April 6th, 2011

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TQC, You lied to me. I asked about eating grilled cheese vs bologna to help my hangover and you lied to me, I still have a hangover and I puked most of the food up. :( 

What was the last thing TQC lied to you about? 

I want to drive to Denny's and get breakfast-dinner at midnight, but if I go, I'm gonna look like a stonerkid, y/y, in pajamas at midnight ordering greasy food?

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How many facebook questions can we have in a row?

How much wood can a woodchuck chuck?

What is a woodchuck?

EDIT: So apparently a woodchuck is a groundhog. THE MORE YOU KNOW.

EDIT TWO: Or a beaver. Or possibly a hob. Or maybe a #. Or Patty or Paddy. WHO CAN SAY?

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It is 6:30am in the Vienna airport...I should start drinking?? y/y??

IF you travel and don't have an HP MINI laptop....WTF is your problem??
Halfway around the planet and my shoulder isn't killing me!!
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Should I get Chick-Fil-A for lunch today?

- Trying to save money for cool shit, like a car, a vacation, and expensive ingredients to use in my favorite recipes.
- It's unhealthy (I mean, I know it CAN be healthy, but I want their french fries and their chicken tenders and a milkshake).

- It's fucking delicious.
- I'm only going to have access to a Chick-Fil-A for another two and a half months, before moving back to a place where no Chick-Fil-As exist.


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where did the body image question go?
i was just waking up and not quite ready to respond to questions yet, but i was planning to go back and answer that one.
do you usually answer questions as you read them, or do you read and come back to them once you think about an answer?
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When's the last time you straightened your hair?
When's the last time you curled your hair?

Will you post one flattering picture of yourself and one unflattering picture of yourself?

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have you ever told someone (that you wouldn't normally say it to) on the phone "i love you" before hanging up? who was it? stories?

i did it to my mom's coworker once, and i was so mortified that i had to call back and apologize. they were all laughing at me.

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My city's AIDS support/research organization is hiring office coordinators in May. They're paying $14 an hour (!!!) and it'd be something I'd totally be both interested in (sexual health ftw) and good at. Should I apply?

Should I also tell my friend who is looking for a job about the posting? She needs something better than just part time too, and she's got experience as a a medical transcriptionist so she also has relevant experience.

Is it wrong of me to sort of not want to tell her in case I don't get it, or is that normal? I will probably tell her about it after I send in my resume.

Are you applying for any jobs right now? What kind of jobs?

ETA I juuust submitted my copy of my cover letter and resume, wish me luck! I will find out after they close applications on the 20th whether or not I got the job :O
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how can I get my left eyelid to stop twitching? it's been doing this on and off for the past two weeks. I've tried sleeping more at night and taking fewer naps in the day, and not drinking caffeine, and it seemed to work for a few days but now it's twitching again and it's really really distracting :(

is there something minor that's inconveniencing you right now? what is it?

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is it really that unreasonable for me to keep an ipod dock/alarm clock in the bathroom?

i just got home and it was sitting outside my door. you know, the way people do when they want you to put something in your room. it's the only thing i keep in the bathroom and she has a ton of hair products and other things on the counter. and i use the thing almost every time i shower. i really don't see the problem.

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My boyfriend and I are going to a friends house tomorrow night and everyone is bringing a dish. I'm the only vegetarian out of 8 of us which is annoyiiiiing. What should we bring? I was thinking something along the lines of a lentil soup that I can put in the slow cooker in the morning so it's ready when I get home that night.
If you have a good lentil/tomato based recipe could you please post it? It needs to be cheap!

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makeup-wearers: what would you say are the most essential makeup items to own?
any particular brands to look for/avoid?
i don't have anything right now, but i think i'm going to go buy a couple things, mostly to cover up a couple pimples, but i'm also open to any other little tricks that will make me look nice.

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Would you rather smell and be dry, or sweat like crazy but smell like delicate flowers/herbal musk/something other than horrible BO?

Serious minds want to know. But purely theoretical, of course.

**EDIT: In scenario #1, you'll smell like a combination of pungent garlic and red onion that were a little too old for human consumption. In scenario #2, you'll be sweating to where even arms down, the dampness is poking out of your armpit area and intruding on the shirt and sleeves.
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So I've been taking cardio blast class three times a week. In order to lose weight, will I have to go on a diet or eat less? I've noticed that my appetite has gotten a bit bigger as well.

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Who are some of the music artists can you listen to over and over for hours, days, weeks ect...constantly without getting bored/annoyed?

Some of mine are:

Adam Lambert
Marilyn Manson
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When was the last time you ordered something that came back wrong? What was it?

I picked up coffee from Tim Horton's this morning for the office and ordered a steeped tea for myself... they gave me coffee. :(

It would have been okay if there was cream in it but I don't put cream in my tea. The coffee was too bitter for me to drink, even with the sugar in it.

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How much do you pay for rent?
How big/where is your place?

How important is your home space/room to you on a scale of 1-10?

Brought to you by me still debating moving out of the bedroom I'm sharing with my 11 year old brother.

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Just sorted out a whole bunch of crap to do with our finances. Result?: I dont know how we are going manage.

Can we plae have a funny/happy pic/gif post please?

I need something to laugh at

Question for tech-heads

I have a Toshiba NB200-10G and it's driving me up the wall.

Yesterday and a few days ago I was typing up replies to forum posts when midst-type the browser suddenly went back to the previous page resulting in me losing all of what I had been typing and I hadn't touched anything other than my keyboard and I certainly didn't click the back button on my browser.

I'm autistic and my computer doing stuff like this causes me to scream at the computer (last time I called it 'bad, nasty, bastard computer' screaming at inanimate objects LOL)

Anyone have any idea what's up with my piece of crap? The only reason I'm using it is because the power cord is dead on my Sony Vaio and battery power ran out.

Also, the mouse pad sometimes sticks causing the pointer to stop moving and the mouse pad seems more sensitive than my Sony Vaio, what could I do about this?
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thank-you notes!

Okay so, everyone says to send thank you notes after job interviews, but I don't actually know of anyone who's done that.

So I figured I'd as you, TQC, if any of you have sent thank-you notes? Did it have the intended result?

I'm debating whether I should drop some off myself (I have to actually go and drop them off), as I fear it might come off as desperate. So I figured I'd gather some anecdotal evidence! Tell me your stories, TQC!
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Rabbit owners: have you ever put your bunny on a leash and taken him/her for a walk? How did that go?

dk/dc: What cheers you up when you're feeling down?

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What's your favorite nail polish?

Can you recommend an awesome purple polish for me?
I keep looking for a nice mid-range bright purple but everything's either really dark or really pastel...

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How far are you willing to go to comply with another entity's standards? As in a person or a business or school or whatever, in terms of dress/attitude/behaviors?

I'm pretty much a pushover for everything.
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Inspired by the post about bad poetry:

Do you still have pieces of writing from when you were a little kid? Like, still in elementary school.

I found an old writing journal they made us keep back in grade 5 and I transcribed a story exactly as it was into my LJ a couple years ago because I found it so hilarious.

Collapse )

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For those of you who play WoW, will you tell me about your character(s)? Realm, race/class, level, etc. And what's your favorite race/class setup, if you use several?

Are there any good, free MMO's? I have a subscription to WoW, but I wanted to see if there were any good free ones out there as well. Doesn't matter if they're Windows or Mac, I have access to both.

If you don't play WoW or other MMO's, what's the last movie you saw that you really enjoyed?

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What's the last ironic thing that happened to you? I just posted some of my old bad poetry to the TQC question about it, and checked my school email and found out a poetry piece I submitted to the school creative writing magazine got accepted for publication.
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Inspired by this post.

How many eight year old kids do you think you could defeat in unarmed combat?

I could not defend myself from an eight year old
All of them

For reference, the average eight year old boy is 4'3" and weighs 60lbs.

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my ten-month-old loves tomatoes. We dice the up at home, especially on taco night, she's in heaven.

At least twice now we've gone out to restaurants and asked for a side of diced tomatoes, she eats them and gets this nasty looking hive-y rash on her face for like three hours. AHH! We're not feeding her pico de gallo, just tomatoes.

This never happens at home. And, oddly enough, didn't happen at Taco Bueno last week. But it totally happened at Jose Pepper's today, and a local mexican spot before that.

Nobody in our families has ever had allergies so I don't know what to make of this. Should we just stop trusting tomatoes? or restaurants? or both? Are restaurant tomatoes special or something?

dk/dc, do you have food allergies? have you had them since you were a baby? how did you deal?
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my fiance and i have decided on NYC as our honeymoon destination. what should we do while we're there? i'm looking for stuff that isn't "tourist-y".

we've already decided on going to the UCB theater, a taping of The Colbert Report, and a taping of The Daily Show. i wish Conan was still in NY :(

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Of these three songs, and these three songs ONLY (because they are the three I've narrowed down in my iPod, don't want to buy new songs, and don't want to search through my iTunes again) would you say is the most inspirational? 

Bigger Than My Body - John Mayer
This is Your Life - Switchfoot
Dare You to Move - Switchfoot

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TQC, what do you think it means if a guy friend says that there is a "shifted line" between the two of you with regards to your friendship versus his friendship with others? Srs/non-srs.

Do you have a favorite Vagina Monologue, if you've seen it/read them?

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Should I try to find a free clinic/dentist?

I've always had this third molar chilling at the bck of my mouth or is it a wisdom tooth? I don't know, anyway, it's back there and I've never had any problems. Today, there was some food stuck back in the craw of my mouth so when I went to get it out, I felt this rough edge back there...

I go to the mirror and look and... well, there's a hole. Well, I mean, not like a whole like, there's no front of the tooth. There's a back and a bottom, but the side that's been chilling against my cheek for who knows how long (since I was ten, I dunno) is... gone.

O__o it doesn't hurt. Things don't get in it, but now that I know about it, iti's freaking me out!


I don't have insurance and I haven't been to any sort of doctors in eons and because I'm a pretend grown up and not a real one, I have no idea how to go about doing any of this stuff.

Tell me question club...

Should I go to the dentist?
How the fuck did I not know there was a giant hole in my tooth?
Is this possibly a cavity or just my cheek decaying my tooth?
Will I be all right?
Should I simply Keep Calm and Just Keep Eating Candy?

It's freaking me out.



PANIC TIME! *panicdance*

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random question slam time! because I like polls!

Have you ever...

eaten brain?
had stitches?
shaved your head?
set yourself on fire? (accidentally, i hope)
trolled a website?
been to a protest?
failed a class?
nope, none of these?

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I am posting again but it's been more than four which is at least five posts since my last one....

My last day at my current job is May 12. I'm having a way harder time putting up with all the BS now that I know it's almost over and I keep wanting to just stand up and tell everyone to fuck off and walk out the door! I thought it would be easier!

Share your epic job leaving stories so I can live vicariously through you?
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Do you believe in astrology?
Do you just read the horoscope in magazines, or do you work them out (somehow)?
How do you work out what's going on for you with the houses and all that jazz?

Do you believe in psychics etc (tarot, palmistry, whathaveyou)?
Have you gone to one, and were they right? Did they lead you to change anything in your life for the better?

Share your stories.

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Ever since my sister has been losing weight, she's been going out in public more and so we've been doing a bunch of things together these last couple of weeks. The problem is that she's exhausting me and I'm starting to feel sick and she's not giving me any time to slow down. I just asked her if we could wait until next week to go out again so I can recoup and she got totally pissed at me.

Should I just suck it up and go with her or should I stand my ground on this?

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Have you ever had carrot cake jam? My friend is wanting me to make some.

What's an odd flavor of jam, jelly, preserves that you've tried and enjoyed?

Also, do you know anyone who may be affected by a shutdown of the US government?
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Dear TQC

I'm trying to remember this particular website I visited years ago. It had various patterns or flashy images on each page, and when you clicked on a particular part of each page it sent you to another one. Each one was accompanied by a certain song or music. I remember the start page was a picture of a firefly.

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So there's a sexy firefighter that comes in to my work eat breakfast a lot. We started joking around every time I saw him and he would always tell me to smile and stupid stuff like that. One day, the other waitress was waiting on him so he handed her a tip up at the register. I held out my hand and was like "What about me?" and he said "Oh, I have something more intimate and personal for you..."

A couple weeks later he asked one of the waitresses if I was still with my boyfriend, who I was dating at the time. My boyfriend and I just broke up. I should make a move on sexy firefighter yes/yes? Should I set fire to the restaurant and have him come save me?

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I have what I think is a pretty rare pare of Nike dunks.
Is there any way (i've tried google) to find out more about them? Describing them to google isnt helping and i've tried typing in the numbers inside.

I'm exhausted, do I shower now or in the morning?

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So, I forgot that taking Accutane makes your entire face feel like it was scrubbed with glass and then covered in Tapatio.

Do you have any tips to make my face stop feeling like it lives in the seventh circle of hell?

Please, please, please, nothing with alcohol/(anything that ends in -ide) in it, and I've already slathered it in Aquaphor but the burn wont stop. I'm legit almost crying RN.


Do you have any uncommon traits that you didn't know were uncommon?

Until Elizabeth Taylor died I didn't know that not everyone has multiple rows of eyelashes (good thing I didn't choose ophthalmology as my specialty.)

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so, basically, the other (read: front) half of my girlfriend and i's duplex caught on fire. the damage is pretty bad in the front; however, the back half of the duplex (or, atleast our apt) doesn't seem to have suffered any damage except for a horrid smell. the landlord, who is a flightly old bat, will probably condemn the entire duplex leaving us homeless and destitute, yes?

or, post cute pics of babies and/or animals to cheer us up.

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You're being forced to cover one song to post on Youtube for all the world to see. You're guaranteed to become a Youtube sensation.
What song are you going to cover?

oh and if you have youtube covers already you should post them in this post tbh
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What are your friends talking about in their Facebook statuses? Is it similar to what they talk about irl?

All mine ever seem to talk about are dubstep, the weather and all shit they don't want to do.

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Have you ever been in a basement?
What about an attic?
Where did you experience these super-/sub-house rooms? (country/state/your own home/whatever)



What about cellars? are they the same thing as basements? OR OMG BOMB SHELTERS? omg.

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I know it depends on the people who are having sex but how does hearing others' sex noises usually make you feel?

turned on
grossed out
other/combination of two or more of these