April 7th, 2011


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tqc, do you reward yourself after writing a paper/taking a huge test?
can you inspire me to write my paper?

writeordie.com can only go so far to help me focus and write about how Kant's political philosophy follows from his moral philosophy :( :( :(
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i am watching terrible movies on netflix, such as 2012 and zombieland, while loading myself up with nebulizer drugs and fighting off an asthma attack. what are some more terrible movies on instant watch that i can rate low and lol?

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IS THIS SONG ABOUT TWILIGHT THE CRAPPY VAMPIRE SERIES?! I was listening to the lyrics and I actually read the book so I remembered that Edward said something pretty much exactly along those lines.
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Unrelated: What is the best website that you use?
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I'm really jealous of people with cute hair (I'd love to do this someday; in fact, when my hair was that length, it was wavy like that, it just lacked the layers and style to accomplish such a look) and think my nasty mid-length shit that always falls flat makes me look I totally don't care about my appearance. How do you style your hair? How did you learn?

How's your wild Wednesday night on the internet?

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When you're in the bathroom, do you usually do anything while using the toilet? Read/fix makeup/etc.?

My kitty follows me in so I play hairbrush monster and attack her with my hairbrush and let her attack it back.

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Will you draw me a picture in MS Paint (or whatever it is you draw things with on the computer)?
I don't care what you draw. I want to see your artistic abilities.
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Have you ever been to a bullfight? Would you go to one?

How about a rodeo? Would you go to one simply so you later could use the expression "this isn't my first time at the rodeo" and have it be true?
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Do you have any quick chocolate and/or peanut butter cookie recipes? I'm thinking about making another batch of no-bakes, but those are my dad's favourite cookies and he's on a diet right now.

Do you do any middle of the night cooking?
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Poll #1727650 Light bulbs

Where do you get your best ideas?

In the shower/bath
While eating
While exercising
In bed
In the car
Bus/train/other mass transportation
At work
At school
On the toilet
SOMEWHERE ELSE! (and you'd better say where)

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Dear TQC,

Two months ago I got a job in a lab and it's going great, but a lot of my work involves typing out numbers in reports. Over the last week or two I've noticed that my right hand is starting to hurt - specifically the motion of reaching down to hit the "." for decimals from the top row of letters and numbers. I've gotten a keypad that plugs in via USB, but it's not helpful when I have to type both words and numbers.

I know it's not the ~end of the world and my hand isn't going to fall off (...or will it?) but any advice on preventing more soreness?

DK/DC: What kind of job do you have right now? Do you like it? Why or why not?
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Let's say I'm trying to resolve something over the internet and I'm hung up in a chat program and I suspect that I'm talking with a computer. Is there a good way to test that theory? What's a question I can ask that will "break" the program?

What are your favorite signs of spring?


Will you tell me about any/all pranks you've pulled?

I just made this picture (stretched and blown-up to full-screen) the desktop background on both of a coworker's monitors when he left his office for a minute. BWA HA HA.

I also enjoy putting a piece of tape with a smiley face on it over the laser on an older coworker's mouse. He's not so technologically inclined, hahahah. Am I a jerk?
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TQC, can you diagnose my internet problems?

Some sites, like livejournal, google, and speedtest.net are running fine -actually quite fast. Other sites like bestbuy, cbc, and globe and mail pretty much won't load at all. The sites themselves aren't down, so the problem must be on my end. I've tried clearing my cache, and the speedtest is saying my download/upload speeds are 18/9 Mbps. What the heck is going on? Does the internet not want me to know anything useful?

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How sick do you have to be feeling to stay home from work/school?

I have class in about an hour and I'd have to head up there pretty soon to get work done for it if I'm going but I'm really tired even though I got enough sleep, my body feels weak and achey, and my tummy is angry. But I really shouldn't miss class again and my teacher takes attendance. WWYD?
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So this has been on my mind lately; it flitters in and out and provides me no end of musing, and I thought I'd get some input.

About a year ago, my best friend was driving home from work late at night. As he went down a street near our neighborhood, he heard something thunk against the side of his truck. It happened just as he was passing a cemetery. When he got home, where I was meeting him, he and I inspected what it was:

It smelled strongly of seawater. Not salt water, but fresh out of the Chesapeake Bay water. The consistency of what was still stuck to his car was similar to an exploded jellyfish. Now, we live near the Bay, but the closest place that had jellyfish that time of year was about thirty minutes away, and it didn't appear to actually be a jellyfish. He said when it hit, there was no one around that he could see, and because the land in front of the cemetery is completely empty, it is unlikely someone could hide close enough to lob such a slippery substance with enough force to make the sound it made.

We hosed it off, but it left a film that never really went away.

What was it?

Easter eggs?

No, not that kind.

Anyone know any fun Google Translate easter eggs?

I know that if you go to German -> Turkish and type an ‘ä’ 15 times, you get a secret message but I was wondering if there were any more.

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Fellow short people: Where do you buy your jeans?

I'm 5'4 and need a new pair badly, but at almost every store I can only find jeans that are way too long. Even the ones that are supposedly "short" style have this problem. I don't want to have to get all my new jeans hemmed/tailored. Does anyone know of any stores where "short" actually means short? Or am I out of luck?

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I'm looking to buy a webcam. It needs to have decent video quality, built-in microphone, and be able to hook to my laptop (I know they exist). Do you know of any good ones that don't cost a million dollars? I was looking at a couple Logitech ones but any suggestions/advice would be great. I'm hoping to not spend more than $35.

What is your favorite snack?
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this guy who i've been talking/texting with a little bit the last couple weeks and have known as an acquaintance for a while(he works at the coffee shop by my apartment, goes to school with my friend). he asked me last night, "When are you coming into the cafe? We're reopening tomorrow." and i made a joke about being unemployed and i could come in right away because i have all the time in the world now and he was all, "Exactly!"

so it opens today and he said to come visit. should i go today or play it cool and wait a couple days?

Cat and dog food

Can I feed my cat dog food?

I got these free samples in the mail. If it makes a difference, they're Cesar Bistro steak tips & garden greens plus steak florentine. They look tasty...

ETA: I am NOT switching her food to dog food, I just have 2 samples!

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Do you like The Sopranos?

It was on so I thought I'd watch, I've never caught an episode before but it turned out to be a huge Tony dream thing and his bullets were melting and he had a horse in the living room and I was just like "WTF?!?!!?"

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What's your vision like? Perfect? Do you need glasses? 

I wear contacts and glasses, my prescription for my contacts is -5.75 in both eyes.

When you wake up, do you have trouble reading small text for a little bit? Or is this just my eyes being funky?
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I'm thinking of buying a flat screen TV today. How did you choose your flat screen tv? What should I take into consideration? I

know nothing about flat-screen LCD/Plasma tvs other than that I can watch my favorite shows on them.

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Will you tell me about the last time you were embarrassed?

For the last several days, I've been texting this guy I hook up with from time to time thinking he was a close female friend of mine :( they have the same first name and I thought I had deleted him from my phone so when I typed Jordan in the To line, I sent it without checking the number! :( :( I finally realized it when I texted asking "So where did you meet so-and-so?" and he answered "I don't know who that is, did you mean to send that text to me?" and THEN I checked the number

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Is it really that odd for two straight people of the opposite sex to be really awesome platonic friends?
Inspired by people assuming we're together everywhere we go and certain family members being puzzled by us becoming roomates when I have a boyfriend.

Have though been through a divorce? How long did it take? Contested or uncontested? Kids? Lots of joint assets? Did you do it without a lawyer? I'm about to get stuff moving and am curious as to other people's experiences.

Mine is uncontested, no kids, no assets, but across state lines.

ETA: I'm not questioning our friendship or our ability to keep it platonic. What I'm asking is if this type of situation is so unheard of that people find it weird.

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If someone says they have two tickets to an event but don't have anyone to go with and you offer to go with them, do you assume you will have to reimburse them for the ticket?

Based on some absolutely fascinating drama occurring amongst my mom's friends.

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I just got a week's paid vacation in May. Unfortunately my gf can't get any time off so I'm thinking of going somewhere by myself. Where is a good city to visit by yourself? Or what else would you recommend besides traveling?

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Do you believe that John Wilkes Booth was killed when they say he was?
or that he escaped and assumed the alias John St Helen, eventually dying in 1907?

Do you want to see The Conspirator?

And further more why kill himself?
couldn't take the guilt anymore or what?

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For those of you with a smart phone...case or no case? Screen protector or no screen protector? Why?

If you don't care:

I recently moved and changed my address with the post office (two weeks ago). I have yet to receive any mail (I usually receive stuff on a daily basis), and the post office has no idea where my mail went. They opened up a 'formal case' for me. Where do you think my mail went? Serious and non-serious answers are welcome.

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What is the last thing you found out you like in terms of food? I just found out I like salsa, I've always avoided it because it looked spicy (I got mild, and am going to warm it up a little in the microwave to see if that improves it even more!)

Has there ever been an instance where a certain phrase triggered you to feel it? For instance, "stick a needle in my eye" or "broken ankle" or something? Because whenever someone mentions Collapse )
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This girl that I met at a party and hit it off with left a message on my FB wall:

Before I forget, love? That color looks damn good on you.

This means she is DTF, y/y? What should i say in response?? eta: Non-srs answers only!

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do you want to see Rio: The Movie?

in the last week i've told 6 of my guy friends about my crush on Jesse Eisenberg(5 at once, he was an answer at trivia last night) and they all reacted the same way, telling me i'm crazy, they don't see it, and he looks like a douchebag.

WHAT? how can they think that? and why are they all shocked? Jesse Eisenberg is the best, most cutest.

what are your feelings on Jesse Eisenberg?

also, why is Jesse spelt without an I? it looks bonkers to me.
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Why is it that when my phone decides to bag-dial, does it dial the WORST people possible? Like, coworkers, boys where the ball is in their court, people I haven't talked to in forever, etc.

What is the worst mis-call/text/email experience you've ever had?
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In your experience, does participating in social networking websites facilitate or inhibit (or something else, perhaps) your ability to connect to people "IRL"?
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So my mom says I should get my meds sorted out before I change my name.
[I would be starting the name change process tomorrow. I don't know when I'd be starting my AD meds.]

I've had the name change process planned out for about year now. She also keeps badgering me to get a job.

TQC, what do you think i should do?

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When you get frozen yogurt, what are your favorite flavors to get and your favorite toppings?

Last time I went I made a chocolate delicious mix of chocolate yogurt, brownie bits, and chocolate sauce. The time before that I had tart and blueberry cheesecake yogurt with strawberries and granola.

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Have you ever been stuck next to some one on a form of transportation and you would hurl yourself out the window to get away from him/her??

Details plz

Thanks 60 yo dude who told me about his wife leaving him for another woman, his fabulous 20 yo Thai GF and ALL (I mean ALL) the apps on his spiffy new phone. We were at 30,000 feet...so yanno


ok so I recently switched from firefox to google chrome, and I REALLY like it.. I'd like to continue using it. but now, images on tumblr won't load. at all. I'll look at my tumblr in firefox and it's fine, but not on chrome. I have the latest flash installed, or so it said. idgi.

does anyone know what's up with this? how can I fix it? it's really driving me batshit because I'm addicted to tumblr.

dk/dc, tell me your favorite tumblrs.

ETA: missmofo is brilliant, ty!

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Evil Dead Regeneration for PS2

I'm stuck in the section where he's at the dock. After I got the missile launcher and destroyed all the gaseous deadites in the storage containers, I'm at the dock and I don't see hide nor hair of that giant deadite I'm supposed to destroy. He's supposed to be by the fence where the soul is, but all I found in that area are regular deadites. I searched the whole area and found no way into the fenced in yard, and the deadites keep coming forever. What am I doing wrong?

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Can you please recommend me a free virus scanner that's not AVG? I picked up a virus and it's deleted ALL of My Documents - every photo, song, word document, EVERYTHING that was in there and I am massively freaking out. I've done a system restore but it keeps saying it can't update my AVG scanner because of a "general error" so I desperately want a new scanner to at least try and get rid of whatever else is still lurking in my computer

EDIT: Thank you thank you thank you! Any suggestions on how to get back my missing documents? Everything that's VITAL has been backed up but it would make my life so much easier to have it all back :(

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What would your reaction be if you found out your mom's parents are showering your cousin and his pregnant girlfriend (who is one month ahead of you) with random presents all the time and you've recieved absolutely nothing except a "Congrats. Just don't ask us for money."?

If you want more back story, feel free to ask.


Did anyone else here love the Grey's Musical last week?

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I get off work late on Saturday night but an acquaintance is throwing a house party. Is 11:30 too late to show up? I'm a loser so I normally leave parties around 1am and have never seen what happens after that.

What is your preferred activity at parties? If you never ever would go to one, what would you do if you were forced to attend one?

6 degrees of separation

Will you post 2 actors' names and we can connect them in 6 people or less by who they have worked with? (sorry for the terrible wording)


Robin Williams and Jesse Eisenberg

1. Robin Williams was in Happy Feet with Hugh Jackman
2. Hugh Jackman was in Kate and Leopold with Meg Ryan
3. Meg Ryan was in Hanging up with Lisa Kudrow
4. Lisa Kudrow was in Easy A with Emma Stone
5. Emma Stone was in Zombieland with Jesse

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I just found out that any federal loan I take out for law school in the fall will be given to me in full as a refund check to cover my living expenses, books, etc. because I have a full scholarship and don't need a loan for tuition. I am completely stumped as to how much to take out though. I will be renting a 2 bedroom apartment with my SO approximating at $900-1,000, but I have no idea how much books are for law school, if I should take out a little extra money for emergencies, etc. I'm not allowed to work much during my first year, so I'm trying to be prepared financially.

Has anyone here attended law school or graduate school in general? Are books ridiculously expensive compared to undergraduate schools? In terms of how much to take out for this upcoming year: WWTQCD?

DK/DC: What are you looking forward to in the near future? What did you have for dinner?

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If you went to the handprints in Hollywood, and found out you have the same size hands as Marilyn Monroe, would you find that unfortunate?

If not, what's something fortunate that happened for you today?
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Online Publishing

Hey, peoples!

I have a friend who wants to publish a book online. What are some good sites to tell you about how to do that and where are the communities that review and promote these books?

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Did your high school years turn out to be the best years of your life? Why/why not?

I didn't mind high school but I didn't particularly enjoy it; I was very awkward socially during those years and I've never been able to relate with people who LOVED high school and wish they could go back. I'm a much happier and more well-rounded person now.

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What are some minor things you've found a person can do that will immediately make you suspect they're annoying? I don't mean like belonging to an opposing political party.

Ex. In my experience, people who give themselves wierd nicknames tend to be annoying. Not all, of course, but a good number of people who call themselves John Shakazulu Drainpipe are just...ugh.

ETA: Specifically people who put up such names on their Facebook.

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Would you go on a haunted hotel tour with me? Assuming we have all the money in the world and no other responsibilities.

I REALLY WANT TO! even if they're not really haunted.

ps. We'll stay in the hotels too.

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what exactly is so horrible and terrible about drinking alone?

i mean, getting shitfaced with friends doesn't make you any less of an alcoholic than getting shitfaced alone does if you are one, and enjoying a few drinks by yourself doesn't make you an alcoholic if you aren't.
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Dr. TQC: How important would you say it is to get a second opinion when your doc says you need surgery? I can't afford to see another doc.

ETA: Short-ish version of story - We are in a new town, living on husband's disability, can't find a job, no health insurance, very broke right now. Only health care I can afford is the county clinic, no choice in docs (but I really like the one I saw today.) I can't make an appt. for a second opinion with anyone because I absolutely cannot afford it. The doc today said the surgery most likely will be paid for by the hospital, if it is not, then no surgery for me. I wish I had more options.