April 11th, 2011

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 TQC, can you guys cheer me up? Funny pictures, funny videos, happy songs, anything? 


I just watched a really disturbing video, and my stomach is in knots, and tears are streaming down my face. I cannot stop. 


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dk/dc/lol ur stupid: approx. how much money do you spend on eating out per month? if you budget your money, do you exceed that budget? what are some ways to force myself to stop eating out so much when i'm too lazy to get groceries especially without access to a car?

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Ever hate newscasters?

Think they're stupid incompetant, etc?

I generally keep a channel on for busy noise, but I cannot stand CNN any longer...

Sometimes I put it on HBO, but then I either ignore work for the movie or hate the movie...

Can anyone suggest a channel with good busy noise?

Sometimes I'll put on bravo or USA or something and try to ignore the house/lawandorder/housewives re-runs or whatever...

But then I'll find I haven't blinked in a while and even though I know what happens, I'm fucking trapped.

Don't like tv?

When playing tag as a child, How did you and your friends decide who was IT?
Rocky Horror Batman Show

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It's storming right now and the house is shaking with the thunder. Do thunderstorms scare you? I'm not like, scared of the lightning or the thunder, but it makes me jump when it booms and rattles the house.

Are there any actors that you hate when they're in their type of movie but you like them in other types of movies? For example: I hate Ben Stiller and Ben Stiller movies, but I loved him in Mystery Men. Another is Will Ferrell. I hate him and his movies, but he was hilarious in The Producers, and I really like the Oblongs.
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What's the dumbest thing that you've done recently?

I was pouring water from my Brita pitcher into my pretty purple SiIGG bottle, as usual. Then I tried to put the pitcher inside my bag instead of my water bottle. Wow. This happened about five minutes ago.
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If you listen to the radio as you're driving, what radio station(s) do you listen to?

If you're currently jamming to a CD while driving, what cd are you listening to?


My boyfriend and I have decided to move in together. We found a great 2 bedroom with an office and are planning on moving mid may. I have never lived with a boyfriend before, so do you guys have any tips on cohabitation/moving in with you SO?

We have been together for 2+ years. We have already discussed a few things, expectations, where this is headed, furniture etc, I just want some input from people who have experience. Thanks!

Dk/dc what is your favorite piece of furniture in your home? Pics?
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What are your favorite smells? Are they your favorite because of memories associated with them or because the scent itself is pleasant to you?

What are your favorite sounds?

Did you do anything fun this weekend?

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When was the last time a company really pissed you off?

An airline compnay screwed us a little while back and I made a complaint. I was told I would receive compensation.
Well I received it and wow, what generous offer!
We got vouchers to the amount $50AU, that won't even pay for both me and my partner or a return trip. Fucking useless.
Yes I should be happy that we got something but this almost seems offensive for how much they screwed us around and we cant even use them!

/first world problems
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So I just got the call that the job I wanted to badly is not mine. What do I do now? Aside from crying, which I'm already on top of!

And how the fuck do I motivate myself to apply for more jobs now that I had my heart set on this one?

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Do you tell people when they've been in a dream you had?
Brought to you by my dream last night and debating whether to tell my best friend he was involved.

ETA: What about ~*~*~*sexy*~*~*~ dreams?
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I'm soooooo pissed! 3-4 years ago, I had a lot of dental work done, including root canals on both of my upper canines. The fillings started to contract/separate from what was left of the real tooth. In the last 3 months, one of the canines broke twice and the other just now lost a good chunk of the front. I am in my sister's wedding in 3 weeks!
Should I call this dentist and bitch? I no longer live in the area and don't have insurance now. I will be in the area when I go back for my sister's wedding. I think they should repair this as a filling should last a hell of a lot longer than that. Do you agree? Do you think they would fix it?

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food food food

If you were offered all of these options right now but could only choose one, what would you choose? If you are veg*n, pretend any animal products have been substituted.

Pizza with all of your favorite toppings
Warm chocolate chip cookies, right out of the oven
Anything you wanted from Taco Bell
Cheeseburger from your favorite burger joint
Hot fudge sundae
A big plate of lasagna
Chicken nugget Happy Meal from McD's. You get a toy!
Frozen margarita
I cannot choose only one of these. I just can't.
All of these foods are gross. I will TELL you what I want in the comments.

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I really need some new things to listen to when I'm walking/running. I'm really looking for anything that will keep me from getting bored.

Will you recommend me some music, podcasts, or audiobooks to listen to?

I'm really into anything at the moment as far as audiobooks and podcasts are concerned. I'm all for learning something new so any nonfiction is good, and I love fiction of all kinds. Basically just throw out the first few things that pop into your head if you can.
Bruins - shadow

feel free to groan and scroll past this

But I have to ask. Sorry. :)
I have an external hard drive. I have an old computer that is slower that molasses going uphill in January. I took my external and transfered my iTunes onto it.
Now I want to plug my external into my cute little fast computer and use iTunes *without* transfering the music onto my little computer's harddrive. Can I do that? When I try to open iTunes its empty. I can transfer the music from my external, but I want to just use iTune FROM my external. Is this possible? Heeelllllp me. Please?

DK/DC/I hate computer questions - Would you ever take diet pills?

new car for less than $15k

You're looking for a new car that costs less than $15,000. You don't need a large car, as you have no pets or children to transport. Something good on gas is a must. And you know, safety and reliability is also important, of course.

What car would you buy?
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Would someone please slap me upside the head and tell me to quit feeling sorry for myself?

ETA: Stressing about several things right now, but everyone has problems so I probably need to just get over myself. Trying to find work in my field for the last 3 months (Independent Contractor, medical transcription, online), trying to live off of husband's disability. We have no money, zip, zilch. Will find out in a couple of weeks whether I need major surgery (of the female variety)which will set back the job hunting a bit. Plates on truck are expired and from our old state, we have been in Oregon for four months or so now. Cannot afford the $180 to get Oregon plates and title transfer, plus we inadvertantly left the title in a box in a storage unit in Montana. Can't get back there to get it. Geez, I'm a mess. You would think I would have my shit together a little better at this stage of the game (I'm 53.) Anyway, enough of the pity party.

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Could I have your honest opinion on something for just a minute? I mean, clear your mind, steady your breathing, do that meditation thing or whatever it takes to be in your objective place, and just tell me honestly: does this taste like ass to you?


Relationships are hard.

I just recently came out of a relationship that mainly consisted of fighting, at least for the last three months.
We barely even speak, but when we do, I get angry or sad, and he gets really, really mean about it. He's very dramatic and the door-slamming type. Normally, I'd just cut all contact, but we attend the same classes every day.

I sent him a text, asking him to come over tonight so I can apologize for my rude behavior and try to make things civil, but I regret sending him the text because he'll probably be cold and in the mood for a fight.

Should I tell him not to come, or should I just try for some closure? I just want us to be able to sit in the same room without it being really awful.

Update: We met, exchanged apologies in a very respectful manner, hugged and then he left. 
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Do you act differently (from your normal self) when you are around races other than your own? Especially if you are the minority of the group?

Stupid made up ex. My cousin, who is white, acts and talks black when around black people, but when he is around white people, he acts and talks white. 
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 I have to give a special occasion speech in my public speaking class next week. Should I give it on my great grandfather (about emigrating to America from Italy at age 15 with $25), my grandmother (just how she helped teach me to be kind and peaceful and some other lame stuff) or on something else? It can basically be any kind of commemoration, award acceptance, introduction, or eulogy. 

DK/DC: What have you given a speech on? Have you ever taken a class or had to speak in front of a large group? What was it like?
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Probably a lot of tat questions, but I'm pondering my own.

How did you choose what to get inked? I'm trying to think of ideas that are very "me", and I'm having trouble.

My ideas so far:
Kero and Suppi from Cardcaptor Sakura in their little forms.

A circular design of a blue heron and an otter that I would have to get the artist to do, or someone that I know.

A stylized "tribal" otter, in blue, done by an artist friend.

An origami paper crane.

My own design of a stylized bunny looking up at a crescent moon.

I can't get all of the above, unfortunately. ETA: I should clarify my reason for that. See, the places here require a deposit. I don't want to make a deposit with the intention to get multiple tattoos, which would take a series of appointments, and then chicken out after the first one (just in case I'm actually not ok with the needle, though everyone assures me it's not bad at all. I'm just afraid of needles in general). I'd rather do things one at a time.

All of the above designs mean something to me. They're not random ideas, I just can't figure out how to ... figure out which means more to me. :P

How would you choose?
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If you had a character who is obsessed with the original Star Trek and he goes by a nickname based on that, which one would you use:


Any other suggestions?

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For those of you who have worked an overnight shift for an extended period of time, did you find that you needed more sleep than if you worked an equivalent amount of hours/effort during the day?

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You vs Technology

When was the last time you had a disagreement with a piece of technology?

On Saturday I bought a new router, took it home, entered all the settings and yay it works! Yesterday I decided to fiddle a little too much with the settings, so much that I decided to just restore factory settings and re-enter the settings as before. But for some reason that isn't working! It seems my ISP isn't talking to my new router.
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I'm taking an Educational Psychology course and we have to write a paper on something in which we consider ourselves an expert. Even if we generally lack expertise, we have to choose a subject. It can be something from Buffy to parenting, whatever you think you may possibly be expert on. I chose public transportation.

What do you consider to be your area of expertise?
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You're in a relationship. Do you think it's acceptable for you or your other half to hug/kiss on the cheek a non family member?

Do you think it's okay for you to do it if you find that person attractive?

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How much should I expect to pay for a regular ear piercing? I decided that I'm finally going to bite the bullet and pierce my ears (for the first time ever!) as a 23rd birthday present. I just have zero experience with this and don't want to get ripped off.

What piercings do you all have? How old were you when you got them done?
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Let's say you've recently started dating someone and you two go back to your place to ~fool around. Would you be turned off if the person you're seeing had a pet rabbit in their bedroom (the rabbit is in a large cage*)?

Trying to decide whether or not to move my bunny into the basement. :/

*I should mention that in the cage is hay, food, water, and a small litter box. The bunny is quite hygienic however.
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How far can you run?
How often do you run?

I've never been a good runner, but a few years ago I started getting into it and it resulted in a bad ankle injury. Today I ran for the first time since that healed up and I went two miles, which completely surprised me! I want to build up and maybe run a marathon one day (lol big dreams), what's the best way to work myself up to that? I was thinking adding a half a mile every week but I'm afraid that will end up just getting boring.
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Do you assume that people who you find attractive do not have issues with their body image?

How about thin people?

In what ways do you think men and woman are different when it comes to judging their own bodies or the bodies of others?

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My roommate has been vacuuming for the past hour. WE LIVE IN A SMALL APARTMENT. It is 10:56 p.m. When will this end? I don't understand how it could take an hour to vacuum what little carpet we have.

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TQC, would you say that a day off per month (assuming you work a regular 40 hours a week at your job) is considered to be a sign of a bad employee? Assume that the day off is for a variety of reasons; everything from legitimately being sick to having to take your cat to the vet. What if you worked in an office where the only other employee (who admittedly has been there longer than you have) did pretty much the same thing? What if neither of you were really reprimanded for taking the days off?