April 3rd, 2011


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Best thing to hear on a first date?

"Get anything you like. I'm effin' rich"
"I know you must get this a lot and I risk being a cliche, but goddamn you're beautiful"
"I feel really comfortable around you. I was so worried that tonight was going to be awkward. I'm so glad I'm wrong"
He/she doesn't say a whole lot that's worth remembering, but that accent is just charming as hell
"Ok. You can drive my Viper"

Worst thing to hear on a first date?

"Not to break the flow of the date, but you look a lot like the man/woman who broke my heart and made me attempt suicide 3 years ago...to this day"
"It's not such a big deal that I'm a Satan woshiper. You're not a virgin, right? Hahaha. Can't sacrifice you"
"Mind if I say grace over our meal? I'm being polite because I'd do it regardless. My faith is that important to me that I don't care who knows how much I love Jesus"
"Ok, you had the lasagna, which is $12, and I had the salad, which is $8. You insisted on the appetizer, which is $6 and it's only fair you pay for it, since you ate most of it"
"You're not allergic to roofies, right?"

Worst thing to hear after having sex with someone for the first time?

"You know, that's not bad. I thought after the sex change, I was really apprehensive about sex but this wasn't bad at all"
"Um....where did that condom go? I could have sword I had one on when I started"
"Shit, I thought the penicilin killed that damn rash"
"That was perfect. So perfect that I have only one thing to ask. Will you marry me? We're obviouisly meant to be together forever"
"Rumspringa is amazing. I had no idea. I never plan on going back to the Amish community now that I've met you"

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Are you a U.S. citizen?

Not sure???

What do you enjoy doing?

Spending time with my family
Watching sports
Playing sports
Giving oral sex
Receiving oral sex
Creeping on Facebook
Illegal drugs
Dining out
Volunteering in the community
I do not enjoy anything this life has to offer

Can you name a Queen song other than Bohemian Rhapsody and We Will Rock You?

Would you rather have a sundae or banana split?

Banana split
Can't choose!
Ice cream is the devil

Are you currently wearing a bra?

I'm not telling!

One being I absolutely hate it... how much do you like the place you're currently living?

Mean: 6.19 Median: 7 Std. Dev 2.07

What is a question you would like to see on a poll?

Did you wear green on St. Patrick's day?

No, but I meant to.
No, on purpose
When is that?
What is that?

For the Queen song, please don't use Google :)
Rocky Horror Batman Show

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 You ever want to stab somebody in the face? My brother just stepped in a hairball and freaked out and kicked the bathroom door in and yelled in my face.

And if he tells my parents the cat was out of my room, I'll have to put Mojo outside and I'll probably have to pay to fix the bathroom door.

Bored and drunk. Let's play a game

Can you guess which movie I'm talking about?

1. James Van Der Beek punches Jessica Biel in the face

2. A Rachael Leigh Cook, obsessed with Jackie O, grows up to be a Parker Posey, obsessed with Jackie O

3. Sarah Jessica Parker and a couple others try to kill Thora Birch

4. Paul Rudd and Reese Witherspoon plot to steal from a delivery van

5. Jennifer Love Hewitt helps get rid of a dead body with an erection to help her mom
Smoky hallway

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Who do you think would have the best sex?

Belle and Beast
Belle and the Prince
Esmerelda and Phoebus
Jane and Tarzan
Meg and Hercules
Sleeping Beauty and the Prince (she's awake)
Snow White and the Prince
Cinderella and the Prince
Pochahontas and John Smith
Jasmine and Aladdin
The Seven Dwarves (they spend all their time mining shafts)

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there is a decent sized spider near my couch, aka my bed. im too afraid to go near it to kill it, i cant go to sleep because im scared it will crawl on me in my sleep, and everyone is sleeping so i cant ask for help.
what should i do? D:

are you afraid of spiders?
what do you do when you see a spider in your house?

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Will you share some lyrics with me you find especially meaningful/entertaining/otherwise worth sharing?

If you're there yet, when do you feel like the moment was when you realized you'd really grown up? What was it/how did you realize it?

dk/dc: picture post? Show me people you find attractive?
Rocky Horror Batman Show

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 Will you post or tell us about a sound (ETA Songs work too) that takes you back to when you were a kid?

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I think that Windows 98 start up sound was used in a creepy movie, but I don't remember what. When I hear it, it reminds me of something from a horror film or something. Does anyone know if it was used in a scary movie or something?

ps. If you use youtube clips, don't forget to use the old embed code.
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i wish donkey kong was real life.. and that my entire life's purpose was to retrieve my stolen banana hoard from an evil crocodile. and my girlfriend would be a little monkey with blonde pigtails and a stripper name.

what do you wish?
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TQC, I just used my high school French skillz and bargain hunting to order a book from amazon.fr to Australia(regular amazon had the same book, in French, for double the cost, so I took the cheaper and more linguistically challenging option). How much of a bad idea was this? Am I gonna get my book?
It's the third time I've ever bought something online lol.
Chocolate love

Engagement Rings

What would you do if you found out that the engagement ring on your finger was bought for another person? Your SO didn't buy it for you, but a former love. However, they never gave it to them.

Do you wear it, and be thankful that they didn't have to spend money to get you a beautiful ring?
Are you offended, but do not say anything, because it's gorgeous and they have saved it all these years, only giving it to you?
Do you nicely ask for a different one, one that was bought with you in mind, not some other person?

Something else?


TQC, I have terrible heartburn right now. I never get heartburn. I've taken rolaids (4), baking soda and water and peppermint and it's not going away - I've had it for 2 hours now. Any other suggestions?

Edit: Yay, it finally went away after 3 hours.

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Which would be less horrible to do alone (i'm hoping random people actually show up for this)

drive 35 minutes away to take a cruise to look for seals ($24)
drive two hours away to take a two-three hour hike to look for seals ($5)

Which one?
Or should I just find something else to do?

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This one's from the mailbag of OKC for the ladies of TQC.

This guy from another country messaged me saying that he knows nothing about women and is trying to learn. He politely asked permission to query me on a variety of things about women, in hopes that I would answer in a sisterly and brutally honest way.

I figure, why limit my answers to my own? Anybody want to help guide an awkward dude who sounds like he's sincerely trying to figure out how to present himself to the ladies?

FYI, his profile says he's 28, 6' tall, athletic body type, but he doesn't have any pictures up, so I can't speak to his attractiveness.

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BE SISTERLY BUT BRUTALLY HONEST. Feel free to offer any extra advice if you wish.


would you eat sour cream that was left out overnight for approx 8 hours? in its container. say its around 50 degrees or colder at night. you bought the sour cream that day.

are you really paranoid about food expiration dates and stuff or do you kind of not care and do the sniff/taste test?
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I'm wearing a pair of yoga pants/leggings (wide/legged) that I got at Forever 21 for $7.50. They're 95% cotton, 5% spandex. They don't fit too tightly. Today is my first time wearing them. What are the odds that my pants will split while I'm out? Do I need to bring a backup pair in case of a wardrobe malfunction?

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 Fellow Jews: I have my Birthright interview today, and I'm really nervous. Have any of you ever been? What did they ask you? Was the interview easy? 

Fellow gaymos: Do you have a lot of gay friends? Or mostly straight ones? I have a lot of straight friends, and sometimes I feel like they get weirded out when I talk about girls, not like EWWWWWW, but like...awkward silence and an "oh, okay Randi, that's nice". Any experience with this?

Everyone else: What are you excited for this summer? 

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are you Jewish or Muslim? I'm thinking about converting to one of them, but I don't know which! There are aspects of each that I really like, and I basically just want to learn more. Were you raised in the faith? How involved are you in the temple/mosque life? Do you even go to the mosque or temple nearest you? What do you like about your religion? What don't you like about it? Any and all personal anecdotes are welcome!

DK/DC/Screw this religious thing: What was the last really great book you read?

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i woke up this morning with my left eyelid approx seventeen times the size it normally is. i look like someone punched me. i am pretty sure it is not pink eye, because it's not itchy and there's no discharge and also my actual eye looks fine - bright and white and clear. but my eyelid is really red and swollen and it HURTS. i am also pretty sure that i did not get punched in the face.

wtf is wrong with my eye, tqc? my coworkers are going to think i got in a fight, y/y?

srs and non srs pls
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Let's pretend you live in a house with your SO, two dogs, a cat, two lizards, two turtles, a snake, and a tarantula. You also rent out your spare guest room to a nice, clean, quiet woman from out of state.

You and your SO are going away for a week, and you ask your roommate if she would be willing to take care of the animals while you're gone. This would involve feeding the dogs twice a day and letting them outside into the backyard twice a day to do their business, cleaning the litter box and feeding the cat every day, and feeding all the reptiles every other day, except for the snake. The tarantula doesn't need anything for a week, either.

Would you offer your roommate money for doing this for you? If so, how much would you offer? If not, why not?

EDIT: God dammit, I got totally ripped off. My roommates only took $25 off this month's rent. >:(

When was the last time you were annoyed with yourself?
burning words

motivational fiction?

Can anyone recommend a novel to give me faith in humankind again and motivate me to make positive changes in my life?

The last book that did that for me was The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho but I was already in a pretty positive state of mind before reading it. Any other books of his I've tried since seem too picture perfect.

I need a book that says, "Yes, life can be really shitty but you have the power to change your life."
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In response to the dreary skies and soul-crushing wind we've been having lately, I made a new pandora station called "Dreaming of Summer." So far I've input songs like: Hall and Oates: "You make my dreams" ; Chicago: "Old Days" ; Dexy's Midnight Runners: "Come on Eileen" ; Loverboy: "Working for the weekend" ;  and Jackie Wilson: "(Your love keeps lifting me) Higher and Higher." 

Basically, I'm looking for songs that are like musical sunshine and make me feel like rolling down the windows, hiking, and having picnics in the park.

What are your favorite summer time feel good songs? Videos so very welcome.

What's the weather been like where you are? Are you looking forward to or dreading warmer weather? 

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TQC, I just realized that I don't possess a rolling pin and I have dough for scallion pancakes that needs to be rolled out. What can I use in place of a rolling pin? I really thought I'd bought one!

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Did you get any kind of significant scholarships for college/grad school? How?
Where should I look?

There are no teaching jobs- should I continue to get my Master's in education and hope that somehow I'll find a position or am I just throwing my money away?

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What are some of your favorite inspirational movies or books? Or anything really? I just watched Eat, Pray, Love, and am totally in the mood for something else to inspire me to find myself and go on adventures.

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What documentaries are on YouTube that I should watch?

I've been wasting some time this last week with Toddlers in Tiaras. I have so much reading to do, but need a break as I have gone brain dead.

dk/dc: How long can you study for before you need to take a break?
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How much pain do you personally have to be in before:

- Calling a doctor to be seen?
- Going to the ER?
- Calling 911 so an ambulance can come get you?

How much pain does somebody else (family member, friend, whatever) have to be in before you:

- Help them/strongly suggest they make a doctor's appointment?
- Take them to the ER?
- Call 911 so an ambulance can come get them?
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evening weddings require more formal dress than afternoon weddings, right?

also, how formal/not formal should I dress for a wedding at a synagogue? The bride and groom are fairly non-formal people, but the synagogue itself is a historical one. I have never been to a Jewish wedding before. They are Reform.

I'm female. the ceremony isn't for a few months but I want to be prepared.

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1. have you ever kicked someone out of your house?

2. Do you have any tips for me finding a new housemate?

3. Have you ever hated living with someone because of their pets?

I will post my answers as a comment.

2 legit 2 quit

Would you consider information from the official websites of PBS and The BBC to be "reliable" sources for a research paper?

ETA: The info I want to use is transcripts of interviews that PBS did with the Maysles brothers and that BBC did with D.A. Pennebaker.

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is unsweetened coconut milk good? i've never had it. my grocery store has two kinds - sweetened and unsweetened. i don't want the extra calories from the sweetened kind but i don't want to buy the unsweetened if it's gross! google hasn't helped me.
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Are Jodi Picoult's books any good? I keep having them recommended to me; but the marketing makes them seem like the book version of soap operas and I am distrustful :S

dk/dc: I am compiling a list of books I want to read when I graduate this spring- will you recommend some to me? Bonus points for any easy-to-read French language books.

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I started helping out one of my old teachers that owns a stable last April. I was broke, so we agreed that I would work for my lessons. Group lessons were $20 for 1 hour, 4 hours of work would equal one lesson. (So basically I was getting paid $5 an hour for back-breaking work). I started practicing to show towards summer, so I was riding more than I was working. I got fed up with the large group lessons and breaking green horses all by myself to have the snobby mothers of 12 year olds tell me how to saddle their horse properly. After I showed one of her horses this summer, and did well, I never went back.

I miss the horses there, and almost miss working a little bit. I know I must owe her money, so I was thinking of maybe going back to get squared away. Annnnnnd show again. Bad idea? Y/N?

***What are your fav things to get at the grocery store?
***What is an appropriate 'thank you' gift for a college professor?
***What shoes do you wear with skirts/shorts?
***Do you collect anything strange?
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TQC, guess what! My oven is finally fixed!

I'm baking a meat loaf right now because my husband wanted it and I am a good wife and do what he wants when I feel like it. But what else should I bake?

We can't do anything with nuts and I can't eat chocolate.

If you don't care about this, what's the last book you read?

I just finished The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett
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What is something you've eaten that has given you a foodgasm?
I walked into a Cardenas today and realized exactly how rusty my spanish is. What is something you know how to do, but have not done in a long time?
What is one of your favorite foods from your culture?
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TQC, how can I save myself from the mindless zone of sad lethargy? 

I just spent like three hours trying to get this Perl module to install so I could run Python from Perl but I'm giving up because I think the problem is the module and not anything I'm doing. So now I am in one of those moods, you know.
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i saw my ex last night with his new girlfriend. it was awful. now i'm completely depressed and hung over because in response i drank too much.

what movie should me and my sister watch when she gets here?

what should we watch?

Sunshine Cleaning
Spice World
Empire Strikes Back
something i will recommend in the comments

how do you deal with this kind of stuff, seeing someone you really cared about with someone new? i can't help wondering why i wasn't good enough to be his girlfriend. advice?

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My boyfriend and I got into a minor argument over walking versus running around the park (I wanted to run and he wanted to walk). We ended up walking, but now he's all bummed out and kind of avoiding me... I know, it's silly... but what should I do to cheer him up? Non-sexual answers please (because I can think of the sexy ones on my own) 
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When do you know it's time to quit your job?

What has been the best job you've worked at so far? How long did you stay with them?

If you are currently unemployed (or just want to answer this), what would be your dream job?

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Why so belligerent today, TQC?

What's your favorite Entemman's?

What was the last clothing find that made you really happy? (I just found out that the "short" variety of jeans at Old Navy actually fits me really well, so yay!)

What do you think would go into a cocktail called The Angry Lark?
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How do you feel about babies created to save an older sibling's life?

I'm watching "My Skin is Killing Me" right now and one family had a third child tested in the womb, to make sure his bone marrow would match his brother's; at 8 months old, he's "donating" his marrow to his brother. Isn't that usually a painful procedure?

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My favourite pair of jeans are getting holes in the groin area. Is there a way to fix them? I'm not very good with things like sewing so I've no idea.

I'm also feeling pretty homesick right now. What do you do when you feel this way?

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I am going to Budapest and Ljubljana next week.

what can i do to "leave my mark"??

Getting banned from the country is acceptble.
But not arrested. I don't plan on returning to either shit-hole
Kill Bill - Elle
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I'm thinking of taking my mom to New Orleans for her birthday. We'd only have a weekend (Saturday and Sunday) but could go Friday and spend the night (we live in Houston). For those of you that have been: is a weekend enough? What is a must see/what should be aim on hitting while we are there? Are places open on Sunday? I'm thinking I could find a bed and breakfast and then plan around that but I don't know what we should do those two days!

My phone wouldn't let me finish typing. What places do you want to visit before you die?

How was your weekend?
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is it acceptable to tip a delivery person in quarters if you don't have actual dollars?

i mentioned the speech i'm giving next week in an earlier post... i am so nervous. i'd honestly rather be covered in beetles than be involved in any kind of public speaking. do you have any tips to help me relax? someone suggested to me that i shotgun a beer just before.. haha

dk/dc: if you could create the perfect easter basket, what would be inside of it?
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 My former-as-of-three-days-ago boss lives 2,000 miles away, but the last time he was out visiting, we formed a mildly flirtatious friendship and have been playing Words With Friends (along with flirtatious trash talk) ever since. The last time, he played "dong" for a ton of points, and has played other mildly inappropriate words before. I teased him about the dong thing and he responded with "perfect use of dong." That is just CRYING out for a response, right? I'm afraid I'll cross some sort of line if I say something like, "Well, I could think of better uses for dong..."

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How are you? What are you doing? When was your last vacation? Any good vacation stories?

I just got back from Mexico, I am bloated, gassy, not drunk, and slightly angry that I didn't fulfill a bucket list item to have sex in a different country. But damn that was the best vacation I've ever had.

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I'm running for an exec position for a university organization tomorrow. We have to present a 4-6 minute Powerpoint tomorrow that convinces people to vote for us, then leave the room while voting occurs.

I am terrified of public speaking, and even more scared of elections (pretty much ever since I lost the election for class treasurer in 6th grade lol)...What can I do between today and tomorrow that will help me relax? Do you have any tips for public speaking?

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1. Do you take naps? How long are they usually?
2. How about power naps? (15-30 minutes). Do they work for you?

I looove sleeping, but I can't do power naps. it takes me long to fall asleep, unless I'm extremely tired and power naps leave me wanting to sleep even more than I did before taking them. It's also VERY difficult to get out of bed after only a bit of time, since I could sleep all day, every day,

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I'm about to go grocery shopping. What are the best healthy things to get for cheap, other than the obvious fresh veggies and fruits? I already have a ton of dried beans, whole-wheat pasta, and brown rice. What else should I stock up on?

What are some good healthy snack-type foods?

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how do you enjoy your pbjs??





other ingredients??

marshmallow fluff
something else
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The word of the day is Job...

So, my fiancé is moving from England to America in a few months and we're both pretty worried about him being able to find a job.

He didn't go to university - which is fairly common in England - and he took an internship after he graduated secondary school. He got a job from that and has been there for 11 years doing IT/network admin stuff. They've sent him to get training and stuff, but no certificates or anything. We don't really care if he finds another job in IT or not, just something to pay the bills.

How screwed are we? Is anyone even going to look at his resumé once they see he didn't have any formal education? Any tips to make this easier?

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Just curious: when you're on AIM/instant messaging service, and you're having a conversation with someone, is it normal for you to get distracted/not answer them for a while? 'Cause this happens pretty frequently when I'm talking to my mister on AIM and his reasoning is that he either didn't see the IM or he got distracted. I've been waiting on a reply from him to a question I asked for the past half hour and it just makes me grrr. I've followed up and been like "Hello?" Still nothing.
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What are things that people have been surprised you're not interested in, given your personality/interests?

Inspired by my friend being shocked that I've never seen the old Star Wars due to the fact that I like Star Trek

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What kinds of things can help with social anxiety, other than anti-anxieties? If you have social anxiety, do you have any little tips or tricks for lowering your anxiety levels?

DK/DC: What do you do when you need to go to sleep but don't feel tired? Do you just stay up and regret it the next morning? Warm milk?

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Will you tell me about waiting tables?

I have a trial shift to be a waitress coming up, and I've never actually done much table service before. I've been working in hospitality for 5 + years, but pretty much always as a counter hand or out back preparing food.
Am I going to mess up badly by not knowing how to carry plates?
I should definitely let whoever is helping me know that I don't have much experience with that, right?

Alternatively: Make suggestions for what I should do with my life? I will soon have a BA in German and am prepared to live overseas doing anything involving German, or even something not involving it. non-srs preferred.
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What is true about you?

Tick what is true about you

I'm a natural blonde
I haven't showered today
I don't like birds
I am in graduate school
I am engaged
I am married
I have at least one kid
I hate Cadbury creme eggs
I really need to do laundry
I get irrationally paranoid in the dark


I am a wuss when it comes to pain and have a really low pain tolerance
I have had major surgery in the past year
I live with my parents
I am in high school
I still have both grandmothers
I still have both grandfathers
I fought a lot with one parent growing up, but we get along well now
I actually like to eat Ramen and buy it even when not dirt-poor
I have a Netflix subscription
I am a virgin


I remember my dream(s) from last night
I fell for at least one April Fools joke
I am currently on antibiotics
I don't really like the taste of hard liquor
I own an e-reader
My parents are divorced
I have been with the person I am dating for over a year
I think I found "the one" but we are not engaged
I am single and I fucking love it
I hate blue cheese

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Effe Transit.

I have an interview for a volunteer position tomorrow at 2:30. The person said to expect it to last about an hour. I have a class at 6:00pm tomorrow. (It's the first meeting of the class and I can not be late) In order to get to class on time I have to be on a bus at 3:15 according to the ride planning thing on the bus website. This place is less than 30 miles away but the busses are terrible and take forever.

Here come the questions.

How should I handle the scheduling situation?
What would you do?
Would you ever take a position (volunteer or paid) someplace so difficult to get to?

How is the transit in your town?