March 23rd, 2011

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So, do you like your SO? More specifically, do you like your relationship with them? Are they respectful, fun, reasonable, etc.?

Inspired by tin_foil_hat's post below, and the possible, hopeful theory that we only post when we have a problem with them so it seems like half of the interwebs is in a terrible relationship.

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Do certain accents turn you on?

I love French/English accents, and I'm watching a Russian dude blow up his X-Box for the red ring of death, and I think Russian accents are fucking adorable. He said "It's fucked" and I just about squee'd at his cuteness.

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TQC, I am disappoint. I was about to order a couple of movie posters on and it tells me they can't be shipped to my (European) address! Are there other reliable online stores that have a large selection of movie posters?

If not, can you show me a movie poster you like?
Rocky Horror Batman Show

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Do you have trouble taking pills? I am so bad about swallowing them. If I have to take more than one in an instance, I have to take them one at a time and wait a few minutes between each one or I'll gag.

Do you remember to take your medicines? I just got a reminder app for my iPod that will hopefully help me keep track.

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What's the best spam you've ever received in your email inbox?

Today I got an email that said:



Isn't Thranduil Legolas' daddy from the Lord of the Rings? What does that badass mofo want to buy plush toys from Nigeria for??
macaroni murder lady

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1. Who's your favorite classical composer? (I'm really grooving on a Shostakovich/Stravinsky/Bartok Pandora station lately, and don't want to get into classical vs. modern. You know what I mean)

2. Have you seen the movie "Paul"? I'm looking for opinions on the movie itself, not just how it looks from what you've seen or read - I totally dismissed it until a guy whose taste I really trust said it was quite good and a typical Simon Pegg / Nick Frost joint.

3. Superman?

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For those who have played Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

How hard of a time did you have learning to play the wind waker? This is hard as hell. I must just be super used to the simple ocarina on OoT and MM
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Anything go wrong for you this morning?

I got water in my ear this morning! >:(

If N/A: How old were you when you found out Santa Claus didn't exist?

My co-worker just stated that she was 12, I was like wut? :o!
i say, old bean

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TQC, one of my long-standing internet friends is coming to visit today. or well, her and her BF have been driving out here for the last week BUT SHE'LL BE IN TOWN TONIGHT. I AM SO EXCITE.

when was the last time you met up with an e-friend? what'd y'all do?
how long did you know each other prior to meeting?
hannibal skull

Uni profs

For those in uni, do you have your profs personal mobile number? Would you ever ask for it or want it?

What about seeing profs outside of school in a personal setting - say meeting for a coffee at the weekend?

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Han pew pew by hanzaisha

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have you ever been in the same room as someone who had the same ringtone as you?

yesterday i was in the breakroom and i heard The Imperial March going off. so i looked down at my phone and had a split second where i couldn't understand why it was ringing without there being a call. then i realized it was someone else's phone. it was quite surreal. unfortunately, he wasn't cute.

BONUS QUESTION: my sister will be here in 2 hours to take me to my therapy appointment because the buses don't run there and it's too cold and wet to bike.

should i spend the next 2 hours showering and picking out a cute outfit since it's my day off and i should look fabulous, or go back to sleep until like 12:45?
Unnatural love

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What words do you use to describe two people having physical relations?

'Having physical relations'
'Making whoopee'
'Sticking the you-know-what in the you-know-where'
'The ol 'in-and-out''
'Engaging in genital congress'
None of the above. It's too topical a subject matter for me to comment on and I try not to engage in conversations that discuss this 'thing'

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Ladies of TQC who have sex with men:

Do you think it's a compliment if a man says you've got a tight vag?
Do you even care how tight/loose a man thinks you are?

Not applicable? Oh well :(
Spart and Hen cuddled

Fantasizing about winning the lottery

So, Megamillions is $304M.  When I fantasize about winning, I always assume that I will live to be 90 and figure out how much I would get per week for the rest of my life.  What with taxes and all, I figure you only actually get about 65%.  So based on that, if I won, I would have $90K/week for the rest of my life.  My daughter would have $55K/week for the rest of her life. 

How much would you have and what would you do with it?

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Would a concert starting around 9 or 9:30 and ending around 1 am, be too much for a blind/OKC date?
(and maybe one person may not even know the headliner)

dk/dc/I don't need the internet to get laid: What's your preferred hours/shift for working a full time job?

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Do you or would you get annoyed by people who ask for free help in your area of expertise when you're not even at work?

For example, if you were a doctor and people kept asking you for medical advice (outside of work). Or if you were a graphic designer and people wanted you to help them with their design (when you're not working and not being compensated).

What would you say to these people?

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Have any of you ever been employed with or known anyone that was an E.R Scribe? 

I'm going to an interview/ information session tonight for Scribe America, and its a position I really want. I was just looking for any information anyone had about being a scribe, specifically with Scribe America.

Wish me luck! =]
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1. My bf is eating spaghetti with gravy. What food abominations have you witnessed?

2. If you were going to a party, what savoury food and dessert would you want to be there?

3. When is the last time you 'bit the bullet'? What was it, and how did it go?

nom nom gimme some.

What do you and I have in common? Of these major food groups...which do you also love?

Cadbury chocolate (especially the EASTER variety, like mini eggs, cream eggs, omfg yes)
soft cheeses (like brie, camembert, camborzola...etc)
relishes (like pickles, olives, hearts of palm, marinated artichoke hearts, etc)
pillow mints (yanno, like they give at some restaurants, they are soft and often pepperminty)
sunflower seds (jumbo, flavored and even chocolate covered...)
food with tomatoes (caprese salad, sauce, fried green, grape-sized tomatoes...etc)
bisques (esp, but not limited to tomato, lobster, artichoke, etc)
dried fruits (includng cherries, cranberries and freeze dried peaches)
beans (red, black, white...mmm, healthy!)
sauces (hollandaise, beurre blanc and the like...)
mushrooms (all varieties.)
quinoa (regular, red and black)
pudding (smooth, bread, rice, tapioca and whatnot)
i don't care for ~ANY~ of your food groups
oh suzer, you have great taste!

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I had a really disappointing breakfast out of the crap in my pantry, so I'm going to go treat myself to Tropical Smoothie with the Groupon I've been sitting on for a while.

What kind of Tropical Smoothie sandwich/wrap should I get?
Here's their menu.

I usually have the Turkey Guacamole, but I am in the mood for something different. And I always get the Kiwi Quencher as my smoothie.
alice and hatter

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I turn bright red every time I have to speak in front of a group or get embarrassed. It has been happening a lot lately and it's pretty obvious and terrible. Does this happen to anyone else? How do you deal with it?

If this doesn't apply to you, then will you tell me about the last time you were in an embarrassing situation?

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my boyfriend's dentist just told him that canker sores are contagious. she's crazy, right? i know cold sores are contagious, but i've always been taught that canker sores aren't. am i wrong? is this new information?

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Should I train my cat to do tricks? She's super smart and does't really get annoyed at anything so I imagine it wouldn't piss her off if I trained her. If so, what should I train her to do (besides poop on a toilet, dunno if that'll happen.)

What does your hair look like without styling? Mine is floofy as hell, naturally, which sucks. I envy pretty aired people.
Self cleaning

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TQC, tell me, in the word don't, what is the bolded character called? (If you can't see the bolding very well, it's the character between the n and the t) Do you think the correct name for it is common knowledge?

What things do you think should be common knowledge, but are often surprised to find out people don't know?
SJB Superstar

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 I'm  going to the grocery store, and the only thing I am definitely getting is a deli roast chicken. What else should I get so I can make some bomb sandwiches? Panini-type sandwiches would be preferable. 


TQC what is your favorite type of sushi roll and what is in it?

I don't feel like consuming anything that ISN'T sushi anymore so I want to try more thingggsss.

Dk/dc what did you do for your last birthday?
Augustus Gloop

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Have you been to an Ikea smogasbord event? I got an email from them, $9.95 for all you can eat, but they mention that tickets sell out quickly, and I'm thinking if they've packed everyone in that they can, it'll be might crowded. Experience? Advice?

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If you are invited to an event on Facebook, do you always RSVP, even if you're saying Maybe or Not Attending?

I almost never respond because I can't be bothered going to FB, and I am often unsure as to whether I will attend until an hour before the event anyway

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TQC I need help picking colors for my new house! I have 3 bathrooms and need to pick a color scheme for the third one.  Everything in it is white (cabinets, tile, bathtub, etc) and I don't want any dark color on the wall. I'm trying to avoid the cliche blue or green color you see in bathrooms. What color(s) should I bring into the room?

Also, the basement is more room than I know what to do with.  The main area is L -shaped.  One part I'm going to use as a second tv area, but I have no idea what to do with the other part. Suggestions? 

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Out of all the large cities you have been to, which one did you think had the best architecture? Why?

I personally think Chicago has the best architecture, followed closely by San Francisco. Chicago utilizes so many different styles of architecture (from Gothic, to Victorian, to Art Deco, to Modern, etc...) and strangely enough they all seem to blend together. San Fran on the other hand is so quirky and utterly spontaneous in the way everything is built there.

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I have my desktop computers hardrive set up acting like an external hard drive. Its connected to my laptop via,
I am trying to find the old files from my desktop. They normally reside in the "My Documents" Folder that Vista had by default, I need to know where the original destination for them is

Can anyone help me?

I a hope I am making sense.

OH MAH GOD, I fixed it, I got it, NVM
Thank you

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If you frequent a public restroom (at school/work/a theater/whatever) do you typically re-use the same stall or do you switch it up?

same stall
switch it up
I never use public restrooms
the restrooms I use don't have stalls

Hover or cover?

hover & cover
depends how drunk I am
I told you, I don't use public restrooms

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Have you ever been to Africa?

If so where and how and did you love it?

I have always wanted to visit the Masai Mara since I was 6-7 years old and saw a documentary on it and I have been watching The Big Cat Diaries all day and its making me really want to save up for a trip.

If you hate Africa, where have you always dreamed of going?

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Will you either show me a picture of you holding a pencil, or describe how you hold it?

Brought to you by the fact that I've noticed a lot of people write holding their pencils differently.


Do you have any experience using a maid service?

How much did it cost? How long did it take them to clean, and how often did you use them? How big is your living space? Were you happy with the results?

dk;dc -
What is your favorite type of bear?

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Have you ever heard the wolf cry to the blue corn moon or asked the grinning bobcat why he grinned? Can you sing with all the voices of the mountains?


Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?

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I teared up this morning at work upon hearing of Elizabeth Taylor's death. When was the last time you teared up or just cried at a not-so-great time? What were you upset about?

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Due to the fact that I'm going to take a temporary break from my paid account (shit happened), I just deleted a bunch of my icons, and now I'm freaking out over it, even though I rarely alternate anymore. D:

So what's the last thing you flipped out over that wasn't all that big a deal?
Jensen close up

I am disappoint.

I went to the Apple store today to buy a new ipad, but they were sold out and the guy I talked to didn't know when they would be getting another shipment. I then decided that I'd just order it online from Apple, but the website says that it is about 4-5 weeks after ordering before ipads get shipped out. Now I don't know whether to buy it online and wait until May to actually get it or to hope that the Apple store near me gets another shipment in soon and buy it there. What do you think, TQC?

I am better off...

ordering my ipad from the Apple website and waiting 4-5 weeks for it to ship
checking back with the nearby Apple store frequently and hoping they get more ipads in soon
another option I haven't thought of that will be mentioned in the comments
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Pirate bunny

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I am eating a dark chocolate bunny I found at a Grocery Outlet. It is tasty and goes with the wine I am drinking. It comes in a purple tin, and this makes me happy.

TQC, what is your favorite candy?
What is your favorite holiday-specific candy?
Holiday specific food?

dk/dc: When was the last time you updated your resume?
Should I put my resume on super-pale lavender paper? (Worth stating that I'm pretty obsessed with the colour, and that I wear it exclusively, and my hair is purple...)
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TQC, what would you do if you were in my position?

I'm a college student who has two quarters to graduate. After I complete the spring quarter, should I:

a) finish up during the summer


b) finish up during the fall?

The benefit of choosing (b) is that I'd be able to pursue an internship during the summer-- however; I'd be stuck living at my parents' house the entire time, which is a rather undesirable position.

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 what is the correct way to go about putting someone down as a reference on a job application? do you have to ask them for permission?
is it normal to ask for their address? because it feels awkward.
why do employers need their address?

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My Xbox Live membership is currently cancelled because I can't afford to renew it yet. I do however, still have my account and name and everything. If I play a game and get achievements, will they still be there when I finally renew my Live membership?

I know that your achievements transfer if you play offline, and that they don't transfer if you download your account to another xbox, play, then download it back to yours, but I'm not sure about if your Live membership isn't current.

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I randomly said I was craving banana ice cream, and twenty minutes later my little brother handed me a bowl of it. He had gone to the store without telling me to get some and surprise me.

What was the last unexpected kind thing someone did for you?

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Did you see the film 'Knight and Day'? Is it any good?

Inspired by the fact that my boyfriends parents lent me their copy of it that has a 'digital copy' so I have popped it on to my iphone to watch on the flight when I go on holiday with my boyfriend in May.

Do you enjoy flying?
I LOVE it. I used to be so scared but now I really enjoy it, and I love airports... I'm that person who always shows up super early for flights...just cos I love airports!

What do you do to pass the the time?
I watch stuff on my iphone, read, look at the clouds :)

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You recently graduated with your BA and are struggling to find gainful employment. You worked at a grocery store part time while you were in college and decide to return there temporarily.

Someone (a family friend or a friend's parent) finds out about your job scenario, and s/he exclaims: "You have a college degree and you're working at *grocery store name here*?!" How do you respond?

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Dear TQC,
What musical should I watch to cheer myself up?
Assume I have most of them because that would sadly be true.

ETA: ALSO, tell me your opinion on The Sound Of Music because I insist it's the worst musical ever made. Or at least top three.

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have you ever slipped on a banana peel?
have  you ever read while taking a bath?
have you ever used your phone/ipod/computer while taking a bath?
have you ever lost a piece of jewelry in either a bath, shower, or pool?

smokers, what made you start smoking? how long have you been smoking for?
eat me

Numbers Game

I want to test something. I will explain after the cut!

Poll #1721686 Pick A Number!

Pick a Number between 1 and 10..!


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Have you ever worked at a movie theatre? Can you share your experiences?

How would you feel if someone gave you a drawing of yourself as a gift? Assume you have a fairly close relationship with this person.

What should I buy? Anything goes.

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So earlier I dropped off all of my ex's shit at her house, on the curb really, and didn't bother her at all. I texted her and gave her good wishes and told her to take care. Apparently this caused a shit storm and now her friends and steroid abuser roommate want to throw physical threats in my general direction. I didn't do anything wrong, and I am getting tired of all of this. I am not taking crap from people anymore and letting them intimidate me. I just came out of the movies to a bunch of threats on my phone :p. What would you do in my shoes? I can not get a restraining order right now because it will kill my chances of the police job I am in the running for. (not irony really, but still -- lol)

I do believe that physical confrontation will occur in the near future, so just any general advice about this situation is nifty. Why are people so god damn crazy?

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So I hung out with someone today. He's one of those people who gives off the air of "Whatevs, I don't give a shit", and is very ope-minded but speaks his mind. I feel like I pissed him off/made him feel uncomfortable because although we're friends', we've never talked about ourselves and we ended up talking about ourselves and I feel like I must have weirded him out with my hyperactive anxiety.

I asked him to text me when he got home since he'd been drinking so I knew he was safe. What should I tell him to apologise so I don't seem like an utter wanker?

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Can anyone suggest the best site to use to create a website? I want to make a music site for my boo. I have the programs/skills to create the actual layout of the site, but I need Is that the correct term?
Like godaddy? Is that what I should be using?
Also, cheap.
narry twirl

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Poll #1721784 Shampoo!

What method do you use to shampoo your hair?

Squirt the shampoo into your hand, lather in your hand, then lather into your hair.
Squirt the shampoo into your hand then lather into hair.
Squirt the shampoo directly into your hair then lather.
I don't use shampoo.
Something else.
Will you please use this post to talk about anything shampoo/hair care related?

Also, I no longer feel like lather is a real word.
baby bilo and baby biggles laughing :)

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Has anyone ever had the glory of eating Cook Out? I am going to get a milkshake, but am having a hard time choosing what combinations I want. I am thinking about getting frozen banana mixed in with something, but what? Any suggestions? Feel free to come up with whatever concoction your heart desires...for me. :)Collapse )
Kill Bill - Elle
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I sound like an idiot, I know

I've had a sore throat for five days. I'm normally not sick, ever, so I don't know what's going on. I've also been feverish and fatigued, but otherwise not too shitty feeling (as in, I can go to class and be like yay learning! without too much drudgery). Right now the left side of my jaw is killing me and it has traveled up to my ear. Do I have the flu or something?

What's your favorite thing to watch on TV?
What do you have to be happy about, at this moment in time?

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How much do your haircuts cost?

How often do you get them?

How much do you like them once you leave the hairdresser's?

If you have a regular hairdresser, what is their name? Tell me about them.

My SO gave trimmed up my hair a bit, which means I can stretch it another month without paying for a $70 haircut. I probably average one every three months because short hair is hard to do much with myself :/ I usually dislike them when I get them done, and then am ok with them a week later, but I always end up going when I'm PMSing, so I don't know if that's the hairdresser's fault. My hairdresser is Rob, he has a koi tattoo and a girlfriend and hates NYE in the city.