April 2nd, 2011


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Who should I go to queer prom with?

Girl A: Told me she would go with me but also blew me off numerous times and told me she changed her number but then I called the supposed old number (in front of her btw) it was still her number. Is also the girl from this question http://community.livejournal.com/thequestionclub/96528831.html So IDK if she should even be an option

Girl B: I work with her and she's super cool but she might not be able to as she has to work a lot.

Girl C: Don't know her but she is a friend of a friend and is looking for a date and said she would go with me if Girl A blew me off.

I am really leaning towards Girl C for obvious reasons. How do I tell Girl A I changed my mind about going with her without pissing her off?

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Very, very long story short: my roommate and I got into a massive fight and are no longer friends.  He is one of those people who is used to getting his way no matter what, and nothing is ever his fault.  I called him on his shit, he didn't like it, and now we're no longer speaking.  We used to be great friends, but he's arrogant enough to throw it all away because he can't stand the thought of being wrong.

We have 152 days left in our lease and I feel like I'm going to cut his face off in a week.  What do I do to keep myself from disfiguring my jackass roommate?

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Is it annoying when people bring their boy/girlfriends everywhere?

My sister does it, and it drives me crazy. She's brought him to several birthday parties where he didn't know anyone. She's dragged him with us at every outing we've gone to in the past three years.

I'm getting really sick of seeing him. Plus, I think it's rude to bring your boyfriend to functions thrown by other people who don't know him, and she does this ALL THE TIME.
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I figured out all my tax stuff and found out I owe my local government exactly one (1) dollar. How arrested will I be if I don't pay it?

Did you do your taxes yet? Seeing as I work at a tax place and haven't been on the schedule in weeks, I'm thinking pretty much everyone is done with taxes. Or my boss hates me. Either/or.

Computer problem...

I found a way to block specific websites off of Internet Explorer 7, using the 'Content Advisor' blocker in Internet Options, but I'm having an issue with it I can't figure out.

Let's say you have two tabs open. You try to go to the blocked website on Tab A, and it asks for the password. You click 'cancel' because you don't know the password. Now, you go to Tab B, where you are viewing allowed websites. It will ask for the password every time you go to a new page ('because this page hasn't been rated') on Tab B. If you click 'cancel' it will let you keep browsing, because the websites not blocked, but it keeps popping up, which is irritating.

I clicked the ticky box 'Allow unrated websites'.

What am I missing?

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So I go to buy a donut this morning for the first time in at least 3 years and after I got to work and started eating it and it's not a donut, but a maple glazed cinnamon roll! D: I got a yummy back up long john with sprinkles, just to find out that it is a nasty cake donut!
What is the last disappointment you had?
How about food fail?
Do you like cake donuts or cinnamon rolls?

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Just imagine you are walking down a street when an explosion goes off near you, a random person who happens to be moving oddly like a robot and with red tint in their eyes comes up and says to you "come with me if you want to live"

What would you do?
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TQC, I'm never going to see those winnings from Las Vegas, am I? I don't even think I'm getting that $20 back at this rate :( I don't want to call her up after all of this crap (and time not seeing her) and be like "So, hey, remember that large sum of money you said that you had for me..." because I would feel insensitive to her. Going to her house for a "friendly visit" is also unlikely, as I don't even know her address, just that she lives ~45 minutes away.
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Would you post a lyric or a verse from the last song you listened to?


Daddy didn't give attention
To the fact that mommy didn't care
King Jeremy The Wicked
Ruled his world
Jeremy spoke in class today

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Do you ever 'create' animals or people in your dreams and have them pop up later in dreams?

I dreamt I adopted two pomeranians a while ago, a white one named Sugar and a brown one named Spice, and now they're in my dreams a lot.

Also, what are you doing today?

Hypothetical Question

Imagine for a second that dogs could talk and they were all really, really good actors.

You are now the producer of your favorite television show. The networks want a gimmick episode where all the characters are now played by dogs.

What show is it and who'd be what breed?

Inspired by someone who said Finn Hudson from Glee would totally be a Great Dane.
i say, old bean

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TQC, my friend is allowing me to do laundry up at their house right now but..nobody is home. it's so awkward!

when was the last awkward situation you were in?
what should i do to pass time? srsly i have too much laundry :(

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is my okcupid date going to judge me for wearing a helmet on our bicycle date?
can you help reassure me that a boy who judges somebody for wearing a helmet is not worth my time, anyway?

dk/dc do you know any non-makeup ways to make pimples less obvious?

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I recently (as in yesterday) moved back in with my parents after male friend kicked me out. Once I got home, I realized I had gotten a call from a job I'd interviewed with earlier in the week. She was offering me the position. Only issue is that it's 300 miles away (where I originally was with male friend).

It's better than any position I'd get here (parents live in more or less an automotive town), but I'm not sure I can afford rent, utilities, food, car, etc all because of ONE bill I have.

Anyone ever had any luck calling a creditcard company (care credit in this situation) and saying "Hey, I owe you A LOT of money, and my minimum payment is WAY out of my budget, can you lower it?"

Any other advice you can give someone who MIGHT be living on thier own for the first time?

Have you done anything productive today? If so, what?

Nope, I took a nap and looked at apartments
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Will you assist me in my goal of getting 350 comments on this post? I don't care what you post. Macros/.gifs/lyrics/videos, it could even be "I hate you" in big bold letters. JUST DO IT, I NEED A DISTRACTION.

can we vent about crappy roommates, please? i'm about to lose my shit.

what should i do about my bitchy roommate?

my roommate has decided she doesn't want me using any of her dishes because some of her forks have gone missing(i don't have them) and because i left some cookies on the cookie sheets over night that were stuck to it. i didn't want to scrape them off and ruin the sheets and didn't have time to get them wet and clean up soggy cookies that night, so i left it. which she has done, too. so she even means cookware. i don't have any cookware. well, i do, but it's at my dad's because every place i've lived, the other person already had it and we've never had a kitchen big enough to hold 2-5 peoples' worth of pots and pans and baking things, including this one.

but because i sometimes(and i mean SOMETIMES, most of the time i clean up as i go or before i eat) wait a few days with dishes or pots in the sink(which i always rinse), i don't clean up enough. this is of course regardless of the fact that she leaves dishes in the sink for a week or 10 days, sometimes two weeks.

she's also gotten on my ass about spills left unattended(not big ones and she does it, too) and taking out the garbage and recycling when she never does. it's been her turn to take this stuff out for ages and she kept throwing things out of the fridge this week and last, and letting the garbage and recycling pile up and pile up and pile up until last night i came home and it smelled. so i took everything out, despite the fact that little of what was in the bins were mine and i've done them both the last three times, and we do a turns system.

i'm wondering, does she REALLY think she's taking out the garbage and that i'm not doing anything? or is she just waiting for me to do everything? because that's not gonna happen. same thing happened last year. i was the only one doing dishes and i finally got fed up with it and stopped doing them except for my own and the kitchen got nasty. then at the end of the year my roommate sent everyone a message and singled me out to everyone for having made a huge mess of the stove, which i hadn't touched since i had last cleaned it from top to bottom.


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What weird nervous habit do you or did you have?

For those who got over it, how?

At the moment I am biting the inside of my mouth and my tongue almost to the point of obsesion and I cannot stop.

I have had this nervous habit for years, at least 14 years and have never found a way to get over it. I need it gone, at least for a short time.


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Who's that Latino comic who had the filmed stand up show with the set that looked like a vagina? That is literally all I can remember about it, and it's not Carlos Mencia or Gabriel Iglesias. He's pretty thin and does this huge long joke about birth at the beginning of his set. Who is this guy?

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So, in the UK tomorrow is Mother's Day - I've got very little money, and I was originally going to buy my mum a plant on Monday (because that'd be the first time I'd see her seeing as I don't live at home any more AND I'd have some money) but I did an impromptu trip back to my hometown so I could get some work finished. This means that I'll be around for Mother's Day with nothing to give her.
What should I do?
Should I let her know that I'm getting something she might actually like on Monday, or should I just buy her some chocolate from the petrol station?
I don't drive, and I really have to get these assignments done, so going out of my way is not really very easy.

dk/dc: what's your favourite thing about your parents?

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Do any of you know if breeders ever neuter/spay their animals personally (not take it to the vet or anything)?

I ask because about five months ago we found our cat, and the vet said she couldn't be more than two-months old at the time. Well, yesterday we took her to get fixed at the Humane Society and when they cut her open they saw that she had been fixed already, but she was not tattooed on her stomach (as apparently it is customary to do when an animal is fixed,) and none of the three vets she saw could tell. So I'm just wondering if it is possible that she got fixed by someone other than a vet.

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am I justified in being pissed?

My brother and sister have been home all day, they don't have jobs or things to do. I worked 5:30am to 2:30pm and when I get home my mom is like "you're gonna have to cook cause I can't (she just had surgery on her hand) and also wash the dishes" I asked if she could get sister to help me and my sister started flipping her shit, "I'm stressed I didn't use any dishes, blahablah"

So I shower and chill in my room for a minute then start the dishes, and btw I have horrible carpal tunnel so washing dishes is a chore. The whole time my sister is looking for her nail polish and whining that she can't find it.

I finish the dishes and then I say to my mom "you know even when I never used any dishes I helped and she used some yesterday"
my sister busts in "IDK WHY YOU THINK I HAVE TO DO ALL THE DISHES ALL THE TIME WHEN I USED NONE. and throws a lighter at me and it hurts. So i get up and hit her, then we are fighting hard core.

This is when my brother comes out of his room and starts screaming at us to stop and trying to physically stop us and spit is flying out of his mouth. He goes back in his room, I go to his door and say "this isn't your fight" he says "pick on someone your own size" I say there is only P(bro's friend who is over) and mama, he's like "get out" and starts pushing me out the door so I try to hold myself in and he's like "p, want me to use 100% force to get her out" and I'm actually leaving as he shoves me and I stumble all down the hall, then I jump up and just start clawing at his face and hitting him. He then punches me as hard as fucking possible (he's 6'3", 200 pounds, and an archer in his spare time) in the arm twice. Who is at fault here?

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I'm feeling super lazy right now and my SO just texted asking if I want to go out to some bars downtown with him and a friend tonight. They're not going out til later in the evening. Loud music and crowdedness doesn't really sound appealing to me right now. Maybe I'm too introverted for my own good.

Should I just go ahead and tell him to go without me or give myself some time to change my mind?

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Why do people think it's ok to bring their infants to the movie theater when that movie is not aimed at children?

Do you think movie theaters should have rules about this?

(based on seeing Insidious amongst intermittent baby noises... the mom eventually left, but WHAT?!)
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About a month ago, usually in the mornings, I started hearing this scraping and tapping sound somewhere in my room. It freaked me out when I couldn't figure out where it was coming from, and thought maybe there was some ridiculously huge rat in the wall.

A few weeks later, I realized it was actually from something tapping and scraping on my window. There's a tree right outside, and I thought it was from squirrels running around on the branches that touched our house.

But today, I heard it again, looked at the window, and there was a red breasted robin on the sill! And he kept pecking at the window, and jumping up to scratch at it with his feet. And he kept doing that. For, like, fifteen minutes. I went right up to the window and stared at him right in the face, and he didn't seem intimidated at all.

What the hell is that bird doing and what the hell does he want!?

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What are you tired of seeing icons of?

I love the show, but I'm sick of Misfits icons being everywhere. Especially of Simon and Alisha. THERE ARE OTHER CHARACTERS!!!!!!!!!

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Inspired by a facebook thread on my feed-

If your SO was sending naked pictures back and forth on their phone with someone else, would you consider this cheating?

eta: Would you believe them if they called it art?

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Have you ever been in love with someone, they treated you like crap (not beat you or anything but called you a liar or something like that) and ignored you for awhile; But the second they call, you answer and act like they never hurt you?


What funny TQC thing do you miss? (Ex: The Aretha Franklin Bow Icons..etc)

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I've decided I have way too much stuff and have to be ruthless and just chuck stuff.
How do I determine if something is worth ebaying or just to go straight to the charity shop?
How can I make myself be brutal? I'm one of those 'but I might need it one day!' people.

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Where do you go when you have nowhere to be and being at home is just terrible?

My family is treating me like a scapegoat and I just want to relax. :/ Also I have an entirely unplanned day tomorrow and I am dreading it bc I will most likely be at home where my family will just make me feel like crap all day. So what should I go and do? It's supposed to be beautiful out.

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what are your mad skills?

I can wiggle my ears
I can walk on my hands
I can swim
I can juggle
I can whistle
I can make an origami animal
I know the rules of chess
I've picked a lock
I've baked a cake from scratch
I've asked a question on TQC

if there's anything else that makes you awesome, comment?
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A-Kon/Anime convention?

I'm thinking of whether I should go to an anime convention here in Dallas cause I've never been, and one of my closest family members is going, and I've recently met some new people who are into it. Thoughts? Pros/Cons?
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Inspired by this post.

Which of the following chess rules are you familiar with?

White moves first.
You can't castle if either the king or rook involved have moved.
The king can't castle through a space in check.
Pawns can move forward two spaces on their first move.
En passant.
Promoting a pawn.
You can claim a draw with three identical board positions.
The horsey is not called a horsey.
You never get $500 for Free Parking.

Do not know/do not care: Would you rather be good at making things or making things better?

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Should I go out tonight?


Things to consider:
I have to waitress from 6:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. tomorrow.
I didn't go out last night.
I'm feeling antsy/lonely.

If you advised me to be responsible and stay in:
What should I watch on Netflix? How should I shake this lonely feeling?

What are you up to tonight?
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smartphone shopping

most of these questions are for canadians but anyone can answer. i'm looking at either getting the iphone 4 or an android phone.

1. bell, rogers, telus, or virginmobile?
2. iphone 4 or android?
3. if iphone, is it worth it to pay the extra $500 to buy the phone outright with no contract?
4. if you had an ipod touch before you got your iphone 4 or android, did that affect your choice and how did it affect your choice?
5. if you have an iphone 4 or android, what is your monthly fee and what is your plan?
6. why is android better besides price (as i'm heavily leaning to the iphone)?
7. iphone 4 users, do you have any issue with the reception/call quality like american at&t users are having?
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 What's the best Twitter app for iPhone?

Which is better, Android or iOS? I have an iPod touch and I love it, so I think I'd probably love the iPhone, but I also really want a Samsung Galaxy S phone.

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1. What is the most memorable concert you have ever been to? Like because the band is now gone or someone's dead now, or just once in a lifetime.

2. What was hands down the best concert you've ever gone to regardless of reason?

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I posted last week about my house going  on fire and my cat that had gone missing. On Saturday I broke in to the old place (Landlord wouldn't let me in) and found Fonz in one of his old hideyholes. The vet said that he had not been dead more than 48hours so it looks like he got out when the fire started and got  back in at a much later date.

Finding his wee body was 10x as hard as watching my house burn.

If you have (had) pets, what are they like?

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Where do you keep loose photographs?
I have loads that are similar to ones in albums but don't want to chuck them.
ETA: Do you keep them in any sort of order?
And i'm hoping to hear crafty/creative ideas!


TQC, have you ever seen the movie/documentary Catfish?

How did you feel afterward?
Do you think its real or fake?
Can we have a discussion about this movie?

Have you ever been in an online relationship and had it be a sham?
Have you ever known someone that was deceived in that way? What happened?

Man I feel so weird after watching that, real or fake, for some reason I feel so weird!!
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The best kind of Cadbury Eggs are:

Regular creme
Another flavor that I somehow dont know of

Also, whats your favorite kind of candy? I love the chewy gummy stuff.

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Did you have to wear a uniform in school? If so, will you describe it?

If not, how strict was your dress code on what you were able to wear and how you could have your hair/facial hair/piercings/etc?
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Have you ever owned a Persian cat? How awesome are they? REALLY AWESOME?

My plans fell through and I've been looking for kittens on Craigslist and a man is giving away two kittens. And one of them looks absolutely ADORABLE.

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DK/DC: What are your plans for the rest of the night?

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Will you recommend some music or movies that have the lyrics/words in Spanish?
I'm taking Spanish and my professor recommended using immersion. I already know of Pitbull and Daddy Yankee, and also the movie Daniel y Ana.

dk/dc: Where are you going on your next trip? Who are you going with? What do you plan on doing? Just tell me about it :)
If you don't have any trips planned, where would you like to go and what would you want to do?
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On a scale of 1 to 9, 1 being "like total shit" and 9 being "I' could never replicate what I've learned," how good of a parent was your mother?


On a scale of 1 to 9, 1 being "like total shit" and 9 being "I' could never replicate what I've learned," how good of a parent was your father?


Who are you closest to now, mom or dad?

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So, as of late, I've been addicted to the beauty guru's on youtube. I'm subscribed to at least 10, and I find myself constantly refreshing my youtube subscriptions to see another makeup tutorial/ haul. Also, I've been eating 90% dark chocolate like crazy.

Is there anything you've been really into lately?