March 29th, 2011

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Do you eat cereal?

What kind of cereal(s) do you like?

Do you add anything to your cereal?

Do you put milk in your cereal?  

When do you eat it?

What do you do with sugary goodness at the bottom (ETA: of the cereal bag when you've eaten all the cereal)?

If you don't like cereal, what food do you fucking love then?

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Do you have a website or specific page (such as a LJ community or a youtuber) that you visit frequently that you're embarrassed to admit to most people? Or if you tell people about it they give you the "you're weird" look?

(In other words, do you visit a website that you wouldn't tell just anyone that you visit?)

If so, what is the site?

NO, I do not mean porn sites, you dirty minded people! =P
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When reading a book in translation - do you ever feel as if you missing something by not being able to read it in the original language?

Do you ever look at multiple translations of a book to find one you like the most?
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My live-in bf has agreed to clean ALL the things tomorrow on his day off. He wants me to make him a honey-do list. Other than cleaning up his desk area, fixing the vacuum, and taking care of the cat box, what should I put on the list?

(Serious/non-serious, obviously.)

DK/DC/I never clean: What do you remember about your last dream, and what do you think it means? (My cat could say "I love you", and there was a catered party in a cemetery. WTF does that mean?)
mlb: panic

Ear Infection.

I have this ridiculously ear infection in my right ear that is currently draining and swollen. I feel like I'm hyping myself up for this to be worst than it actually is. My question is what's the worst ear related pains you've had?

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how do you wake up a hungover 18 year old that needs to go to school? ive already yelled, pulled her blankets off, but then i stopped cuz shes evil when she first wakes up she like screams and freaks out and sometimes cries, so i cant throw water on her without her attacking me
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Have you met any members of TQC? Who? Are there any that you haven't met that you keep in touch with offline?

Are there any members of TQC that you'd like to know more about? Who?

How is your week going so far?
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how can i fast forward to may? or at least make april go by faster?

when would you like to fast forward to?
how about rewind?
why? (if you don't mind me asking)

i would not like to rewind.

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Inspired by a post further down about whether or not people say "to boot" & Because I am terminally bored in my political science class.
1) Do you say "Eh?" - frequently, or not? do you hear it a lot? and where are you from? (I say it occassionally, When I visit the boy, I *try* not to, but then it just kind of slips out)

2)Does anybody actually say aboot? Theres this idea that thats how Canadians talk (its not) - But I'm from BC and have never heard anyone say "Aboot"  - have you? do you say it?


How is everyone coping with the end of the semester? I am finally graduating and I can't seem to get myself to get through the final days...I barely sleep, eat...grrrr

Happy Stuying!

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Well first of all my godmother's funeral was today and I decided after the wake last night not to go to the funeral. My ride to the funeral did come by though and told me that they wanted to talk to me after the funeral. I asked her what about but she said she couldn't get into it right now. She wants to preach to me of the evils of my transsexuality doesn't she? She'd told my sister on a previous occasion that she thought there was a demon inside of me. She also is the person who confronted me two years ago when I was still id'ing as a lesbian and offered to pray with me about it and tell me of the evils of it.
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The girl I was supposed to meet in Budapest never returns my e-mails.
The girl I was supposed to meet in Ljubljana deleted her LJ.
My only friend here in Bagram went home to Bishkek on a medical leave.


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I have come to the conclusion that I write really shitty cover letters

I have looked at tutorials and even got a template and wrote one up based of that, still shitty.

Do you have any tips to writing good cover letters?

Is eagon online? (he writes awesome ones)

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What do you find to be the most annoying things?

When I bring my own reusable shopping bags to the market and still the cashier decides that certain things need to be put in a plastic bag then in my big bag. For fucks sake here I'm trying to be slightly environmentally conscious and you're ruining it. I've asked so many times as they put them in the bags but they look at me like I'm crazy.

Also when smoke detectors beep when they are dying and you spend about 3 hours standing in front of each one to listen if it's that one beeping.

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i bought an air pump for my fish tank, problem is it didnt come with instructions, only eletricity warnings. so i got the pump, tube, air stone and check valve. i have no idea how to put this together as simple as it looks. help? also where do you put the air stone tube in the tank?

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I hate asking computer questions... but I don't even know how to google this question!

I'm working in excel, and I have an entire column of email addresses, and it goes along fine, and then for no apparent reason, I can't use the @ symbol anymore! It shows up as ". And the question mark becomes an E with an accent. And then it will switch back! Once again for no apparent reason! Very odd. Anyone know is there any way to fix this?

DK/DC: What is the best thing you've found at a thrift store (or garage sale or whatever)?

I'm going to buy an amazing 70's looking Sadler teapot that I'm super excited about =)

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I'm looking at someone's resume and it says something I don't understand. Plese help!


Metro State College, Denver, Colorado
Social Sciences
BA degree - p

Parks College, Aurora, Colorado
AA degree - c

Any idea what the bolded letters are meant to convey?

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I bought some takeout chicken lo mein on Friday afternoon and only ate about 1/3rd of it before putting it in the refrigerator. This site says it's still safe after 3-4 days if kept in an airtight container, but it's been 4 days and I stored it in the standard Chinese restaurant foldover box. Safe to eat or throw it out? Would heating it for a long time make a difference? I'm hungry. :(

What do you usually get when ordering Chinese food?

ETA: Thanks, guys. :) I am heating it up on the stove for like 20 minutes, heh. Adding a bit of water so it doesn't dry out and then discarding the visible chicken pieces... but I'm heating it more than thoroughly... and it smelled/looked fine. :)

General Tsos is my favorite, too.

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Can I have some cheap food ideas? I'm low on money ATM. My boyfriend and I are pretty sick of Cup of noodles and tuna helper

Edit: I just came back and read all your comments and I <3 the suggestions. Thank you so much!

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i've had a rash on my body for 3 months in random patches all over my body (chest, torso, elbows, knees). it looks kinda like rosacea but not on my face. it does not itch or hurt but if i do scratch there, it's more sensitive. it's possible i may be deficient in vitamin d or b12 (or something else????)

what do you think it is???

i'm going to the doctor in an hour and a half about it so if i figure out what it is i'll post to tqc_updates and we'll see if any of you guessed correctly!

More drugs!

Has anyone here been on Buspar for anxiety before?

I just started taking it yesterday and am incredibly dizzy, nauseous, and vertigo'd. Do these side effects wear off? I am googling my tail off, but some first person accounts would be lovely.

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Last Saturday I got myself a desk. I had my macbook that was less than 2 months old and my droid which was relatively new as well on said desk. Then, being the clutz that I am, I spilled a cup of water on macbook, droid, other books and papers. Not a ton of water, but enough. Turned off macbook and let it dry 2 days with a fan blowing on it, took battery off droid and stuck it in rice. The droid works fine but the macbook isn't even turning on. I couldn't take out the battery because it was behind these little screws...maybe that's why it's broken. I am still recovering financially from buying the dang macbook and now I need to get it fixed...I'm upset.

What should I do so that the apple genius guy fixes my macbook? Srs/non srs answers.

Can you tell me your broken/stolen/lost etc technology horror stories so that I feel better about myself?
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do you know about computers?

I have been looking at laptops, specifically this one, but I really don't know what the hell I'm doing. Is this a decent PC?

If not, can you recommend a decent laptop for a reasonable price ($500 range)? It will be used for internet access, uploading/resizing photos, watching videos, downloading/listening to music & skyping family, so it doesn't need to be anything too fancy.

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Another question! (I'm procrastinating today)
For those of you who make money by doing freelance writing, how did you start?
got any advice?
(I do have *some* writing experience, but its volunteer. I also have a blog)
Pamela Dare

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Do you have any friends who have NO COMMON SENSE?
Will you tell me something ridiculous they do?

This is inspired by my friend telling me that he put peanuts in a blender and was surprised when it came out as peanut butter. This got me thinking -- what the fuck was he TRYING to make?

DK/DC - Do you change your socks more than once a day?

IDK/IDONTWEARTHESOCKS - Do you like eggplant?
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is there anyone outside of your sexual preference spectrum that you would consider an "exception"?

i think i'd fuck jim morrison. (if he were alive and still in his 20's)
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I'm stuck using the original mac mouse that came with my computer, since my old mouse bit the dust.

Is there any way to keep it from freaking out? The cursor keeps flying around the screen and I don't know why. I'm on a iMac, mind you, so there's no touchpad to confuse things.

Thanks, guys :)

ETA: yes, using a mousepad!
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I got invited to go running tonight. I haven't jogged since I did cross country in middle school. I am going to die, Y/Y?

What is your preferred form of exercise?

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Can we play the corrupt a wish game? You know, "I wish I had a hamburger" and the next person comes along "You have a hamburger, but you have no mouth to eat it" or "I wish I had no school tomorrow" "You have no school, but you have to work all day instead".

I wish I could figure out why my cat isn't eating her food the last few days.

ETA: I forgot to add that you're also supposed to add a wish once you corrupt someone else's.
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You have the choice to push off a cliff, marry, or fuck any three men (or, if you are a straight male, women) in the world. Each man/women must fit into one category. Who are they?

ETA: Mix-ups allowed, of course. Feel free to fuck/marry/cliff whomever you desire.
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What are the first three words from your most recent LJ update?

What are the last three words from your most recent LJ update?

If N/A: Will you give me some ~*~juicy gossip~*~ about members of TQC?
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has anyone ever had a debit or credit card stolen?
did you file a police report?
how did that go?
how long did it take to get all your money back?

the lady at my credit union said i just need to fill out some paperwork tomorrow to get started on getting my money back... but she said if enough money total was stolen, i should file a police report. WHICH I WANT TO DO TO GET BACK AT THE ASS WIPE WHO STOLE IT.

which also reminds me, do you have any idea how much needs to be stolen in order to file a police report?


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Pic post?

Gif party?

Will you go to and share with us your favourites?

(yeah I know I already posted this yesterday but it failed so I thought I would try again)

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more fish stuff ya.
anyways im getting really frustrated. yesterday all my fish died from new tank syndrome. im getting mixed messages from people. some people are saying you have to cycle a tank with fish and others are saying with no fish.
which one is it?

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I am supposed to have a social dinner thing tomorrow, and now I am fucking sick! Nothing else can go wrong now, right? I was nervous enough about the dinner, I so do not want to cancel it lol.

How awesome is your week so far?
Do you have an amazing cure for a killer head cold that you would like to share?

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I'm off to buy some boozecahol. When I return, what should I watch on netflix instant?

Angry Beavers
Wild Thornberrys
Some horror film that you will list below
or watch what I have downloaded which is Boy Meets World or America's Next Top Model cycle 3.

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Guys, I just made a coffee date with two of my friends from elementary school who I haven't seen or really spoken to (aside from the random "Hey how's life?" message on FB) in several years. On a scale of 1-10, how awkward will this be?

Will you tell me about your last awkward moment and/or blast from the past?
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What don't you care about?

Inspired by the fact that I'm taking a communication theory class to fulfill a college requirement and it's difficult for me to take the discipline all that seriously
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 So everyone asks this question, but ftp. What should I have for dinner?
I have: cheesy yummy sauce, ground beef, chicken breasts, rice, pasta, bread, some canned veggies/beans, potatoes and a few regular staples, and a ton of spices. Keep in mind I'm gluten intolerant, but I have GF pasta and bread. 

DK/DC/you're on a feeding tube: Do you have any big events coming up soon? I graduate from FSU in 1 month!
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I graduated in December and haven't been able to find work in my field. I need to find a part-time job to pay the bills.

I'm worried I won't get hired in retail, food service, etc. as employers will figure out I will leave when something better comes along.

Are any of y'all in this position? have you had trouble getting jobs you are technically overqualified for?
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TQC, will you help me remember the name of a webcomic I really like? It features a young woman with dyed blue hair who can use magic, and she's got this complicated sort of back history with a guy who's cursed to turn into a stuffed rabbit type thing when he acts like a douche, so he's a rabbit pretty much all the time. She ends up becoming a superhero (unwillingly)and is currently (last I read, three months ago) in a closed off city.

DK/DC: What are your favourite webcomics? Will you link to them? I need the lolz.

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I was going to make pork chops and a pasta salad for dinner tonight, but I feel like shit and don't want to cook.

What should I do for dinner?
I am up for grabbing something somewhere or doing something super easy in the kitchen.

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My friend and I are moving in together as roommates to save money. His soon-to-be ex-wife is throwing an epic shit-fit about it to the point of leaving work early to talk to him in person about it. I haven't heard from him in over 3 hours. She killed him y/y?

ETA: He's alive!!!

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Today was a good day, TQC. I'm trying to become a substitute teacher, in preparation for eventually going back to school for teaching.

One of the things I need is a transcript showing 2 years of college. I have had about 6 years, but I left school owing a lot of money. So I went to talk to them today, after being out 5 years, thinking they were gonna be really pissed at me.

They were not! I got on a repayment plan of $5 a month, to keep me out of collections, and I get to call the lady back to get my transcripts sent to the school board when I'm ready.

My question is, TQC, if my debt is $5500, and subbing is $65 a day when I teach, plus whatever I can make working for my FIL's hot dog cart, what is a reasonable length of time I can expect to pay back this money and at what monthly rate?

Like, I know I can get it paid in 10 or 11 months if I pay $500 a month or more. But there's no way I can make that. I'm really hoping to get back to school within a year, but I don't see how it's feasible without taking out a loan to pay back the debt, and they won't let me back until I pay it off.

ETA: I guess since the question is weird, a second question would be this: if you wanted to go back within a year, what would you do to make $5500? A loan? Stripping? Srs and non srs is fine, I'm just stressin.

ALSO ETA: I guess it needs more info. We live alone right now, jobless, supported by his family. They will move into the house soon. We will be paying $200 a month, plus whatever our own expenses will be (not much). Unless he gets another job, he'll be working for his dad, but I do not expect much from that. I will be subbing, and working for his dad.
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Use this post to recommend and discuss good foundations and concealers? 

I am mixed-race and have a less common skin tone so if anyone else in the same boat, suggestions would be much appreciated.

If you have no suggestions, will you talk about something good that happened to you recently so we can all be happy for you? I had an interview today that I think went pretty well. :)


Was there ever a character in a movie that you felt you could identify with in the beginning of a movie, but were disappointed in how they developed the character in the movie?

(my answer will be in the comments.)

dk/dc:  Will you be kind enough to tell me what dr/tl stand for?

serious/non serious answers are absolutely ok :)

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Do you wash your clothes after you buy them or do you just wear them?

I usually wash mine but sometimes (like today) I just wear them if they don't have an overpowering store smell.

Do you air dry your dishes or do you wipe them and put them away immediately? Or are you one of those privileged people with a dishwasher?

I usually dry mine, but my roommate wipes them. I think she even wiped the dishes that I washed, which I'm guessing will cause friction if she's thinking I don't put things away after using them and feels like she has to. Grrrr...

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TQC, I have a dessert dilemma.

I'm making two sets of truffles for work- one for this week (through next Tuesday), and one for next week (next Wednesday through the following Tuesday). The sets are Grand Marnier dark chocolate and strawberry white chocolate.

I'm seeing my mom and dear friends who have traveled a great distance this weekend, all of whom love strawberries. It would be great to be able to bring them some from my first batch.

My crush has, in the past, expressed immense pleasure after sampling my baked goods. He doesn't consume alcohol, so he hasn't been able to try my truffles before. He doesn't get back from his vacation until the week of my second batch.

TQC, do I make the strawberry white chocolate truffles for my mom & friends tonight, or for my crush next week? On the one hand, it's my mom and favorite Quebecois friends. On the other hand, I have been trying to play up my wifely/domestic abilities to my crush for a while now.

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Is anyone annoying you right now?
At the moment my mother is driving me batshit insane. - I'm stressed,  and to de-stress this weekend, I'm getting out of town.her logic is "well, if you're taking the weekend to visit the boyfriend, you must have lots and lots of extra time". No. No. I'm doing it so that my brain doesn't quit in the middle of the exam period/i don't have a total nervous breakdown. why is that so hard for her to understand??

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Do you love me now that I can dance?

Do you love me anyways, dancing skills regardless?

Do you love me for not using the word "irregardless"?

Should I answer more questions?


Dear TQC,

My once quiet and peaceful house no longer exists. Our backyard backs up to a rental house where new tenants moved in last friday. They have 5 kids that all look to be under 8 and a small, yappy, annoying dog. They leave said kids outside from around noonish until 4 or 5 where they run, squeal, and beat the fence anytime my dogs go outside. They then take their kids inside and leave the dog out for HOURS where it constantly YAPS (which is annoying on its own, but then it also get my dogs all panicky and whiney -- inside my house). I've been trying to study and CAN'T because of this fucking yappy dog.

Long story short, WTF can I do to shut this fucker (neighbors dog) up? non-serious answers are greatly welcomed.


PS...what color nail polish should I put on tonight?
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k guys, so i've googled...and i'm not getting far.

i just got a MyTouch 3g. i'm trying to find Swype, or anything like it, for free. Where can i do that? sorry if this is a really dumb question, this is my first droid :D

EDIT: sorry sorry i may or may not be fuckin high haha

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Can I get your guys' opinion on these glasses?

I can't take pictures of them in the optometrist's office, but I'm pretty sure they're attractive on me.

Collapse )

The only catch is that they will come out to about 300$ out-of-pocket, including lenses (I can get about 150$ reimbursed through my insurance,) but at the optometrist's office it would be about 350$ upfront with no reimbursement.


What are you contemplating buying? Pictures please!

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If you have ever bought or rented a movie on iTunes, how long did it take to download?

I just rented one and now the download thingy says it's going to take 3 hours. That seems like wayyyy too long. Is that normal? I wanted to watch it tonight but I want to go to bed soon )-:

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Hey TQC, I need some advice.

One of my newest friends has been really annoying me recently, and I feel really bad because I can't overlook it.

The thing is that I want to be supportive and help her, but she's so negative all the time. Every single time I meet her, the first thing she *LITERALLY* says to me is always, "I've had the worst day today".

It's been like this everyday for months now, and I've been avoiding her recently just because I can no longer provide the sympathy she's looking for. We've talked about her going to therapy, but despite me saying I'd facilitate that in anyway I could, she's decided not to.

What should I do? I can't keep on avoiding her, and yet explaining why I haven't been so keen on seeing her recently doesn't sound a good idea either, plus the fact that if she goes on about her Bad Day one more time I'm going to scream. Should I cut my losses and break off the friendship? idek.
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this is a long shot but a while back a magazine did a photo shoot with a bunch of young hollywood actors where they re-did posters or scenes from movies. idk it is hard to explain... i remember there was one where they did mr & mrs smith... i am trying to think of who was even in those pictures but i CAN'T. I AM SO FRUSTRATED :(

ETA: aww, man! i totally fucked that one up...

does anyone know what magazine this could possibly be?

LOL i am really sorry.
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Good evening, fellow TQCers,

Are there any downsides to being mysterious? Would you consider yourself an international person of mystery? And what are the upsides/cons of dating someone mysterious?
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do you think humans will ever colonize other planets and even other galaxies like in Star Wars or Serenity, or do you think the universe will beat us before we make any good attempts at conquering it?

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What's the biggest scar you have from the smallest injury?

I have a scar on my arm from my friend scratching me age 13.
I also have a big lumpy scar from stabbing myself in the thumb. Its white and raised and feels like there's something stuck in it, but doesnt hurt. I did it about 2 months ago. Should I get it checked?