?
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My dog and I have been walking/running at night lately. We go through a mostly vacant development which has a porta-potty we have to walk past. I'm always afraid someone is going to be hiding in there and jump out and scare and/or kill us. What are the chances of this happening?

What are some things that only scare you when it's dark?
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Are you a picky reader? Are there certain things in a book that make you put the book down immediately?

For example: I refuse to read the Sookie Stackhouse novels because the one book I looked at used the word "blond" incorrectly. I also usually won't read a book (for pleasure) by a man or a book that's primarily about a man. Yeah, I'm extremely picky.

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TQC, you will be meeting the man/lady/manlady of your dreams this weekend and absolutely must be at your best. You will meet him/her at a casual BBQ/bonfire. It will be chilly out.

Pics make everything better. I'm talking a full outfit here.
How will you do your hair/accessories?
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I posted this question here the other day but got so few answers so I'm posting again.

I have a masters degree but have been having so much trouble finding a job in my field. To have some income, I've been substitute teaching in the public schools, but when the summer comes, I will have no work. Yesterday I interviewed for a summer nanny position that I'm cautiously optimistic about getting. Taking this position means I would have to put my job search on hold until August, but I need to be able to pay the bills. There's a daycare I could work at, but I don't imagine I would get any more than 20 hours a week and I need to be working close to fulltime. Would you take a short-term nanny position (assuming you like children)?
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Have you or do you know someone who's worn a dress with a train to high-school prom? I happened to find a perfect dress, but it has a bit of a train and I'm worried about it dying at the prom.
I'm wondering if my concerns are valid or not.

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Speaking of expensive gifts...

Would you feel weird if your SO bought you a very expensive gift with their own money?
Have you ever specifically asked for something very expensive? What was it?

My friend was saying she wishes she had a boyfriend to buy her an $800+ purse and I just feel, aside from the fact that it's totally insane, I would NEVER ask someone for something so expensive.
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Every Thursday I have a 2 hour lecture after lunch that is incredibly hard to stay awake in. I love the subject but find myself drifting off.
Anybody here have any advice on what I can do to get some energy in the afternoon?
Energy drinks and coffee just make me feel queasy.
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1. Do you have a set time of day when you shower?
I shower either when I get back from school/work or in the evening. Can't go to bed not showered.
2. What's the point of both showering right before going to bed and right after you wake up? Unless you had sex, sweated and fell asleep...

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I have quit (edit) masturbation cold turkey (for the month)! It has been a week and a half and my sex drive seems to be dead.
What is the worst case scenario that this could end with? Any bright ideas how to get my sex drive back? Help me!
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TQC, if you have cats that are allowed to go outside during the day, what do you think they get up to? Sometimes one of our cats comes home after an hour or so outside and he smells like perfume.

What's your usual day-to-day hairstyle? Ponytail/loose/bun/etc.?

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As some of you may know, I am currently sharing a room with my 11 year old brother and it sucks. I've been getting close to my money-saving goal and have been looking at rooms on Craigslist in the city. However, it is hard to find a place to live in the city with my dog.

Do you think I should keep looking or just leave him here with my parents? Do you think if I only saw him once a week he would still love/remember me?

Also, I just found an ad for a room where one of the roommates actually works at the same place as me. Isn't that weird?

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I want to download something, but BitTorrent won't download onto my computer. What can I possibly do to make it do what I want? What other torrent clients could I use?

This is frustrating me hardcore.

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I work in an cubicle setting. There is always overhead music playing, and it's not quiet. Management doesn't seem to have an issue with people listening to their own music.

My question, some people just play radios at their desks softly w/o earphones. I can almost - but not quite - hear it from my desk, so it is like a really soft high pitched sound all day. Or sometimes you can hear it, and then you have to listen to their music and the overhead music at the same time which is equally distracting.

What's a good way to get these people to use earphones? Is there a way to do it without asking them in person (bc OMG office drama would ensue)? Should I ask HR if there is a policy they can politely remind people about? Am I just being a jerk and should get headphones myself?
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I heard a song in a store today that I liked but I couldn't quite catch the lyrics. I caught something that sounded like "nobody left me" or "nobody loved me". The vocalist was female and there was I think piano in the song, not as a melody but as chords. It was upbeat and catchy. This isn't much to go on, but does anyone know what song I'm talking about?
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Today, I got to sit on my front porch and listen and watch nature. I live in the suburbs, and while I'm used to living way more towards the country, we have a lot of nice wildlife here. I watched a blue jay chase a bee, a bee chase a wasp, a lizard display his red throat, and I got to listen to a woodpecker somewhere in my back yard. Also, tonight it smells like honeysuckle.

Do you get to enjoy any nature where you are?

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Do you remember the Seinfeld episode The Contest?  When I was younger I thought that what they were giving up was peeing.  It wasn't until I was a teen that I realized that it was masturbation.  What are some incorrect assumptions you had about television shows as a child?  Assumptions about anything else?  

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do you buy seasons/box sets of tv shows? new or used? why or why not?
what tv shows would you love to own all the seasons of?

i really like buying them because i can never find enough seeders on files to download whole seasons, but $70 or whatever for, like, 18 episodes seems like a rip off sometimes. there's a sweet used tv/movie store in my city, but the good shows sell out fast or just aren't ever there.
i would love to own all criminal minds seasons and some doctor who because they are shows i can watch episodes over and over again and not care. i'm trying to decide if it's worth the money because i keep thinking it is, but then i still feel like it's expensive, haha.

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Will you share any interesting or humorous stories about your current or former neighbours?

Eg, a while ago a former neighbour decided it would be a good idea to buy a goat for her 3 year old son. So for weeks there was this random goat stood in their garden. It later got taken away when it kept leaning over the fence to eat our grass.

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I no longer havve unlimited txt on my phone because I've taken it off in an effort to save money.

I don't think I was over limit before

But my roommate though it would be "funny" to send me test messages with nothing but


Oh, about 56 of them.

I did not find this hilarious and before he sent them he was like :D you're going to be mad

So, in revenge, I'm going to drink all his mountain dew.

Is this appropriate?

He's costing me money, so I'm going to take up the equivalent.Kind of.

Fifty six times the five cent charge is two-eighty, I'm sure this twelve pack cost more than that, but if he wants to complain well...

Whatever, he was warned.

And then when I did warn him I was going to drink his soda... I promptly got more texts with !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Over reacting? Is there a better solution? This Mt. Dew tastes good. It tastes like Winning.