March 28th, 2011


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When reading works of fiction

Can you tell how much an author loved their characters/worlds/etc by how they treat them or how the world is made up or expanded or detailed?

When reading an entire series of books can you tell through reading where the author got tired or perhaps started producing crap simply for money or came back to it after a long pause?

I was re-reading some Narnia stuff and I could tell in a few books that Lewis was really into it. He really loved what he was doing, but then in some of the books he was trying to tell a quick story. I got the same feeling while reading some of the Oz books.

Do you think true love and investment comes through in writing?

EDIT: Are there series you stopped reading because you thought the author was just no good anymore or was writing crap?

Let's talk about books man.

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Cake or death? (There is no chicken.)

Do you notice you post at a certain time? I usually post at night when nobody is on. Kind of redundant?

Do you worry about being annoying? I do, all the effing time.

Will you look at my userpics and tell me which one to use as my default next? I'm kinda bored with this one. If not one that I already have, rec me one?

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I know this is stupid, but how do you do that thing where you put stories like the one I'm about to tell you inside of parenthesis so that you don't have to see it unless you're interested in reading it?

(kind of like this)

I always feel so obnoxious for making long posts.

What's the last bad dream that you've had?

Usually, if I have nightmares they have something to do with zombies, however, last night it was all about the vampires. They were taking over the world (sort of like a vampire apocalypse rather than a zombie one). My friend and I survived two days inside my house, staying unknown and keeping doors locked. But on the third day, she decided that she needed to go home and keep her family safe instead. That's when my sister came into the picture.

When night was starting to fall, you could hear the screeches of the vampires emerging from their sleep and making their way into town. My sister and I immediately ran through out the house double checking and re-locking all of the doors. I don't know how, or why, but my sister opened the door and the vampires came towards her and into my house so I ran into the bathroom and locked the door, putting my weight on it to reassure myself. And in this manly voice, the vampire on the other side of the door started to say, "Please let me. I'm only three years old, I don't have a mommy, will you please help me?"

I woke up shortly after that to my alarm and was really scared. D:

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Ok this may sound weird, but what do you do for itchy armpits? My skin is super dry and I was thinking of putting lubriderm on them overnight just to combat the dry itch but I'm not sure if that would just make it worse. I usually notice it when I'm changing my shirt and the sleeves brush against my pits and then it just sets off ridiculous itchiness. What should I do for that? It doesn't matter if they're shaved or if I've been lazy about it or if I have on deodorant or not. They're just dry and itchy and if I keep scratching, I end up with a rash :(

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Does it make you smile when a newer friend calls you a nickname? Like if your name was Stephanie and they called you Steph or something along those lines. Does it make you feel like they really consider you to be a good friend? Does this make sense?
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When ordering pizza, have you ever given super silly "special instructions"? (i.e. "draw a wizard on the box" "cut into a pentagram") Did they actually do it and do you have photographic evidence? Were you disappointed when they didn't?

Pizza people, does it piss you off when people do this?

My friend and I politely asked for pepperoni in the shape of a heart if they weren't too busy but we didn't get it. :c

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TQC, I spent a lot of time crying yesterday and now my upper arms are killing me. Is there some correlation between the two? It's also 4:45 am, I went to bed at 9pm (though I'd been sleeping on the couch since 7pm) cause I was worn out from crying, and also waking up at 5 yesterday to go to work. Now I'm awake and having trouble going back to sleep. What should I do?

Another question: my godmother/grandmother figure's wake is tomorrow and I know I'm gonna be bawlin my eyes out. I feel so shameful for crying when I wasn't blood related to her, I just had a special relationship with her. I just feel paranoid that her family will be side-eying me (even though they know how close we were). Will you help calm my fears?
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Do you dream in color? Have you always, or does it change?

How about recurring dreams? Do you have any interesting ones to share with the class? I'm fairly boring, mine is flying. My dreams always take place in one of about a dozen or so settings, too.
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Would you like to participate in this post by only responding to eachother with .gifs/macros/pictures?

DK/DC/I have no .gifs/macros/pictures ): : Why don't you tell me about any pets you have/have had? What were they like, what were their names?

I'll start:Collapse )

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Cat owners of the land, how do you feel about your cats getting into all the nooks and crannies of your home? Do they have free rein? Are they destructive, or just curious? Do you let them on the kitchen counters?

I have a big kitty cat but he's still a kitten so he's kind of a troublemaker. I go to great lengths to keep him out of places like the laundry room, I shut the doors to my office and bedroom when he's home alone, and I try to keep him off the counters, but we are buying a house and it is much bigger and I suspect it will be much harder to keep a close eye on him. Plus the office won't have a door. Sometimes I feel like I'm suppressing his cattiness, but I don't know how strict I should be!

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I thought we found the perfect used car.
2008 Mazda CX-9, with all sorts of awesome options. Navigation, leather, Bose speakers, heated seats, dual climate air control, back seat air control, sunroof/moonroof, 3rd row seating that folds down and looks hidden(I really like that!), one touch start, yadda yadda. No, we don't need all of that by any means but to find it all on a used car that's perfect price range, we'll take it!

We have the auto loan approved and we're ready to go pick it up but we just now realized that it's just FWD and not 4WD.

Where we live now, we don't get a lot of snow (this past winter we got like 6-8", the year before that maybe 2"). We do like to drive up to the mountains and go snowboarding though.
Let me also add that my husband is in the Navy and we have no idea where we will be moving in 2013.
We're expecting our first child soon (with more to follow shortly after), have two golden retrievers and this is the perfect sized SUV for what we are looking for.
Do we still go for it despite the drive type?!
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I just learned I am going to be without internet for possibly four days starting Friday (moving to new house). Whatever shall I do without the precious web to entertain me, TCQ?

Very nonsrs question, but suggestions of movies to rent are welcome.
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For those of you who own dogs, how often does your dog get a bath? Do you take him/her somewhere to be groomed or do you do it yourself? Has anyone ever had their dog groomed a Petsmart? If so, how was the experience?

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1. What is the furthest you've traveled to see a concert? was it worth it? - related question, what is best concert you've ever seen?

2. A friend and I were talking, and She told me that only 30% of people have passports, I said that was really weird, I didn't understand why someone wouldn't have a passport, she said it wasn't weird at all. So. how many of you folks have passports ? if not, why not?

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I don't want to go to my bratty extended-family-member's wedding, TQC. How can I best get out of it?

It's apparently in mid-July and despite a few smarmily cheery verbal "~save the date~!" one-offs, there have been no official invitations as yet. Should I claim having another wedding to go to? "I have to work" seems too paltry to fly well, though it could easily be the truth.

I'm moving in late July/early August, so if I pushed up my departure date by a couple of weeks I could use that, but then I'd lose two weeks' worth of work/money.

I'm not above a plausible lie, in this case.
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Photography Question

I have recently gotten back into film photography, and my parents have offered to let me use one of their old 35mm SLR cameras. I am pretty much a beginner in terms of using manual cameras, but I have a couple photo-geek friends who are willing to teach me all about metering and such.

-My mum has a Canon AV-1 with a 50mm lens and a telephoto lens.
-My dad has a Nikon FE-2 with a 50mm lens. It may be in slightly better condition, having been fully cleaned since last use, but nothing too noticeable (they both supposedly work just fine).

Are they pretty equivalent cameras, or is one clearly superior? Which one would you choose?

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If you have a tumblr, how long did it take you to figure out how to use it? This is my third time creating one because I deleted my others, but I finally fucking get it. After like, a year and a half of trying to get it. I was like "... how do you leave a comment, what's the point of all this".

And yesterday, I was just browsing tumblr and finally got it.

It didn't help all my friends had superconfusing layouts.

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Does anyone know where I can find a 3 string bikini online? Or in any stores? I'm referring to the bikini bottoms that are string but istead of one sting there are 3. Thank you!

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1. Have you ever dreamt something so realistically that you weren't sure if it actually happened or not?

I remember my boyfriend telling me he had found a mouse in his kitchen and that he could borrow my cat to kill it...but I'm pretty sure it was a dream. I should just ask him but he's mad at me anyway atm.

2. What was the last fight you had with someone? What was it about?

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What is appropriate revenge? At this point I'm not going to bother speaking to him until he speaks to me. I am always the one who has to apologise for shit going wrong. Grrr!

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Alright, so I am useless at these things -- hold my hand TQC, tell me what to do :p

Had a pretty nice date on Saturday night, arranged to meet again on Wednesday but need to go over the details. Should I call tonight (I guess so since it is Monday already -_-) and go over things? I'm going to cook something so I thought I would just tell her I will start doing so around time X and say that she can show up when she wants to. Is that a bad idea or should I just give her an exact time? If she shows up early, there is a much better chance that the food will be edible and not on fire :p. Important food always seems to catch on fire when I'm around.

DK/DC: What should I cook on Wednesday? The less flammable the better.
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Why do some people not consider fish to be meat?  Do you believe that a person can truly be a vegetarian while still eating seafood?

My Google-Fu is failing me here.  

Edit:  Also, WHY do some people believe that fish is not meat?  Is it a religious thing?  Cultural?  Google isn't giving me a straight answer here.  I'm getting all sorts of half-assed answers that don't really answer the question, from "poor people ate fish during the Middle Ages and couldn't afford beef" to "the Catholic Church says so".  
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Do you ever reply to a TQC post that you don't have an answer to? Why do you do it? I need the attention/notification emails because I'm lonely. :/

I make TQC posts usually for that same reason.

What are you listening to right now? I've got my iPod Faves playlist going and right now it's playing For Your Entertainment by Adam Lambert.

a billion questions.

Have you ever been tempted to tell someone to "check their privilage"?

Who was it who used to say that all the time?

Are you easily offended?

I rarely get offended, but for some reason everything is getting under my skin today. I keep stopping myself from ranting.

is there a science museum where you live? Have you been there? Will you tell me about it?

My mom's bff bought us a membership for the one here (she is amazing) and I'm so excited to finally go!
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pls halp

I applied to a job last Wednesday. The closing date was Friday, if that matters at all. I put in my cover letter (thanks, btw, to all who helped with that! :3) that I'd call about the position on Tuesday.

Except I don't know what to say. What should I say, TQC?


ETA: would it be bad if I called around noon or later? I forgot that I'd be volunteering in the morning, so I won't be near a phone until noon. Does that look bad?
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Paging Dr. TQC

Do you ever have a hard time making decisions?  

I'm having a hard time deciding if I should go to the doctor or not regarding what I am 90% is gallbladder pain (that I posted about back in December).   It quieted down for a few months but now it's back and although it's not as bad as it was then, I'm still kind of uncomfortable.  I'm getting the impression that the most likely outcome is that I'll have to get the darn thing taken out so I'm really hesitant to make an appointment.  

What do you think TQC?    I know some of you have had issues of your own so what can I expect if I do go to my doctor? 

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I'm looking into buying a new car as my big old truck is about to bite it. I'm having trouble finding a starting point in my research. I'm looking for small, fuel efficient, preferably 4 doors (though thats negotiable), and most importantly CHEAP. Any ideas on a company or specific model to look into?

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Do you have a friend that pisses you off? What do they do that upsets you?

IDK/NO FRIENDS: If you were to reach out with your left hand and pick up the first thing it touched what would it be?

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today i killed my epic angel fish :'( at least i think he is but the filter keeps pushing him up and down im hoping hes not fully dead. is there a chance he will rejuvenate? it was really one of a kind too it was 4 inches long, it was an accident i got it like a week or 2 ago and the tank was disgusting so i brought it home and cleaned it but there was an algea attack and i had no money till today so i put him in a bucket with his fish tank water and came back from petco, redid the whole tank with all the fancy chemicals and ordiments and i came home to him dead. i tried so hard i feel like complete shit. what kills angel fish?
what do i do now?

for meat eaters

I'm going to the Buckhorn Grill tomorrow per the request of my boyfriend. What would you order off of this menu?

I'm disappointed at how the pictures look though. They really should have hired a better food photographer for their website.. Just saying.

dk/dc - What's for dinner?
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 What was the last thing you were butthurt about?

I'm kind of butthurt because two of my closest friends bailed on part of my birthday festivities (which I moved to a different weekend for one of them), and just the general non-appreciative attitude one of them seems to have. I'm just being a diva, but still.
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Have you ever had to pop your clutch and be thankful you drive a standard transmission because your battery and alternator were about to give up the ghost?

What was the most recent auto repair you had to acquire?

Status Quo Is God

My buddy and I were today talking about books (and movies and shows) where a character wants to better him/herself (in terms of looks or popularity or what-have-you), doesn't really do much besides wish for it, and then ends up going for some sort of extreme solution that ends them in a pile of trouble. Before the end, they revert to 'normal' and are much happier, leaving us with the Broken Aesop of 'you shouldn't try to better yourself at all and compromise and moderation are nonexistent.'

Only, we could only come up with one example each, even though we both sat there going "Damn, I see this everywhere, why can't I think of any more right now?" (I had a book called Fairest; he had Shrek 4.)

Can you think of any?

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Do you know anyone who thinks they're good at something that they're definitely not?

Brought to you by a couple people I know who mistakenly think they should be directors, and others who think they should be writers.

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I will probably be spending this summer (May-August) in Louisville, Kentucky. If you've been there, can you tell me about it? Whatever you feel like sharing!

dk/dc: what can you smell right now? this question brought to you by my mom, who hasn't been able to smell since 1978

edit to answer my own question: I smell paint because my sister just painted a couple rooms in the house

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For those of you acknowledging Lent, have you kept good to your promise?

I was giving up french fries and totally failed. And I was trying to not eat meat on Fridays, but for some reason I've totally failed on that too, mostly because I keep forgetting when it's Friday.
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I just found my second grey hair. Now I can't pretend that first one was just a fluke.

What's the last thing that made you feel old?
At what age did you find your first grey hair?

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My friend loves Christina Aguilera. She said that she heard xtina may have cheated, and we all see her scantaly clad in videos. Yet she hates cheaters and girls who dress provocatively in videos who arent xtina. What is the word I am looking for to call her??? ITS ON THE TIP OF MY TONGUE

Uh Oh the Po Po

Have you ever gotten a ticket/been pulled over?

How scary was that shit?

I did for the first time today.. the place I work at has four locations three in one town where I live and one in the next town over about 20 minutes away.

At 10:50 the manager of the next town over calls where Im working freaking out because I was supposed to be over there by now to re-leave her so she can go to her doctors appointment only nobody told me that so my manager at the location Im at sends me out the door and tells me I need to be there by 11am or Im in deep shit.

Which resulted in me getting pulled over for going 62 in a 45 and getting a ticket...I felt awful, I really did not realize how fast I was going and Im lucky that the cop was pretty nice as he could have ticketed me for not wearing a seatbelt too.
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i'm going to cook this chicken in this jarred tikka masala sauce. it says to do it in a skillet, but i was wanting to bake it with potatoes in the oven.

sautee chicken in skillet for 5 minutes
add jar of sauce, bring to boil, simmer covered, stirring occasionally, for 35-40 minutes
add water during cooking if required

how can i do that with this pan in the oven? should i just do it like that(the sauteeing part i mean) then let it hang out in the oven? what temperature would i put the oven at? how long?

seriously, guys, i can't cook. at least not fly by the seat of my pants style.

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Dr. TQC, what's the worst thing that can happen if I don't get my wisdom teeth out?

I have talked to two dentists and neither have convinced me that there is actually any good reason to get them out. They are not hurting me and I can brush them just fine (at least what I can see of them so far). My teeth are already kinda crooked so I'm not super worried about that.
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 I have two excel spreadsheets open. I'm trying to snap them, but it's like they're stuck on top of one another. Even if I try and resize or move the window manually, I still can't have the two spreadsheets visable at the same time.

Windows 7 sux, y/y?
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Boring question ahead:

I haven't taken NyQuil in years. I feel like shit now, but it's too early to go to bed. Will it knock me out, or could I take it now and stay up a few more hours?


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What do you know about your birth/infancy?

According to my mom, I was born wide awake. It occurs to me occasionally that my baby brain was a little traumatised by witnessing my expulsion from the nice, warm, cosy womb.

lol secret life

Did anyone else just see how they made Mackenzie Rosman's character on Secret Life look at Beverley Mitchell's character all bitchy like? LOL forever @ Brenda Hampton.

I can't handle more than 5 minutes of that show, seriously.

DK/DC/why the hell are you watching that show when you are 27: Have you ever heard a song and had it remind you of another TQCer? I've already told her this, but "This Is Me" by Girlyman reminds me of obfuscate because they use the word "obfuscate" and those are basically the only 2 times in my life that I ever encounter that word.

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How did you last embarrass yourself?

Just now I was talking on FB chat with someone about homework (and how hard/annoying this particular assignment is) and they said "fuck me" and I was all, "Not right now, I gotta do this hw, hahahahaha."

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why the hell can't i handle spicey foods of any kind?

i made this tikka masala chicken with MILD SAUCE. now my mouth is on fire, my lips feel like they're vibrating and i'm sweating. I'M LITERALLY SWEATING.

can you get used to spicey foods? that shit is tasty.

BONUS QUESTION: i just got this pair of black pants that have to be washed alone. i washed them with some black socks, black cardigan and black tank tops.

can i put those things in the dryer with the other load, or should i dry them both separately?

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I haven't bought overseas airline tickets since our honeymoon in 2007 so I am hoping stuff might have changed, as far as deals go. Help pls? I tried and saw a whopping 500.00 in taxes and fees. I know gas has hiked prices but is there (I hope) some other site with some better deals or is this what we're dealing with?
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Is there a good way to grill a sandwich on a stove using a pan, like in a panini grill? I want to try making wraps but it seems like they would fall apart.

DK/DC: what was the last tv show you watched?

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I recently started a vlog which will probably be mostly me talking about myself even though nobody cares and probably complaining about things, but I need to get it started. I have one video up and it's super awkward because it's really my first time on camera outside of a school project. I feel like I need some ideas to help me get the ball rolling... Do any of you have ideas that you'd like to share for things I could vlog about?
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My boyfriend just said to me over msn "Next time I see u give me ur hard drive, I'll fill it with good stuffs".

What are some other out of context sentences or conversations that you've had recently and which sound funny/erotic/profound?
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what are your top five favorite albums at the moment?

1. the pixies - doolittle

2. the doors - the doors

3. brand new - deja entendu

4. the faint - wet from birth

5. the black keys - brothers

wedding (guest) dress halp

I'm having a hard time narrowing down my dress choices for my bf's sister's wedding in June. It's an early afternoon wedding at a church and the reception will be on church grounds and will not be anything formal (sandwiches and cake). Will you please tell me your 3 favorite of these dresses? 1st choice being the one you like most, keeping in mind that a) I am a fatty and b) chances are these will all need some sort of sweater/shrug thing.

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DK/DC: Will you show me a pic of yourself dressed up all ~fancy?
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How long have you been a member of livejournal? what about TQC?

Do you think you'll still be a member of either once that amount has doubled? (for example, if you've been a member five years, do you think you'll still be a member in 5 years?)

Who is the oldest member of TQC? In terms of age, I mean.

How old do you think is too old to be frittering away precious time in this manner?
Kill Bill - Elle
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What is contrast (for a CT scan) like? I've had so many x-rays and MRIs and even just a simple CT scan done, but never this.

What important things are your list this week?

And for those of you who do yoga:
Are overweight people able to join beginner lessons and such with ease or is it not recommended? No, seriously. I r curious (to be crude, you never see fat people doing that sounds rude, I'm sorry :/)
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So...I started talking to this guy on OKCupid last week. I didn't really think much of him at first, but the more we messaged each other, the easier it became to talk to him.

Collapse )

I was thinking of sending him something like, "Hey...did my last message scare you off? That certainly wasn't my intention! I guess I got a little carried away. Listen, it kind of worries me that you haven't written me back. I hope you're OK. Message me when you get the chance." Does that sound OK? If not, what do you think I should say instead?

Help me Obi-Wan TQC. I really like this guy and I was really optimistic about him... :(

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Will you post your username and explain what it means? If it's something ridiculously obvious, then make up an off the wall story about it?

jira_rd - it's short for Jira Raia Dienta, the name of a character of a novel I've been working on since I was 13, and I just kind of started using the nickname Jira somewhere along the line, and now I don't even associate the phrase "jira_rd" with the novel, although I'm still working on it.


If Taco Town really existed, at what point in the layers would you no longer be interested in eating their signature "Pizza Crepe Taco Pancake Chili Bag"?
Collapse )

Plz indicate the last layer you would still be eating it-

I'm out after...

base taco
cheese/corn tortilla
corn husk/salsa
crepe n' eggs
blueberry pancake
deep fried everything
tote bag n' chili
Muh Life.
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Is there an app or a way to link the calenders on my itouch and my S.O. iphone so it's easier to know eachother's changing schedules? The call/text/voicemail thing is getting tedious.

Why aren't you asleep??

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In a nutshell; I met a guy when I moved to this state 6 months ago. He was already hooking up with this girl but not wanting anything serious with her. We started seeing each other but not officially dating. Things kind of crashed & burned w/ us & he ended up hooking up with the original girl again and later on started dating her. He recently told me he wants me back and that he also suspects his gf is cheating on him. I know for a fact that his gf fucked his downstairs neighbor and he has no idea. Should I tell him? Or not? (I don't want to get back with him seriously but I don't want him to be with her...)

Med question

I've just been given a new heartburn medication called Tecta. Whenever I start a new medication, I ALWAYS either look it up online, or read the information that the pharmacy gives about the interactions and side effects and whatnot. And one of the side effects scares me- Muscle wasting! My muscles can waste away if I take this shit! T.T I'm also scared to take it because I once took Nexium and it made my stomach BURN horribly for like five hours. It was awful. :(

Am I gonna die?

Can someone please reassure me? T.T

Or post pictures of fluffy kitties and puppies to make me forget that I might die/waste away?

ETA: I just took it. Now I'm scared my stomach will burn. D:
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How many videos of yourself singing do you have on your computer? I've never had a webcam and I swear all I do is make silly singing videos that I never end up watching.

Want to share?

Have you ever been mailed one of those crazy Jesus Prayer Rugs from that church in Tulsa?

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Say you aren't exactly friends with a girl, but you know her. She's 16 and recently found out she's pregnant. You heard through a very reliable source that she fully intends on terminating the pregnancy; however, because she is 16, she needs parental consent to get an abortion. She plans to avoid telling her parents and go the whole "have my friend beat me up" route in hopes of terminating the pregnancy.


I kind of feel morally obligated to get in contact with her parents, just because of how screwed up what she plans to do is. If she wants to terminate it, she really needs to do it a safe way, and, unfortunately for her, that kind of has to include her parents. She says she doesn't want them to be disappointed in her. At the same time, I know it isn't my business, and it's not my place at all to get involved. I just think I'll feel really horrible if it ends up that she DOES have this guy beat the shit out of her or whatever. She's also entertaining the idea of drinking and taking pills in hopes of causing herself to miscarry. 
DK/DC: What do you usually order from Taco Bell?