April 12th, 2011


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Do any of you wear wigs? If so why? (party, every day wear)
Do any of you have photos that you'd share of you in said wig? (Double points if it's a Kanekalon fiber one)

I just bought my first wig, mostly for going out in since I have short hair and sometimes I wish it was longer. Hasn't got here yet, not sure how 'natural' it will look.

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What was that free site going around a while back where you could look people up by name? It was the one that people were getting really paranoid about, as it accessed public information.

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For those in school/college/uni/whatever, what do you do when you know there is absolutely no way you can get your assessment done on time? Do you just do what you can? Completely give up?

Brought to you by me having an extremely hard time working on my assessment for my illustration class. I know there's no way I'm going to finish it by tomorrow so part of me just wants to go back to bed (it's 1:30am) because I don't see the point in being tired all day tomorrow for no reason. Urgh.

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Which duet would you most like to see?

Celine Dion and Lil Jon
Coldplay and Ozzy Osborne
Justin Bieber and Courtney Love
Ke$ha and Paul McCartney
Susan Boyle and Eminem
Bruce Springsteen and Willow Smith
System of a Down and Clay Aiken
Black Eyed Peas and Amy Grant
Lady Gaga and Lady Antebellum
Britney Spears and Kevin Federline

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If you were dating someone and s/he seemed uninterested in learning more about or discussing issues relating to racism, sexism, homophobia, privilege, and ableism (among others), would this be a deal breaker?
cabaret voltaire

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how old were you when you found your first white hair?

have you started officially going gray yet?

when i straighten my hair, i notice i have several white hairs hiding and i always pull them out. i can find six or seven at a time. will i have gray hair by the time i'm 30?

how do you spell gray?

Kill Bill - Elle
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I can't sleep and I'm feeling dismayed about my situation. I'm more behind in school than I ever imagined, I'm working a low-paying job that I can't seem to save money from, I'm losing drive. I don't know what my issue is. How do you motivate yourself in times of crisis? How do you keep moving on?

What's currently under your skin?
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What do you tend to do with the greeting cards that you get from people? Do you keep them if they're from a certain someone?

Will you please tell me 3 bad things about yourself?

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i got woken up by people texting me(i think i'm going to put a moritorium on texting me efore 10 AM while i'm unemployed) and i can't get back to sleep.

would it be mean to make my sister get up so we can go get McDonald's breakfast?

she doesn't work today. and i don't know how to drive, lol otherwise i'd just take her car and get us something.

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Should I eat my tuna with Saltine Crackers or on honey wheat berry bread?

What is the last job you applied for?

What is the last mean thing you said or did to someone? (not joking or teasing.)

Ah the miracle of kids

Sarcastic question is kind of only half sarcastic..

What are some good ways to annoy,irritate and just generally confuse my future offspring?

My dad once got me dressed and at the bus stop for school at 530am...on a Saturday.

My spouse thinks if its a boy we should raise him to believe he is the Highlander and Im trying to top this...any ideas?

Do you think giving an infant a brainfreeze or a taste of lime for fun is cruel?

Im mostly joking, I dont see any harm in pranking my kid once he/she is old enough to retaliate and any kid of mine is going to be well versed in the art of practical jokes.



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At a party this weekend, some guy grabbed my friend's butt. She's a timid/overly nice kind of person so she just took it, but I can tell it bothered her. I thought about saying something but I didn't really want to start shit when it's not my house, you know?

Later in the evening the same guy grabbed my butt and I turned around and yelled at him to keep his hands to himself. He kind of walked away and waved his hand saying "okay okay", and at that point I was on my way out the door so I didn't want to make my ride wait by starting a fight. However, I could tell he didn't really feel the fear of my wrath and days later I am still pissed and wish I had at least publicly embarrassed him at the party for being a douche, if not scared him straight.

Does this still happen to you? I thought that after graduating middle school most idiots got over grabbing butts.
Ladies, what would you do if some guy grabbed your butt at a house party? What if it was your friend and she was really upset by it?
The Dark night

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Which would you rather do?

Eat a panda steak. They take an endangered panda, kill it, and serve it up just for you and the rest of the panda is left to rot. The panda's blood is on your hands
Eat 10 boxes of Hostess Twinkies within a 24 hour span. That's 200 Twinkies

Which would you rather do?

Punch a 70 year old woman in the face as hard as you can with a weighted boxing glove
Have sex with a 70 year old woman

Which would you rather do?

Get fingered by your SO while he/she is wearing Mickey Mouse gloves (really big fingers)
Peg your SO

Which would you rather do?

After being given thorough instruction on how to ski, ski down a tall slope, blindfolded
Without any instruction whatsoever, parachute out of a plane, blindfolded

Your work/class is having a karaoke night. Which song would you rather sing in front of everybody you work/school with?

'Baby got back' by Sir Mix-a-Lot
'Closer' by NIN
Anything by Justin Bieber (which would just make everyone think you're a Bieber fan)

Which would you rather do?

Spend a week at a nudist colony in Floria that's majority senior citizen
Spend a week in Antartica, living in tents, filming a documentary about the penguins during mating season
[Cephalopods] Need love!

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There is an aquarium that's has two positions open now, and I want to apply to both. One is a biologist position, the other is an assistant biologist position.

Does it look desperate if I apply to both?

In the beginning of the application, they asked if I was currently employed and if they could contact my current employer. I put down yes, and the contact information for my current supervisor.

Should I use my current supervisor as a reference as well? I'm only allowed to put three references on the application and I have...like, four, not including my current supervisor.

EDIT: I don't know if this makes a difference, but I worked for my four other references for almost two years, and then left two months ago to start my new job with my current supervisor. So it's not like it's been a long time since my four references have seen my performance, and I have known them all longer than my current supervisor.

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WOOOO!!! You're at a party! What are you doing?

Sitting by the food table eating all of the chips and dip
Holding your friend's hair back while she pukes up her jello shots
Dancing/stripping on a table
Drunkenly crying about how much your life sucks
Sitting in a corner awkwardly, not talking to anyone
Chatting on the couch with a few friends
Hooking up in a bedroom with someone you met that night
Winning at beer pong
Other (in comments)
I don't go to parties.

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So what makes a man want to get married in the first place?  I mean, most of the time all I hear from married guys is how much they can't stand their wives, how they miss their freedom,  how they call them the "ol ball and chain". Ya know, most of the time it's the guy who goes out and buys the ring and plans the proposal. So if you go through all this time, planning and money, then why complain if you asked for this life?

**And no, I'm not married.
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Would you rather spend the day/night at _____?

Disneyland, with $300 walking-around money
Las Vegas, with $1,000 walking-around money
Bolivia, with $5,000 walking-around money. You'll be like a king. Bolivia is the poorest South American country

Which $200 gift card would you rather have? Consider how many meals you can get at each establishment

Olive Garden
Whatever higher-end restaurant is in your town, with plates between $20-30
The most posh, expensive restaurant there is within driving distance

Which vacation package would you rather have? Assume it's paid for already

One-week trip to Europe, across 4 countries of your choice
Two-week vacation in your own city/town at the finest hotel, where unlimited room service and a personal masseuse are at your disposal
Three-week vacation in Yosemite in a tent
Four-week vacation to rural Wyoming. You'll get your own private house with widescreen tv. Good for privacy, little else

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1. Have you ever joined a book club (whether through your library or otherwise)? Did you enjoy it?

2. Have you read Life of Pi? If so, what were your thoughts on it?

3. DK/DC: What was the last book that left you feeling disappointed or underwhelmed?

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If someone posted a job ad that is asking for a ridiculous amount of work for very little pay or has some other strange requirement for employment do you ever email them just to be snarky?

I just saw an ad where a woman was looking for "light help around the house" but she wanted photos of the insides of your cabinets and your garage. Other job duties involved rotating car tires, picking up dog poop, attending and taking notes at pta meetings. She was paying $9 bucks an hour.

What are some absurd job ads you've come across?

also, lj is still being quirky and I often can't reply to comments. is this happening to anyone else?

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Will you give me tips on how to remove wet cat feces from my cat's fur? I tried dry and wet paper towels and ended up smearing it around, didn't get much out. She won't sit still long enough for scissors to cut it out. It's right by her butt and it smells so bad in this place now. She keeps licking it and I don't want her to get sick.

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how fascinating does the class "psychology of the criminal mind" sound to you? what would you expect to learn (aside from the obvious)? is this something you think you would like to take?
Urahara - plotting is what I'm best at

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Has anyone used the ZAGG invisible shield for their phone/iPad/other gadget?

What do you think of it? Do you like it? Was it worth the price?

I'm debating having it put onto my new phone. I figure it's better than a silicon case, since those always get dust and other stuff building up between the phone and case.
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What's something that you're REALLY bad at doing? I just realized I am really bad at counting since there aren't obvs 5 posts between this and my last post. I AM SORRIEZ.
Conan & his Amazing Friends

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Assuming you and the other person really get along and you find them physically attractive, how many dates before you let them see you naked?

First date
Second date
Third date to fifth date
Sixth to tenth date
Few weeks
They have to wait at least 6 months
At least a year. I'm not easy
Our honeymoon

How many dates in before you're comfortable enough to fart in front of them?

First date
Second date
Third to fifth date
Sixth to tenth date
Few weeks
6 months
1 year

How many dates in before you're comfortable around him/her to take a poop while they're in the next room?

First date
Second date
Third to fifth date
Sixth to tenth date
Few weeks
6 months
1 year
I'd never be that comfortable enough to do that

How long would you have to have been dating before you'd lie and tell anyone who asks that he/she was with you all last night and positively was not at the docks at 2am last night. You heard me, officer

First date. He/she sounds very exciting!
Second date.
Third to fifth date
Sixth to tenth date
Few weeks
Few months
1 year
I'd never lie to authorities for another person

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Has anybody here worked at Cedar Point before? I got a job as a ride operator this summer, and was just wondering what people's experiences were like. How was the housing? The caf food? Do you think I can bring my fish? What's it like if I stay through to October? Is being a ride op awesome?

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I know I've asked this before but... Anyone going to Coachella this year?

If you wish you could go but can't, which acts do you want to see?

What other music festivals do you have planned for the year?
Dr H - Dr. Horrible is horrible and hot
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If you had to 'lipsync for your life' or were doing karaoke, what song would you want?

Make something up even if there's no way you'd ever be caught dead doing karaoke.

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I'm getting married later this month, and thus I'm changing my name. I don't file/pay any taxes, so do I have to send a name change form to the IRS or no?

Edit: Thanks everyone. It was the one thing I was still confused about! :(

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Do you sometimes get jealous of the people around you?

Like for things like: jobs, flats, relationships etc... even though you have great things in your life too?

How do you get over this jealousy?
I guess I just tell myself how lucky I am for what I do have.
r lee ermey

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What kind of technology would we need to get my order right at McDonalds??

Worst name for a child you know??
FIN? I mean really FIN was the BEST you could do? Whats his middle name? HUCKLEBERRY??
just a bill
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I tried to flavor my water by adding some frozen raspberries and lime. But instead of the rasperries floating on top of the water, they all fell to the bottom in a big clump. What's the last thing you made to eat/drink that didn't end up as planned/expected?

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Have you ever started saying/doing something "ironically" and then, before you know it, you aren't being ironic? Do ou have a total crisis over it or do you not care?

Does anyone know what I mean by this?

I've gone through this with a lot of teenage slang, for example "deets" and "bro" and "totes" (or "totes magote") and I only hate myself a little, so it's okay.

Stupid statements are stupid

I was talking with a friend earlier today, and she was trying to convince me that Jesus was white (not vaguely white ish/Mediterranean looking, but full on blond-hair-blue-eyes, pasty white) and that he was the first Christian. When I pointed out that Jesus probably wasn't white, and was actually Jewish, and it was his followers that were the first Christians, she got all snarky.
She also thinks that there are no Christians outside of North America/Europe/Latin America/Africa.
The stupidity...*facepalm*
So. whats teh dumbest question you've been asked?

Does this sound like anyone you know?

Or you, maybe? :)

I can sleep about 10-12 hrs a night. Then, take a 4 hour nap after work, and still have no problem going to bed at a reasonable time. I'm always tired and I talked to my doctor about it but..nothing gets done. I'm so sick of it, I never get anything done because I'm always tired/sleeping. :(

How many hrs a night CAN you sleep, if allowed?

How many hrs of sleep do you get?
Rocky Horror Batman Show

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What awesome things have happened to you recently?
I found a gift card with 5$ on it in the parking lot of a gas station the other day, so when I ran out of cat food this morning, I didn't have to borrow money from my parents to get some more food.

And when I got home this evening, I had a package waiting for me. Apparently my doctor's office noticed I hadn't filled two of my prescriptions because they were 150$ each, so they got a drug company to donate them or something.

I can't eat no-bake cookies without orange juice. I can't eat tuna casserole or roast beef sandwiches without cool ranch doritos. What can't you eat without a certain accompaniment?

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Does the prospect of completing minor tasks cause your bowels to engage?

It never fails. I ask my 13 year old son to carry in the groceries, or whatever, and he's all "I can't right now, I have to go to the bathroom" and then he'll stay in there for 20 minutes.

Oy Vey kitty

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I am applying to nursing school soon. The program I want to get into asks only for Nursing Entrance Exam results and official transcripts. I have the required GPA but I definitely wish it was a little bit higher.

Is it a good or bad idea to include my resume and/or letters of recommendation even though they aren't asked for with the application?

dk/dc: what do you have a degree in, if anything? Do you use your degree in your current career/job?
family: mom/window

you say it's your birthday

Even though I'm on the west coast, I will pretend that it is now April 13, which is poodilywoots's birthday (happy birthday! <3)! It is also the birthday of Guy Fawkes, Thomas Jefferson, and Samuel Beckett, to name a few.

Which notable people do you share your birthday with?

I share my birthday (November 14) with Claude Monet, Louise Brooks, Prince Charles, Condoleezza Rice, and Josh Duhamel.

(You can look up your birthday on Wikipedia to find out.)

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To the best of your knowledge, if you file your taxes as an independent and your parents file you as a dependent, both done on the same day, what happens?

What about if your parents file your taxes for you through an accountant and you file your taxes online at the same time?

Is it all a matter of what gets processed first by the government?
Spelling Contest

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In a tragic Slip-N-Slide accident, you somehow manage to lose both your buttcheeks to 'extreme friction'. Assuming money is no limit, what will you replace your ass with?

Donor ass. I'll put my ass on the waiting list for a new...ass
High-grade rubber ass, similar to those Real Sex dolls.
State of the art advances in prosthetics to make my ass seem like a real ass. Except it's removable
Metal butt, so I can literally have 'Buns of Steel'. This ass is also bulletproof and unlikely to be destroyed by friction
Rubbery ass, but it'll have a secret compartment, where I'll keep my ____ (insert contraband here)
Rockets. When paired up with roller blades I can get some real speed going
Soft foam, so every time I sit it'll be like sitting in a cloud, or on a fluffy sheep
Rubbery ass with special dampening filters that absorb odors. Goodbye smelly farts
Small missles that shoot out of your arse
I don't want an ass. I won't replace it at all