April 1st, 2011

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Follow-up question about my ass:
Should I still go to the doc for my hemorrhoids if I've already begun taking a suppository and will soon start taking a fiber supplament (I'm taking Miralax for the moment)? I'm not really sure what else she would tell me that I'm not already doing and I'd rather not waste money we don't have on an appointment if it's not necessary.

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TQC, I have class at 8 AM until 1 PM, work at 11 PM, and I can't sleep. What should I do to sleep or should I just stay up until I pass out at like, 3 AM and feel like shit tomorrow morning? FYI it's 12:35 now.

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Do you look like your siblings?  How about your mannerisms?

I don't know why, but I always find it very very pleasing when people look/act like their brothers/sisters and I feel a bit discontent when I meet somebody's siblings and see absolutely no resemblence between them what so ever.   I am pretty much the girl version of my brother - lookswise, at least.  Damn that nose, lol.
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Would you kill a stranger to save your own life?

Would you kill a loved one to save your own life?

Would you die to save a loved one?

Would you die to save a stranger?

phone plans

What are your experiences with cancelling a 2-year plan with a phone company but still staying on for service? Do you think they will charge a ton of fees?

My situation is that my ex and I signed up for a plan together, thinking we'd be together forever, and now we're not, and I want us to have separate plans because it's annoying trying to get money from him every month to pay the bills.

What would you do in this situation? We have about a year left on the plan.
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So my Mystery Malady has me not wanting to move around much today. Other than picking up my kid after school, I'm not getting out of the house.

I have plenty of options, including the "George of the Jungle" (live action version!) DVD that came in the mail via Netflix this week.

So I leave my vegging-out options to TQC.

Poll #1725473 Not getting off the couch today. :-(

What should I do?

Play Cityville on Facebook
Watch daytime TV
Watch something on instant Netflix (suggestions welcome)
Watch my movie
Take a nap
Surf the net, but not Google my symptoms (again)
Quit your bitching already

(And for those of you concerned/interested/keeping up, I see a doctor next Thursday to see if my right ovary hates my guts. Relief may be in sight. I hope.)

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How old are you, physically? Do you feel older or younger than that age? What makes you feel that way?

I am 22 but I am an ooooold lady at heart. I love going to sleep early and waking up early, I hate immature mind games that I've experienced from some of my peers, and I felt too old for the ~college party scene even while I was still in college. lol. For the past several years I've just wanted to GET ON WITH MY LIFE.

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You've done your hair for the day and you're heading out.

Do you check and see what the back looks like? Why/Why not?

How about clothes? You check out your ass in those pants?

How about the side view of your outfit?

If you put on socks because your feet were cold at bedtime, do you consider those socks dirty and throw them in the laundry? Or are they clean and they go back in the drawer?
Spelling Contest

Silk stalkings

How many 'outings' should a person stalk somebody before taking the 'relationship' to the next level and actually meet them?

First stalking
Second stalking
Third stalking
Fourth stalking
Never. She must never know my secret

Say you do meet this other person casually, say, in the laundry room of their building, and you guys hit it off. How much time should pass before you show them the shrine you built in their honor?

Immediately. That's just flattery, man
Couple weeks
Couple months
Couple years
Never. She must never know my secret

What are items found in your stalking attire?

Rope (for climbing, securing)
Camouflage makeup
Hand lotion
Vessel for your bathroom needs (bucket, trucker's companion)
Abraham Lincoln mask (in the event that you're seen so you can't be recognized)
Extra sweater (in case it gets cold)

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If you have more than one cat, do you feed them separately? Or do they share the same food/bowl? I have two cats, both of which were eating the same food (special food for urinary problems). I just took one of them to the vet today, and he got put on a special kidney food. Now they have to eat separately and eat different food.

Any tricks for that? They've been grazing their entire lives and haven't really had a feeding schedule. Will they get used to it quickly or are they going to hate me?

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I had an interview on Monday. I thought it went well. The lady said she'd know in a few days. It's now Friday with no word.

Should I call?

If so, when?

I want to call, but I don't want to be disappointed :( I hate job hunting.

ETA: I called, the owner was out to lunch, but the person who answered the phone said they were still accepting applications, so she hadn't made a final decision. I can't decide if that makes me feel better or worse. All I know is my anxiety is through the roof.
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If it was up to you, would you move in with a colleague for around $150, not exactly in the area you want but pretty darn close, it has furniture already and you can move in next week.

Or, to a studio apartment (much smaller but by yourself and you can have a pet) you have to get your own furniture but it's in the area you want to live in for $475 a month?

I'm really stuck between the two options.

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I'm going to a party tonight - we will be playing Rock Band and Dance Central, it is "foolish [as in April Fool's] dress optional," the host will be BBQing and he has requested that folks bring beer and/or snacks. I want to bring a 6pack of some sort (host is kind of a Beer Snob) and a snack of some sort (though not of the chips-n-dip, or cheese-n-crackers variety). What should I bring? I'll be going to Whole Foods shortly.

Alternatively, what are your plans for this weekend?
Rock Band party tonight, tomorrow I'm getting my hair cut at a Paul Mitchell school (crossing my fingers and hoping for the best, ha), and Sunday I'm meeting a few of my elementary school friends for coffee/brunch! Aside from those things, probably just cleaning and doing stuff around my apartment.

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what are your favorite at&t phones?
i reaaaally want an iphone, but if they don't have the iphone 3 in stock then it's not happening. i'm not paying $200 for a phone.

for what it's worth, i'm switching today from verizon and haven't gotten a new phone in years.

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Do you know of any dishes named after body parts? Like ladyfingers or something like that. I just found an entry on Wikipedia for a Catalonian dessert which literally translates to "Nun's Tit".

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Why is it so hard to find volunteer work?

I have to volunteer 10 hours a week for a class that I am taking and the prof emailed out a list of organizations that CONTACTED HER saying they needed help. I have contacted several of these organizations and no one will get back to me. I'm offering to work for free. What's the deal?

What frustrates you?
James Franco joint

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 Have you ever told on someone for cheating on a test or assignment?

Have you ever cheated on a test or assignment?

A girl in my Spanish class had a copy of the answer key on her desk during our test today. This is fucking college, folks. And it's Spanish III. It's not like it's hard if you just study. I would probably never say anything about cheating, it just kind of bugs me for some reason. It's her business and isn't affecting me, though. 

Will you describe your classes right now? If you're not in school, a project or hobby you're working on?

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At what age did you get your growth spurt? What age did you stop growing? Or did you continue to grow taller until you reached 18?
I'm 14 and 5'3". I haven't grown at all in the past 3 years and this caused me to be obsessed with milk because I thought that it would help me grow taller ugh.

What are the chances that my height could still possibly increase even a little? :(
MLP - pinkie chicken

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I have a few Sims 2 discs that I don't want any more. Of course, I used the barcodes to register the game when I bought it, but I don't believe I registered them online. Can they be resold?

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So I'm running a dog daycare and sitting outside with 11 dogs when I get a very strong whiff of cologne. I have not seen another human in a while, the dryer isn't running, and the groomer doesn't use anything on the dogs that smells like that. There are a couple of businesses close to us, but it's highly unlikely the smell is coming from them. This is the second time this week I have smelled this. My co-worker says I must have a stalker hiding in the bushes and I smell him. Do I have a stalker? If not, can you explain the smell? Srs/non-srs

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What is the weirdest/funniest illness or injury you've ever had?

I got poison ivy on my ass after peeing in a field at night

If you could see any kind of accident (and no one got seriously injured, like it was an acting job), what would you like to see?
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anime-watching peeps!

if you had to choose between watching Steamboy or Paprika, which would you see?
They're both showing at the same time on the same day.

Pros to Steamboy:
• it's closer
• will probably be less crowded
• there'll be a snack bar

• It costs $7 per ticket
• plus gas

Pros to Paprika:
• It's free
• It's at the Freer Sackler, so we could get there early and kill time by looking at art
• not much driving involved (we'd get the metro)
• There will be a guest speaker (I guess this is a pro)

• It's in DC, so there's more likely to be a crowd from the cherry blossom festival
• It'll end up costing $8.60 for the metro
• it's a bit of a walk from the metro

I don't really have a preference either way. They both seem interesting to me


I just bought a cute pair of steve madden pumps. I tried them on in the store and they seemed to fit well but I couldn't wear them on last night because as I was walking around the house with them on, my heels kept slipping out of the back. Can any of you party people recommend some inserts that will make the shoes tighter? Preferably something I can pick up at any drugstore, walmart, etc.


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Can we have a complaining post?

Because I was in the middle of a much needed cold-medicine induced nap when the woman who rents a room upstairs in the house came home and hollers "Heellooooo" in this annoying baby-ish nasal Fran Drescher whine and woke me up. She does this every time she comes into the house, and last time when I didn't respond to her whine because I was in the fucking SHOWER, she started peeking into rooms to see where I was. I don't care if you're home, I can't stand you, stop announcing your arrival as if anyone gives a fuck that you're here!

Also it's snowing. Also my episode of Charmed is loading really slow.

So why are you cranky today?

What do I do about this fraud?

Someone played an early April Fool's joke on me and somehow got my social security number and created a Bank of America account. I called Bank of America and closed it, but I realize someone has my SSN.
I never went to the website, but somehow the account got created.
The question is, I closed the account (no charges, thankfully), so what can I do now to avoid getting my credit messed up by any other strange new accounts?

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Have you ever bought/used something from Lush?

Are there products really worth the price?

Can you recommend anything of their's under $20? (Under $10 would be better.)

Is there anything they make that should be avoided at all costs?

DK/DC: Did you pull an April fools joke on anyone today?

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what is your favorite moisturizer? i need a new product.

i use olay "beauty fluid" (lol) on my face but i might start adding some jojoba oil to it. i need a new body butter, too. the only one i've ever liked is the sephora brand that's, like, eight bucks..but they're being discontinued.

Phone Question

For those of you with android phones/phones with multiple screens how do you organize yours?

I recently switched from a regular texting phone to an android part touch screen phone with 3 screens and Im overwhelmed lol.


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So I read this story on Yahoo where the question was asked, Does putting my computer to sleep help extend the battery life?

The answer they gave really confused me. Can someone please explain the following answer to me because I have no idea what the answer to the original question was?:

"Sleep mode vs. shutting down

Peters notes that your work process will determine whether it’s more efficient to use “Sleep” mode or simply shut down the computer. “It is never fun to have to consistently wait any amount of time if the shut downs are too frequent,” he says. "‘Sleep’ requires more power, but it boots up faster, while ‘Hibernate’ uses less power, but takes longer to come online.” That same logic applies to shutting off your computer completely.

“Your computer will become obsolete before you wear out your computer by turning it on and off a lot,” he adds. “It also doesn't take more energy to start a computer than to keep it running.”


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GUYS. I saw a girl compound fracture her ankle at roller derby last night. It went "pop" and then she collapsed. Our coach wrapped her leg to a clipboard to brace it and then she went to the hospital.
What's the most gory thing you've seen recently?

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I got my first tattoo two weeks ago and despite being 20 years old, my mom would absolutely kill me if she found out about it because she's totally against them. It's on my shoulder blade and completely see through when I wear white shirts. I'm going to have to be really careful when I come home from school for summer break!

Would you tell me about a time when you tried to hide something from somebody else, but failed miserably?
<3 don't be a playa hata

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TQC, will you help me decide what to wear for my interview? Since I moved I didn't bring any of my professional clothes so I have to buy everything this weekend.

I have fancy brown boots that I'm planning on wearing, so black pants are out. I was thinking of buying navy or beige pants, and a dress shirt. Is that fancy enough? Or do I need a jacket?

Common question is common, I know. I'm just nervous :| It's the first time I have an interview in the Americas and I suspect they're harsher with clothing than where I was previously.

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Guys, I am backstage for opening night of my dance show right the fuck now. This place seats about 500 people. AND MY MOM IS HERE OMG. I'm shaking.
How do I calm my nerves? I don't remember being this nervous last semester.

Will you tell me about a time that you were super nervous/anxious about something? What was it? How'd it work out?

ETA: My hair isn't cooperating. It's staticy/kinda frizzy and it's gonna look stupid in the lights on-stage. What do?
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My bangs are annoying me. I want to cut them myself, but I've never done it before and I'm worried I'll screw it up royally, especially since I only have regular scissors. If I fubar the cut, I can go into a salon tomorrow and they'll be able to fix it all up for me, right? Any tips for going about this?

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How much would it bother you if you were at the bar and saw a pregnant lady? She's drinking water or a N/A drink.

Same situation, except you've only heard about it.

Does it bother you?

I ask because I've heard people complaining about me being the bar while pregnant. I don't even drink soda. I just go so my friend doesn't beat anybody up!


So, for the second time, our upstairs neighbor's toilet has overflowed, resulting in... we'll just call it dirty water streaming through the ceiling. (Don't worry, I bleached the shit out of everything). The problem is the dirty water got into and stained our bath mat for the second time, totally ruining it. It's a very bright blue, and now a third of it (after washing) is brownish-green. Yeah.

So the question is: Should I confront the guy upstairs about this and try to get him to pay? We're kinda broke, so I don't want to have to replace one every time this happens. Last time we just tossed it and got a new one, but I feel like that was his "freeby." Or should I talk to the landlord about it? I just don't want to be a dick neighbor, though I doubt it'll come up much, since the only time I've ever seen the guy was the last time the toilet overflowed, when I knocked on his door to ask WTF was going on.

GIR thrashed

Attempt at stolen identity

In the past 2 weeks, I've gotten three emails with usernames and passwords for forums like pharmadoc.net, but it's someone else using my email address and registering for accounts.

I've changed my email password, but I just got a new registration email in Japanese for another forum. What can I do to stop this?

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what color is your natural hair? have you ever gone blonde? dont you think 83% of blondes aren't natural blondes? i'm about to go blonde for the first time. i bought a ton of blond-ing products and a box of brown in case this all goes horribly wrong (my hair is shit anyway i totally dont care). what the hell do i do about my eyebrows? should i bleach them too and dye them along with my hair? i mean i guess they're eyebrows and they grow in quickly so it doesnt matter, right? RIGHT?!

do blondes have more fun?

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Is this cute? I thought the bear alone was cute but with regards to the lion cub, not so much.

My boyfriend is here, but I have to go to work in an hour. What should I do with him in the hour that's left? ETA: and sex is out of the question, I just showered and did my hair and don't want to redo it.

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a cute guy gave me his phone number last night at the bowling alley. i've never had a stranger give me his number and me actually want to contact him so i don't know what i'm supposed to do. can i call him right away? do i have to wait a few days?

i did use my stalking skills to find him on facebook and found Collapse )

which i think is freaking adorable.

anyway, wat do?

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I just got back from my psychiatrist evaluation appt. And I got a prescription for Trazodone. (This is one I haven't heard of.)

TQCers do any of you have experience with this? If so, what was it?

DK/DC: the bf isn't playing video games, if I ask again to cyber, what do you think my odds are that I'll get it and now have to wait 2 1/2 hours?

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Why can't I get that Friday song out of my head? I didn't even listen to it today. Every time I see her picture on the internet, the song gets stuck in my head. This is worse than rickroll.

What's it like to be a cat?

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Someone extremely close to you passes away, what do you do with all their things?

Is it creepy or informal to dedicate your achievement to someone that passed away in you graduation announcement?

How do you feel about tattoos in someone else's memory?

Personnel experiences a plus.

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What should I have for dinner tomorrow night, TQC?
I'm amenable to making something (provided it's not fifteen hours of gourmet prep-work--I get off work at 7 pm and would like to have something nommy by 9 at the latest or I'm gonna fall over,) but I also have the option of just picking something up--on my route home there's a grocery store as well as a McDick's, Subway and Dairy Queen. So, suggest me a meal...all recipes and standing-fast-food-orders welcome. Be as generic or specific as you like.

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TQC, I need your help in unfreezing my brain. It's one of those can't-go-to-bed-until-I-figure-this-out things...

Do you remember a TV show from the early to mid-90's about two teenage girls, and one of them was named (I believe) "Busy"? She had dark brown curly hair, and was best friends with another girl who had kind of dishwater blonde/brown hair. Any clue?

ETA: Ready or Not! YES! Thank you, TQC!! Man... that was bugging me to the extreme, lol.

Also, any other Canadians out there extremely NOT thrilled about the upcoming election? *grumble*

If you were famous,your star is fading&you need to get back on top/in the press.

How would keep yourself in the public eye?

"Leaked" nudes or sex tape
"Date" a equally famous person
Get a makeover AKA major plastic surgery
Be "the face" of charity..but get paid for it
Endorsement deals..and be seen with the product in the press
Write a book,cookbook,novel....by a ghost writer
Do a commercial in a foreign country that already loves you