March 30th, 2011

all my roads lead to you

two unrelated things.

I have a folder full of GIFs, and whenever I try to preview them in Windows Photo Viewer in Windows 7, they don't move. What's up with that, and how can I fix it?

Kind of gross, but: have you ever had a blackhead in your nose before? I have, and it sucks.
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ipod halp!
I don't know what happened but somehow the home button on my (1st gen, 8gb) ipod touch got stuck in the down position so I can't use it (the home button) at all. I do not live near an Apple store but will be able to get to one in a few days.
Any at-home suggestions?

Alternative question: in what ways do you fail at electronics?

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What were your bedtime rituals as a child?

My family used to play a board game and then I would brush my teeth and hop into bed and my mom and dad would trade off nights and read me a chapter or two from a book. These are very fond memories for me.
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are lj notifications arriving late for everyone else?

also, a real question/poll:

which types of tea do you like the most?


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Would you gain 10lbs if you were getting paid $30 per pound, so, $300 total?


Would you gain 20lbs if you were getting paid $50 per pound, so, $1,000 total? If you can't gain the weight normally you can be put on a special diet that'll make you balloon


Would you gain 50lbs if you were getting paid $200 per pound, making it $10,000 total? If you can't gain the weight normally you can be put on a special diet that'll make you balloon


Would you gain 100lbs if you were getting paid $1,000 per pound, making it $100,000 total? If you can't gain the weight normally you can be put on a special diet that'll make you balloon

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TQC, i've been watching Spaced for 3 years but i've yet to watch the last two episodes. i started the second to last tonight but stopped. i want to know what happens but i can't do it!

should i watch the last episodes of Spaced tonight, or at least hte second to last? or should i save it for a more ~special~ time in lieu of a drunk, lonely night?
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for those born post-1980:

do you identify with the demographic "millennial" or "generation y"? traits used to describe them are things like: self-expressive, confident, open to change.

how do you feel events such as 9/11 and various shenanigans in the middle east have affected your generation?

ETA: i should probably be more clear. for example, world war ii and the great depression overwhelmingly shaped and changed the morals and thoughts and opinions of those who grew up in that generation. do you feel like this has happened for this generation? are we more suspicious of others and afraid of danger? is there a sense of "lost innocence" or is that just me? i recall the world seeming far more innocent before 9/11, then everything changed.

It's been over an hour since my last poll

Poll #1724572 Which would you rather do?

Which would you rather do?

Lick the inside door handle at a rest stop bathroom, moving your tongue along the entire handle for 5 minutes
Masturbate with a sex toy you bought from Craig's List. You're not allowed to wash it first

Which would you rather do?

Go running on a treadmill in high heels (running, not walking)
Participate in the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona wearing a straightjacket. You must run for 2 blocks

Which would you rather do?

Get a Brazillian wax by a helper monkey who's been trained to give waxes
Get a Brazillian wax and have it filmed and put online as a training video for students

Which would you rather do?

Run around the block around your work/school completely naked at 8am on a Monday morning
Run around a block in Alaska in the winter completely naked

Which would you rather do?

Go to a popular club wearing a t-shirt that says "Living with Herpes"
Go to a popular club wearing a t-shirt that says "Born-again Scientologist"
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1.On average, how many hours do you spend doing homework everyday?

2. What time of day are you most productive, homework-wise?

Personally, I probably spend an average of four hours every day doing homework. My most productive time seems to be between 10 AM and 3 PM.

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I forgot a fork and spoon at home today, I already ate my apple, and my only options for lunch are soup and pasta and I won't be going home fo another 8 hours! :(

What's the last stupid thing you did?
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What were your school mascots growing up?

Which was your favorite and your least favorite?

I was a bulldog and a flash (like a lightning bolt), then in college I was a panther and then a jaguar. I liked the bulldog best.

Job ads.

What's the most ridiculous or disproportionate requirement or preference you've seen listed on a job ad? (Stuff like requiring advanced degrees for a retail job or something.)

I just saw a job ad that wanted years of experience and required a bachelors degree for a doctor's office receptionist job. Sheesh.

I don't make decisions so I ask the internet.

It's chilly and gross and rainy outside today, and I am really tired and my office doesn't have any coffee at the moment. What should I do for my lunch break?

A. Stay at the office and read my book. No coffee, but I don't have to go anywhere.

B. Go to Starbucks and read my book. Coffee, but I have to go out.

C. Try to take a nap in my car, but I think it's too cold outside for that.

Alternatively, how are you feeling (physically) at this very moment? Be as detailed as you like!

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Lets say you get pulled over one night. All the cop says is "it's still a 55 here." He doesn't tell you how fast you were going, and he doesn't ask if you know how fast you were going. Later when you get your warning, it says "speeding over limit (#)" but doesn't have a number. Can it be thrown out? It's just a warning, but if some other stuff happened during the stop, could the whole stop be "dropped" (I can't think of a better word rn ugh)?

Also during this stop, the cop shines his light in your car VERY briefly (and nothing illegal or anything was in sight--not that there was anything illegal, but there was nothing to give the cop reason to believe so either) and then immediately tells you to step out of the car. He then tells you that you seem nervous and asks to search your car.

Besides the obvious giving consent or not giving consent to search, what would you do?
Can a cop do this kind of thing? Can they tell you to step out of the car without a reason to do so, at a normal traffic stop that was supposedly about speeding?

Not about me, btw.

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have you ever known/known of anyone named Breezy/Breezi?

i'd never ever heard of this name before, then all of a sudden there's two girls at my work with it. each with a different spelling, too!


If I were bagging groceries, I would put the milk in the same bag as the eggs

if it were a pint of milk
if it were a quart of milk
if it were a half gallon of milk
if it were a gallon of milk
if they were going in a plastic bag
if they were going in a paper bag
never. They would always be in separate bags.
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South America

Is there anyone that has traveled/lived/worked in Ecuador, Peru, Chile, or Bolivia that would be willing to chat with me a bit? (I have too many questions, this post would be incredibly obnoxious if I just asked them all here)

If that doesn't apply to you, have you ever been to South America? Is it somewhere you'd like to go? Have you ever worked/volunteered abroad - how long and under what circumstances?

Cheers :)

how do you tackle insecurities, seriously(and non srs)

if i'm as "hot" and "attractive" as my guy friends and random dudes say i am, why am i single, or at least never getting asked out/booty called?

and more importantly, why is it such a source of self doubt for me?

i don't actually mind being single, i like it most of the time. maybe it's because i haven't been in one, but relationships seem suffocating. but the fact that no one ever asks me out or to hang out or asks for my number really bothers me. i see all my friends find people and relationships and just in general get validated but i rarely get any kind of attention or even a "hey, baby" and it really bothers me! i really feel that i'm totally unattractive and completely unappealing and i don't like it at all. i don't need a boyfriend, i just need to feel good about myself. but it's really exhausting being the only one telling me i'm good enough, i'm smart enough and doggonit, people boys like me!

and yes, i get that confidence is attractive, but i am pretty confident. i'm actually a bit full of myself. it's like, i feel like i'm good enough, i feel like i'm attractive, and i walk around like i am. but i have this weird combination of thinking i'm the greatest, most awesomest person, while feeling that no one is going to agree with me.

what can i do? is this something to bring up with my therapist? i don't feel like it's something therapy can really help, and what is a middle aged dude going to know about being an insecure, 20-something girl, anyway?
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What's the 'Glee' episode where Kurt's dad gives him (a version of) The Sex Talk?    It's appropriately titled, 'Sexy'.  Thanks!

Can anyone give me a link to it?

DK/DC/No:  What's the last song you had stuck in your head?
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for those of you who watch greys anatomy, what do you think about the musical episode coming up?
i'm afraid i'm going to feel really stupid and embarrassed watching it.
any predictions?

dk/dc: what's the corniest thing someone has ever said to you/done for you?

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How do you feel about flip flops? I got to a school in Cali. where everyone wears flip flops 24/7. I have nothing against having your toes out but I think that flip flops are just soooooo hideous! I mean they have like no style to them and sometimes they make that annoying flip flop noise. lol idk
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so it turns out i'm very severely vitamin d deficient (<10 ng/mL). anyone else have experience with this? once you started taking supplements, did you notice an improvement in overall health? any permanent damage? i eat really well and stuff so i've always been confused at why i feel tired/weak often, so hopefully upping my vit d will help!


If a coworker made a racist comment in front of you, how would you react? (It was about a customer after s/he left.) Assume that you and said coworker behave amicably but aren't especially close.
quote: dream ★


I just watched Windtalkers last night and it was pretty depressing. Which war-themed movie is your favorite?

On top of my head are Saving Private Ryan, Life is Beautiful and Schindler's List.

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I've just found out I can't have my MRI scan for another 6 weeks.

How shall I entertain myself in the meantime? I'm working my way through 240 episodes of an astronomy podcast and I can't use a computer much.
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why are there no good cults right now? all the interesting ones were back in the 70s and 80s and 90s. in this doomsday, apocalyptic, world going to hell climate, with everyone hating government, where are all the crazies saying they know the right way?

do you know of any currently operating cults?

ETA: good, violent cults. of course scientology is secretly violent...

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TQC, have you ever dealt with a boss who hated to admit that they were wrong? How'd you deal with that? 'Cause I'm pretty sure going into the bathroom and crying for five minutes like I did this morning isn't the best way to go about it.

Want to tell me about the most obnoxious/annoying/just plain bad boss you've ever had?

DK/DC/this job thing isn't my schtick: Do you like tiramisu? I just had this amazing one tonight that was frozen.

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my roommate babysits on wednesdays, but today when she picked the kid up from school, he forgot his house keys in school. so she brought the five-year-old to our place! i don't know anything about kids!
how do i entertain a five-year-old? or at least not be really awkwardly standoffish?

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If you live with other people, what do you do when they're annoying you so much you want to hurt them?

Do you tell them that you need some time alone or what? My mom keeps knocking on my door and nothing she says makes any sense to me and omg...I can't handle it.


Does anyone have any low-cal versions of some favorite food?

So far I've made amazing turkey cutlets and super low-cal chocolate chip cookies.
I need more suggestions!

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Weird question, but wasn't there a Mario N64 game called Mario Castle? I swear I remember it but I can't find anything for it on google so I'm wondering if it's under a different name.

Mystery solved. Thanks guys!

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Guys, can you see my user icon? Where did it go? It just disappeared off my screen!

What weird things did you believe when you were a little kid? For example, I believed that little mice lived in the traffic lights and when the lights changed color, that was the mice pushing a little button on the inside of the traffic light. I have no clue where I got that from.

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Long shot in the dark, but anyone had any success with recovering deleted data, preferably with freeware?

Accidentally dragged the wrong folder to the recycle bin last night, and it was so large it automatically deleted it. Can't really afford to pay for someone to retrieve the files at a shop, so figured I'd try. Thanks for any help :X
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Is the following a Normal or Abnormal reaction?

This is what I am observing right now....

You have a three month old baby son and he cries probably more than your average baby does. He wants to eat too often, and he therefore gets really bad gas and stomach aches. He just seems to be generally uncomfortable and maybe not the happiest baby, but there's nothing really wrong for-say.

So he's crying and fussing and you're tired and frustrated (which is natural).

Is it normal and understandable to say things like "shut up" to your baby, and "what an ass," or "what a brat" when he wont settle down?

Or is this abnormal?

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I went to get my bangs trimmed and they were down and looked exactly as they did when I left the salon, except they were a bit longer.

Instead of my stylist, the owner trimmed them. She's done it twice so far and both time she asked me what kind of bangs I had. (Wispy/straight across/blunt)

Isn't that something she should be able to see by looking at my hair?


If you're talking to someone on OKC or whatever dating site you use and it's going absolutely nowhere, do you start making stuff up? Do you ever tell the person they're an asshole? Do you ignore them?

Will you share some interesting messages you've received?

Some many asked me if I would be interested in bossing him around and making him do my chores.
I also change my name on occasion and tell guys that I'm into playing the harp and tap dancing.


I'm getting pretty annoyed at someone on my facebook talking about how her 'job is never ending' and 'guess my day's not over yet' and every damn post is 'I need a vacation, a long weekend just doesn't cut it'. Now, she's got two kids, so no, your day is really never over and won't be for 18 years. And, she's a teacher..she's got spring break off in a few weeks, and then all summer.

I am annoyed and I haven't had a vacation in 2 years. Because I can't take the time off work.

when did you last have a vacation? If you could plan your dream vacation, where would you go?
How long is your perfect vacation? Does your vacation have to be where you go away, or just a few days off?

I'd just like some time off work where they leave me the hell alone.
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Have you ever been in a situation where you had to choose between obeying the law and doing what you considered to be the "right thing"?

How did you justify the decision you made?

If you were ever in a situation where you had to make a decision between your morals and the law, what would you do? How would you make your choice?

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So I'm in a group, our presentation's Thursday and we've been working on it three months.

So how about one of the ladies in the group, doesn't tell anyone she has no idea how to use powerpoint and hasn't even read her section until... oh, a few days ago.

Cue shitty slides and stuff that has nothing to do with the project and here's me already subbing for one non-contributing member...


Should I ditch her shitty slides and force her to use the ones I've created or let her ass wreck MY Our presentation?

Two other members besides myself really put their all into the presentation. One girl did a lame ass job, one dude was a fucking no show the entire time, that's why I tried to kick his ass out of the group and the professor just said he'd give him a Zero but let him present cause it's so late, and this one lady... she kept acting like she was on it.

I mean god damn she's trying to ruin my fucking presentation!

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What (preferably free) ebooks should I download?

What did you do today?
Me and my sister returned a lost dog to it's owners!

Can you tell us about a weird ability you have?
I am really good at telling when a lane will end/which lane will end when there is no signage on a road I've never driven on before.

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should I get a new washer/dryer?

we have to take our dryer apart every three months because this one wheel gets out of shape. our washer leaves random scorch marks on clothes.

I'm tempted to call a repairman, but the crap is nine years old. my husband says repairmen just gouge you on this stuff and I'm being cheap trying to put off a new set. he might be right, I am pretty cheap. but I also feel wasteful thinking about getting rid of something if I'm not absolutely sure it's DEAD.
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Cover Letter: Yes or No

Recent college grad, on the job search. It's going badly. My aunt was very recently unemployed (this past summer) and therefore, has anecdotal knowledge of what it takes to get a job. She claims that volume is considerably more important than a perfect application, and that I should not be even including cover letters, because most jobs will just use a computer program to check my resume for key words. I disagree, and believe a well-written cover letter shows effort and desire for a job. Who is right?

Poll #1724830 Cover Letter: Yes or No

Are cover letters necessary?

Ticky box!

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Anyone go in for a job interview or get a job and initially think it's going to be a really shit time

but then it turned out sort of great/okay/tolerable?

I went in for my shitty retail job today and I think it's going to be the bomb.

It's full of lazy mofos who's hours I'm going to steal and apparently I've already made a friend of the AsstManager who's basically doing the same shit I was doing at my old job.


She said she needed real help, that's why she hired me. And that all of my references told her awesome things about me. I'm going to have to go back to my old job and give high fives.

We gonna work it out.

Anything happen good today?

I FOUND A DOLLAR IN MY POLISCI BACK! *goes to the vending machine*
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I'm making a smoothie with vanilla almond milk, strawberries, peaches, and some orange. Would putting a few grapes in it give it a weird texture or flavor?

Have you ever had a smoothie that involved grapes?
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Does anyone elses  Hotmail totally suck and have you found a way to fix it?

For the past two days, whenever I've logged onto Hotmail I can click on my emails,  but none of them will open, even though it says it's loading forever.  I also can't access any of my folders, or my contacts;  clicking yes, actually showing content no.  What the fuck is up with this?

custard baby

more travel questions, sorry guys

Have you ever traveled or lived in a country where the primary spoken language is not your native one? Did you learn the language there or already know some? Did people generally know English there? What was it like?

Have you traveled abroad alone (especially in a country where you don't speak the language)? Would you want to do that, or avoid it like the plague?

What is the most interesting place you've traveled? How about the best travel story you have?

Have you ever hitchhiked?

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How can I hide all the stupid "Ask Friends" polls people are doing on facebook? It doesn't give me an option to hide all from that application. I have been hiding them by hand. I have 4 or 5 people on my flist who are doing these polls constantly and they are clogging up my newsfeed.

did I just ruin my laptop?

I spilled a little tea on my Macbook keyboard tonight. I actually sucked the tea off it (I know, I panicked, never mind that) and then dried it with a towel and left it open. I'm using my old, dead-battery powerbook right now and letting the Macbook dry. Is it going to be OK, or do I have to take it somewhere and get it opened/cleaned? I couldn't get the case open to dry it off better...those screws are tiny and in very tight.

DK/DC - Why does LJ keep showing me the ad for the 2-week paid account trial but when I click it, it says "you already have a paid account trial"? I know that, why don't they until I click through?

(no subject)

Do you speak a language besides English? Even a teensy eensy little bit?

If you do, post something here in comments in that language, or look for comments in a language you recognize and start a conversation!

(no subject)

So...I went to Facebook, and then I got directed to a CONGRATULATIONS page, saying that I was the state winner for today, and I have won a free apple ipad 2. Then it's directed me to a site, and it's telling me to fill out a survey, and click on two offers below that I would like to participate in...

Is this a hoax? I feel like it's legit because it's from facebook. What gives? Should I do it?

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Why would a guy who is very wild and parties a lot want to seriously date a girl who is quiet and low-key? Let's say they come from similar family backgrounds.

Has someone ever been attracted to you (or you attracted to someone else) even though you lived two totally different lifestyles?

Can a relationship like that last?
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So let's say you & your hypothetical partner have been together a long time & are very happy together. You have a high-school aged child who comes to you both one day revealing that he or she has a strange, generally non-socially-acceptable inclination (think sexually attracted to gorillas, or something like that). You accept this about your child, but your partner cannot. Do you leave them?

No cheating & saying you wouldn't be with someone who thought that; it's pretty obscure & specific & it, or anything close, has never come up.