March 27th, 2011


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when British people say they're "signing on" or "you haven't signed on in 3 months", what is that?

i keep getting a cramp right below my calf, just above my heel. what is that? why is it happening?
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How do you like your bananananas?

Yellow with brown speckles
Green on the ends
Green all over
brown all over
Yellow all over
There is something wrong with me and I do not enjoy nature's candy which comes prepackaged for your convenience
I like a banana all ways
What is a banana?
Something else which I will tell you about because I am a super special snowflake
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If these were your only options, would you rather..

A. Be in a loveless relationship so that at least you wouldn't be alone forever because there's nothing worse than being alone forever.

B. Be alone forever because being alone is better than being in a loveless relationship.


My spellcheker doesn't work. I'm using Firefox. I have the little box next to "check my spelling as I type" ticked, but still, it doesn't give my mispelled words and typos a little red line! What's going on? Help?
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TQC, I know this question is asked on a regular basis, but IIIIIII have never asked it, so I AM GONNA: How long were you with your person before y'all exchanged I Love Yous???

EDIT: If you're soooooooooooooooooo not into this, then feel free to harp on your past (or current) people.

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tech question for Mac users

When I try to access, it tells me this:

"This server has encountered an internal error which prevents it from fulfilling your request. The most likely cause is a misconfiguration. Please ask the administrator to look for messages in the server's error log."

I use a Mac. Where can I access my errors log?

And for everyone else...what is your favorite sporting team, if any?
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What kind of books do you read?

What kind of games do you play?

Are they similar?

I read mystery books and play hidden object games (usually really creepy ones). I didn't notice until my boyfriend pointed this out.

He reads sci-fi, fantasy, spy novels, and plays games like Splintercell and Lord of the Rings Online.

New Phon

So my boyfriend decided to do laundry last night, and sadly my phone went through the wash. He has offered to buy me a new one (yay!). What would you choose, a fancy new one? or just get your old phone? I had an LG Rumour, but want a smart phone.

What would you choose? If you choose a smart phone, what kind?

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what has recently pissed you off?

my iphone well all cray cray and broke so I had it replaced yesterday and then like, 8 hours later it said error and wouldn't restore! now i have to go back to apple for the third day in a row.

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I'm going on a picnic with my boyfriend for our 1-year anniversary. I want to bring something nicer than deli sandwiches and potato chips.

If you were going on this picnic what would you pack in your picnic basket?

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Do you like to listen to music while you clean your house/living space? What's your favorite band to listen to?

Would you go to a restaurant that cooked its dishes primarily from cooking blogs? What blogs would you most like to see food from? I'm thinking that the menu would change weekly or bi-weekly.
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Do you like Cadbury creme eggs?

If so: what is your method in eating them?

DK/DC/I'm a heathen that doesn't like creme eggs: why are people mowing my lawn when it's not even forty degrees outside? (Sent by the rental company, no doubt, but you'd think they'd wait for sunnier, milder weather.)

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You know how it is said that identical twins have a deep mental connection? Do you think that is the same for fraternal twins? would sex matter? for example m/m or f/f fraternal twins vs. m/f fraternal twins.

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i keep getting this cramp right above my heel and just below my calf. it doesn't hurt really bad and i can stretch it out quickly but it is uncomfortable and i'm curious as to why it's happening. does anyone know what muscle that is/why it's happening? i've started biking again since it's been warming up on and off, could it be that?
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My friend is getting divorced.  It has been about 3 years in the coming.  As of this morning her husband is officially out of her house.  She played absolutely fair and I'm really impressed.  When is the last time someone you know did the right thing and you thought to yourself, "I don't think I could have been that good"?

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How long did it take you to not feel so pitiful all the time after the death of someone very close to you? I just found out this morning that a woman who was very close to me, in a way she was my godmother and like a grandmother to me. She was very spry and healthy for an 88 year old and though she had no heart condition she had a heart attack this morning and died shortly after arriving at the hospital. It's just so hard, I keep thinking about how surreal it is that if I went to her house she wouldn't be there (she was always there).

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Have you ever hit a point in your life where you were able to envision the type of person you would like to be, but realized you were incredibly far from being that person? Did you begin taking the necessary steps to change? Where are you at with it now?

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Have you ever crashed a party at a reception hall?

Wanna tell us about it?

Do you ever get so hungry that you can't make up your mind about what to eat and end up not eating anything? WHAT THE FUCK SHOULD I EAT?

Kid's Chair

I bought a child-size chair for my friend's son who is going to be 2. It is child size (ot toddler) so he'll still be able to use it til he's 7 or so. I'm sanding it now (was painted white & peeling).

What sort of design should I do on it? Something like a train or just funky zigzag stripes?

What kind of paint should I use? (acyrlic ?_)
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do you know of any good podcasts/audiobooks for learning italian? preferably free. something only in italian, like dialogs that are easy to understand, or stories. i listen to italian podcasts for italians sometimes, but a lot of them are too fast.

do you know of any good ones in french? my french is a million times better than my italian, but my listening is worse than it used to be. so preferably something made for francophones, but interesting and not too difficult to follow.

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I was checking the weather channel app on my phone for temperatures for next week, and it was showing it would get warmer by the end of next week. Well, on the actual weather channel website it was saying something completely different. What's wrong with the weather channel?

What's the weather like where you are right now?

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If you have sibling(s), do you feel like your parents treat you differently? How so?

I am the oldest, and I am constantly being scolded when my little brother freaks out at me for playing music or whatever might bother his Xbox 360 games. However, when I am upset because he wakes me up every morning by turning his Xbox on and playing some game with loud gunfire, I'm the one being rude for getting so angry. I have learned to be detached after having a few large and pointless fights. I get back at him in other ways like downloading huge files when he's playing Xbox live.

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You are someone that does not care about new bit things in technology or owning new big things in technology. For example: you don't own an ipod, you don't care about the 3DS, you don't have any gaming consoles except something really old.

You make a friend who does care about all these things. This friend cares a lot and doesn't seem to understand that you do not. This friend seems to think that it is sad and unfortunate that you don't have all the things that so many other people have, it is as if this friend thinks you are too poor to afford these things. So, naturally, they always want to show you the new things they bought because they know you will never see them otherwise.

Is it okay to be irritated by this?

I'm probably just being an ungrateful bitch.
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We just canceled our cable! I've never been without TV, and even though I don't watch it much, I think it'll be weird not having the option at first. My boyfriend is admittedly addicted and has decided he needs to make better use of his time.

What will become of us?

What are some other good time-wasters, online for example?

Good sources for movies and TV shows online for when we have an urge to watch?

We're saving $90 CDN per month now! Yay, cutting corners :)
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What's your favorite sushi rolls?

I'm having trouble deciding whether to get the spicy crab roll, new york roll (grilled salmon skin, cream cheese and cucumber) and the cowboy maki (tempura lobster tail with spicy sauce) or the spicy crab, spider roll (fried soft shell crab, cucumber and eel sauce) and the cowboy maki. What should I get?

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Do any of you have hair extensions? How hard are they to take care of? Can you go swimming? Were they very expensive?

I cut off all of my dreads a few months ago and am tired of having short hair.

Do you tan?

Do you tan? If so do you tan in a bed/ mystic spray tan/ other type of spray tan/ or do lotions/ sprays at home?
How often do you tan?
Why do you tan?

I used to tan in a bed but my DH hated that so much and was worried about me so I recently started mystic tan. So far I love it!
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tqc, it was my birthday yesterday and i had a shindig to celebrate. a guy came who i am getting ~friendly~ with and we were basically together all night cuddling and dancing and when i just went on facebook he posted on my wall "Holah, fun night bro x"

using the word bro was kind of a shutdown right? or am i just being paranoid? how would you respond to this? im so confused because it felt like we were really into each other. ugh.
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Should I go and get myself some sweet potato chips from KFC for dinner?

I'm really craving them and have had a confidence crushing day. It wouldn't be out of my budget but on the other hand it's hardly a healthy dinner.

What do you do when you're feeling stupid and kind of worthless?
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I'm going crazy trying to remember the title of a book I read as a kid. The basic story was that a child was trying to cope with their mother going back to work as a teacher, and this changes the family dynamic. At the end, the family works out ways to cope (like the kids helping more, and parents setting aside more time to sit and talk.)

I remember specifically that the mother was a teacher, the child was particularly upset over having to buy school lunch instead of bringing it, and that at the end the family is playing board games.

Does anyone remember a book like this, even vaguely? I'd love to have it for a class I'm teaching this week.

Found it! the link provided by kissxbangxbangx led me to another link to another link and then I found:

The Terrible Thing That Happened at Our House

Thank you for your help! I'm doing a lesson on families and school and work and this is perfect.

Class of 2011

I'm graduating from college in May.

Any suggestions for a celebration vacation/gift for myself?
On line sites that will print announcements cheap?

What did you do when you graduated? (high school or college)

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when you hit your head or injure yourself in some embarrassing way, what's your favorite/least favorite way for people to react? pretend it didn't happen? ask if you're okay? act concerned? laugh?
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 TQC: Would it offend you if someone asked you what your ethnic or racial background was? Would it bother you more if it happened frequently?

Backstory: My roommate is Mexican, but is often mistaken for someone of Asian descent. People frequently ask her what her ethnic background is, and this enrages her. She is often furious because people ask, or that they can't tell she's Mexican. It is often acquaintances or friends who will ask her in a kind, non-stereotyping way. Just sort of like "Where is your family from?" or something like that. I am hardly ever asked this question, so maybe I just don't understand, but I have a hard time finding why it would be offensive to some people. 

DK/DC: What is your ethnic background?
family: mom/window

gross things

TQC, what is the most disgusting thing you've encountered recently?

I was looking for a clean cookie sheet and came across a pot with its cover on. I wrenched off the cover (never a good sign), and a smell similar to horrible body odor hit my nostrils. I screamed and poured a ton of dishwashing liquid into the pot, so I wouldn't have to look at what was in there. And now my home reeks.

(Yeah, maybe a slight overreaction.)
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What job do you have now?
What job do you want?
What did you study in University/TAFE/(Insert learning institution here)?

I myself am studying a Dual-Diploma in Networking and Systems Administration. I'm hoping to then complete an Advance Diploma in Computer Systems Engineering and then Network Security. I have no idea what I'll do for a job. I just hope it entails what I've learned thus far.

Anyone study something similar? What're you doing now? 
Thanks for your time :)

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It'd be fair to say a lot of people in this community procrastinate, right?

What about those of you who don't? How do you get past it? What do you do to kick yourself in the ass everyday to do that thing that needs to be done?

I want to start writing every day. And I've done this before, where I say I'm gonna do something every day, and then I do it for like two weeks and fall off. How do I stop from quitting?
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If someone spontaneously asked you for a quick, funny (or amusing, interesting, intruiging, etc.) story, what would you talk about?
How talented are you when it comes to improvisation?

How was your Sunday?

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A friend of mine thinks that drug addiction would be a reasonable price to pay for getting rid of his depression/anxiety. I think he's being a dumbass and that you have to work in order to get rid of depression/anxiety (drugs help, of course, but they're not everything.) Which of us is right? Am I validated in considering saying, "Dude, if you're going to choose addiction, I can't be friends with you anymore"?

Edi for clarificationt: Anti-depressants are awesome imo. But he's taking the dosage he's prescribed and says that it's not doing anything, so he's getting more of the same drug from other (illegal) sources. And his psychiatrist is refusing to up his prescribed dosage. It's Ativan, for what it's worth. I think he should just trust his doctor and deal with the dosage he's been given, but that's just my opinion.

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If you have your ears pierced, where do you store earrings you're not currently using?
Do you often lose one earring of a pair?

How do you store necklaces so they don't tangle or get knotted up?

What did you eat for breakfast this morning?
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What is the scariest thing that has ever happened to you?

Or the scariest story you've ever heard?

Do you believe in ghosts?

Do you ever ask the same question on TQC more than once, in hopes of getting new/more interesting answers?

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So I've had 1/2 inch stretched lobes for the past like 8 years or something like that. I recently took them out planning to downsize a bit due to all these issues like my dog stepping on my ear hurting it.
But my ears were all good and healthy and they ended up healing up like mad quick and surprised me. So now it looks like I am about "regular earring" size.

TQC I have not worn regular earrings in foreva. I don't even really know what I like, but I hate the look of pierced ears with no jewelry so I need to actually purchase some earrings. (Oh and I know my ears will prob never close up completely because they never closed up when I was a youngin'.)

TL;DR: Hey guys can you post some pictures/links of some stud earrings that you like? I don't like dangly and I want something I can wear everyday because I'm not a big accessorizin' lady. Lookin for inspiration here

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Do you find pigeons depressing? (mostly in the city, I guess) I feel really pathetic that they depress me and I see them everywhere. Damn them and their little red feet!

I like them (haven't been shat on in years), but feel bad for them.

Will you play words with friends/word feud with me?
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I have been unable to find my childhood blanket for a week now. It's gone. I know there are more important things in life, but I feel really distraught.This is the second time I've lost a childhood blanket (the first time I left it behind at a restaurant when I was 5 and when my dad went back it was gone..probably in the trash).

Is this a sign that it's time to grow up?

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Last night, I woke myself up twice by laughing heartily in my sleep. I have no idea what I was laughing at.
Do you laugh in your sleep? Ever wake yourself up?

Will you share funny sleep stories? Sleep talking, sleep walking, encounters with the ambien walrus..anything?
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If you could buy any article of clothing you wanted tomorrow, what would it be? For some reason I am dying to buy a pair of black boots, but can't afford it right now.
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Do you hate anyone? If so, what are they like and why do you hate them?

Has something really bad ever happened to someone you hate, and you found yourself thinking "serves them right"?

Have you ever taken revenge on someone?

Do you have any enemies?

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Will you post your favorite jokes?

Inspired by the fact that my parents think my bad joke I made up to be bad on purpose is just stupid. "What do peanuts get when they get married? Pea-nuptials!"

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What do you think of my userpic/avatar/icon? :) (wait five seconds :D)

Also, what made you pick the one you're currently using? :)

The one I'm currently using is a heavily edited version of a little art piece a friend drew for me. Animated it myself for fun.

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What's something really weird that you wonder about?  

Today I've been wondering if on cold days, you can see farts the way you can see your breath, and I also wondered why I never experimented with this.

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When you clean the bathroom, where do you start?

Toilet or bathtub?

I like the feeling of a clean bathroom.

I super clean it once a week and maintain throughout.

What is the decor theme of your bathroom? Mine is green through blue spectrum.

I have lime green through navy blue, with corresponding bath fluffs which I collect. :D

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how hard do you think it'll be to find a cheap cricket bat between tomorrow and Saturday morning?

better question: where should i look? used sports store?

there's a Zombie Walk protest here against our governor and all his incredible douchery. now i don't like zombies but it still sounds fun, so while my friends and everyone else will be there dressed as zombies, i will be there dressed as Shaun of the Dead, and we agreed Friday night i will need a cricket bat.