April 10th, 2011

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Guys, where do you find haircut inspiration? I'm looking for something young and fun, that can still be structured. Plus, I'm growing my hair out and I keep getting these nasty, shitty haircuts that cost way too much. Any advice? Or should I just cut it short again and ignore the fact that I've been growing it out for a year? It doesn't help that I've been hunting for a good stylist since I moved here.

What is your favorite song right now?

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Dear TQC,
Why do I insist on watching/reading things that make me scared?

What's the best way to keep the demons/monsters/vampires/zombies/etc out of my house? IT IS DARK EVERYWHERE EXCEPT IN THIS ROOM AND I DON'T LIKE IT.

What are you scared of?

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I have been going out with my boyfriend for 2 weeks and I have stopped finding him attractive. IDK why. Is something wrong with me? I have been kinda down lately.

I feel like I'm not in a good place to be in a relationship right now. Should I tell him that? I jumped into this way too fast.

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1. Decipher this conversation for my friend. What is the mood/temper of this? Was P1 flirting?

P1: If you bring your book we can work on them and then you can look even more impressive & awesome
P2: Even more awesome? I dont know if thats possibly
P1: well more awesome than awesome so like awesome squared!
P2: when do you work next
P1: thurs but nights
P2: oh lame
P1: why is that?
P2: Cuz then I wont get to work with you
P2: Sorry looking up swimsuits. Skinny girls are making me feel bad about myself
P1: Bah, you look fine! And your pictures look fine as well
P2: lol thanks. I just want to feel better already though!
P1: That would be nice. Then I could talk to you more because I don't want your disease.
P2: At least I had a sister day.
P1: Alaways nice. If you lived closer I'd invite you to a movie lol
P1: So find a swimsuit yet?
P2: A few
P1: All upser cute? lol
P2: yeah on the models
P1: Bah, bah I say! I think you are perfect the way you are or something like that lol
P2: haha thanks
P1: I'm going to miss working with you
P2: aw
P1: I needz company!
P2: Bed soon.
P1: I get it, you just can't stop talking to me because I'm that awesome.

also not related, would you consider going to Japan in October? My honeymoon is coming up and booked but still scared =/

Funny sleepwalking/talking stories

So, Thursday night, husband and I are spending our first night of twenty nights at my parents', babysitting my brothers & house-sitting while my parents are taking a vacation to Cuba. We're in bed. My husband is snoring loudly and I am not tired yet, so I'm using my brother's iPod Touch and relaxing. All of a sudden, husband wakes up, has a minor coughing fit, hollers "DEE-DEE-DEE-DEE-DEE!", then promptly lays back down and resumes his loud snoring while I am collasped in a fit of giggles and trying not to wake up the whole house laughing.

This isn't the first such hilarious incident, either. On Christmas Eve, we're at my parents' again, and in bed, about to sleep. Husband is half-asleep. I look at him and say "I love you". He says "Froggy".
And then there's me again giggling in bed and trying not to wake up everyone.

He also twitches, kicks, punches, and flails in his sleep a lot too. Just Wednesday night, I was kneed very hard in the gut, but that's uncommon. I usually get kicked in the shins. I just grumpily kick back, roll over, and go back to sleep, haha.

So tqc, does this happen to you? Any funny sleepwalking/ talking stories to share? :D
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How can I quit being such a sleeping-in loser?
Collapse )

ETA: non-srs, obviously.  I'm backed into a corner and I just need to get tough and get the hell out of bed.  But I'd appreciate any info on hypnosis or aliens or whatev.
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As you may or may not know, there are programs that let you download entire websites to your hard drive so you can keep an offline copy.

So, assuming you had enough hard drive space, what websites would you like to have a complete copy of?
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I've got a M.S. and am currently looking for a job in my field. In the meantime, I'm working as a substitute teacher in the public schools. I'm afraid of being screwed once the summer starts, so I'm looking into summer nanny positions. This will certainly put a damper on my long-term job search though, and I know I could for sure work part-time in a daycare near me if the nanny thing doesn't work out. Good idea to summer nanny or bad idea?

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1.) Do you like yourself? Why or why not?

2.) What do you think happens after death? What do you wish happens?

3.) have you seen the movie "28 days later"? What did you think of it?

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For those of you who like it, what kind of milk do you buy? I've been obsessed with Silk soymilk as of late. I love the vanilla and coconut flavors! I don't think I'll buy anything else but soymilk ever again because I just enjoy it so much.

If you don't drink milk, why not? What do you like instead?

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Do you or anyone you know have ehlers danlos syndrome? I just found out I may have it, in conjunction with my fibromyalgia and my crohns. YAY!

Do you suffer from any neurological or genetic abnormalities?
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I was just at my parents' house for a couple of hours. I came home, and my microwave is broken! It's plugged in and the power in the house is on, but it won't turn on/the clock is off/it's totally black. I just got it for Christmas!

What the fuck happened?
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one of my former co-workers at the big red bullseye is a pharmacist. he is a part of their national advertising where they do shit like put the pharmacists on billboards, and it's always fun to see. do you know any pseudo-famous stories like this?

why am i the only person who likes where they live (los angeles)!?!
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i'm rewriting my resume and i want to put that i work as a design assistant for my mom's construction company ("unpaid" but like she paid for me to go to college). she builds custom homes and i help pick out finishes, design cabinetry, etc. i used to put this as a job that ended since i hadn't worked for her in awhile, but recently i designed a whole home that is currently being built and i'm helping with it still.

how should i put that in my resume, in terms of dates? it's the most recent thing i've done but it's really not a legit job because i only work a few hours for a few days every couple of months (more when i'm drawing up house plans and stuff). do i put it most recently and write "2005-current"? can i add a note like "work when schedule permits" or something? idk because i want to show that it's an ongoing thing that i do, but i'm not actually currently employed.

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I am in a crisis... I have recently become obsessed with sweet potato fries. The first place I had them was at moxies and they came with this mayo basil garlicy type dip. I REQUIRE IT. Where can I buy it? I looked online and found recipes and stuff but it just won't be the same I need to purchase it.

What do you dip your sweet potato fries in?

If you don't like them... what's your fave condiment?

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Since I was 15, I've struggled with an eating disorder and ever-increasing bipolar disorder. When I moved out to college the first time, it only got worse because I had a terrible roommate and then I flunked out and went crazy trying to fix things. I dropped out a second time for my mental health but my parents basically told me "Get a job, go to school even though you dropped out" and wouldn't allow me to go into intensive out-patient therapy several days a week (either pay for rent or move out, I couldn't afford either). I got a job and got sicker.

This went on for about a year and a half until I got a job out where my boyfriend lived and started healing because I was staying away from them. I got back into school and have continued to get better (4 months laxative free, a year self-injury free, and 1 month restricting free, which is major for me). However, any time I go home for any period of time, be it a day or a week or a month, I relapse very badly and very quickly.

My parents are very self-centered and don't believe they're the cause of my problems, and I believe they play a decent part in it. They also refuse to believe anyone's opinion besides their own (as in my psychiatrist told my mother that I needed space and intensive therapy and my mother spat out "You're wrong, and your opinion is not welcome").

My boyfriend isn't ready for me to move in because I can't afford it, but if I could, he'd let me. So how do I avoid my parents and tell them I don't want to see them or if I do, as little as possible this summer until school starts again?
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Do you go to church on Sunday?

If yes, does your pastor preach about eschatology?

If you didn't know how to interpret the mark of the beast, what could you infer from Exodus 31:12, 31:13, and Ephesians 2:19? "Then the LORD said to Moses, “Say to the Israelites, ‘You must observe my Sabbaths. This will be a sign between me and you for the generations to come, so you may know that I am the LORD, who makes you holy." "Consequently, you are no longer foreigners and strangers, but fellow citizens with God’s people and also members of his household"
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Will Sims 1 run on windows 7?
I've asked around and the general concensus seems to be yes, but I want to be absolutely sure before I even attempt to put it on my pc. :)
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How would you react if your friend behaved this way?

The other day my friend was telling me about his SO's mom. He noted that she seems constantly "mopey" and dissatisfied but apparently isn't doing anything to enact changes in her life (e.g., getting another job, finding new hobbies). I told him that perhaps she's depressed and that the situation may not be as cut and dry/objective as he seems to perceive it to be. He seemed unconvinced and perhaps even a little annoyed with me. Ugh.

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1. An internship position online says that an intern will be needed from mid-May through August. What do you interpret "through August" to mean? All of August, part of August, up until August 1st?

2. How long does it take to settle into a new apartment? I have orientation from August 15th until the 20th, then classes start the 22nd. Do you think starting a lease on the 15th of August would be too much? I'm assuming orientation wouldn't take up a lot of time, but I have no idea.

3. Where is one place you've always wanted to visit?

4. What are somethings you've done in order to lose weight/get fit? I'm online looking at tips, but the majority of tips include cutting back on soda, chips, foods with a lot of sodium, etc. which would be helpful except that I never drink soda, rarely have junk food in the house, and pay a lot of attention to nutritional information when I grocery shop. If you go to the gym, what are your favorite workouts?

I hate splinters

Friday I dug up and replanted my garden and while pulling up some bushes that had tiny spines manages to get one stuck pretty damn deep in the side of my ring finger.

I have tried duct tape, cutting it out, tweezers and nothing has gotten it out, if I just leave it in there am I asking for trouble?

Whats the best way to get a deep tiny splinter out?

For those of us who have quit smoking..

 I am just curious to those who have given up smoking did they still have a lot of symptoms for quite a while after you gave up? 

I am still waking up with a very dry mouth and feeling generally very dehydrated. I am also getting sore throats very often and a weird sort of tingling sensation in my throat.  I have up smoking 4 months ago now (I was smoking for 2 years). Sadly I did have 2 cigarettes on Thursday ( I had my driving test and I was so nervous. Very bad I know but at least it was a once off because I passed woo) but I have felt TERRIBLE since. Really bad cough, burning sensation in my lungs, lots of phelgm and my glands are like spikes sticking out of neck. Just like when I first gave up :( 

I am really just curious as to how long I can expect this to continue for? I have been to my Doctor about it but she says I am fine but I still feel so shitty...

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When you've applied to a job

How many times should you call before you become annoying/desperate?

I know education is important, but I've had a job before I ever got back into school and I really need to pay my rent and stuff.

Is it okay to put school thins aside (maybe withdraw) until I can get my work life together again?

Or maybe not okay, but it's fine to prioritize right?

I just went on an application blitz today of all days and I'm hitting up tons of places before class tomorrow. It's down to the wire for my life again

Do you have grace under fire?
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Re: that smelly poop post, have you guys never heard of One Drop which eliminates the smell? Or maybe this is something that only Japanese/Hawaii ppl know about?

What useful products do you use that others don't seem to know about?
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When reality shows eliminate contestants (think Hell's Kitchen or Apprentice) only to bring them back at the end to make teams for the final competition: do you think they're ever tempted to screw the person whose team they're on or do you think everybody acts professionally?


In the last few days I've found probably three little black bugs by my bed. I keep looking up bed bugs and these things don't look like them.

Aside from changing my bedding, is there anything else I should do?
Has this happened to anyone else? Did you find out what the buggies were from?

I don't have any bites on me or anything. Ugh. I'm grossed out.

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Anyone else download the new IE?

It's... freaking me out.

I don't know where shit is, though I'm sure I'll be fine by tonight.

I use Firefox too...

You know, how do you change the color of the window? You know how it's blue, all smooth blue, do I go into my computer settings for that or internet tools?

I'm sure I did it once before, I had it all green and lovely, but then something happened and it reset and I've forgotten.

And if you don't care about any of these...

Will you post pictures of delicious desserts?

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why does my family continue to leave shit where the dog can get it when they know SHE WILL GET IT?

the dog just got a cadburry egg off my sister's bed BECAUSE SHE LEFT CHOCOLATE ON HER BED WITH THE DOOR OPEN. i can't even. she said she had it in 3 bags under the covers. everyone knows our dog could find food buried with a rock on top of it. durrrr.
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Let's say you have a group of friends you've known for about a year.  You go out every Wednesday because there is a pub quiz at a bar you go to.  Your team does pretty OK each week.  There is one person who is there every week.  Another person comes almost every week and gets a ride from the first person.  A third person always comes but they're an hour and a half late because they have a class on Wednesday.  A fourth person is very hit or miss.

The first person in this situation is a die-hard hockey fan, and their team is in the playoffs.  The schedule has just been announced. This person's team plays this upcoming Wednesday, the Wednesday after that and possibly the following Wednesday as well because it's a best-of-seven series. 

If you are person 2-4 in this scenario, are you pissed at person #1 if they bail?  Would you be OK with just hanging out on another night?

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If you were scheduled to work a certain time, let's say maybe 4:30 to 9:30 for example, and you weren't leaving right at 9:30 (sometimes not until 9:45, 9:50, or even 10:15), are you legally entitled to be paid for that extra time you're working?

I'm working 21.5 hours a week but never leaving at 9:30 when I'm supposed to get off. No matter what time I actually manage to get out of there, I have to write 9:30 on my time sheet and I'm not getting paid for anything else.

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if a person admits to you that she is racist and wants to cure herself and feels really bad about it, what would you suggest?

because my friend in Vancouver says immigrants annoy her, especially Filipino and Chinese people. she refers to them as "fobs" and i called her out on it. we had a fight. now she says she feels really bad and wants to change her ways and asked for my help (i am in California but will help her). i don't know where to begin. counseling?

Auntie Em, Auntie Em...

The wind is blowing really hard here and there's yet another severe weather watch. This is tornado country and it's nearly tornado season. What are the chances the tornado sirens will go off just as I start falling asleep tonight?

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Dearest TQC;

Have you ever been an ex-pat or gone on a "working vacation" to another city/country? Where did you go? How long did you stay? Do you have any good stories to share?

I'm thinking about living in Austin, TX through the fall/winter of 2012 for 6 months or less. I'd be working for the same company I am now as a transfer employee in all likelihood, and I have a friend who lives there who can help me find a place to live.

How much money should I try to save up for airfare/rent deposits/associated costs/emergencies? Is $5,000 too much or too little? Is this all just a stupid pipe dream?

What is something that you are saving up for right now?
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Do you chew gum?
If so, when you chew gum, do you chew one or two pieces?
If someone offers you gum do take it even if you already have some in your possession?

DK;DC;don't chew gum: Have you ever eaten haggis? What did you think?

I tried it the other day it was tasty. It tasted almost exactly like braunschweiger, imo. :D It was a simple taste test, and they also had vegetarian haggis, which confused me, and it tasted naasty. :p


inspired by this episode of How I Met Your Mother

you leave your cell phone in the living room or don't have one. your alarm goes off and you get up. you attempt to leave your room but the doorknob is broken and you can't open it. you either live alone or your roommate is gone for the day.

what do you do?
what would your job say if you didn't show up and didn't call?
at my old job i would have gotten 3 attendance points for a no call, no show. you get 10 every 6 months. lulz. good job...

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TQC, help me heal.

I slept badly on my arm last night and it's really sore. And just now I was resting with my arm in an uncomfortable position and my hand is asleep. How can I fix these really fast?

DK/DC? Should I go get ice cream? Pro - ice cream! Cons - I'd have to get dressed, get gas, and I had a drunken pigout on cinnamon rolls earlier.

ETA: Sober now! Was drinking after work like 10 hours ago. Ate and slept, and am fine, I promise. I don't drive if I'm even tipsy or had 1 drink.

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I am...

Female (cisgendered)
Male (cisgendered)
Female (transgendered; mtf)
Male (transgendered, ftm)

who likes... /is sexually interested in...

women (cisgendered)
men (cisgendered)
women (transgendered)
men (transgendered)

and is...

15-20 y/o
21-25 y/o
25-30 y/o
31-35 y/o
36-40 y/o
41-45 y/o

(how did I manage to forget to write a question into this poll?)

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Is there someone in your life who you care about a ton as a friend and would totally date if only the ~spark~ was there? What makes them so awesome?

Inspired by my current FWB, who I would be dating right now if we had mutual crushes on each other instead of only mutual attraction. He's so perfect on paper and in real life that it's sometimes hard for me to accept that there really is no crushing happening for either of us. He's sweet, kind, thoughtful (even when we'd known each other only for a few weeks, he bought me a gift for my birthday), smart and cute. Sigh.
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have you ever dated someone that you weren't immediately physically attracted to?
how did that work out?
have you ever dated someone for the wrong reasons?
what are the "wrong reasons" anyway?

do lightbulbs generally dim before they burn out or do they just go from being bright to out? for some reason, my room is REALLY dark all of a sudden :/

that's not a real answer

Suppose you're having a fairly serious discussion (not argument) with a friend, by email (or IM), about a personal issue that's really bothering you. You say something substantial, friend says something substantial, etc. 3 or 4 times each and you're not finished talking about it. Your friend suddenly switches gears by saying something like, "IDEK. I'm eating ice cream now and it's raining outside."

Does this annoy you?

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What are you doing besides TQC right now?

What is something exciting that happened today?


Also, I'm watching S4 of Boy Meets World.

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What do you think of France's ban on "all facial coverings"??? - basically its a ban of the Niqab/Burka.
Personally, I think its stupid - the French seem to think its necessary to maintain a secular society, but what they seem to have forgotten is that in a secular society, the government is supposed to respect both freedom of religion and freedom of expression. The other reason they seem to give is that women who wear it are "forced" and "oppressed" - while some may be, but others are not. does the government really think that if they ban the headcovering, those who are forced not to wear it will just suddenly be able to go outside without it? more likely, they'll just be stuck at home. Telling a woman she must wear one is oppression, but so is telling a woman she will face a fine if she does wear one.
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Where in Canada or the US is a good, relatively inexpensive place to go on a holiday for a single traveller? Extra points for places where I can learn to surf, although that's not necessary.