March 25th, 2011

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whenever i see a trailer for a thriller/horror movie and then see the rating is "PG-13" i give myself a serious -facepalm smack. i honestly have not seen a good one since the sixth sense.

tqc, can you think of any really good PG-13 thriller/horror movies?

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Hubs is on the couch sleeping but he keeps having these random outbursts where he just starts talking about nonsense or he starts shushing somebody loudly. He's a teacher so I think he's having a dream about school lol.

It would be totally funny to tape him so he can actually get to hear what he says instead of taking my word for it, y/y?

dk/dc... what makes you explode WITH RAGE?

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if you had a close friend who had a hobby that involved occasional performances, would you go see them, even if you weren't interested in their hobby? like amateur community theater, a garage band, etc.
if you would still go, what would be the most you would pay to see your friend perform?

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Which of the following do you know by memory? (if applicable of course):

a) your license plate
b) your cell number
c)your home number
d) your zip code
e)your parents' number(s)
f) your SO's number (and or your best friend's)
g) work number?
h) doctor's number?


Which bits of personal info are you surprised to see people have to look up?

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My bank just sent me an email and I get email alerts when I overdraw or I have only $20 left in my account. It was just an advertisement for some of their services that they're offering but I saw 'PNC BANK' as the sender and damn near pooped myself.

What's the last thing that gave you that instant scared to death feeling but turned out to be nothing?

Why am I always so damn thirsty? I am just constantly craving cold and liquids. My hypochondriac MIL thinks I'm diabetic but I'm... not.

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Do you like the name of the street you live on? What is it? You don't have to share if it makes you feel uncomfortable. Instead...What is a name of a street in your town that you like?

My favorite street name in my town is "Magnolia" :)
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True Blood

I'm ready for the new season coming on in June, so I thought I'd start rewatching previous seasons. I've found 1+2 but not 3.

So, TQC, my boring question: Where is the best place to watch True Blood season 3 for free?
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Bad Drivers

Have you ever ridden in a car with an absolutely bat-turd terrifying driver? What was it like?

My ex-boyfriend drove like a chimp on meth and it was so bad that it was a factor in our breaking up. Srsly asking me to take the wheel from the passenger seat on the highway so you can remove your pullover is NOT OK. 
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i say, old bean

damnit damnit damnit

tqc, what was that code you put on the end of community links that allows you to see posts made by specific users?

since that will hopefully be answered quickly, will you open up mspaint/go here and draw your best picture of a dong? bonus points for creativity
and if you're at work and cannot participate, will you show your displeasure through mspaint drawings?


What's the fastest you've ever gone in a car....
- when you were driving?
- when someone else was driving?

BONUS: /what was the speed limit there?

For this let's stick to normal roads and highways, not that time you went to racing school or etc

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How long does it normally take for an email to reach its destination?

Inpired by the wait its taking for a job application to get to where I want it go and the anxiety its causing me

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Will you tell me about your first date with your current SO?

He messaged me on okc. We met for dinner then drove around talking and he showed me around town. We ended up at the Gaylord Texan and walked around checking it out. He kissed me there. Then we went back to my place.

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I posted the other day about my house fire. When it happened, my cat ran away. He's 6yrs old, a housecat and has never been outside before. This was a month ago. I put up posters, spoke to neighbours and walked the streets looking for him. A few people did say that they had seen a cat with his description but theres been nothing for a while.

I know one day, if I don't get him back I will have to deal with it but right now, I'm not giving up.

Is there anything I can do other than calling his name? Any tips on finding him? I miss him so much.
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Randomly poking around twitter, as I do, spotted a tweet from some airhead who had the gall to say "Without an internet connection, owning a computer is completely pointless."

Just wondering, does anybody agree with that line of thought?
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I live 6 blocks away from this really nice yoga studio that has a program where you work for a few hours helping out in the office, doing really easy tasks (registering people, answering the phones, a lot of down time) and you can take free classes there - as many as you want, and they offer a lot of different ones at different times. Nice deal, right? Especially since I don't have a lot of money and so far have been unwilling to spend money on gym membership or exercise classes but do want to work out. I've never taken a yoga class but want to, especially since I've been stressed and have recently been interested in meditation and that kind of thing.

The problem is, there is only one work slot available: Saturday mornings, 9:30am-1pm. I like to go out on Friday night, but a lot of times I'm also tired from the week and don't go too crazy. Also, since I wake up so early during the week (6:30), I'm nearly ALWAYS up on the weekend by 9. And it's not like I do anything useful on a Saturday morning otherwise. But then, Saturday mornings ARE for doing nothing, and if I'm hungover working might pretty much suck. But if I need to I could switch times with someone else.

so apparently I can't make a poll because I have a basic account but what do you think? Should I take yoga classes in exchange for giving up my Saturday mornings? Or should I keep my Saturday mornings but no yoga???
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 Should I read the current book I'm reading right now, Learning to Bow: Inside the Heart of Japan, or watch my Netflix movie, Revolutionary Road? 

I want to do both, but I can't decide which one to do first. 
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Around what age do you think a person can be said to have lived a "long life" when s/he dies?

I've been thinking about Elizabeth Taylor who died at the age of 79 a few days ago... and that's a pretty good run - especially considering how frail she's been for some time - but I don't know. It still feels a bit short for me.

When you're up in the 80s and beyond, that's a "long lived life" to me.
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Is there a way to download/save an entire livejournal that is not yours? If not, does anyone have any tips to make it easier to do it manually? (page by page by page....)
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Street Talk

1. Why do so many cities have streets named after states?

Just around downtown, we've got about 25 streets named like Illinois St., Massachusetts Ave., Washington St., etc.

2. There are also streets named after the cities/towns they're in. Are cities also a bit self-centered?

3. Would you ever want a street named after you?
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I am about to dehydrate some fresh pineapple. I was thinking I would also like to dehydrate some strawberries and bananas, but I don't have any.

Woulr it be worth putting on pants and driving for the store to have a dried fruit mix, or should I just be happy with my pineapple?

I'm feeling lazy.

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Will you please comment with your username so that we may ask you a question? Some of you I talk to all of the time on here but I feel like I barely know anything about you, so please forgive me if I ask you a question I should already know the answer to. :)

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What's your work schedule like?
I work 5:30-9:30 on Fridays, 4:30-9:30 on Saturdays, 11:30-6:30 Sundays, and 4:00-9:30 on Tuesdays. I'm off Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

If you work retail, is it rare to have a steady schedule (same days off, same hours) every week? Would your prefer to have a steady schedule or one that changes?
I've been at my new retail job for two weeks and my schedule is the exact same. My coworkers told me the schedule hardly ever changes. I am liking it because it's easier to plan things around since I know when I"ll be off.


Diabetic Kitteh.

Hey TCQ.

The doctorb just called and it's official; My cat has the Diabetus.
On monday I will be learning how to steal his blood, how to shoot him up, and when and what to feed him.

Does anyone else have experience with their cat becoming diabetic? Can you tell me about it?

Apparently, unlike dogs, cats can potentially diet down and not need insulin shots if they are lucky. Has anyone had any success getting their kitty of their needles? Or at lest dieting down a big kitty (mines a big cuddly 22lb teddy bear)?

Do you have any people diabetes stories?
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How much, if at all, should I tip my dog groomer today?

If it matters - this is his first groom, he has no mats and it should be a relatively easy stress free thing since he loves having his paws and ears touched and isn't sensitive to it. I also just started to take a grooming class yesterday, so this will probably be his first and last full groom service ever. It costs $50, is a $5 tip appropriate? Because that was what I was going to give her but now I'm paranoid and my mom said she only tipped our old groomer (years ago when we last had a dog) during the holidays or when he had a mat and she knew it'd be a stressful grooming appt.

What kind of weird treats does your animal like?

I also bought my dog some "tubules" which are like jerky beef trachea, but they smell better than the one thing I give him which, it turns out, are like some part of a bull penis or something. I don't know, he loves jerky-fied cow parts, apparently. Flossies are his absolute favorite but for $4 a pop and the fact that he can finish them in 10 minutes flat, I only give those on extra special treat days.

What is your dream pet?

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Imagine, for a moment you are in your last month (plus a week) of organising your wedding,

Your bridal party is comprised of mostly uni students,

You have not asked ANYTHING of them and been doing everything yourself,

You need some help, even stating that you might need help and no one offers to help, not even your bridal (Best friends) party offer to help and of your your BM's just say "Oh we have study,sorry"

Now realising that in no way is your wedding as important to them as it is to you and uni really is their future but you really need some help and company,

How would go about it without being snarky?
How would you feel?

I feel like just trudging on and not asking for any help but I know I will feel resentful.
(next I do anyhting like this I am either having no bridal party or they wont be fucking uni students)

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Dear TQC, why do I always break my headphones in exactly the same way? (I somehow bust up the wiring so the sound goes to one ear only unless I bend the wire at exactly the right angle to the jack and hold it there)

Can I stop doing this somehow? Can I fix them?

Is there anything you have to buy every six months or so because you keep breaking it?

DK/DC - Can you recommend something to listen to that would sound awesome if I can only hear it in my left ear?

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So, even though I had an awesome interview

I didn't win the job.

However, I still have the ratty retail job.

Should I take the retail job and still continue to look for a better job or give up and resign myself to my fate?

Also, retail job called me to start orientation thirty-minutes before I have to go class even though I told them on the application and at the interview that I have evening classes.

Should I call and negotiate or just keep looking for another job?
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What are you doing tonight?

I'm taking my brother out for sushi for his birthday and then going to see HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN a movie written and directed by kids I went to high school with. The nationwide (Canadian) release is TODAY! It's really exciting.

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Ladies into dudes and who look at OKC:
What do you look for in a guy's profile on that site?

dk/dc/I meet people in classy place, like dive bars: when did you last clean your toilet?

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Whatcha doing this weekend, TQC?

It's ~junior prom at my school but I'm not cool enough to get invited to any of the afterparties. Plus I'm a senior. All told, nothing.

What's on your mind? What can TQC do to help?
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What would your ideal living situation be? In terms of people, type/style of dwelling, features of said dwelling, pets, outside space, neighborhood, or whatever you deem important.

Do you live in that place at the moment?

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If/when someone told/tells you they write poetry, what would be/is your reaction?

Do you write poetry? How about when you were a teenager? Admit it.

I hate most poetry. Will you tell me some poetry I might like because you like it and goddamn it how could anyone hate it?

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How many jobs have you quit?

I've never left a job unless location etc has dicated before, but this job is awful, and the pay is terrible. I'm going on holiday for 3 weeks, and said i'd let them know when i'd be back. I don't intend to come back. Who and how do I tell them? I never come across the managers, only supervisors.
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Survival Kits?

Do you or your family have emergency kits? As in, kits that will help you through storms and the like? If so, what's in them?

If not, how do you plan to survive with no electricity/water/the end of times???

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If someone posts something super stupid, do you jump on them about it?

What about something mildly stupid?

(I just can't bring myself to be even a little mean on the internet, I'm wondering who else is like that.)

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I just made shortbread and gingerbread mans, and it's getting a bit late, but baking feels incomplete without making some kind of cakey thing. Should I make cupcakes too?

Edit: Actually I just remembered I have SPARKLE GLITTER ICING I can use to decorate my gingerbread men! And I cut my shortbread out in the shapes of tops and shoes and bags, HOW CAN I USE THE GLITTER BEST?

Also for when I do make cupcakes: what is your favourite cupcake flavour? Anything different from vanilla or chocolate?
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What's the last thing/s you watched that you thought was absolute shit? Any particular reason why?

Repo! The Genetic Opera was seriously one of the worst movies I've ever been subjected to. The musical I'm currently watching, Carousel, is just annoying.

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If you had been the first person to use any piece of technology to communicate (telegram, e-mail, phone, text, twitter etc) or the first man/woman on the moon or WHATEVER.....
....what would you have said? 

I seem to spend an inordinate amount of time shouting "Hello?  HELLO???? CA N YOU HEAR ME NOW???" down the phone.  So I hope it wouldn't have been that, but it probably would have been....

Inspired by this: if you are interested!