March 24th, 2011

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If you had to verbalize your style/sense of dress to someone, how would you do it? Say that you couldn't show yourself or pictures to the person you're describing it to, so be descriptive. Maybe you could include info about a celebrity who embodies your style or a store/brand.

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What's your favourite perfume? Why?

I chose a new perfume solely because I liked the name of it and it ending up smelling like an old lady perfume so I'm looking for suggestions for a new one.

Also, do you feel if you wear a particular perfume too often, it starts to smell bad to you?
There have been times when I've worn a perfume too much for too long and it starts to smell nasty. I even bought a new bottle cos I was worried it may have gone off but it still smelled gross to me. I still can't wear Chanel's Allure Sensuelle or Coco Mademoiselle which sucks because I remember loving them so much back in the day.
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Can we have a crazy TMI post?

Inspired by the fact I went to bed early like a responsible person but then was awoken with the urge to poop my bowels out and it sucked so I thought I would go on tqc

hey guys

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 <lj-cut text="its a long one">(background info - My flat went on fire a month ago. M mum was living with me at the time. A candle was left unattended. You can imagine the rest)

After the fire, Mum got put into emergency respite (care home) as she has health issues and at this moment in time it's best place for her. We are hoping to get her into a sheltered housing complex which we had spoke about long before this happened. I've got somewhere arranged for myself and i'm waiting on repairs being done in a flat before I can move in.

Because we were in rented accommodation, my (ex) landlord isn't too happy that I burned his house down. I called him after the fire, where his attitude left a lot to be desired. He was unpleasant, showed very little compassion and in general came across as a heartless prick. (In saying that, I do reaalise he;'s got every righgt to be annoyed but a little sympathy would have gone a long way. I was a crying my eyes out)

He said,";I do understand this can;t be easy for you right now Georgina but you have to remember I've just lost a property' To which I shouted at him how we had been lucky to get out alive, i had no idea where my cat
was, and between us we may well have lost 80yrs of photos and stuff and i was now homeless to which he told me to stop interuppting him. 
I asked if there had been anything I could save from the flat . He told me thhat everything was gone. I asked if I could get in anyway, he said I couldnt because he had to wait on insurance company and fire investigation finishing. I didnt like it but i did understand where he was coming from.

A few days later I was so emotional and angry that i broke the padlock off the door and went inside I needed to see if my cat was still there. 

The room where it had started was completly gone nothhing but ask and rubble. The smoke damage wsa extensive in thhe rest of the place but by no means was anytihnng completly ruined. I got mostly everything I wanted out of there. I sent himi a text a few hours later saying. 'just to let you know that your property has been sitting unsecured for the past 12 hours since I broke in.No I know i shouldnt have but i needed to look for my cat & as it turns out, save my belongings that i was led to believe had been ruined.  Feel free to inform the police, you'll find me at the following address. I dont give a damn. Sorry for your loss.
He never respondeed but I saw that he had secured the door a few days later

I called him around a week ago to see if he had any idea when I could get in yet and it turns out he is telling me the investigation is still ongoing but when I spoke to CID, they confirmed it had finshed less than a week after the fire started
 We had no heating for four months because he didn't want to pay for a new boiler as we (mum and I) were eligible for a 4000£ grant; from the government to get a whole new heating system installed. It was taking forever to process and during one of the coldest winters Scotland's had, my Mum was taken into hospital twice with bad chest infections (She has COPD and the dr confirmed the lack of heating did play a part in her health deterioating. )

The lock has been very loose on the door for over two years. He's never fixed it.

The downstairs neighbours ceiling caved in a year ago because of a leaka in my kitchen. He was supposed to be getting insuraance to sort it out but neighbour told me thaat it's never been fixed.

He never chased me for rent arrears and on several occasions, I tried to make a payment to him he never got back to me about getting it.

He made it clear that he didn;t want me there at the same time as the insurance compaany. 
A lot of this makes me think that something's not right here. 

Why is he being like this? Someone suggested he might have no insurance and he's in the shit. I don't know.

Any idea where I stand on this one? He has said that he wont stop me from getting my things but since he doesnt answer any calls or texts I dont know if or when its going to happen. I was planning to go to a solicitor for some legal advice but I dont know if i've shot myself in the foot by breaking in,

Have you ever had your home go on fire? What happened? How did you cope? 
Thank you :) </lj-cut>
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It's almost 2am,  I'm hungry, and craving chocolate and peanut butter and but I have no peanut butter Snickers. I should make no bakes, right?
I may end up eating all of them.

What are you craving?

What's your favourite candy spin off? I'm really liking the pb Snickers. I also liked the orange Kit Kats they made a few years ago.

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Do you know the differences between Kegel (nine-pin bowling) and bowling?
Which one have you done?

ETA some answers my dad's reading to me: kegel uses smaller balls without holes. pins are on a smaller surface but it's much harder to knock all 9 pins down. It's less recreational and less fun, takes more physical preparing because the way to throw a ball in kegel is harder. You can't bring your own ball to a kegel alley. In bowling, it's easier to win against pros and games more rarely have the same winner. In kegel, you can't party and relax and do shit in the alley.

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OKAY so my irl friend was reblogging and replying to this thing on tumblr and people were saying milk bags were funny and illogical and they had never seen them before. I really need to know:

like, how do you buy your milk and how do you keep it at home?
do you think milk bags (and I guess Canadians) are stupid?

Collapse )
eta: I'm not so much shocked that nobody uses them, I'm more shocked that other people don't understand it. it's just a difference in culture or some shit like that, no big deal. ALSO I'M SORRY I REPEATED SOMETHING YOU'VE ALREADY SEEN ON THE INTERNET.

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When writing a musical, what do you think would be the most difficult job?

-Writing the music, and making it different and memorable.
-Writing the lyrics, making it rhyme and telling the story as well.

I'll have to go with lyrics. I can't rhyme worth a shit, even when I was writing two line poems for school.

sorry for the tl;dr

I've got this friend who gets involved with men online who usually live really far away, and she builds up a lot of unrealistic expectations very fast. said friend is also very clingy (towards me, other friends, and guys she's talking to) and she's very insecure. she needs constant reassurance that she is liked, wanted around, etc. etc.

I've seen her get into things with guys who ultimately end up just disappearing time and time again with no warning. I'm not doubting that most of these people may just be douche bags, but based on what I know (and what is too long to describe here), I honestly believe that some of the issue here is her lack of confidence and her downright need to feel validation from a man. she isn't happy with herself unless there's a guy wanting her, and she can be rude sometimes to these men when she's not getting what she expects.

I've tried telling her my honest opinion gently, but she's super sensitive.

so my question is: at what point can I politely say to her that I'm tired of hearing about the same situation over and over again? how would I say it? have you ever been in this position?

it's been going on for years now, and I really feel like when we talk it's all she's concerned about. I'm worried for her, but I'm sick of babying her. I feel like I can't be bluntly honest without hurting her feelings.
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Sad Tired Wife :(

My husband SUCKS at sleeping in the same bed as me.

Every night I am confined to the very edge of the bed, forced to take up only the width of my own body, and he still wakes me up by poking me in his sleep with his foot or elbow. (I am a light sleeper, and being touched wakes me.) He says he tries to start the night as far away from me as possible, but he still ends up in the middle of the bed. I try to push him away sometimes, and sure, that makes him move back to his side (still in his sleep) but the damage is already done and I'm awake.

I've tried to google this but found nothing. Is there any way to "train" a spouse to stay on his side of the bed? Also, we only have a double bed in our small apartment. Do you think this problem would end if we got a kingsize bed in the future?

Today I'm mad at being woken up and I'm thinking about poking him hard enough to wake him up every time he wakes me up in the future. Does anyone think this would train his sleep self into staying away from me?
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When they ask in an interview,

"Why do you want this job?"

How can you respond without sounding like a desperate, money hungry person?

Is the generic, "I feel like my experience can really help contribute to the growth of the current environment blah blah" good enough or should you go with your strengths and stuff?

I want to tell them that I know how to get it done and I'm a fast learner and I'm pretty much an awesome unicorn like worker who's going to bring the magic and rainbows to the job...

I just feel really nervous and I need this and stuff.

Jazz hands? Yes or no?


does anyone else's cat wake them up, pretending they want to be fed and then, once food is available, ignore the food an just mill around the house or play? I hate that shit. YOU KNOW I'M TALKING ABOUT YOU ON THE INTERNET CAT! B(

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I really enjoy turkey & mayo sandwiches with swiss cheese and tomato.

but for some reason every time I have one lately, the roof of my mouth kinda stings/burns? I'm guessing it's the acid in the tomato, but it's never bothered me my entire life until now.

am I allergic all of a sudden? what's the last food related weird thing that happened to you?
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Will you share a compliment about someone from your friend's list who ISN'T a member of TQC? BTW, you don't have to mention their username if you don't wish to do so.
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Hey TQC, could you do me a humongous favor and post cute pictures/videos/.gifs to cheer me up? Bonus points with anything including kittens or Rammstein.
Brought to you by a depressed mood & missing my mother who passed away not too long ago.

Also, do you have anything troubling you, big or small? Feel free to post about that. Vent away, my friends.

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What is that thing called?
It has 9 squares... one has neutral good, neutral something else etc, then evil something. 

What is it? ??
Please. :)

Thank you!

Which one do you think you are? Which one would you like to be?

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my mom called me from prison today and i missed it then when i did go to pick it up i pressed speaker phone, which apparently your not allowed to do. i feel really bad, how do collect calls work? is it expensive?
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One of my good friends is going to be cooking me dinner for my birthday and has stated that I can pick WHATEVER I'd like for her to cook.

What should I ask her to make?

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What is one thing that genuinely makes you happy?
Let's have a happy post.

I know I've posted about dance here before, but I realized recently that when I'm dancing, I'm actually happy and I feel good about myself.
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So I've been offered a new job... Pending a 'background check'. What sort of things do you think they'll be checking? I mean, it's just a retail job, it's not like I want to work for the FBI! My friend says as long as I'm a legal citizen, have no criminal record and haven't been made bankrupt then I'll be okay... Do you think she's right?
Also- when they offered me the job they said "it's probably best not to hand your notice in to your current employer yet, just in case something comes up in the background check" okay fair enough... But they called today and said they need my managers phone number so that they can confirm my employment history for the last 2 years (I've been at my present job for 2.5yrs)... So now I have to tell my manager... Awkward much?! How should I phrase it? :S I'm really scared that something will go wrong with the check and I will have to stay at my current job, where they will hate me for trying to leave... Argh :(
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I scream, you scream, we all scream

I'm borrowing an ice-cream maker but now am at a loss as to what to make. I want interesting flavours rather than the usual vanilla, choc, strawberry. My first batch was pistachio and rosewater.

What are some interesting (and tasty) ice-cream flavours? (gelato/sorbet count)

I just remembered the ice-cream/sorbet place near me makes a cherry ripe sorbet (cherry, chocolate, flaked coconut). Omg yum. Maybe I should try to make that.

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I am not a morning person. Once I'm up and awake, I'm okay but I find that I procrastinate getting ready for work or even just the day for no reason whatsoever. I really love my job, so it's not that I don't want to go. I'm just... slow.

What do you do to get yourself moving in the morning?
Urahara - plotting is what I&#39;m best at

Inspired by the lychee question

What kind of things have people told you about food as a joke?

Like, how if you eat a watermelon seed, it'll grow in your stomach. My aunt always told me the suckers on the tentacles of dried squid would stick to my stomach when I was younger. My brother and sister also told me that lychees were snake eggs. :(

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Where should I go on my lunch break today? Options are Books-A-Million and Ulta. Both are the same distance away. Let's assume that I'll have 50 minutes to spend at either place (not including the drive to/from).

What's the last stupid/trivial decision you had trouble making? lol.
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very important question here

My boyfriend dressed our 2 year old daughter this morning in:
-a dark blue dress with white polka dots
(this dress, the one on the right, i assure you it's dark blue, not black)
-white patterned tights
(like these, but smaller, obv)

What do you think of this outfit?

totally rad and alternative
it's fine, but definitely not alternative
it's silly, but who cares?
I love you

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I am NOT computer savvy, so if this really obvious, feel free to pelt me with a mackerel or something.

Is there a way to record/save facebook chats to send them to someone else? This woman is unloading a bucket of crazy on me as we speak, and every other statement is "DON"T TELL D I ASKED YOU THIS!"

Of course I want to tell D this. How can I do it?

I want him to know because the things she is saying, they are just beyond the pale. I've never spoken to her before, she just had to friend me because D was my friend and she needs to know everyone he does. It's bizarre, but it's never affected me until today.

ETA: She has a mutual friend on chat and is blasting him, too. What is wrong with her?

I haven't SPOKEN to D in 10 years.

Non-photograph picture frame filler...

I have a pretty cool wall-mounted jewelry box with a picture frame on the door, but I'm not really much for photos.

What should I put in that front picture frame part instead of photos? I'm open to suggestions both practical and creative, and my bedroom is decorated with wood and earthy, natural colors.

Mirror was obvious but I decided against it when I mounted the box right next to my existing mirror.

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There's a bee in my room! What should I do? It keeps hovering around the windows but not actually going outside and I don't have anything to kill it with except a shoe or something but what if I miss it and it gets angry???

I you don't care, what's your least favorite thing about spring/summer? MINE IS BEES!

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Dear TQC,

Why am I always hungry? I mean literally always. No matter how much or what or how healthy/unhealthy it is or how often I eat, I always want more. What is wrong with me?

srs/nonsrs answers welcome.

Food question!

 I'm about to order some pizza, in your opinion TQC, which is better: Pizza hut, Domino's pizza, or Pizza Pizza ( for canadians) ?
Please tell me why you think _____ is better :)

dk/dk: what's your favorite food?

EDIT: thanks a lot for your suggestions, I'm going to order Pizza Pizza (as always) !

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What is a smell that you absolutely hate and you may even get nauseous if you smell it?

Cigarettes, pot, and alcohol. Ugh.... They're awful. I'm really sensitive to smells so it immediately gives me a headache and my eyes tear. Pot isn't  as bad as the other two but I still get a headache.


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what's the last thing you watched on Netflix? what's your favorite thing to watch on Netflix?

I watch it instantly on my xbox and it's like my crack. I recently finished the 4th season of 30 Rock.. I normally watch a ton of The First 48 and random documentaries.

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What should I do if Comcast doesn't fix my internet tomorrow?
I've been without it for 4 days now and am currently at Starbucks borrowing the web here.
When I am home I become desperate and tether from my phone to get something comparable to dial-up.

Unfortunately, I really need the freaking internet for school.

AND just for some background:
They came yesterday to fix it and it only worked for 3 minutes. But the stupid technician left before even checking if it was actually working. He never came to my apartment or called to see if it was working.
I called them and they decided I needed a new modem. I went out in a storm this morning to go to Comcast and got a new modem that is doing the same thing that the old modem was doing.
They are supposed to come tomorrow morning.[/edit]



I usually use Firefox, but I'm trying out Opera right now. I like how Opera looks, I like the Smooth Scrolling, I like the Spell checker, (Firefox has no spell-checker!) and I like the Speed Dial thing, but MAN I am missing the Firefox Add-on's. Especially the LJ Add-on!

What browser do you use?


ETA: My husband just got home and he sprayed it with Oust and then squished it. YAY! MY HERO! <3 there was only one, though. I thought there was two. :D

The apartment stinks now though.
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I'm have to write and present a speech for a competition in a few weeks and it has to be under 5 minutes. I wrote mine, and it clocks in at just over 3 minutes. Now, is that a respectable time or should I try to make it a little closer to 5 minutes?

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This might be a dumb question, but:

My boyfriend bought me three boxes of thin mints the other day. He left them in his truck for the afternoon and they melted. I put them in the freezer to harden back up, but now they're all stuck to each other. I can't pull them apart, and when I try to cut them with a knife or anything, they just crumble/break.

If I put them at "room temperature", they'll melt again because my mom keeps the heat on 81F even in the summer. :|
Will they soften up enough to unstick from each other if I put them in the fridge for a while instead of the freezer? Or am I destined to just have thin mint bricks?

Online storage for video files

 I have 5.39 GBs left on my macbook -_- I don't want to use an external hard drive for various reasons... Is there a reasonably priced cloud storage service online where I can shove all my video files but still access easily, and then delete the original files from my computer? Most of the ones I'm finding are "backup" systems which will delete the files if they don't remain on your hard drive. What do you use, TQC techies?

P.S. I need at least 100 GBs of online storage space.
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Have you ever had Citrus Blast soda? It's a Pepsi product. Pepsi was on sale today and I saw that it was also on sale and bought some, because they had diet. It tastes like a combo of Squirt and Orange Crush. I'd never seen it before. Is it new? Does anyone else here like it?
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I guess this is more for people who are attracted to their own sex:
Physically speaking, do you tend to choose more partners who look like you or more partners who look completely different?

and for everyone:
How do you feel about couples dressing up in similar outfits, you know in unisex? is it cute, annoying and/or ugly?

example under the cut:
Collapse )

Who is your favourite Spice Girl?

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How do you get yourself over how badly you want a job that its causing you so much anxiety that you have trouble writing a cover letter?

I am trying to write up a cover letter for a job I want so badly it hurts and my desire for this job is getting in the way...

Yeah I know, I am desperate

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What do you do with a friend that wants to hang out but there isn't anything to do? 

We are both broke (I have $20 that has to last me another week), live in a small town where everything (which isn't much) closes before or at 9 pm, my house is too far away and messy to go to, and her house is too crowded (she has 5 brothers/sisters and a child of her own, plus her parents, in the house).

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Will you share your BMI?
Do you think that people labeled as overweight by BMI are actually overweight? (>25 is overweight)
If not, at what "point" is someone overweight?

I am technically overweight based on BMI, but I just found this site and I love it because it gives me hope that I don't look as fat as I think I do.

Also, unrelated:
How long does a pair of jeans last for you until you refuse to wear them out? At what point do you deem them unwearable? Assuming you don't grow out of them. Inspired by my 5 year old jeans that have tears on my inner thigh and make my legs and butt look terrible, yet here I sit wearing them.

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Is there a website you can c/p some text and specify that it look for parts of speech (adjectives/adverbs specifically) and highlight them or tell you what they are?

I'm doing a writing assignment where we can't use adverbs/adjectives and I know I'll miss at least a couple while writing/reviewing. So I'd kind of like a website to double-check for me.
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How do you deal with stress in the workplace? And how do you destress when you get home and you still can't seem to let go of work stuff?

I'm having an extremely stressful week at work, to the point where I almost broke down in tears today. What should I do to treat myself tonight that doesn't cost money? (Hot bath is out, no tub)

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What's your favorite Christmas episode of a television series?

I used to say the first SCTV Christmas show (the one with "Christmas Street Beef" and "Neil Simon's Nutcracker Suite") but have to change my bet today to the "Ludachristmas" episode of 30 Rock.
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What do you do when you have days where you feel..dry?
As in: you've overslept and done nothing all day, snacked way too much and fucked off by watching TV or video gaming or whatever, and at the end of the day are wide awake and feel so unproductive that you're unhappy with yourself. Tell me you have days like that.

Do you ever get cold feet? In regards to what, usually?
What did you do today?


I just found out there is a sushi bar/Japanese restaurant that just opened in my shitty little no diversity in food dining places town...I AM SO PUMPED and pregnancy be damned I am getting me some sushi.

Whats the best thing thats happened in your area recently?

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What do you do with stickers?

I have loads of Roller Derby league stickers, and don't know what to do with them. I don't want to put them on my helmet which is what everyone else seems to do.

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I dropped out of university because it was driving me mad(der) and now I have no idea what to do with my life. Well, I have several ideas but I don't know if any of them are right.

How should I decide?

If you can't be buggered telling an internet stranger how to run her life, what's your favourite webcomic/macro?
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i saw a new therapist yesterday(new insurance) and he basically told me i'm all over the place with my issues and he has no idea how he's going to treat me(not that he isn't going to) and isn't sure how to proceed.

does this mean i'm super crazy?

i've suspected many times over the years my therapists/psychiatrists had no idea what to do with me but no one has been so blunt.
happy cupcake


I want to make Kahlua-fudge cupcakes with a raspberry swirl. I've found recipes for Kahlua-fudge cakes and I have a few questions.

For this recipe, will I have to adjust the baking time at all if I'm not making it in a bundt pan but as a cupcake?

Should I use raspberry jam or raspberry plate scrapers for the swirl?

Will adding the raspberry effect the baking time at all?

What kind of frosting should I make to go with it?

What frosting sounds best with Kahlua-Fudge and raspberry cupcakes?

Raspberry buttercream
Chocolate buttercream
Vanilla Bean Whipped frosting
No frosting, make raspberry sauce for drizzling instead
Vanilla Cream Cheese
Vanilla buttercream
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Would you tell someone if they smelled bad?

Would you want someone to tell you if you smelled bad?

Do you ever get paranoid that you stink and no one's telling you out of politeness?

Inspired by today when I kept smelling this awful dirty laundry smell and thought it was me (I was wearing a skirt I had worn a few times without washing). I felt so insecure about it I just wanted to go home until I realised the smell was actually coming from a classmate. She happily talked about how long it's been since she washed her denim shorts and that they're actually meant to be white (they looked kinda grey).
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TQC, how do you deal with parents or parental figures who fuck up again and again and expect you to just deal with it? Have they ever gotten you to the point where you'd gleefully dispose of them? Is matricide still illegal?

DK/DC/My parents are perfect!: What did you do today? Happy things? Please say happy things. This is the worst Spring Break ever. I would be very happy to hear that you did happy things, TQCers.
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PMSing ladies of TQC,

are your mood swings really bad? What do you do to lessen your symptoms?

My PMS is so bad right now. I just want to sob uncontrollably and there's absolutely no reason for it, so I'm getting upset about it so I feel even worse. Dear god, make it stop.
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beatles snow
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I have a hair appointment tomorrow. The color stylist will be dying my hair then another girl is cutting my hair. Do I tip them both separately? What is the right way to tip them: giving them money right when they're done or leaving it at the front desk? And if giving it to them right away, how do you know how much to give them if you haven't paid the total yet?

(I usually just do my hair on my own at home but I'm going to a fairly nice salon. The old place I used to go to used to let you add the tip to your total at the end while paying.)

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So I went on my super interview today and it went excellent!

However, the job that I applied to back at the beginning of the month, then claimed they weren't hiring when I called back has now called me back asking if I can come for Orientation

Next monday

Thirty minutes before my class starts, even though I put on my application and told the interview lady that I was in school.

Super awesome excellent job is going to call me tomorrow or Saturday with a response. Random, slightly undesirable retail job took three weeks to call, wants me to start at a bad time, and well is kind of a shambly looking store and it does look like hell on earth but hey, it's a job right?


Should I call back shady retail job and tell them, hey, I can't do it I have another offer (possibly)

Or actually wait until I hear back from from awesome job a definite YES or NO then call to negotiate a better time with shady retail job?

Either way it looks like I'll be calling/approving/whatever on Saturday or Sunday, which is a delay. I do need a job, but I don't want to totally snub the retail job just in case nothing else happens.


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tomorrow is our Simon Pegg extravaganza and i still haven't figured out a dessert to bring. well, ingredients. i've waited too long and this will now have to be baked at my friend's place.

it was going to be an English dessert, but i inadvertently invited an Englishman last night(he's this kid i met through a friend, he works at the coffee place by my apartment, etc etc, he's been in the states since he was a kid but i'm sure he has a better idea of their desserts and i don't feel like making a mockery of me and my friend anymore than our drunken cooing and giggling over Simon Pegg will).

GUYS, WHAT DOES EVERYONE LIKE? chocolate, right?! WHAT THE HELL SHOULD I MAKE? keep in my mind i'm po'.

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i'm taking organic chemistry right now and my dumbass hasn't been to class so i'm doing poorly. i got a D on the first test and i haven't been to class or done ANY work since then and we have a test on monday and i know i'm going to do bad even if i marathon study from now until the test since i know literally nothing. i also need a B or better for the semester and that's already impossible. it's been a bad semester and i've been depressed and whatever that doesn't really matter.

i can't drop the class, but i do plan to retake it over the summer to fix my gpa. should i even bother trying to do well on this next test? i have no motivation waaahhhh

eta: i also have another test in a class that i can potentially do well in that i could be studying for instead
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Some friends and I want to put together a little literary group where we can send each other whatever writing projects we're currently working on and get feedback from one another. It'll be mostly conducted online, since we're all separated by fairly large distances.

My question is, can you advise me as to what platform I should use to facilitate organized exchanges of information? For example, should we perhaps set up some kind of Yahoo or Gmail group? Is Google Buzz any good? Or should we make a private LJ community to which only we have posting access? (Most of the members of the group don't have accounts on LJ though.)

DK/DC: what's your favorite way to eat yogurt? Plain vanilla for me, or just plain on top of some Indian curried meatballs. Mmmmm.
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I'm not sure what is going on with me, but I feel so apathetic to everything. My room should be condemned but I just look at the filth and roll over and go back to sleep. I can't get excited for anything. My parents yell at me and I just stare back at them. My girlfriend was online today and I just let myself fall asleep instead of talking.

What is wrong with me? How can I change? How do I make myself get up and clean my room?