April 5th, 2011

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How evil are your kids to you?  Or, if you don't have kids, how evil are you to your parents?

My daughter is very evil.

She called me up this morning with tears in her voice, "Mom, I just got my Geography test back and I only got a 24."  I was silent trying to figure out how to respond.  Then her voice changed, "Out of 25!" 

Bitch!  At least she got it honestly.

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Music post?
What's stuck in your head? What have you discovered lately? What do you like? What are you listening to rn?
Bonus points for videos, obv

ETA- I will put my own things in the comments
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I woke up at 4 am. I just ordered the 6 Week Body Makeover. Clearly, I should have tried harder to go back to sleep, right?

Since I'm committed now, how awesome will I look in 6 weeks?

Why are you awake right now?
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I have to quit a job I'm technically still at (they've canceled my last four weeks of shifts). It's a casual job, and I have to quit today because yesterday my other job made me fulltime (promotions yaaay). I've been there for 5 years on and off and my boyfriend is telling me it would be appropriate to call and quit over the phone. Is this appropriate? I was going to head down there and talk to the manager as soon as they open, because I also can't work the shifts I've been rostered on for this week.
tl;dr: Is is appropriate to quit over the phone or should I go in?

dk/dc: What's your favourite season for fashion? Why?
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Have any of you ever taken B12 shots? Did they help? Did you self administer the shots or go to the doctor to get them?

Do you have any ailments you need to complain/vent/bitch about?

What kind of texture and feel does your hair have? Is it fine and soft, coarse and thick, etc.?

What is your favorite feeling against your skin? Do you like the feel of silk, cotton, wet grass, warm water, or something else entirely?

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Who is your favorite movie character? Ian Malcolm in Jurassic Park. Or just the raptors themselves. >:3 ilu raptors

Who is your favorite TV character? Daniel Jackson in Stargate SG-1

Who is your favorite literature character? Jane Eyre in… Jane Eyre or the house in House of Leaves

Who is your least favorite movie character? The mother from Dear Zachary because I was so fucking angry at her that I was shaking for a good ten minutes after the movie ended.

Who is your least favorite TV character? Lauren whatsherface from Make It Or Break It, with no redeemable qualities

Who is your least favorite literature character? Anyone from Heart of Darkness because I fucking HATED that novel. 

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1. Have you been so itchy that you break skin from scratching?

2. Have you ever had an itchy mole?

3. Have you ever scratched off a mole?

4. Have you ever had a sore that is itchy?
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Can you help me find an anti-abortion image? It's a drawing of a woman with a pregnant belly and a foetus and it says something like "Your rights/ Your right to privacy/ Your rights to your body/ Your body stops here".

The image was feature on a t-shirt on a Christan site that was link through either the STFU Conservatives or on The Humourless Feminist.

Thank you!

so_plush found it! This was the image I was looking for. Thanks!

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for those of you who grew up in the time before cell phones (which, i THINK should still be most of us), did you have your own land line, separate from your parents? did you know other kids who had their own phone lines, and were you jealous?

my older sister got her own phone line when she was 13 or 14 and i was 11 or 12 and i was sooooo jealous! it reminded me of Claudia in the babysitters club.
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What was the last dream you remember about? The only thing I remember about my dream last night was that I pulled out my wallet to pay for something and my five dollar bills were glowing and instead of Lincoln on them, it was Fred Savage.

What does it mean?!?!

Have you ever been to the circus before? I've never been, but I was going to go tonight with my friend and her kids, but I have to go in for training at work tonight.

We just got a yogurt shop in the city and it's amazing. What's your favourite type of frozen yogurt and what do you put on it? When I went, I got espresso frozen yogurt with graham cracker crumbs, marshmallow fluff, and chocolate syrup. It was delicious.

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I'm going to a wedding next month. I already got the dress and the shoes, but I really want a pair of earrings to go with them. I found some on etsy that I liked. Which of the earrings are the cutest? Or are they all ugly and do you have a better suggestion?

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Do you save your text messages? Do you save them all or do you only save certain ones? What kind of texts do you save? Would you care to share one/some of your saved texts?

I save meaningful texts, generally ones that make me go awww. These are all from my boyfriend.

When discussing our relationship:
But I am happy and can't imagine being without you, we click and I feel comfortable with you. I look forward to seeing you always

Referring to me and my dog:
I love you chix, you're great for me

When discussing our lack of time together and my need for a second job:
Well we both will do what we have to and deal with it and see each other when we can. I support you

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Another abortion post...

  1. Should a woman's right to abortion be absolute allowing her to abort at any time during the pregnancy, including during the late stage of the 2nd trimester and during the 3rd trimester?

  2. If you disagree and feel that a woman's right to abortion is limited, at what stage of pregnancy do you think a woman should be banned from having a (legal) abortion? Should a woman be charged if she has an (illegal) abortion after this time? What would be an appropriate charge and punishment?

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L.J. is still broken  Y/Y?      It won't allow me to make comments, it just times out.    
I suppose if that is the problem for everybody, I won't ever know because you won't be able to make any comments to this questions. 

Well, if you are so lucky and can post a comment, how are you feeling today?   I'm feeling kind of crappy.          

ETA:  It's working right now, but who knows how long that will last.  Stupid computer shit!

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 can any of you tell me the name of this cartoon/comic that these characters are from please? I've googled and i just cant figure it out and its killing me!
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edit: Thanks so much you guys! i just could not remember for the life of me! 
new question: will you post  a picture of your favorite food?

Im going to hell

What is the last bad thing you did?

Yesterday I was at the store and had to fart SOOOOOOO bad but I was surrounded by peoples so when I when to grab eggs out of the fridge thingy I turned and let loose real quick into it....

I feel so bad for whoever got eggs after me..

Karma is going to get me.
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I just moved so we have almost no food in our house. The past 2 weeks or so we've been eating take out and today I finally have a chance to go grocery shopping. Yay! What should I get?

My list so far: chicken, pop, hot sauce, naan, onions and avocados

What's for dinner?

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Are any of you bunny experts? Long story short, my best friend has a death in the family and has to go out of town for the next couple days and I'm going to be taking care of her rabbit. I have some lettuce, carrots, timothy hay, and some water in a bowl for it. She's owned rabbits her whole life and I don't think she's lying to me when she says it's enough but I just want to be *sure* because I've never had any interaction with bunnies as pets before. So, do I need anything else?

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If you were feeling a little sleepy, what would you choose to do: drink a cup of coffee/tea or take a nap (assume that you have the time to do either)?
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Do you automatically assume that winky faces mean DTF?

DK/DC: Do you use emoticons in your text/internet conversations? If so, which ones do you use most often? If not, why?!
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Canadians: Have any of you ever done the Explore program? Whenabouts did they get back to you? I applied for programs starting the first week of May, but they haven't gotten back to us and I'm getting really antsy not knowing if I should be buying plane tickets/where to.

dk/dc: Will you tell me about your summer plans?
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When you forget an important date do you forget what the important date is or do you forget the current date?

I remembered, and will always remember, April 5th as the anniversary of my brother's death but it didn't occur to me at all that April 5th was today and when my mom reminded me it was a huge punch in the gut because I felt bad for forgetting on top of the sadness I feel anyway. :/

Dk/dc/I remember important dates because I'm not a horrible fucking person: can you post happy things? I'm about to go into an appointment and I'd enjoy happy things to come out to.

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As of tonight I'm off work for nine days, and one of my goals is to cook and bake something every day. I'm going to make beef stroganoff tomorrow, but roommate and I don't mushrooms. What would you put in there instead? What else should I make this week?

Does anyone have a magnetic spice rack? Where did you buy it/buy the supplies to make it? Pics pls?

eeeew gross

Will you tell me about the last totally nasty/gross/disgusting thing you did/saw/experienced?

Brought to you by the supply closet at my office. I cleaned it out from top to bottom for the first time in ..... probably since the company has been at that location (~4? years). The company's previous owner just tossed shit in haphazardly for all of that time, and since I'm in charge of keeping everything stocked now that he's gone, I just could not deal with it anymore. I took everything out so I could clean/purge/organize, and left on the floor were PILES UPON PILES OF MOUSE DROPPINGS. I almost puked all over them, until I realized that if I did, I'd have to clean that up, too. D: IT WAS SO DISGUSTING I CAN'T EVEN.

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I just watched this movie called Leap Year. Basically there's one day every four years (Feb 29th) where this lady thinks it's acceptable to propose to her boyfriend. The whole movie is about her trying to get to her boyfriend because if she misses that day she can't propose.

Have movie script writers forgotten this isn't the dark ages?
Ladies, would you ever propose to your boyfriend?

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I had alcohol this morning after work (yay mornings = night for me) and 9 hours later, I'm still drunk, which is bothering me because I need to study and I'm nauseated as fuck and dizzy and headachey. 

Please make me feel better? 

Which should I eat, a bologna sandwich or a grilled (mozzarella) cheese sandwich?

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How many notifications do you get on facebook a day? I get between 5 and 10 depending on how active I am?

How many texts do you send a day? I have unlimited but I only send maybe 5 a day, and it astounds me to hear about people sending 6000 texts a month.

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any recommendations for good audio books? I have a 16 hour drive to make solo, and I need something to keep me entertained. I'll read pretty much anything, so I'm just looking for something that's well-read and engaging enough to keep me going.

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 My hormones are messing me around and I don't like it.

I went from having really dry skin all my life to having an oil slick for a forehead. I use mineral foundation powder but this isn't doing anything to keep the shine away. I've been so used to using hydrating and moisturising products, I am clueless on how to care for oily skin.

Is there some sort of awesome trick to stop a shiny face?
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I have an exam worth 25% of my grade to study for and 50 logical proofs to complete by tomorrow. Am I screwed?
How's your night?

Where do you want to escape?
How much do you like yourself right now? Why/why not?

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I've got a dirty bowl in the sink that I'm not sure how to clean. The substance in it is from a botched scallion pancake-making attempt (essentially flour and water) so putting water in it would just make the dough stick to the bowl, y/n? Would soaking it in hot water and soap help? It's been sitting there for a day so I'm expecting it to have to soak for quite a while. What was the last thing you had a really hard time cleaning?

Did you read Make Way for Ducklings as a child? I just read it to my bff because she had never had it read to her and she was amazed.

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How much does lack of sleep affect your mood?

Any sleep woes lately?

I've had someone over two of the last three nights, they stayed for 10+ hours each time and I am getting zero sleep. Hoping that is why my emotions are so unstable today.
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to what extent do you use facebook to creep on people?

i just spent an hour clicking through pages randomly creeping and what do i see? my ex's little tiny face in some girl's tiny pic next to her name in a comment. so of course i clicked on it and it's a public page and now i'm just fucking mad.


do you want to be facebook friends so i can creep on you?

dk/dc/creepy fuck

i'm going to harry potter world in june. it's official; bought the airline tickets today. what are you excited about?
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this is the little kitten that we're going to be getting in 4 weeks! :)

(note: that is definitely not a picture that i took myself.. i do not own those "beautiful" chairs!)

he was born on march 4 so still needs to get all of his shots and be dewormed and fully trained before we can go get him but OH MY GOODNESS I AM SO EXCITED!
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I just plugged in my brand new LCD monitor and won't even turn on. I pressed the power button and there's no light or anything. It's making a squeaky chirping noise every three or four seconds. I've never had an LCD monitor so I have no idea what the deal is. Does it need to warm up or something or am I gonna have to send this thing back?

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Arrrgh :( Any help would be immensely appreciated, as Im about 2 min away from breaking down and crying over here.

I'm a complete noob when it comes to techy things, so when a friend strongly recommended I root my HTC Evo to increase performance, I was a bit weary, but did so anyways. I'm not quite sure what happened, but its now stuck at the white loading screen, and won't move. I'm scared for my bb phone, but now my friend is AWOL, and all the forum posts I've found so far are soo over my head. I have no idea what these people are talking about, and I have no idea what to do to fix it.

Can anyone at all at least point me in the right direction as to how to fix this? Im sorry to have to ask, but argggh.

ETA: Got a new phone :D Just took it in and stared at them until they replaced it. BUT LESSON LEARNED. Dont mess with stuff thats out of your league.

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TQC, I feel very sad. Can you recommend anything beautiful I can instantly invite into my life?

Music suggestions, movies (bonus points for Netflix), activities, images, kind words, etc.
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So a well known US bike race is rumored to be planning a  women's race where the prize money will be paid based on how many men the top women beat....

Should women be compared to men in such a way? Is this helpful to womens' sports at all? Thoughts?

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so i got fired today and i really liked this guy i worked with. we've never hung out and don't have phone numbers and he doesn't have facebook. but we got to be pals and we were chummy and friendly and flirty at work and are when we run into each other outside of work. and talked a lot when we rode the bus together.

should i find a way to get in touch with him? AKA get one of my friends who still works there to track him down and give him my number or e-mail? would that be weird, normal, cute, what? or should i just wait and hope i run into him again(which is not unlikely, especially with it warming up and people going out more, but still could be months as i haven't seen him out since the fall)?
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I live in a building with four apartments. I am the only one who ever takes out the garbage. Last week I had mouth surgery, so it didn't happen. Now the trash is piling up in the cans I will be shoving out on Friday even though a dumpster is right across the street.

Why are the other people in the building so trashy, TQC?

Would it help if I implemented a chore chart?

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How do you deal with grief

I usually let it all out but this time I can't., Is it likely to build up to the point where I explode with emotion and drive myself insane?

What was the last thing that broke your heart?

My Mum has been taken into a care home as her memory and confusion is quite severe. It's difficult on her being in there. I know its for the best and she's in good hands but is there anything you could suggest that might make things easier for her?


Have any of you ever attended the Electric Daisy Carnival in California? Its going to be in Orlando this May for the first time, but the tickets are not on sale yet. If you have gone, how much did you take for your ticket???