April 9th, 2011

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Who here uses coconut oil in their hair?
Is it really as excellent as people say?
Any particularly techniques for using it?

I'm about to try it for the first time and I'm pretty excited (well, as excited as you can get over hair).

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Were there any famous/ semi-famous people you idolized as a child? If so, have you met them?

When I was 12 or 13 my favorite band was Fall Out Boy (long before they were ever playing huge stadiums). I was obsessed with them for years and they really got me into music. Today, 6 years later, I met Patrick (the singer) and my life is pretty much complete.

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My best friend was going to get a tattoo tonight.  I had to work.  Around 10:00 she texted me and told me she couldn't get it (probably because she neglected to get an appointment).  I had been in the middle of writing a text to her about something funny that had happened at work and sent it.  She then FREAKED THE FUCK OUT ON ME, saying that I never listen to her and I'm never there when she needs a friend, all this and that.  She then told me that some other friend of hers had called, "while he was out to make sure [she] was okay," which is when I went from a little wtf to a big WTF.

What is the fucking problem here?  Am I missing something?  Is not being able to get a tattoo right when you want it akin to being shot in the face now?

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When you use a public bathroom, do you cover it with toilet paper (let's assume those liners aren't available for a minute) or sit down on it? Or do you hover above the toilet instead? If so, please tell me you put the seat down first. How worried are you about toilet seat germs?
Minchin hmm?

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If I buy two different color home hair dye kits made by the same manufacturer and mix them to get a shade closer to what I want but no one seems to make, is it going to result in catastrophe or is this a viable solution?

dk/dc: I did not hit her, I did not! O hai Mark. So, how's your sex life?
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What everyday situations do you find scary?

So, not like your house being on fire, but like, flying, or being surrounded by children or something.

I find the idea of clubbing terrifying.

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I got a package in the mail yesterday. BIG package, addressed to me, from my father. This is cool - my husband and I have relatively recently gone from living on the other side of the country from my family to living on the other side of the world (we were in Australia, now in England) and Papa's been sending me care packages since I first moved out. It's sort of our 'thing', and it stops him fretting.

Of course, the thing about Papa is that some of the stuff he sends in these packages is...weird. Always useful in one way or another, but sometimes deeply confusing when you receive it all at once and can't really follow his train of thought. For example, the last one I opened had

- chocolate (awesome)
- my old Subbuteo set from when I was a kid (strange, but...yeah, okay! I'll play! This gets quite a bit of use now)
- the Complete Poems & Plays of T. S. Eliot (...say what?)

I have not opened this package yet. Before I do, tell me TQC...

What strange and wonderful things will I find in this box?

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Let's say you're planning on finding a room to rent. Do you care about the age or gender of the roommates already there? If so, what're your stipulations?
How old are you?

Brought to you by finding a fabulous room but the people who live there are in their 30-40's and I'm 20. I'm not sure if I should worry about it or not.

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Have you ever had an argument with a friend that went unresolved because neither of you wanted to confront it?

How did it get resolved?

inspired by an argument i had with one of my close friends, and i know through mutual friends he wants to talk about it, but doesn't know how to approach me. i'm bummed. he's the one who hurt me though so i don't plan to pursue him. :(
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Are you a morning person? Is there something that always gets on your nerves first thing in the morning?

Brought to you by me not being a morning person my dogs tripping me every damn morning while I am trying to let them out to use the bathroom. I know they need to pee but damnit quit tripping me and stepping on my feet you behemoths.

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my tattoo artist who is amazing, wants to do a leg sleeve of something horror themed. he wants to do it for a huge competition. i dont get to choose the art but i get a huge tattoo for free. of course i would approve of it first. i think i want to do it. would you do it? does it depend on what the tattoo is?


Are all white people racist?

Edit: because we live in a society where it tells white people they are superior to poc. Courtesy sf_d.
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TQC, what are your thoughts on going to a concert alone? Tonight, Explosions in the Sky and the Octopus Project are playing in my hometown (which I'm visiting for the weekend) and I really want to go but no one is available to go with me. Alternatively, should I try to get my 18-year-old brother to come (bear in mind that the venue is a goth/industrial club and he's a bit sheltered/mainstream)?

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A friend of mine is housesitting for his brother's wife's parents and taking care of their dog for 10 days while they're on vacation. The dog apparently is on some weird, strict feeding schedule that required my friend to sometimes drop everything else he was doing to make sure he was there to feed the dog. He wasn't told that the dog had special requirements until after he agreed to take care of her. The people apparently didn't give him a set rate of what they were going to pay my friend before they left, and now agreed to pay him tomorrow, but he's afraid they're going to be cheap because he's come to realize that they're kind of assholes. He wants to make sure he's getting a fair amount. I have absolutely no idea what fair would be, so I thought I'd ask here. What would you consider a reasonable amount for this?
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So guy I was so infatuated with who disappeared out of my life three weeks ago? Decided to tell me through facebook message he met someone else. Maria rages silently.

Am I wearing man repellant or just failing at life and/or trying to get laid?

Worst way you've ever been dumped?

What do I do now?

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If you were moving across country and did not have the ability to go visit apartment complexes before moving, how would you find a place to live? Are there any good resources for researching neighborhoods and such online, other than apartments.com and similar sites? Anyone familiar with the Irvine, CA area and can point me towards affordable but nice neighborhoods to check out?

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What is it like to be lactose intolerant? 
What would having ~two small bites of ice cream do to your stomach?

I've noticed that every time (or pretty much most of the time) I eat ice cream, my stomach gives me trouble the next day. I can eat cheese just fine, but even the smallest amount of ice cream sets me off. I don't drink milk so I can't say about that.

Getting Rid of things

Have you ever used a Gift Card Exchange site? Is it worth it? Did you get what you wanted? Which one did you use?

I have a PS2 and like 4 games (guitar hero included) and an Iphone 3GS that i dont need... Ideas of where to sell them?

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so i like this guy from my old job that i got fired from Tuesday. last night his roommate approached me and was like, "I work with you!" and i laughed and said, "Not anymore! I got fired." then he said, "You know Ted!" and i asked which, 'cause there's a couple, and he said "The guy you ride the bus with, he's my roommate." and i was like "oh wow, cool!" and then this dude gave me the guy's number. like he asked if i wanted it, without my saying anything.

so obviously i should text the guy, right? is that going to be weird? i figure that's gotta be a good sign and that it's probably OK and not creepy/weird/stalkery. right?

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Can you recommend any non-fiction history books? I like learning about history but all I have are old textbooks and they are so boring and dry I can't get through them.

eta: I'm interested in any topic, era, or place.

Was there any subject in school that you liked outside of school but you hated the way it was taught?

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Have there been any movie trailers that hooked you just by the music/song used in it?

Which ones? Did you see the movie? Were you disappointed?

Inspired by the trailer music in Water for Elephants. WOW.

And I went and saw Dear John like an idiot because I loved the song so much. Big mistake.
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The walls in my trailer are pretty thin. Do you think my room mates can hear me swerving around in my chair really hard?

Also can you not help but do things you were told not to do when you were a child now that you're an adult? (oh uh, just older?) Like playing with the locks in a car or something.
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Is verygwen around?

I'm making french onion soup.  Can I use cognac instead of dry sherry? How bout chardonnay for dry sherry?  Cabernet Sauv for dry sherry?  I've also got bourbon, scotch, Jameson, and several kinds of beer laying around, but no sherry.  :(  Would any of them work?

DK/DC: Do you love French Onion Soup?
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i want to sell my 30 gig classic ipod. it's white, has some scratches, but it works perfectly. i'm also selling it loaded with ~1300 songs. what is a fair asking price?

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My friends ask me to commit to an indefinite project with them. At first I thought it just going to two Sundays a month and a lot of hanging out. But they have become more and more serious about it. I have the time to work with them, but the problem is I don't have the personality, skill set, or general enjoyment they have for this project. Its starting to become stressful for them and me.

I want to quit but I'm nervous about them either keeping me around and having to lower their ambitions or dumping me and losing their momentum that has been generated. They need a third person and probably won't be able to find a replacement that easily.

How showed I talk to them about this issue?

dc/dk/tl;dr: what was the last difficult decision you had to make?
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There's a party for all the DC kickball spring leagues. I know of like 2 people who will be there who I just met two weeks ago. Do I want to go? I'm nervous that I'll get there, not know anybody, and feel super awkward.

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 What should me and my boyfriend do tonight?

We are on a small college campus in the country with no money to go anywhere and no gas. Theres nothing to do on campus besides walk around or go down by the lake (which is kinda boring after 100 times lol). 

I'd stay in my apartment here but my roommates are here and I kinda wanna be alone with him.

Any creative ideas to be cute and have fun together? 

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does anyone know of a show about ... a small town where the main character is a cop (i think) and there was one scene i remember where they're near a pond and they see something glowing under the water and it reaches out and grabs them or something. it's about a town that is slowly taken over, people start acting really weird?

it was a tv show that played in 05 06 or... 04 and... it may have been cancelled.

it's not the movie crazies, by the way, even though it sounds exactly like it. IT'S A TV SHOW. anyone?
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If you were in a horror movie, what type of character would you be?
Would you want to be killed right away or try to survive?
If you were about to be killed how would you want to die?

(Inspired by watching Harper's Island on netflix)

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What can I do to keep from feeling so ill? I feel vomit-y and my throat is so sore even drinking water hurts and whenever I move my head it hurts like a motherfucker.

When was the last time you ate pre-prepared food? Ie, food from a restaurant, frozen meals, etc.
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I was thinking of going back for grad school. Does anyone know that if I did go to grad school, I'd have a higher chance at a job/teaching job at college level? I don't know. Trying to figure out what I wanna do with my life, cause I can't find a job. /sad.

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TQC have you ever experienced a 'life changing year?' What was so life changing about it

This year I changed my degree programme, suffered a personal tragedy that I'm still overcoming, lost my job, gained a new HIDEOUS one which I am leaving, and have two interviews for two dream jobs. I moved in with my boyfriend, regained a relationship with my dad and worked out some longstanding issues with my mum. All that and it's only April!

what me think

Do you use "me" as the subject of a sentence? For example: What should me and my sister get from Subway, TQC?

Do you use "me" as the subject of a sentence when you're only talking about yourself, not yourself + someone else? For example: Me want cookie, om nom nom.

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Around 6 weeks ago, my house went on fire. It's uninhabitable (although there is a great amount of my belongings that I can rescue.) and my landlord has been a dick about it. (Fair enough I guess, I did burn his property down) I have tried several times to find out when I can get access to get my stuff. He was waiting on his insurance company coming out before I could get in. I've asked him many times but each time he would be unpleasant and quite vauge about any progress

This morning I'd missed his two phone calls so he sent a text saying "Can you contact me to arrange collecting your belongings, thanks"

I didn't get a chance to reply as I was at work. At 730 tonight he sent a text saying "You have seven days to collect your belongings or else they will be skipped and you will be charged for the costs!"

I don't know if what he is saying is right or if the law states he needs to give me more time.

What do you think of the whole thing? I thought the text message was unprofessional and rude but then again, I've been known to leap to conclusions very easily

eta - the problem lies in that as I am still homeless I have nowhere to store stuff right now. I'm waiting on repairs being done at the new place I got but it's taking a while . I can't get the keys from the council untill repairs are done

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Why do some people take facebook so goddamn seriously?
Do you take facebook seriously?
Stories, please?

Inspired by my mother freaking out on me just now because I added my grandad on my father's side on fb yet I blocked her*. She's trying to turn it into this huge thing and all I can say is "Yeah, you know it's just facebook, right?" I'm just not seeing why this should be an issue at all.

*I blocked her 2 years ago when she went snooping around on my profile and called me up and had a bitchfit over some stuff on there she didn't like.


How would you react if a female acquaintance said the following?

"Yeah, I get along better with guys because girls gossip too much and are too catty. I hate girls."

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Apparently, I goofed and neglected to make a payment on a store card last month. They've tripled my minimum/interest payment for the month because of it.

Have you ever done this? Were you able to talk them into giving you a break and lowering the payment back to what it was?

I've had this card ELEVEN YEARS and I've never missed a payment :(

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I moved across the country in August to go back to school. I made friends with two of the people from my class. One woman from my class and I hang out fairly often and she is always talking about all the men in her life. A professor asked her to go to hawaii with him! Anyway, I really like hanging out with this lady, but I don't think she is spectacularly attractive nor does she have a wonderful personality. I am not very good looking either, but I can't get anyone to pay me any attention. I don't need a vacation, but dinner or just companionship would be nice.

How can I be more approachable?
Would you ever approach someone that was with a group of people you didn't know?
Do you ever go out to bars alone?