March 31st, 2011


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Do you have any experience with bearded dragons?
Can you tell me everything you know?
A woman at my work is getting rid of hers because she hasn't the space after moving house. I'm a student, but have a lot of spare time. My only concern would be getting him home in the holidays, which are a month at easter, christmas and 4 months for the summer. I don't go on holiday very much at all.
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I just downloaded an album from Amazon and when I went to play it on itunes it froze on me three times (each times it was 7 seconds into the first track). I tried updating itunes through my mac's software update program and then from the apple website when that didn't work (I've been putting off the update for months, so I thought it might help). Now I can't start itunes at all. Every time I try to launch itunes it freezes and then an error message pops up. I tried rebooting the computer, but that didn't help either. Since the itunes problems didn't start until after I downloaded the album from Amazon and tried to play the first song of the album I'm assuming it has something to do with that. I've downloaded music from them before and never had any problems until now, so maybe it is a problem with my computer and the timing is just a coincidence.

Those of you who buy/have bought music downloads through Amazon: have any of you ever had problems with itunes (or other computer issues) after downloading music from them?

Any ideas what is wrong with my itunes program? (I've checked apple's support section and googled the problem and can't find an answer)
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Pretend that you are a female who dislikes shopping. An acquaintance says that he'd be willing to accompany you to the mall some time. You tell him that you dislike shopping, and he legitimately cannot believe that you wouldn't be up for something like that, as he thought "all girls love to shop."

How would you react?

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For those into nail polish:

What are your favourite brands?
What are your favourite colours?
And if you're wearing any polish now, what is it?

I just did myself a manicure with Essie Lapis of Luxury and a glittery topcoat and AHH MY HANDS ARE SO PRETTY.
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TQC, who is right? Who is wrong?

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dk/dc I just saw an interview with Stephen Merchant where he looked downright hot. When is the last time someone surprised you by looking completely different than how you've always considered them?

Manitoba government questions

I'm putting this up here because I don't know anyone from Manitoba. For people not familiar with Canada, Manitoba is a province in Canada. :)

For Manitoba people:

Do you think that the NDP is doing a good job overall as the governing party?

What is the health care like in your province? Is there a long waiting list for specialists? Is there a long list for organ transplant? (both of these are a problem in Ontario)

What is the public housing like in your province?

Job market?

Any complaints?

Thank youuu.
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What's the sappiest nickname you've used or heard somebody use to refer to their partner/significant other? E.g. "snuggle-pie boo face"

DK/DC/couples suck: What's your favourite way of preparing potatoes?

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 Would you dump your therapist if they were pretty flakey about getting things to you when they said they would?  

Also what if they were supposed to send you a letter about X that you needed to go into an application for something but instead sent you a letter about Y (this letter was needed 6 months ago and is no longer relevant to your life)  And this was after waiting two weeks for the letter because it had supposedly been lost in the mail.  

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Tqc, should I go to work today?

I was up at 1am throwing up my dinner and having nausea and my stomach still feels upset
it's the worst day of my period
I'm tired and probably would barely function if I went
I could probably use a break

I'm trying to work as much as I can so that when my friend comes in from out of town I can take off to spend time with her
I'm a preschool teacher and the other teacher really needs me to be there so I'll feel really terrible if I skip
I don't have a fever and I think the throwing up was an isolated incident though I have no idea what caused it.

I'm crazy for thinking about going. Can you please convince me to stay home?

Eta: ok, I called in sick. what should I do on my sick day?

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I know nothing about Windows. I have a mac and have always had a mac... so I was googling something and I clicked on one of the search results and this is what it brought me to:

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Should I click remove all?? HELP MEEEEEEE!!
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When someone tells you that they miss you.. but you don't miss them back, what do you say?

ETA: Given that you don't flat out dislike them.
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sex ed: how?

This isn't really a question, but TEN questions! I'd appreciate your help :)

I'm in English 102: First Year Composition this semester, and I have the chance to present a persuasive paper on sex ed and the most effective way to both prepare students for sex and lower unplanned pregnancy. I really want the chance to gather some info from many people on various styles of sex ed and feelings they brought up, what they did right, what they did wrong, etc. If anyone wants to participate, your answers will be kept completely anonymous and only used for the purpose of statistics. If you have any questions, you can reach me on Facebook under Tam Brooks, send me an email at, or just send me a PM on LJ.

(Poll goes here!)

Edited to add a question here: If you have kids and tried to talk to them about sex, how'd that make you feel? Was it awkward? Did you get drunk and point out hot people like my mom did? What do you think of the idea, "if you're having sex, I want you to do it in my house?" Is there anything you wish you'd covered?

Edited to add again: I've been enlightened to the rules. Thanks to those who filled out my poll, those who gave answers in comments, and those who said silly things like no1curr. If you don't want to "do my homework" for me, that's's a survey, which, yes, is for a class, but is also for my own personal interest, as this relates to the career I've chosen. I could just quote statistics, but I'm hoping that by generating my own, as informal as they may be, may heighten my credibility.

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Hey, I've got a google redirect virus. It redirects me to monstermarketplace and a couple other sites. I've run AVG free, Avast, Malwarebytes, and then got AVG pro and nothing is finding it. But almost every time I click a google link, it redirects. (ETA I did not have Avast and AVG installed at same time when I did this, uninstalled one and installed the other).

Any tips?
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LJ, I am going to an interview tomorrow, applying for a office clerk/assistant position. I need help deciding my final outfit.

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I was told both look good, but I'm more comfortable in the dress and cardigan. What is your input/which should I go with? Please and thanks :-)
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Yesterday I bought a bagel and a small pack of cream cheese at safeway. I forgot to bring it in my house last night. Its about 48F outside right now, I assume less overnight.

Should I eat the cream cheese? Y/N?

DK/DC: favorite bagel?
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what should I do for the next approximately four hours until my most recent calculus test grade is emailed to me?

do your parents text? are they good at it, or do they not really know how to do it? my dad takes forever to type out a couple of sentences, and he tries to use abbreviations but they don't always make sense, haha. it's cute though.

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How does seeing people holding hands and/or exchanging quick kisses in public make you feel?

I am pretty indifferent to mild public displays of affection

i know awesome people

Suppose you and a friend are discussing the use of the rainbow as a symbol by various groups and someone else intervenes. How (if at all) would you react to the following comment?

as far as the rainbow and religion goes i dont care but as far as a group of people [homosexuals] who want to be treated the same as everyone else i dont think sporting 7 bright colors will help you to blend in

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1. I live in New York, where it has been much too cold for longer than necessary. With that said, I'm having trouble remembering what high-60 degree weather feels like.

I'll soon be traveling to a place that will be in the high 60's during the day.

Is it warm enough to wear shorts, or could I still feel a bit chilly?

2. What are some things you always pack in your carry-on?

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Is there anything you'd like TQC's advice on right now?

I can't decide if I want grilled cheese with mashed potatoes on the side - is this a weird or delicious combination? I'm kind of craving both right now. Help me decide.

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Who's your favorite Teen Mom to watch and why? (It's a tie between Amber and Jenelle. Epic.)

What's your favorite electronic gadget? Ipad, DS, etc. (<3 my Iphone. Finally having a smartphone is great)

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my bank recently started charging a monthly service fee for checking accounts. $10 was deducted from my account on the 7th of march. i have $4 in my account right now and have a check to deposit, but it is hot and i am too lazy to walk to the bank.

do banks typically take out the money for a service fee on the same day each month? how likely do you think it is that they will deduct $10 from my account before i get to the bank tomorrow?

dk/dc: do your pets do any weird things?
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Is there a website where you can put down the name of a movie/book/song you like and it will give you similar movies/books/songs? My google-fu is failing.

Dk/DC: Can you post some funny pictures?

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What are you supposed to do if you break up with someone, they move out, and don't get a change of address so you keep getting their mail? I was just throwing it away but was informed it was illegal a while ago so now I have a bunch of my ex's mail that I don't know what to do with

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Well I did something really stupid about half an hour ago, I hit my nose on something and now my whole nose is really painful. I have a job interview tomorrow and I just then tried to take my nose piercings out for a good clean but I cannot get them out. It hurts way too bad to even try and now my nose is even redder and more swollen then it was before.

If this continues to tomorrow I will not be able to take my nose piercings out for my interview but I really need this job.

How should I word what happened to explain that I came to job interview with my nose piercings still in?

Should I call them up today and ask them if its ok to still have piercings in for the interview?

My face is still all red

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 do you know anyone who's ever been emancipated before? what did they have to say to get emancipated? if there is more than one kid in the family making the same claims, would it make the chances better? do you have to have a job to get emancipated? i googled but would like some first hand experiences

othewise, what's the last thing your parents did that upset you? 
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What kind of luggage do you have? How much did you spend on it?

I have been using a nice carry-on for a number of years and it suits me just fine, but this December I'll be going on a two-week trip to a country in Central America and thus need to buy a bigger suitcase. I found a cute set of American Tourister luggage at Kohl's, but TBH I've purchased enough stuff there to know that 90% of the stuff at Kohl's will fall apart within two years (if you're lucky).


DK/DC: What are you having for dinner? Veggie soup and a homemade baguette here. Yummmmmmmm.

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What are some songs you loved as a kid/teenager?

I am very slowly developing an itunes library (I was late to the ipod party)

Are your friends bothering you lately? Wanna talk about it?

My friend only seems to talk to me lately if she's mentioning another guy who wants her or how much every guy is the scum of the earth. I want to talk about other things :(

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For those for own their car, how much do you pay for your car insurance per month? Which insurance company do you have? What kind of coverage do you have?

I've had my car for the past 4 years BUT it has been under my father's name to make insurance cheap for me. Since I moved, we're looking at putting the car in my name and I'll be responsible for paying the whole insurance.

Also.. do you name your car? If so, what? :)

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Should I play an April Fool's joke on my students or is that just asking for trouble?

If you think I *should*- What should I do?

I had a teacher break a piece of wood over a kid's chest once and he set it up with the kid to pretend that he got really hurt and we were all freaking out.

Anyone ever pull a really good prank on you?

Should I drive ~30 minutes to get some Red Mango? :/

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Now that I finished my paper (which turned out to be a lot easier than I thought), can we come up with some funny euphemisms for what I'm about to do next, which is go drink?

Can we make up funny euphemisms for all sorts of ordinary tasks (you can pick whatever you want), but like, shaving your legs becomes "mowing the grass" or something?

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If you could paint your bedroom/room of your choice, what color(s) would you use and what room(s) would you paint? My room has always been this lovely soft pink (I learned to like it more as I got older) but painting it a light green or blue might be nice. The blue would be especially nice if I could do the trim in orange!


what do you get to do tomorrow?

are you looking forward to it?

I get to have a fun birthday potluck at work tomorrow! :)
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Should I go to my graduation banquet this Saturday?

Pros: I am glad that I'm getting my degree, and it would be a celebration of that. Also the food where the banquet is supposed to be very good.

Cons: I'm not really friends with anyone else in my program, so it would be mostly my boyfriend and I hanging out by ourselves. It would also cost $40 for the two of us to go.


Do any of you meditate? Do you use anything to meditate with? Specifically, is there any audio out there that you find useful? 

Will you tell my why you meditate and if it helps you?

DM/DK/DC: I am thinking about throwing a girl's night in party (partially as an excuse to fill out liquor cabinet), what kind of activities should I have? Keep in mind, we're a bunch of uber-nerds. What kind of nerdy things do you do with your friends for fun?

school crap

Can you be enrolled in two colleges at once?

Basically what I'm thinking of is that I have two more semesters of school left, potentially only one depending on what I get done over the summer. The last class I need is only offered in spring so I'd basically be taking 4 classes over the summer and then I'd need only that last one and maybe one more general ed class to graduate but I wouldn't get my BA until spring semester. I was planning on starting my program for mortuary school in October and it's mostly online until we have to do the embalming and cosmetic labs. I can either start in October and January and it's a 12 month program so I'd rather just get the the head start on it and I'd end up with my degree and the diploma at the same time. What should I do?
Ok got that one answered. Thanks!

Also- that class that's only offered in the spring. I'm in it right now but it's a bit of an independent study class. I've pretty much fucked up in the class because we have to make mandatory meetings with the teacher to update her on the progress with our research papers. The last two meetings, I've missed and they were straight up my fault. Like I'm not even going to try to make an excuse (the first one was because my alarm was set for pm instead of am... it happens a lot to me and I even double check, idk why I keep screwing it up and the second was because I mixed up my days and scheduled another appointment at the same time).

I have until midnight to drop the class. Would you drop it and wait until spring and retake it or would you stick it out and hope that you get a passing grade? I can't afford to really fail it and if I email the prof now, she probably won't answer until morning. My thing is, I'm way ahead of the class and my paper is practically done while the first draft isn't even due yet. I'm probably going to be there until spring semester anyway, which is the only time the class is offered. I'm doing A-B work right now in my other 3 classes and I'm really concerned with pulling up my gpa since I screwed it up last year.

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should i go see The Decemberists on the 19th?

reasons i want to: it's The Decemberists. they're amazing. i've seen them 5 times in the last 6 years. i love going to their shows.

reasons i don't: it's going to be expensive, like $40 with fees, RESERVED SEATING uck, and no one seems very jazzed about going and we all used to go as a group. i only know two people with tickets. it's not going to be the same.

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Zombie Apocalypse has happened. TQC members are the only non-zombies left. Assemble your team! Who do you want on your team?


What was the last thing you bought for a dollar (or whatever your currency) or less?

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Have you ever forgiven someone because they were aesthetically pleasing to the eyes?

Every think someone is going to do fine and then they get up there and totally FUCK UP YOUR PRESENTATION?

Anyone surprise you today?

I don't know if any of you remember or care, but the guy I was going to kick out of my presentation group apparently has been lived in china and wound up doing a great job presenting the slides that I did and everyone else totally fucking bombed and he told me I did a great job. Now I'm all like D; Damn it about condemning him to my Professor and stuff.

And all the people I didn't worry about in my group proved today that none of them could read aloud or present. D; *sigh*

Don't care about any of the above?

Does anyone else's cat try to jump on them/their bed/put their butts in your face after they go take a crap in the littler box?

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have you ever had shingles?

if you have, does it ever tingle/sting/hurt where you had them?

do you have scars at all?

do you ever get freaked out you're getting it somewhere else? i haven't yet but i'm sure that's coming. one day i'll have a phantom itch or tingling and i'll go, screaming to the doctor.

if you HAVEN'T had shingles...

i got nothin'.
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Dear Tee Queue Sea

You have to be in one of these two bands. Which would you pick, on the basis of name alone?

1) Nuzzle Duckie
2) Cat Boner? (The question mark is part of the name.)

For extra credit, describe what kind of music the band you picked would play.

DK/DC: Cat Boner?
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What's your favourite drunk karaoke song? They're singini
G Bohemian Rhapsody right now at the bar and it's so much fun. They're fixing to make me sing Roxanne by The Police in a minute because I hate it.

Are you drunk right now? I'm gettibg there.

help me stay awake TQC!

so found a downside to dating a gamer geek.

i get cockblocked by videogames. [currently it's dissida duodecim]

i'd asked for a cybering session [technical LDRs whee] earlier, with a timestamp of "when (he) was done with his PSP".

Well, that was at 9:30. It's nearly midnight. And I'm getting tired but I don't want to go to sleep without getting any so to speak.

Can you help me stay awake, TQC? Nothing scary, please.