April 8th, 2011

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One of my roommates has a beta fish. She went home Tuesday afternoon and never mentioned feeding the fish to us, so we forgot about it entirely. Her fish seems fine, but obviously we need to feed it now.

Question: Do we feed it its normal amount (4 food pellets,) or twice that much to make up for the lost days? I know you can't overfeed fish but if she was already hungry does she need the extra?
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A friend of mine from work wants me to go to an anime convention with her in July. Problem is she's the only one i actually know whose going, and i'd feel a little weird going with a group of people i just met.

Have you ever gone on a trip with a group of people where you only knew one person? Was it too awkward?

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I had a random allergic reaction to something I ate last night, and it was my first time breaking out in hives and having my tongue and lips swell. I was scared and rushed to the ER. Once the initial reaction went away, they told me to continue taking Benedryl every 6 hours and gave me a script for Prednisone and an antacid to help with the symptoms.

Does anyone know how long some flare ups could continue? Today if I went more than 5 hours without Benedryl, my face started turning bright red and now my hands feel puffy. When can I expect some relief from the allergic reaction??

Also, what are you allergic to? I have no idea, at least until I visit an allergist.

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Have you ever realized your pet might be a little stupid?

My cat, after she poos, scratches outside the box and at the cabinets that the litterbox is next to but doesn't actually cover it up. It's like she knows she's supposed to scratch, she just doesn't know WHAT. My friend commented on it today and we then spent a good ten minutes laughing at her each time she did it.

ETA: Okay, so there is a song by Samsas Traum that starts off very quiet and that all of a sudden BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM there's this terrifying loud beat, and I think a flute or something? And chanting in it. Anyone know the name of it? I thought it was called Im Embryovernichtungslager, but when I look it up, that's not it.
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My birthday party this year (which will be held at the end of the month) is to be a mustache party. (It doesn't really matter what the mustache is made of, or if it's real or not, but you do have to have a mustache. If you arrive without one, one will be provided for you at the door.) It's generally a pretty fun time; I've been to a mustache party before, and it's just stupid and silly and so I thought, why not?

My roommate and I then came up with the idea to give away prizes to the three best mustaches at the party. Thus far we have come up with:

1st prize: A monocle and a top hat.
2nd prize: A monocle.
3rd prize: No fuckin' clue.

Any ideas? Not just for the 3rd prize; if you can think of any better prizes than we already have for the 1st and 2nd, that'd be great, too. I'm trying not to break the bank on this, though. (It's hard to find top hats around here...online they're only around $10, but that's before shipping.) Ideas?

iPods and bathrooms

I have to pee really badly and I'm using my little brother's iPod 4G (and I freaking LOVE it). How many of you take your iPods/iPhones/laptops/Etc. into the bathroom with you? I kind of want to bring this one, but I feel like it's kinda gross, cconsidering it's not mine and all.

What would you do in my shoes?

DK/DC- What are some good free apps I can download? I freaking love this thing.

ETA: I went to pee after, and I brought it with me, haha. I kind of feel horrible.
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First World Problems

 Hey TQC, may we have a "First World Problems" thread? 

A nice place to post all the seemingly dumb stuff that pisses you off where no one tells you, "Pffft, who cares." No problem is too trivial for this post!
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I've finally booked an appointment with a psychologist regarding my depression...MAN was it ever expensive!!! And I can't get in for about a month : /

If you are seeing anyone, how often do you see them? Roughly how much do you pay? What type of stuff should I be expecting for our first appointment?

DK/DC...will you please show my your favorite icon?


Hey road bike enthusiasts! And all others!

I have a 3 speed vintage road bike. The gears are the lever types. I want to change them to 'dial' types (like on a mountain bike, the gears are in a circle that you shift around). How much do you think this will cost?

Also is it possible to 'add' gears to a bike? How much would that cost?

How do you know if a bike is a good bike? (I mean from just looking at it, not reading reviews and stuff)

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I can't taste or smell today! My nose is not stuffed at all, I can fully breathe through both nostrils, but my allergies are at full force which is affecting my sinuses. Where in your nose is your sense of smell? I didn't think it was that far up. I'd google, but it's not cooperating on my phone.

Don't know/don't feel like googling:
I work in a dog daycare, it's good that I can't smell y/y?

Breakfast sucked this morning because I can't taste. I don't recall ever not being able to taste because even if I'm really sick, one side of my nose always works.

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If you were completely dead broke and couldn't even afford to buy groceries, what's the first thing you would do to get some money?

Srs/non-srs okay but some advice wouldn't go amiss.

DK/DC/I have never been broke: Will you describe to me your dream sandwich?

Mine is tuna salad, crispy bacon, melted cheese, tomato, rocket greens and sprouts. FUCK I WANT THIS NOW.

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So let's say, you could build your own dream city in a day.

What would you name it?
What state and/or country would it be in?
What would the climate and natural surroundings be like?
What would be some of the things it would be known all around the world for? (Chicago for example is known for the Sears Tower, it's architecture, Michigan Ave., deep dish pizza and it's museums. Think of similar things that would give your city it's own character)
What kind of neighborhoods/districts would it have?
Besides by car and walking, what are some other forms of transportation the place would have?

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what should i do today? or to better phrase it, how can i convince myself to get out of bed?

i lost my job Tuesday and i can't remember the last time i had days and days in a row with nothing to do. spending money would not be preferable, obviously, haha. some of my options include doing laundry, cleaning my room, going to the bar to get my bike(left it there Wednesday night) and visiting this guy i kinda like at work(it's a 5 minute walk). but obviously i'm pretty bummed about everything and i don't feel like even turning my lamp on, let alone getting out of bed.
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You keep getting blown off by the person you've been seeing. You decide it's best if you stop talking to them, so you tell them to get back to you when they're interested. How do you keep your distance?

Are you under the influence of anything right now?
My room mate let me scrape his pipe for resin. Whoa, man.
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Would you consider squirting a toddler with a squirt gun to be an effective means of discipline? Like, whenever they start throwing a tantrum, SQUIRT GUN TO THE FACE sort of thing?

Inspired by my mom, who told us that it was recommended in a lot of parenting guides when my brother and sister were babies (so, 35 - 40 years ago). We thought she was joking until she proudly presented my brother with his own squirt gun to discipline his 2 year old.

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some lowlife vandal slashed my bike tire yesterday, so i spent $25 replacing the tire and tube and today i woke up to find that my brand new tire had been slashed again. GRRRR.

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TQC, have you ever left a job after just starting? Why and more importantly, how?

EDIT: You guys have actually been really helpful and made me feel less guilty about wanting to throw my current job in. Thank you TQC :D

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Has anyone burned a weird part of their body on accident? 

I was just lighting a candle with a lighter and part of the flame burned part of my fingernail off. Just ashed it completely.

(I'm allowed to post more than once per day, right? I don't want to break any rules.) 

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is there a sure fire way to tell if your underwear fits?

i almost always buy the same brand, and i feel like i buy them a little too small. but then when i get the next size up i feel like they're too big. which is right? ugggh.

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Have you tried pajamajeans?

I've been so curious about them, it's hard for me to find jeans that fit perfectly and pajamajeans seem that they -might- be nice and stretchy and flattering, but I'm not sure.

Also, did anything exciting happen this week? I got my glasses today and I love them
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I got new glasses today. I am not sure if I like them. Collapse ). I can't decide if I really like them or not. What do you think? (the picture isn't the greatest, sorry.

What is the last change you have made to your appearance?

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I had an assignment due on Tuesday but didn't complete it so my tutor gave me an extension til 4pm today and it's now 1.40pm. I am confused as fucking hell as to what to do next. It's a painting practice assignment so I have a shitload of drawings which need to be catagorised befpre hand in. She isn't in today as it is Friday so I am handing in to the front office. Should I email her that I am struggling and hope to see her on Monday about it, or hand in now and risk failing? If I fail this I fail the entire course. Omg I am dying rn.
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Fellow students! How good are you at bullshitting and padding to get a larger word count?

I'm currently writing what's supposed to be a 3-5 page paper (not long at all, I know), but I'm having trouble stretching it out past two paragraphs.

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Ben Roethlisberger is getting married soon.

1. Do you think he'll be content sexually molesting only one woman for the rest of his life, or will he go back to making women uncomfortable in public restrooms on the side?

2. In your opinion, what's he better known as? 'Superbowl-winning quarterback with the Steelers' or 'that alleged rapist from Pittsburgh'?

3. Manny Ramirez retired today. How does that make you feel?


Ugh, I have to get out of bed and be a grown-up now. I was having so much fun being lazy in bed with this iPod.

Motivate me,tqc!

When was the last time you just wanted to stay in bed forever?
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TQC, my 17 and a half year old puppy has starting going to the bathroom in the house pretty consistently. It's really, really gross, but I'm not exactly sure what to do. He's trained to go outside, and hasn't had any accidents for most of his life, but in his elderly age he seems to have forgotten or is just being defiant... he'll go outside, run around, come back in and pee on the carpet D:

Otherwise, he's very healthy minus a little arthritis that doesn't seem to be slowing him down much. I love my dog to pieces, I'm just sick of having to clean up after him!

ETA: we've chatted with the vet, there doesn't seem to be a medical reason for it, which is good at least.

Any suggestions?

DK/DC: How old was your oldest pet?

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how long does something out of arm's reach need to irritate you before you finally remedy the situation?

brought to you by my irritation with my ipod still being on and just hearing weird, quiet snippits of things but being too lazy to move 5 feet and the fact that this has been going on for 10 or 15 minutes.

how's the weather in London right now, anybody know?

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I recently came across a webcam and I want to troll omegle and chatroulette but my cam doesn't seem to be working on those sites. I am seeing a black box for my video feed.

Will you please help me figure this out?

I have a Microsoft LifeCam VX-6000.

I got it to work! Thanks everyone.

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There's numerous cults or sects out there, each one with their unusual belief system. Most of them go well against the mainstream set of values, and some are extra peculiar. As a rhetoric question: do you approve of these groups who seek to lure weak people into their fold and claim their possessions at times? If you do dislike them, you may harass them when you see these cults or sects, bothering them, ridiculing them. You may seek to offend them, even when they ask you to stop. You're just relentless.

So my question is:

How long have you been a relentless, unapologetic sects offender?
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Are you afraid to fly? When did you realize you were?

Were you afraid and managed to overcome your fear? If so, how?

If you've never gotten over it, when was the last time you flew?

I'm terrified of flying, but it's something that didn't seem to set it until I was in my 20's. There's no reason for it, either; I can't tie it to an experience.

The last time was probably a year and a half ago going home to San Francisco from Denver. I'd been nervous on the flight in and right after takeoff on the flight home, I had a full blown panic attack even though I had two valium in me. My husband was sure we'd end up on CNN or something.

Next week I have to fly from SFO to JFK for work and the idea of it is already driving me nuts.

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If you were only allowed 1 makeup item for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

Lipstick/lip gloss
Other ( in comments )
Nothing, I am a girl and I don't wear makeup
Nothing, I am a boy and I don't wear makeup

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What can I cook for my mum with little/no store cupboard ingredients, and without having to buy large quantities of? (ie bags of frozen peas etc)
Eta: I have no ingredients, just whatever is in the supermarket. Should have made this clearer!
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So, last Thursday, I went and got lunch with a guy I met off the Internet.

He was sweet, easy to talk to, and into the same nerdy, geeky things that I am.

On Friday, we spent the evening together. And ended up having lots of sex, which, while welcoming, was certainly unexpected!

Now, he's coming over here tonight, and I'm making him dinner.

And I'm super, super, SUPER nervous for some reason.

Why am I nervous, TQC?

Can you tell me to not be nervous?


When was the last time you were nervous about about something relationship-related? First date, surprising your SO for their birthday, asking someone you were seeing casually if they would be willing to commit, etc., etc.
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I am going to drink a bit of vodka tonight. What should I mix it with?

All I have in the fridge right now is some red kool aid and milk, but there is a convenience store right across the street.
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 What should I watch on Netflix tonight?  I'm torn between Good Will Hunting and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.  

Is anyone here a paralegal?  Do you like your job?  Did you take the NALA exam to become a certified paralegal?

DK;DC- What's your favorite snack?

Edit: Good Will Hunting it is!

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how should i word this text to this guy?

he told me to come visit him at work since they re-opened yesterday. i went today after running errands but he wasn't there. i want to say something flirty and says i'm not blowing him off but not creepy/over eager. what should i say? this is what i have: "I went to the shop today but you weren't there! When do you work next?"


SO frustrated

I am supposed to graduate this year, but as my school is currently on strike and has been for the last 4 weeks, this is looking like it may not happen. This means I have to find a way to finance another semester of classes, and that's IF the classes I need to take are going to be offered (usually they only come around every 2 years or so)

What was the last thing that threw a wrench in your life plans?

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What was for lunch today?

With inspiration from my post about grilled cheese sandwiches, I made a grilled cheese on sourdough bread with cheddar cheese, along with some pesto and tomato. I also had some potato chips.
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"Great Expectations" by Charles Dickens is one of those books that I've picked up and started to read on several different occasions, and for some reason, never got past the first few pages. I finally finished after owning my copy for probably about 10 years! I really liked it, and I'd like to read another book by Dickens.

Which should it be? The only other one I've read is David Copperfield.

Do you like Charles Dickens' books in general?

Are there any books that you'd really LIKE to read, but just can't seem to get started? The English Patient is another one, for me. Just can't get into it. Is it worth trying again or should I just watch the movie?

What are you reading right now? Do you think you'll see it through to the end? Is it any good?
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Learning language online

I really want to learn Japanese. I've been self-studying for about 6 months now but the progress I'm making is too slow. I get frustrated or busy and just can't keep myself to a schedule.

I looked at local colleges in my area, but the only classes I could take would interfere with my work schedule.

Are there any online programs or classes that I could join? I looked at a few different online colleges, but the few that were available as online classes I found required you to take in-person exams or attend lectures for speaking practice.
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Can you recommend any good short films?

I've only recently developed an interest in them...but would recommend "Spider". It's available on Netflix autostream, and is only 9 minutes...so you should watch it...
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Are there any books that you're embarrassed to admit reading/liking?

I read the first book of the Twilight series and although I'm relieved to admit I didn't love it, I thought there were a few good bits. But I didn't read it in public, because I felt like a bit of a "silly girl" the whole time I was reading it. I almost feel more ashamed of being embarrassed in and of itself, looking back. Why does it matter what other people think of my choice of reading material? hm.

I will gladly and openly admit to having read all the Harry Potter books several times and still really enjoying them, at 27. :)

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Dear TQC,
I am definitely not feeling like leaving the house tonight but I want to be busy until I can talk to my friend later on. What should I do? What do you do when you need to keep busy?

Are there any fun websites I can waste time on? TQC is a given.

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So the girl I've been seeing is coming over tomorrow night, apparently she really wants to teach me to play rummy during this time. I told her I would have to make the card game "spicy". What the hell is rummy, and how can I go about making it spicy?

Dk/dc: What is your favorite type of kitten?
Muh Life.
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Anyone that uses Netflix, have you been having trouble with their discs skipping in the last few months?

We get Bluray movies through them and the last FIVE have skipped in more than one place. It's REALLY F-ING ANNOYING.

P.S. Piranha 3D has got to be the single most RIDICULOUS movie I have ever been forced to watch.
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Poll #1728231 Das booze


Awful but I drink it
Don't drink

I rarely rarely drink but my GF bought Jager and I guess I'll try to at least get buzzed. I've only been drunk once and don't enjoy the taste of alcohol.