March 26th, 2011

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Hey TQC, any tips on how to deal with smells?

I have an anatomy lab with a cadaver once a week at 8 in the morning and the smell just really gets to me. I don't get nauseous, just get the feeling as though I'm going to pass out, and stepping out for air takes away my limited lab time. Help!
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Got in a car accident.

Crab and I were going to get some food and we were stopped at a red light. A man in a pickup truck slammed into the back of us.

Crab complained a little later that her back hurt, and then she said that her arm felt numb. I took her to the ER, and at first they thought it was from being jammed into her seat belt. But after the x-rays came back, they realized that she had separated her shoulder. :(

She has to wear a sling, and see the ortho in 2 days.

Could you send her some get well wishes? She is 10. We are exhausted, so we are going to bed. But I will show her this in the morning.



I plan on going to the library in a couple of days to get a pile of books to take to my parents' place when I'm babysitting my brothers and house-sitting for over two weeks. Recommend some books for me? I'll add 'em to my Goodreads list and I'll probably end up taking just about every single one you guys suggest, since every time I go to the library, I leave with like twenty books or more. lol. :P I'm a book nerd. :D I pretty much like everyone. Except Twilight. And that's saying something, since usually I like EVERYTHING.

Also, what does DK/DC mean? I see that around a lot. :S
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what movie should i watch on netflix instant that my boyfriend would be unwilling to watch with me? in general, he doesn't like dramas or cartoon movies.

do you have a restaurant/bar/grill/diner/whatever near you that's been featured on diners, drive-ins and dives? if so, is it as good as the show makes it out to be?


I just got home from a riot and it was awesome and my school is awesome and I can't believe I'm not typing in all motherfucking caps because we're now in the Elite Eight. I am so excited, everyone was marching in the streets, it was absolute chaos. It was just like right after Obama was elected, and that's saying something.

Now I'm eating a whole pizza!
What did you eat last?

Did you watch the VCU game tonight?
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What's a very minor thing you find irritating?

Tonight I was reminded how when I'm wearing two layers+ of long sleeves, I can't stand when the first layer's sleeves are not all the way down. I get cold?

What was the last thing to make you pissed?

Coming home to find that someone had clogged the toilet in my bathroom while I was out.
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Drunk. Again. Last night I posted about shanking people just for being drunk idiots. Tonight...there are now words.

Have you ever been lectured about the Illuminati? More so, do you believe in the Illuminati?

Can you please tell me about people you know that are fucking idiots?
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Do you listen to music when you sleep? What do you listen to?

I'm trying to put together a playlist of songs that make me happy/comfortable and that are soft enough to sleep to. Suggestions would be wonderful!

Yeah, I'm working on another project again

For the Gleeks on TQC:

I'm working on getting a Glee themed room on iSketch. The problem is that the site wants 1500 options for the game engine to choose from and at the moment, I've only got 652. I've listed the actors' names, the characters' names, the episode titles, every song up until the most recent episode, every artist covered so far and the various and sundry relationship portmanteaus.

What words come to mind when you think of Glee?

The only three that instantly come to mind are Drizzle, Slushie and Breadstix.

Oh, and "World War Sue."

Once this gets set up, I will post the link in tqc_updates.
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Am I being too picky?

I need some work done on my car, and the warranty covers a rental while mine is in the shop. I got the car on my way to work yesterday, and on my drive I noticed that the low-tire pressure light was on. I called the rental place as soon as I got to work and they basically blew me off and told me that the car would be fine over the weekend.

Well, I'm a spaz, and pregnant, and my husband is out of town this weekend. So if the car gets a flat, I'm on my own to fix it or wait for the rental place to come and fit it.

I brought it in after work and asked them to fill the tires or trade cars. They traded me cars.

Should I have just dealt with the original one?

Is it bad service because the low-tire pressure light on the second car came on as I was driving home from work? Shouldn't they check these things before renting out cars?
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Recently I began dating a friend of mine. We had been friends (but not close friends) for two years beforehand, and had started planning a road trip around the West coast together right before things got romantic. By the time we leave we will have been dating for 6 months, primarily long distance. I will have been travelling for about 6 weeks already, and he will fly out to meet up. One of my friends freaked out when I told her this and said I was moving way too fast, but I don't see the big deal; it's just a 6 week trip, not a shared mortgage!

Who is right- does it seem like it's moving too fast or is it no big deal?
dc: How long after you started dating did you first travel with a partner?

For those of you who have a patio, yard, or deck:

Do you "clean" your outdoor living area? I live on the second floor and have a small patio with a grill, potted herbs, and seating (if you count the large Igloo cooler as a seat). I've also got a bird feeder because I enjoy torturing my cats.

Every now and then I'll sweep off the concrete, wipe down the grill, and wipe the cooler so people can have a clean seat. When necessary I'll wipe bird droppings off the patio railing. Today I dusted the grill lid because it was covered in pollen.

Am I a weirdo? Someone please tell me that you do this too.
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If you're in school (any kind) do you consider yourself a "good student"? Do you hand things in on time? Get things done ahead of time? get good grades? Study hard/a lot? Read all your readings every week? Ask pertinent questions and make enlightened comments in class? Generally shine?
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I was riding to work in a packed subway car when I notice the other passengers kept trying to look down one side of the car.  So, I take off my headphones and hear two women arguing and a what sounds like a toddler crying.  But, I can't see them.  Then all of a sudden a space opens and I see one women has the other in a headlock and is punching her repeatedly in the head.  Meanawhile the toddler is now doing a combo of screams and cries.  The passengers near the fight break the two apart.  I can hear people saying "It's not that serious.  Why the fuck are you fighting?!"  Gossip tells me that they were fighting over the toddler, I don't know why.

Anyway, my main question is the women next to me tells me "This why we had 3 wars."  What do you think she meant by that?
I couldn't ask her because the train stopped at the next station and a few cops came on.  The passengers shooed them away, though.   

dk/dc : Ever been late to work because of something that happened during your commute that was out of your control?
My co-worker was about 3 or 4 hours late to work because of this  And our "boss" was still mad at her for being late.   
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i have roughly 1,000 songs in my itunes library with duplicates.. this happened as a result of a fuck up i caused when running my music rescue program on this new mac. is there an easy way to get rid of duplicates? or do i have to click each one and delete it manually? i'd rather not pay for a cleanup program, but might be willing if it's not outrageously expensive.

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Will you check all that pertain to you?

I love boba/pearl drinks
I have an iPhone
I used to watch Disney Channel Original movies
I failed a class in high school
I love to paint my nails
I could live in T-shirts and jeans if no dress codes existed
I live outside of the U.S.
I have an irrational fear of something
None of these pertain to me. You suck.
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Why do so many people dislike rats? The wonderful children I babysit got two pet rats this week, and I'm so excited for them!! They're so cute and cuddly (the rats, I mean...although the boys are cuddly too)! I told my fiance and asked if we could get a rat, and he said absolutely not, "because they're dirty." This is totally untrue. I told my mother about them, and she was grossed out and said, "If you get rats, you're going to have to find somewhere else for them to stay when you go on vacation!"

How do you feel about rats? If you don't like them, why? Is your dislike of them based on fact, or common misconceptions (like "they're dirty")?
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Leaving @ 1.30 to go to a 1.55 movie showing that is 15 min away (plus time to purchase illicit snacks) should be enough time, yes?

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Inspired by an earlier post.

With so many people these days getting piercings, tattoos (correct me if I'm wrong but it seems as if more people partake in body mod than previous generations. I have a hard time naming people WITHOUT anything done. Even my roommate who didn't seem like the type surprised me with a tattoo), do you think the professional world is eventually going to have to change its standards? I'm not saying they'll have to start hiring people with insane amounts of modifications per se, but do you think eventually employers will have to stop putting an absolute no on that kind of thing or else struggle to fill positions? Or do you think things will always stay the same?

Is it in your opinion unprofessional to have a piercing (besides lobes) or tattoo (provided it's not something obviously inappropriate)?

Are there any jobs starting to allow employees to show off such things that surprise you?
The company I work at has a lobes only policy for piercing and a cover-up policy for tattoos. However, at my store I was surprised to see so many employees with full sleeves, eyebrow rings, etc. I guess my manager's take is that "So long as it doesn't become a distraction/problem with the customers."  I kind of like that.

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Is it just me or is LJ taking a looong time to post comments? Like I click "post comment" and it takes over a minute to refresh to the new page.

Other sites aren't doing this so idk what it is.
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 What are some strange quirks you may have that other people may find weird? 

For example, I don't like to eat anything that is stuck together; like if two m&m's are fused together in the bag, or if a chip is curled over, I don't like eating it. My SO uses a handkerchief instead of Kleenex. Which I guess is practical, but it is strange to me. 

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I need to buy a new (twin or full-sized) mattress. Where should I look to buy one, where I could get the best price for delivery and the mattress itself (I don't have a car)?
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it's my last term of school. should i take a seminar on time in architectural space + yoga + pilates or just take italian?

if i don't take italian i'll probably forget the italian that i do know. i will also be working on my thesis studio project for architecture (i.e. i'll be busy) and looking for jobs and stuff. i asked this question a few months ago but i still haven't decided and classes start monday :/

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I am painting the living room yellow.
Should I go with a medium, sunnier yellow (like a lemon) or a lighter, creamier yellow (like butter)? I like the darker color a bit more, but maybe for the first time painting, I should play it safe and go with the lighter shade?

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I just found out the concert I want to see tonight is sold out.
What should I do instead?

DK/DC/I never leave my house no I don't know:
When was the last time well-thought out plan went to shit for you?
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Anyone know any good 'happy to have my SO back at home' songs?

my husband just got back from a research trip, so just putting something together
thought I'd ask TQC :) all I have is Patsy Cline's "back in baby's arms"

thank you, in advance

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You have the option to live in one of the following places for half of a year. Which one do you choose?

Lismore, Australia
Graz, Austria
Hong Kong
The Hague, The Netherlands
Kristianstad, Sweden
Washington DC, USA
Tell us why in comments.
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 Do you have any favorite food blogs? is great and all, but I need to indulge on new a website. 

Have you ever been caught masturbating by your grandma?

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have you ever overheard a conversation where they're talking about things that are TOTALLY wrong and you wanted to correct them?

what was it about? did you correct them?

brought to you by... the guys in the Union saying that san diego is a 4 hour drive from san francisco, that there probably isn't a big nor/so cal difference, and that modest mouse is very "70s led zeppelin". i wanna school them. this is annoying. /disgruntledcalifornia

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did I break the four is at least five rule in making a new post?

When you deny a person's friend request on facebook, does it actually totally cancel the request or does it just stay "friend request sent" forever?

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You're at Crystal Springs camp, walking around in the middle of the night for no apparent reason, when suddenly a large man in a hockey mask jumps out of the bushes with a machete. What do you do?

Pretend to be dead. He'll sniff me and move on. They only hunt living targets
Offer my body in exchange for my life
Try and overpower him and take his machete
Raise my arms and shout. If I look bigger than him, he'll flee
Vow to stop doing hard drugs before bed
Politely point out where the hockey rink is. Obviously this fellow is lost
Yell 'Hah!' and wait for Ashton Kutcher or some camera crew to jump out of the bushes to tell me I'm being punked
Stand very still. I hear they have poor vision and only react to moving targets
Move quickly and hide and call 911
Nothing. Just minding my own business here

Depression :((

So its coming up on a year since I had to sell my horse that I owned and trained from the ground up in 05'

I was doing Ok with it and until recently had been able to go see and ride him but that is no longer possible for a variety of reasons and Im getting really depressed about it.

Doesn't help that my well meaning gramma who I dont think knows I sold him just renewed my subscription to horse and rider for me.

Bah, I just want to curl up in a ball and cry..

Whats got you down in the dumps lately and what are you doing to combat it?
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I went to Publix today, TQC, to buy some groceries.

When I got home, I started putting my food away, and I suddenly found two pounds of ground beef in one of my bags. I was thoroughly confused, as I definitely did not pick up any ground beef while at the store and I didn't recall putting it on the conveyor belt when I was in line for the cashier.

I went through my receipt and it shows I didn't pay for it.

What the hell? Where did this mystery meat come from? What am I going to do with two pounds of ground beef?

EDIT: Non-srs answers, people. C'mon now.
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Have any of you TQC girls (and guys) met each other in real life? If so, say aye.

Just wondering because a lot of you guys respond to each other like bffs. And I still feel kind of new obviously out of the loop.

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Some people I sort of know through a friend of a friend are having a barbeque at the beach tonight. I talk to them when I see them out but wouldn't organise a party with them. Mutual friend isn't going. Should I go because I like them or not go because it could be kinda awks?
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You're going out with someone. You're hanging out in their room when you notice about six pill bottles (prescription). How do you react to this? Do you ask about them? Are you concerned that there's something wrong with the person?

How many of you would know what Wellbutrin is for?
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okay since there was more than four which is at least five posts between my last one...

where would you go to escape obnoxious neighbors when you're broke? (general places, not like, the Met)

losing my damn mind here

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Do you ever feel obligated to be friends/hang out with the children of your parents' friends?

A woman my mother is friends with (who I am not entirely fond of) keeps trying to set me up on "friend dates" with her daughter. I have to hang out with her at least once, don't I?

DC/DK: What's the last thing that annoyed you?
I applied for a childcare job, and in the first paragraph of my cover letter I made sure to mention my CPR/AED and first aid certifications. They emailed back with, "So do you have your first aid and CPR certifications?"

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Which name do you like more?

Cooper Haines
Charles William
Hunter William

Gabriella Grace
Sophia Marie

(Keep in mind the middle names [except Grace] are family names. William is not an option for a first name)


My last name rhymes with Lynn, so names like that are a total no-go.

If you don't like the first names I have picked out, what are your suggestions?

Have you ever had a kidney infection?
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If you were cleaning and found a notebook full of things you wrote/drew 5-10 years ago, would you keep it, read it and then throw it away, just pitch it without reading, or something else?

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A girl I work with is pretty good friends with me. I've given her 20 bucks to borrow before and she paid me back after a couple of weeks. I gave her a 20 last night cause she said her daughter wanted to go skating and she didn't have enough on her. I was planning to tell her to keep the 20 for gas money because we are supposed to go to town monday (about 70 miles away) She just texted me now asking if she could borrow 25 or 30 bucks till monday (said she is supposed to get her child support then) What should I do? I just really don't feel comfortable with that much money out. What should I say?

EDIT: now she just said "not even ten?" I told her "No, I'm sorry but I gave you that money last night and I'm going to have to borrow money from my parents to go to town" That last bit isn't true but I feel I need to justify not giving her money. I have issues apparently. this is severely stressing me out right now.

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I use Citizen's Bank, and I just now saw that they started charging me $4.99 a month because I do less than 5 transactions. That, and the fact that they want to charge me $15 to exchange $13 Canadian has me deciding to find a new bank. I already use Capital One for my credit card, and they seem pretty good. Any experiences with them?

dk/dc Inspired by the post below, what foods will you not eat?
I don't do tomato chunks, peppers, or olives.

Books again!

I'm trying to remember the name of this book. It's fiction, written about Iraq right after the Taliban fell. I remember loving it, but I read it probably four years ago, so I don't remember much about the plot. It's a small, short book, probably 200 pages or so. The cover shows two women in sky-blue Burquas (did I spell that right?) walking in the sand, facing away from the viewer, carrying bags of something..No idea what.

That's all I can remember.

Any idea what book I'm talking about?

Edit: Just found it, thanks to dreammeanyway! It was The Swallows of Kabul!

I was close in my description of the cover, too. :D

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I'm hormonal and about to start my period.

I just finished eating a banana with some nutella on it. and now I am eating some of the nutella straight from the jar.


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an older white man messaged me on okcupid
i have a feeling he has yellow fever and i'm not okay with that
on the other hand it looks like he's making some bank
(he's not particularly attractive but also not particularly unattractive)


what would surrey_sucks do?

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How long does it take you to put together furniture that comes in a box unassembled, like from Ikea or Target?

I bought a Billy bookcase and I already own like six of these bookcases, so I knew how to put it together and got the case part done in ten minutes- but the hinge on the door was so fiddly and after two hours of attempting to get it to connect I looked at it carefully and it's missing a bit. ARGHHH. TWO HOURS.

How long would you persevere with such a task? Am I really dumb for trying for so long?

Do you like Ikea's hot dogs? I have a suspicion they're made from the same stuff as the bookcases but they're so tasty.

It's wrong of me to put my cat in the cupboard I've just made, right? The door is clear glass and she cracks me up when she forgets there is glass in the way and tries to walk through it.

TL;DR I'm pretty sure I am as dumb as my cat, but nevermind. We made a sweetass team!

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Dear TQC,

So for the next while, I'm on a medication in which it's a reallllly good idea for me to keep up both my fluid intake and keep my sodium up at a reasonable level. I've been relying a lot on sports drinks (gatorade and costco brand cheap stuff) for that, but I'm getting kind of bored with them.

Any suggestions on drinks that have electrolytes that aren't gatorade? (Perhaps a relevant note: I'm in Canada, so sometimes there are really neat food and beverage things in the U.S. that aren't here.)